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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dun Modr-EU Guild Achievement Points
1Vengeance (25)Dun Modr-EU252495
2Utopía y libertad (10)Dun Modr-EU252465
3Legends of Wanderings (10)Dun Modr-EU252455
4uneXpected (10)Dun Modr-EU252445
5Premeditación y Alevosía (10)Dun Modr-EU252400
6Legacy of Dragoons (10)Dun Modr-EU252355
7Guardián de los Titanes (10)Dun Modr-EU252325
7Sangre de Hierro (10)Dun Modr-EU252325
9Gënesis (10)Dun Modr-EU252285
10Arañas y Heroes (10)Dun Modr-EU252225
11Nobleza (10)Dun Modr-EU252200
12NextGEN (10)Dun Modr-EU252195
13Forward (10)Dun Modr-EU252190
14Karma Code (10)Dun Modr-EU252165
15DarkSpirit (10)Dun Modr-EU252160
16Vertigo (10)Dun Modr-EU252150
17FUEGO SAGRADO (10)Dun Modr-EU252145
17The Disband Theory (10)Dun Modr-EU252145
19La Guardia Phoenix (10)Dun Modr-EU252125
20El Consorcio (10)Dun Modr-EU252120
21Resistencia (10)Dun Modr-EU252095
22Legendary Blood (10)Dun Modr-EU252090
22Los Tercios (10)Dun Modr-EU252090
24Embestida (10)Dun Modr-EU252085
25Tercios Hispanos (10)Dun Modr-EU252080
26Último Try (10)Dun Modr-EU252060
27NewOrderDun Modr-EU252050
28Colossus (10)Dun Modr-EU252035
28Frostmøurne (25)Dun Modr-EU252035
28Tsunamî (25)Dun Modr-EU252035
31Insane (25)Dun Modr-EU252025
32Héroes de LeyendaDun Modr-EU252020
32Inténtalo Otro Día (25)Dun Modr-EU252020
34El Vuelo de los Dragones (10)Dun Modr-EU252015
34VÎP (10)Dun Modr-EU252015
36LOS KALAKIS (10)Dun Modr-EU252010
36W I N T E R F E L L (10)Dun Modr-EU252010
38Ægis (10)Dun Modr-EU252005
39Space Games (10)Dun Modr-EU251995
40HarakiriDun Modr-EU251985
40LaG iN (10)Dun Modr-EU251985
42Last Exile (10)Dun Modr-EU251980
43Frostmourne (10)Dun Modr-EU251970
44Chaos Theory (10)Dun Modr-EU251960
44Yìng YãngDun Modr-EU251960
46AnorianDun Modr-EU251955
46Tropical MonkeysDun Modr-EU251955
48Atlantes (10)Dun Modr-EU251950
48La Guardia Ebria (10)Dun Modr-EU251950
48NoT BaD (10)Dun Modr-EU251950
51AdelphosDun Modr-EU251940
51illusiön (10)Dun Modr-EU251940
51Jinetes del Kaos (10)Dun Modr-EU251940
54Requiem Asylum (10)Dun Modr-EU251935
55Infinity (10)Dun Modr-EU251930
55Raiders Off (10)Dun Modr-EU251930
57DarknessDun Modr-EU251920
58Delerium (10)Dun Modr-EU251915
58Focus al gordo (10)Dun Modr-EU251915
58Implacables (25)Dun Modr-EU251915
61Dark WindsDun Modr-EU251910
62Addiction (10)Dun Modr-EU251905
63Forbidden (10)Dun Modr-EU251900
64Guardianes de Erebor (10)Dun Modr-EU251890
65Y SUS SECUACES (10)Dun Modr-EU251885
66Method (10)Dun Modr-EU251880
66Void Zone (10)Dun Modr-EU251880
68IgnisDun Modr-EU251870
68Insomnio (25)Dun Modr-EU251870
68ReaveR (10)Dun Modr-EU251870
68XII GnØmØs (10)Dun Modr-EU251870
72Adrenalina (10)Dun Modr-EU251865
73Dragøøns (10)Dun Modr-EU251860
73Espartakos Kojos (10)Dun Modr-EU251860
73REPUBLICA (25)Dun Modr-EU251860
76Morning Rage (10)Dun Modr-EU251855
77Infinite (10)Dun Modr-EU251845
77ToP RaiderS (10)Dun Modr-EU251845
79Enemy Must DieDun Modr-EU251840
80MoonShade (10)Dun Modr-EU251835
80The Dark Side (10)Dun Modr-EU251835
82Ius In Bello (10)Dun Modr-EU251830
83Since ZeroDun Modr-EU251825
84DaemonDun Modr-EU251820
84El Renacer de los Caidos (10)Dun Modr-EU251820
84RENOVATIO (10)Dun Modr-EU251820
87Aur Redemptum (10)Dun Modr-EU251815
87Stone Heroes (10)Dun Modr-EU251815
89Unworthy Heretics (10)Dun Modr-EU251810
90Perfect Circle (10)Dun Modr-EU251805
91Eternal Dream (10)Dun Modr-EU251800
91Sanctuary (10)Dun Modr-EU251800
91WishMaster (10)Dun Modr-EU251800
94ZeRo Raiders (10)Dun Modr-EU251795
95NOiR (10)Dun Modr-EU251785
95Perception (10)Dun Modr-EU251785
97Zero ToleranceDun Modr-EU251780
98YKZ (10)Dun Modr-EU251775
99Angels of Dârkness (10)Dun Modr-EU251770
99El Reino de los cielos (10)Dun Modr-EU251770
101Ever Grace (10)Dun Modr-EU251765
102Dark Ravens (10)Dun Modr-EU251755
103Back Stages (10)Dun Modr-EU251750
103Neo ArcadiaDun Modr-EU251750
105NEW LIFEDun Modr-EU251740
105SoldiersDun Modr-EU251740
107Legatum (10)Dun Modr-EU251735
107Seventh Legion ReturnDun Modr-EU251735
109Forjadores del Honor (10)Dun Modr-EU251730
109InceptumDun Modr-EU251730
109S T A R SDun Modr-EU251730
112PSICOSISDun Modr-EU251725
113Nothing To LoseDun Modr-EU251710
113Por el Poder del Wipe (10)Dun Modr-EU251710
115Fugitive (10)Dun Modr-EU251705
115Kopenga (10)Dun Modr-EU251705
117Dreamwalkers (10)Dun Modr-EU251695
117Ethernal Crew (10)Dun Modr-EU251695
117Immune (10)Dun Modr-EU251695
117La Logia Oscura (10)Dun Modr-EU251695
121Last Stand (10)Dun Modr-EU251685
121Privilege (10)Dun Modr-EU251685
123Valkyria (10)Dun Modr-EU251680
124Corsair Time (10)Dun Modr-EU251675
125Chaos Squad (10)Dun Modr-EU251670
125Pain and Pleasure (10)Dun Modr-EU251670
127Caballeros de Elrond (10)Dun Modr-EU251665
128La Muerte Cambiante (10)Dun Modr-EU251660
128XTreme Gamers (10)Dun Modr-EU251660
130IncivilDun Modr-EU251650
131Eureka (10)Dun Modr-EU251645
132Lágrimas de ShevarashDun Modr-EU251640
133LOSMITICOSDun Modr-EU251635
133Philanthropy Kriegers (25)Dun Modr-EU251635
135MAGNADun Modr-EU251625
136IMPERIO OSCURODun Modr-EU251620
137Sanctum (10)Dun Modr-EU251610
138Artic Penguins (25)Dun Modr-EU251605
138Dungeons and Dragons (10)Dun Modr-EU251605
140A Golpe De PetacaDun Modr-EU251600
140Los ExiliadosDun Modr-EU251600
140Mercurial LegacyDun Modr-EU251600
140Never MoreDun Modr-EU251600
140SABIOS Y NOBLESDun Modr-EU251600
145Break Your Limits (10)Dun Modr-EU251575
145Soul Reapers (10)Dun Modr-EU251575
147Dark Slayërs (10)Dun Modr-EU251570
147Players of the Past (25)Dun Modr-EU251570
147TempestiraDun Modr-EU251570
150AshaMan (10)Dun Modr-EU251560
150E X S I L I U MDun Modr-EU251560
150Event Horizon (10)Dun Modr-EU251560
153Mein Teil (10)Dun Modr-EU251555
154Clan WaZa (10)Dun Modr-EU251550
154I KILL YOU (10)Dun Modr-EU251550
154Illuminated (10)Dun Modr-EU251550
154LOS DIEZ MADOSDun Modr-EU251550
154Not FreeDun Modr-EU251550
154okami (10)Dun Modr-EU251550
154Sons of Storm (10)Dun Modr-EU251550
154Vengeful Horde (10)Dun Modr-EU251550
162Inventory Full (25)Dun Modr-EU251545
162Jötunheim (10)Dun Modr-EU251545
162Lost in Azeroth (10)Dun Modr-EU251545
165JudgmentDun Modr-EU251540
165LeviathanDun Modr-EU251540
165Whiplash (10)Dun Modr-EU251540
168Alma Blanca (10)Dun Modr-EU251530
168HATED (10)Dun Modr-EU251530
168Niflheimr (10)Dun Modr-EU251530
168No Clemency (10)Dun Modr-EU251530
168PandemiaDun Modr-EU251530
173Los Pollos Hermanos (10)Dun Modr-EU251525
174ImpulseDun Modr-EU251520
174NarcolepsiaDun Modr-EU251520
174SuiTen (10)Dun Modr-EU251520
177Alba de Poniente (10)Dun Modr-EU251515
177Emerald DreamDun Modr-EU251515
177No Flask No PartyDun Modr-EU251515
177Offline (10)Dun Modr-EU251515
181Føcus calavera (10)Dun Modr-EU251510
181Guardia NocturnaDun Modr-EU251510
181Verdugos de ArthasDun Modr-EU251510
181Warlords (10)Dun Modr-EU251510
185Released AgainDun Modr-EU251500
185Will Fall (10)Dun Modr-EU251500
187XpertiseDun Modr-EU251495
188Føcus Al PølløDun Modr-EU251490
188Sun Tzu (10)Dun Modr-EU251490
190Alive (10)Dun Modr-EU251485
190Fènix (10)Dun Modr-EU251485
190Latigo Cepa (10)Dun Modr-EU251485
190SeventhHeaven (10)Dun Modr-EU251485
190Valyria (10)Dun Modr-EU251485
195Eternal RaiderDun Modr-EU251480
195Los Guerreros del FenixDun Modr-EU251480
195Viejos Lobos (10)Dun Modr-EU251480
198Symbiosis (10)Dun Modr-EU251475
199LnS SquaDDun Modr-EU251470
199Temple Oscuro (10)Dun Modr-EU251470
199Wolfsbane (10)Dun Modr-EU251470
202Asgard (10)Dun Modr-EU251465
203Be Running BackDun Modr-EU251460
203Defense of the Uniques (10)Dun Modr-EU251460
203Live Fast Killah FasterDun Modr-EU251460
203Lunatikos (10)Dun Modr-EU251460
207New StrategicDun Modr-EU251455
207No More HeroesDun Modr-EU251455
207NothingToLose (10)Dun Modr-EU251455
207Statu quo (10)Dun Modr-EU251455
211GuardiansDun Modr-EU251450
212The Reported GuildDun Modr-EU251445
213El Consejo (10)Dun Modr-EU251440
213ImbaGoesDun Modr-EU251440
213Soulstone (10)Dun Modr-EU251440
216Vulcano (10)Dun Modr-EU251435
217Blood Brotherhood (10)Dun Modr-EU251430
217Green ÐevilS (10)Dun Modr-EU251430
217Razas de Nøche (10)Dun Modr-EU251430
220Luz en la OscuridadDun Modr-EU251425
221Cruzados de AväloneDun Modr-EU251420
221norte ardiendoDun Modr-EU251420
223frøstmøürneDun Modr-EU251415
223Leyendas OscurasDun Modr-EU251415
225PvP Quality (10)Dun Modr-EU251410
225Sons of destruction (10)Dun Modr-EU251410
227FuriaDun Modr-EU251405
227No Mercy for you (10)Dun Modr-EU251405
229The Big BangDun Modr-EU251400
229Tropical PengüinsDun Modr-EU251400
229Unbound (10)Dun Modr-EU251400
232FOR THE ALLÎANCE (10)Dun Modr-EU251395
233CSI Stormwind (10)Dun Modr-EU251390
233Sangre y AlmasDun Modr-EU251390
233Silver Tears (10)Dun Modr-EU251390
233THE DARK SECRETDun Modr-EU251390
233warrior of legendDun Modr-EU251390
238Aliådos (10)Dun Modr-EU251385
239Bushido WarriorsDun Modr-EU251380
239ËVOLUTION (10)Dun Modr-EU251380
239Paradise (10)Dun Modr-EU251380
239The Begginning (10)Dun Modr-EU251380
239The Relentless (10)Dun Modr-EU251380
244BloodlustDun Modr-EU251375
244Gloriam Form Clavingera (10)Dun Modr-EU251375
244HeX (10)Dun Modr-EU251375
244Light (10)Dun Modr-EU251375
244THE RUSHERS (10)Dun Modr-EU251375
249APOKALYPSEDun Modr-EU251370
249Heraldos de VenganzaDun Modr-EU251370
249Los Malanoche (10)Dun Modr-EU251370
252Darkest Requiem (25)Dun Modr-EU251365
252Fatal Error (10)Dun Modr-EU251365
254Dracarys (10)Dun Modr-EU251360
254Goshin (10)Dun Modr-EU251360
254Rage Dual Core (10)Dun Modr-EU251360
254SinergiaDun Modr-EU251360
254Thel Lend Ark (10)Dun Modr-EU251360
259Awareness (25)Dun Modr-EU251350
259Los Mastiles de CarneDun Modr-EU251350
259OMDDun Modr-EU251350
259sølitariumDun Modr-EU251350
259The Night WatchDun Modr-EU251350
264CronoDun Modr-EU251345
265CONFUSEDDun Modr-EU251340
265Dioses Caidos (10)Dun Modr-EU251340
267LUMINIS CRUORDun Modr-EU251335
268Fallo MioDun Modr-EU251330
268Last Refuge (10)Dun Modr-EU251330
268Øld Glories (10)Dun Modr-EU251330
271AbismøDun Modr-EU251320
271AbsenthaDun Modr-EU251320
271AesirDun Modr-EU251320
271DELUSION (10)Dun Modr-EU251320
271Hysteria (10)Dun Modr-EU251320
271MinasTirithDun Modr-EU251320
271Staying Alive (10)Dun Modr-EU251320
278BarbarianDun Modr-EU251315
278Guardians of Stormwind (10)Dun Modr-EU251315
278La OrDeNDun Modr-EU251315
281ChrönosDun Modr-EU251310
281Los Sicarios (10)Dun Modr-EU251310
281Marcados con SangreDun Modr-EU251310
284KHORNEDun Modr-EU251305
285Dark Blood (10)Dun Modr-EU251300
285Ragnarôk (10)Dun Modr-EU251300
287Ars Goetia (10)Dun Modr-EU251295
287Innominate (10)Dun Modr-EU251295
287Recurrence (10)Dun Modr-EU251295
287Shadow BlueDun Modr-EU251295
287Trouchos a MouchosDun Modr-EU251295
287Winds of Fury (10)Dun Modr-EU251295
293KyodaykayDun Modr-EU251290
293Santo Grial (10)Dun Modr-EU251290
293Time Lords (10)Dun Modr-EU251290
296First Try (10)Dun Modr-EU251285
296Heroes del PasadoDun Modr-EU251285
296We are gonna carry thisDun Modr-EU251285
299HerøesDun Modr-EU251280
299Ørýøn (10)Dun Modr-EU251280
299VILADELKLANDun Modr-EU251280
302Its So FluffyDun Modr-EU251275
302Los Galanes (10)Dun Modr-EU251275
304Blood of HeroDun Modr-EU251270
304Tangas De Esparto PvP (10)Dun Modr-EU251270
307Another TryDun Modr-EU251265
307Eclypsê (10)Dun Modr-EU251265
307GénesisDun Modr-EU251265
307Gnomos Killers SADun Modr-EU251265
311Atlantean Legends (10)Dun Modr-EU251260
311Destinos CruzadosDun Modr-EU251260
311No Way (10)Dun Modr-EU251260
314Dreäm (10)Dun Modr-EU251255
314KingslayersDun Modr-EU251255
314Sloth (10)Dun Modr-EU251255
317Avalancha (10)Dun Modr-EU251250
317InmünEDun Modr-EU251250
317Last Wish (10)Dun Modr-EU251250
317RushPlayersDun Modr-EU251250
317SlayerDun Modr-EU251250
322No RehabDun Modr-EU251245
322Soul Blade (10)Dun Modr-EU251245
322SummerlandDun Modr-EU251245
325Guardianes De AtenasDun Modr-EU251240
325Last Decay (10)Dun Modr-EU251240
325Last Riders (10)Dun Modr-EU251240
325MANDRAGORA (10)Dun Modr-EU251240
325Wind Fury (10)Dun Modr-EU251240
330AntharesDun Modr-EU251230
331Acuity (10)Dun Modr-EU251220
331DoVoToS (25)Dun Modr-EU251220
331OverdosedDun Modr-EU251220
331Sunset Wings (10)Dun Modr-EU251220
335Nueva OrdenDun Modr-EU251210
336GateSeven (10)Dun Modr-EU251200
336Heaven Can WaitDun Modr-EU251200
336Storm LegionDun Modr-EU251200
336Xtrøn PvPDun Modr-EU251200
340Emotive (10)Dun Modr-EU251195
340ProudZDun Modr-EU251195
342ËdorasDun Modr-EU251190
342El DominioDun Modr-EU251190
342Gold starsDun Modr-EU251190
342House Targaryen (10)Dun Modr-EU251190
342PiratesDun Modr-EU251190
342The Umbrella CorporationDun Modr-EU251190
349Brozas TeamDun Modr-EU251185
349Perturbed (25)Dun Modr-EU251185
351AgiLity ExpressiveDun Modr-EU231180
351Caballeros de HadesDun Modr-EU251180
351Exidium (10)Dun Modr-EU251180
351MakaveliDun Modr-EU251180
351Six N Six (10)Dun Modr-EU251180
351The Guild (10)Dun Modr-EU251180
357La Rebelion (10)Dun Modr-EU251175
357Rise Again (10)Dun Modr-EU251175
359Bíg Bang (10)Dun Modr-EU251170
359Phoenix in FlamesDun Modr-EU251170
361honor y sangreDun Modr-EU251165
362Wololo (10)Dun Modr-EU251160
363Dementz (10)Dun Modr-EU251155
363Elysium (10)Dun Modr-EU251155
363Lords of AzerothDun Modr-EU251155
366Limit Break (10)Dun Modr-EU251150
366No more water netDun Modr-EU251150
366PvEDun Modr-EU121150
366The Mighty Turkeys (10)Dun Modr-EU251150
370ArsonistsDun Modr-EU251140
370La Perla NegräDun Modr-EU251140
370Monster StyleDun Modr-EU251140
370Unskilled (10)Dun Modr-EU251140
374Nameless (10)Dun Modr-EU251135
375Âlter Hours (10)Dun Modr-EU251130
375Blood Legend (10)Dun Modr-EU251130
375Inner Conflict (10)Dun Modr-EU251130
375Murcidrejas NocturnasDun Modr-EU251130
375Real Loyalty (10)Dun Modr-EU251130
375Resurgir (25)Dun Modr-EU251130
381Crisom (10)Dun Modr-EU251120
381ElysseosDun Modr-EU251120
381SpiraDun Modr-EU251120
381Wrath of PhoenixDun Modr-EU251120
385IRoN RaidersDun Modr-EU251115
385Sons of Darkness PvP (10)Dun Modr-EU251115
387BossBustersDun Modr-EU251105
387OvertureDun Modr-EU251105
387SaecûlumDun Modr-EU251105
390Camaradas de los grúmelDun Modr-EU251100
390Cheerful Coffin (10)Dun Modr-EU251100
390Never Again (10)Dun Modr-EU251100
390Siøn (10)Dun Modr-EU251100
394Con Verdes y a lo loco (10)Dun Modr-EU251095
394Nightmare HollowDun Modr-EU251095
397Command Fifty One (10)Dun Modr-EU251090
397Hijos del Diablo (10)Dun Modr-EU251090
397QuebrantahuesosDun Modr-EU251090
400GL Spartans (10)Dun Modr-EU251085
400Stormrage Raiders (10)Dun Modr-EU251085
402Pride and PredatorDun Modr-EU251080
403UnlimiteÐDun Modr-EU251075
404Blood PactDun Modr-EU251070
404Daggerfall (10)Dun Modr-EU251070
404Dark PhoenixDun Modr-EU251070
404Minas Tirith (10)Dun Modr-EU251070
404Quake (10)Dun Modr-EU251070
410Dark SidersDun Modr-EU251060
410Exiled of HeavenDun Modr-EU251060
410Ice Cube (10)Dun Modr-EU251060
410Stormwind Guard (10)Dun Modr-EU251060
414HUSHDun Modr-EU251050
414NightCøreDun Modr-EU251050
414NørthWind (10)Dun Modr-EU251050
414Pájaros Del TerrorDun Modr-EU251050
414PvP RattedDun Modr-EU251050
414SB GamingDun Modr-EU251050
420Alexandria (10)Dun Modr-EU251045
420Forjados en GuerrasDun Modr-EU251045
420Last Path (10)Dun Modr-EU251045
420ShinigamysDun Modr-EU251045
420THE FIGHT CLUB (10)Dun Modr-EU251045
425FinnäL BäTTLëDun Modr-EU251040
425LcLDun Modr-EU251040
427DarkLegacyDun Modr-EU251035
427Points and goldDun Modr-EU251035
427Sensation (10)Dun Modr-EU251035
430Fairy TåilDun Modr-EU251030
430FairyTáil (10)Dun Modr-EU251030
430Game Over (10)Dun Modr-EU251030
430Gladiadores HispanosDun Modr-EU251030
430INVICTOSDun Modr-EU251030
430Macetas EverywhereDun Modr-EU251030
436Qabbala (10)Dun Modr-EU251025
437HeredomDun Modr-EU251020
437Hestia (10)Dun Modr-EU251020
437iCoreDun Modr-EU251020
437Sangre NegraDun Modr-EU251020
437Star Raiders (10)Dun Modr-EU251020
437Über raiders (10)Dun Modr-EU251020
443Caballeros de NurgonDun Modr-EU251015
443SEÑORES DE LA X CAMPO (10)Dun Modr-EU251015
443Siempre LïbresDun Modr-EU251015
446DarkstalkersDun Modr-EU251010
446Devoradores De Almas (10)Dun Modr-EU251010
446Exit (10)Dun Modr-EU251010
446SynergyDun Modr-EU251010
446tirikitranDun Modr-EU251010
446Tough Luck (10)Dun Modr-EU251010
452FakeDun Modr-EU251005
452Limited EditionDun Modr-EU251005
452TitanomaquiaDun Modr-EU251005
455Authentication failed (10)Dun Modr-EU251000
455BagaudaDun Modr-EU251000
455celadores del circuloDun Modr-EU251000
455Crazy TeamDun Modr-EU251000
455HiboriaDun Modr-EU251000
455Hijos de CainDun Modr-EU251000
455Luchar por HonorDun Modr-EU251000
455The FraternityDun Modr-EU251000
463Experys (10)Dun Modr-EU25995
464MythoSDun Modr-EU25990
464Nocte Luminous CaelumDun Modr-EU25990
464Pick Up (10)Dun Modr-EU25990
464Providence (10)Dun Modr-EU25990
464Sky (10)Dun Modr-EU25990
469RedLine PvPDun Modr-EU25985
470AmnesiaDun Modr-EU25980
470BlackMambaDun Modr-EU25980
470Shadow PactDun Modr-EU25980
470ultimo destino (10)Dun Modr-EU25980
470WildernessDun Modr-EU25980
476Hermandad de ElhlecheroDun Modr-EU25970
476Instinto SalvajeDun Modr-EU25970
476Los PariasDun Modr-EU25970
476NoNameDun Modr-EU25970
476REQUIEMDun Modr-EU25970
481I Will Never Die (10)Dun Modr-EU25965
481InquisitionDun Modr-EU25965
483Deus Irae (10)Dun Modr-EU25960
483ElegidosDun Modr-EU25960
483Obviam Primus (10)Dun Modr-EU25960
483Spinebreaker (10)Dun Modr-EU25960
487BoyullosDun Modr-EU25955
487CounterDeadDun Modr-EU25955
487Dead End (10)Dun Modr-EU25955
490Apocalypsis (10)Dun Modr-EU25950
490Dark OrderDun Modr-EU25950
490DarkDreamDun Modr-EU25950
490IT CrowdDun Modr-EU25950
490MeRciLësSDun Modr-EU25950
490Minoria AbsolutaDun Modr-EU25950
490One minute to MidnightDun Modr-EU25950
490Resïstance (10)Dun Modr-EU25950
498Alianza de LordaeronDun Modr-EU25945
499El Renacer del ZenitDun Modr-EU25940
499Legends of Old TimeDun Modr-EU25940
499spîrît crazyDun Modr-EU25940
502Blood BrotherDun Modr-EU17930
502Malas Pulgas (10)Dun Modr-EU25930
502Mariscos Recio PVPDun Modr-EU25930
502RËM FËROX (10)Dun Modr-EU25930
502Whispers Of Frostmourne (10)Dun Modr-EU25930
507Insert Guild Name Here (10)Dun Modr-EU25925
507Odisea (10)Dun Modr-EU25925
509Enelya (10)Dun Modr-EU25920
509Improve Your Brain (10)Dun Modr-EU25920
509Lineage LegacyDun Modr-EU25920
509Some PeopleDun Modr-EU22920
513Parrot on Flames (10)Dun Modr-EU25915
513Phyxius (10)Dun Modr-EU25915
515CatastropheDun Modr-EU25910
515Pacos for the Win (10)Dun Modr-EU25910
515SAMCRO (10)Dun Modr-EU25910
518Armagedón (10)Dun Modr-EU25905
519M A G E CDun Modr-EU25900
520Hijos de UndergröundDun Modr-EU25895
521dark soulDun Modr-EU25890
521Hell PuppetsDun Modr-EU25890
521Immortals Killers PvPDun Modr-EU25890
521StormrageDun Modr-EU25890
525IdeologyDun Modr-EU25885
525Reaching Perfection (10)Dun Modr-EU25885
525U JELLY BRODun Modr-EU25885
528AmmuNatïon (10)Dun Modr-EU25880
528Guardia Melnibonesa (10)Dun Modr-EU25880
528Increase (10)Dun Modr-EU25880
528Madness PvPDun Modr-EU25880
532Awakening (10)Dun Modr-EU25870
532Brigada OGTDun Modr-EU25870
532Dominorum Proelium PvPDun Modr-EU25870
532InsanityDun Modr-EU25870
532Legion PvPDun Modr-EU25870
532SugusDun Modr-EU25870
532Vulgar Display Of PowerDun Modr-EU25870
532Zero SkillDun Modr-EU25870
540All fortsDun Modr-EU25865
541Blackrock WodDun Modr-EU25860
541Crónicas (10)Dun Modr-EU25860
541Dark Eternity (10)Dun Modr-EU25860
541vironDun Modr-EU25860
546Death Valley (10)Dun Modr-EU25855
546Wajo el MarDun Modr-EU25855
548Melted BrainsDun Modr-EU20850
548Nightmare Of ShadowsDun Modr-EU25850
548Poder SagradoDun Modr-EU25850
548RampâgeDun Modr-EU25850
552Ex NovoDun Modr-EU25845
553Alpha Stigma (10)Dun Modr-EU25840
553ELITE RAIDERSDun Modr-EU25840
553LeviaNsDun Modr-EU25840
553Muerte y VenganzaDun Modr-EU25840
553Night RevengeDun Modr-EU25840
553Press S to MoveDun Modr-EU25840
553WipeLand (10)Dun Modr-EU25840
560ClockworkDun Modr-EU25835
560La Orden FérreaDun Modr-EU25835
560Partire Vuestras PiernasDun Modr-EU25835
563Adventures in New WorldDun Modr-EU25830
563Cazadores de mentesDun Modr-EU25830
563DuneDun Modr-EU25830
563Edén (10)Dun Modr-EU25830
563Eonar (10)Dun Modr-EU25830
563Forged by MjolnirDun Modr-EU25830
563shin guild (10)Dun Modr-EU25830
563TitánDun Modr-EU25830
563VälhallaDun Modr-EU25830
572No somos una ONGDun Modr-EU25825
573Flameo IncomingDun Modr-EU25820
573Los Domadores del CieloDun Modr-EU24820
573Silver KnightsDun Modr-EU25820
573SpliT (10)Dun Modr-EU25820
577ELO HELL (25)Dun Modr-EU25815
577La Orden SagradaDun Modr-EU25815
577Meatball Massacre (10)Dun Modr-EU25815
580Conspiracy (10)Dun Modr-EU25810
580Default (10)Dun Modr-EU25810
580DOS K EXPDun Modr-EU25810
580Kluster (10)Dun Modr-EU25810
580La Santa AlianzaDun Modr-EU25810
580Quasar (10)Dun Modr-EU25810
580They (10)Dun Modr-EU25810
587Corazones de la AlianzaDun Modr-EU25805
587Frakaso EskolarDun Modr-EU25805
587NoobodyDun Modr-EU25805
587Señores del NorteDun Modr-EU25805
591Focus to the RussiansDun Modr-EU25800
591somos nueve (10)Dun Modr-EU25800
593Kill With SkillDun Modr-EU25795
594Carpe DîemDun Modr-EU25790
594DRAKKARSDun Modr-EU20790
594free houseDun Modr-EU25790
594NøxiumDun Modr-EU25790
594Raiders SchoolDun Modr-EU15790
594Sangre de héroesDun Modr-EU12790
594Vengadores de Uther (10)Dun Modr-EU25790
594VongolaDun Modr-EU25790
602Defensores del Abismo (10)Dun Modr-EU25785
602Edge of DarknessDun Modr-EU25785
602EL EFECTODun Modr-EU25785
602El exilioDun Modr-EU25785
602InvictusDun Modr-EU25785
608Calla que no veo (10)Dun Modr-EU25780
608Guardianes del SolDun Modr-EU25780
608IndomablesDun Modr-EU25780
608Siervos Del InfinitoDun Modr-EU25780
608Yak AttackDun Modr-EU25780
613AtmosfearDun Modr-EU25775
613Liga de las sombrasDun Modr-EU25775
615A Nuestra BolaDun Modr-EU25770
615BEGINSDun Modr-EU22770
615BloodWar (10)Dun Modr-EU25770
615Comandos de OasisDun Modr-EU25770
615Mythic Dream (10)Dun Modr-EU25770
620Casual RaidersDun Modr-EU25765
620IMPUROSDun Modr-EU25765
620Muerte (10)Dun Modr-EU25765
620MVPDun Modr-EU25765
624Burning Bonzo Co (10)Dun Modr-EU25760
624By the Rage of my BallsDun Modr-EU25760
624CANGRENADun Modr-EU25760
624Event One (10)Dun Modr-EU25760
624Guardianes de VarianDun Modr-EU25760
624JIN JAN (10)Dun Modr-EU25760
624Outer HeavenDun Modr-EU25760
632Gods Of the Arena PVPDun Modr-EU25755
632La Isla de If (10)Dun Modr-EU25755
632Quality ControlDun Modr-EU25755
635FueGo AtoMiCoDun Modr-EU17750
635In æternumDun Modr-EU25750
635La Posada del TuertoDun Modr-EU25750
635Never Wipe AloneDun Modr-EU25750
635Night RydersDun Modr-EU25750
635PvP SquaD (10)Dun Modr-EU25750
641Bad Things Never Die (10)Dun Modr-EU25745
641PvP KillersDun Modr-EU25745
641VeteransDun Modr-EU25745
644Future RaceDun Modr-EU25740
644MaLaRaZaDun Modr-EU12740
644Origins (10)Dun Modr-EU25740
644Play Boy PvPDun Modr-EU25740
648Los jueves al Bar (10)Dun Modr-EU25735
648Septem FratresDun Modr-EU25735
648SunFireDun Modr-EU25735
651Ðark RequiemDun Modr-EU25730
651FragottenDun Modr-EU22730
651Hipotenusas y SalvaslipsDun Modr-EU25730
651Order of Whispers (10)Dun Modr-EU25730
651the roster IIDun Modr-EU25730
651ValkirianDun Modr-EU25730
651X Encima de la MediaDun Modr-EU25730
658Wrath of HellscreamDun Modr-EU25725
659AdvisoryDun Modr-EU25720
659AuraDun Modr-EU25720
659C R O S S F Y A HDun Modr-EU25720
659Caballeros GnomosDun Modr-EU25720
659McDonalds Addicts (10)Dun Modr-EU25720
659NifelheimDun Modr-EU25720
659The Winter Is ComingDun Modr-EU25720
666Angels and Demons (10)Dun Modr-EU25715
667Brothers Of HonorDun Modr-EU25710
667Brutal PvPDun Modr-EU25710
667Eternal DamnationDun Modr-EU25710
667Loves (10)Dun Modr-EU25710
667One Kick WinDun Modr-EU25710
667RIP VDun Modr-EU25710
667Sin Clan Ni PlanDun Modr-EU25710
674NukeDun Modr-EU25705
675Defensores del Dragón (10)Dun Modr-EU25700
675Ego Non Te AbsolvoDun Modr-EU25700
675Last OpportunityDun Modr-EU25700
675Last OptionDun Modr-EU25700
675Mansion WayneDun Modr-EU17700
675Orgrimmar In FlamesDun Modr-EU25700
681Eternal DestinyDun Modr-EU25695
682From Lost Tö The River (10)Dun Modr-EU25690
682From Zero To HeroDun Modr-EU25690
682High End PvP (10)Dun Modr-EU25690
682Impurity (10)Dun Modr-EU25690
682masK (10)Dun Modr-EU25690
682MugiwaraDun Modr-EU25690
682NebelpfadeDun Modr-EU23690
682ProphecyDun Modr-EU24690
682Steel BladesDun Modr-EU25690
691Eternity (10)Dun Modr-EU25685
691Going Merry (10)Dun Modr-EU25685
691Legado de AzerothDun Modr-EU25685
691MistbornDun Modr-EU25685
691Warriors of LightDun Modr-EU25685
696Death LegionDun Modr-EU25680
696Gods Represent (10)Dun Modr-EU25680
696Priorato de SiónDun Modr-EU25680
699KLOWDun Modr-EU25675
699No hands requiredDun Modr-EU23675
699Now or Never (10)Dun Modr-EU23675
699Pandagon (10)Dun Modr-EU25675
699Ronîn (10)Dun Modr-EU25675
699THE STOLKERS (10)Dun Modr-EU25675
705CenSureDDun Modr-EU25670
705Dark Soldiers of EterniaDun Modr-EU18670
705DecimationDun Modr-EU25670
705EVIL PARROTDun Modr-EU25670
705FurbysDun Modr-EU25670
705Voodoo (10)Dun Modr-EU25670
711Dragones NegrosDun Modr-EU25665
711EEDun Modr-EU25665
711Milicia de KharanosDun Modr-EU25665
711One Píece (10)Dun Modr-EU25665
711VALOR Y DISCIPLINA (10)Dun Modr-EU25665
716Ascend (10)Dun Modr-EU25660
716Athena ExclamationDun Modr-EU25660
716StandbyDun Modr-EU25660
719SpankersDun Modr-EU25655
719Veni Vidi Vicio (10)Dun Modr-EU25655
721Demolition Squad (10)Dun Modr-EU25650
721Epika (10)Dun Modr-EU25650
721ExcellenceDun Modr-EU25650
721MotivadosDun Modr-EU25650
721RemembersDun Modr-EU25650
721SiN DioS Ni AmODun Modr-EU25650
727Eclipsion (10)Dun Modr-EU25645
727Esarus thar no DaradorDun Modr-EU25645
727Iron BornDun Modr-EU16645
727La Rosa y la EspadaDun Modr-EU25645
731BERSERKERDun Modr-EU25640
731Calcio pa los HuesosDun Modr-EU25640
731KamikazEDun Modr-EU25640
731LoyalDun Modr-EU25640
731Soul EngineDun Modr-EU25640
736Lunas de sangreDun Modr-EU25635
736The ExiledDun Modr-EU24635
738Demon SoulDun Modr-EU25630
738KarmaDun Modr-EU25630
738Man ProjectDun Modr-EU25630
738Nextgen pvp (10)Dun Modr-EU25630
738OmenDun Modr-EU25630
738Random Nup (10)Dun Modr-EU25630
738uuh lo que te ha dichoDun Modr-EU25630
745Corp Hur (10)Dun Modr-EU25625
745DiøsesDun Modr-EU25625
745Tiempos de GloriaDun Modr-EU25625
748BIOHAZARDDun Modr-EU25620
748blood of warriors (10)Dun Modr-EU25620
748Camión de RepartoDun Modr-EU25620
748El Holandes ErranteDun Modr-EU25620
748Klickers (10)Dun Modr-EU25620
748Last Ðream (10)Dun Modr-EU25620
748Mad Sheep (10)Dun Modr-EU25620
748MiniHorda IberikaDun Modr-EU25620
748Murloc Fitnees ClubDun Modr-EU25620
748SubliminalDun Modr-EU15620
748The Solfamidas (10)Dun Modr-EU25620
759Rock and TrollDun Modr-EU25615
760Guardianes de Draenor (10)Dun Modr-EU25610
760N E C A R E (10)Dun Modr-EU25610
760NewOVERLORDSDun Modr-EU25610
760Paradox (10)Dun Modr-EU13610
760Segmentation FaultDun Modr-EU24610
760The How High (10)Dun Modr-EU25610
760Unleashed (10)Dun Modr-EU25610
768AgiliTy ProjecTDun Modr-EU25605
768Liga de la JusticiaDun Modr-EU25605
768Skill InsideDun Modr-EU25605
771Ronin Errante (10)Dun Modr-EU25600
771Six WoWDun Modr-EU25600
771Utopia (10)Dun Modr-EU17600
775BoT (10)Dun Modr-EU25595
775Holy sheep manDun Modr-EU25595
775Mano de titán (10)Dun Modr-EU25595
775Unnamed GuildDun Modr-EU19595
779BlackList (10)Dun Modr-EU25590
779Diablos LocosDun Modr-EU22590
779Fear of the DarkDun Modr-EU15590
779FOOR THE HORDEDun Modr-EU25590
779How I met your Raiders (10)Dun Modr-EU25590
779Loßos Ansiosos Sin MasDun Modr-EU25590
779Murloc RéquiemDun Modr-EU24590
779Nether Storm (10)Dun Modr-EU25590
779On Fire (10)Dun Modr-EU25590
779Soldiers of KaosDun Modr-EU25590
779Traviesus MaximusDun Modr-EU25590
790Executiøn (10)Dun Modr-EU25585
790Mira mamá PvP sin manosDun Modr-EU25585
790On GlobalDun Modr-EU25585
793AwakenDun Modr-EU25580
793Chåstise (10)Dun Modr-EU25580
793End Of All Hope (10)Dun Modr-EU25580
793Mahou ShoujoDun Modr-EU25580
793The Obscure (10)Dun Modr-EU25580
798AeternusDun Modr-EU25575
798Eternaly (10)Dun Modr-EU25575
798PapilandiaDun Modr-EU25575
801BelegDun Modr-EU25570
801BEST PLAYERS EUDun Modr-EU25570
801El Loto DoradoDun Modr-EU25570
801MAYBE NEXT TIMEDun Modr-EU25570
801Soldiers of FaithDun Modr-EU25570
801The HeallscreamsDun Modr-EU15570
801The WeaversDun Modr-EU22570
801ÜberlassungDun Modr-EU25570
801Viles (10)Dun Modr-EU25570
811InmateDun Modr-EU25565
811Kuro no KishidanDun Modr-EU25565
811RespectDun Modr-EU15565
814Damage Inc (10)Dun Modr-EU24560
814DamageMaster (10)Dun Modr-EU25560
814Darkmøøn (10)Dun Modr-EU24560
814Dont Play With WannabesDun Modr-EU25560
814Elder Covenant (10)Dun Modr-EU25560
814In Omnia ApparatusDun Modr-EU13560
814Organizacion XIIlDun Modr-EU25560
814PorLasBarbasDeMiMadreDun Modr-EU25560
814Wait for itDun Modr-EU25560
814ZephyrosDun Modr-EU24560
824CatevarïsDun Modr-EU25555
824Con Mucha Mala LecheDun Modr-EU14555
824Dark Ascendance (10)Dun Modr-EU25555
824La hermandad de la MinaDun Modr-EU25555
824La Meta AzulDun Modr-EU25555
824Los Hijos d Chuck NorrisDun Modr-EU22555
824Los IntocablesDun Modr-EU25555
824Maximum TrollingDun Modr-EU25555
824Wrathfull GladiatørDun Modr-EU25555
833Cobalt Fhain (10)Dun Modr-EU25550
833DeaD WalKerSDun Modr-EU15550
833DestínyDun Modr-EU25550
833EnigmaDun Modr-EU25550
833Eternal SoulsDun Modr-EU21550
833JusTice (10)Dun Modr-EU25550
833The Last AvengersDun Modr-EU22550
833The Liant RidersDun Modr-EU9550
841BloodyMoon (10)Dun Modr-EU23545
841Caracoles De CartónDun Modr-EU25545
841La Legión de KaraborDun Modr-EU25545
841Wife AgroDun Modr-EU25545
845AnonymousDun Modr-EU20540
845BichiteoDun Modr-EU13540
845Challenge AcceptedDun Modr-EU13540
845CrazyStressDun Modr-EU20540
845ExephorumDun Modr-EU25540
845MinardoDun Modr-EU25540
845Two Orcs One CupDun Modr-EU25540
845Utopía (10)Dun Modr-EU25540
845Vengadores de Koqgar (10)Dun Modr-EU25540
845Warehouse Thirteen (10)Dun Modr-EU25540
855Furia y HonorDun Modr-EU25535
855Last ResortDun Modr-EU25535
855league of the leguendDun Modr-EU25535
859Camino a la gloriaDun Modr-EU25530
859Dementïa (10)Dun Modr-EU16530
859Els Desperta Ferro (10)Dun Modr-EU25530
859Gremio De MendigosDun Modr-EU20530
859Hexus (10)Dun Modr-EU25530
859Insànity (10)Dun Modr-EU25530
859MIAMIDun Modr-EU25530
859No More DreamSDun Modr-EU25530
859Shadow TheoryDun Modr-EU25530
859Slackers (10)Dun Modr-EU24530
869LothnórienDun Modr-EU25525
870GnomicidasDun Modr-EU25520
870Iog horizonDun Modr-EU24520
870ProyectoHombreDun Modr-EU25520
870Resort (10)Dun Modr-EU25520
870Señores del VicioDun Modr-EU12520
870Shattered SoulsDun Modr-EU21520
870The BloodLustDun Modr-EU25520
870The Pin Pam TheoryDun Modr-EU25520
878AglaiaDun Modr-EU25515
878Dunwall (10)Dun Modr-EU25515
878ImpactøDun Modr-EU25515
878la panda del batamanta (10)Dun Modr-EU25515
878Temptation (10)Dun Modr-EU25515
878YouTubersDun Modr-EU25515
878Zas en toda la HordaDun Modr-EU25515
885Another WorldDun Modr-EU15510
885DesTruCcióN MaSiVaDun Modr-EU15510
885DØØMDun Modr-EU25510
885Everlasting VendettaDun Modr-EU25510
885Frostmourne LegacyDun Modr-EU25510
885Frozen LionsDun Modr-EU25510
885Hijos del VacioDun Modr-EU12510
885Keepers of HeavenDun Modr-EU18510
885Los mendrugosDun Modr-EU11510
885MythölogyDun Modr-EU7510
885Raising HellDun Modr-EU25510
885Unlimited Wipes (10)Dun Modr-EU25510
898The Dark BrotherhoodDun Modr-EU25505
899ChoscliadictosDun Modr-EU25500
899Dark Matter (25)Dun Modr-EU20500
899EternaL FireDun Modr-EU25500
899G a n g s t aDun Modr-EU25500
899INEMDun Modr-EU25500
899Team Fight (10)Dun Modr-EU25500
899The Howling DeathDun Modr-EU11500
906DRACO (10)Dun Modr-EU17495
906Eternal DreamsDun Modr-EU25495
906I Parabellum IDun Modr-EU25495
906Mami tengo miedoDun Modr-EU25495
906ROHANDun Modr-EU25495
912BRÄVEHËARTDun Modr-EU15490
912Delirium TremensDun Modr-EU16490
912Espada De La AlianzaDun Modr-EU22490
912GalaxyDun Modr-EU19490
912KakingXtremeDun Modr-EU22490
912khatarsisDun Modr-EU15490
912PsicopatasDun Modr-EU25490
912PvP ØutLawDun Modr-EU25490
920ENRAGE ON (10)Dun Modr-EU20485
920LegacyDun Modr-EU25485
922Implosion (10)Dun Modr-EU19480
922inquisicion aliadaDun Modr-EU25480
922Krisis PvPDun Modr-EU25480
922Mi piba es posesivaDun Modr-EU25480
922MultyKilleR (10)Dun Modr-EU25480
922Particulas de DiosDun Modr-EU25480
922Sons of OdinDun Modr-EU16480
922SS MidDun Modr-EU25480
922Tercio ViejoDun Modr-EU12480
922Vientos AlisiosDun Modr-EU9480
922Wipe ParadigmDun Modr-EU20480
935Aú nem de Matançes PVPDun Modr-EU25475
935DankuDun Modr-EU20475
935Master and Commanders (10)Dun Modr-EU25475
935Pink Rabbits PVPDun Modr-EU25475
935Starlight (10)Dun Modr-EU21475
940Calla frikiDun Modr-EU14470
940Corporación Liandri (10)Dun Modr-EU25470
940DIE NOOB DIEDun Modr-EU25470
940Garosh de cebollaDun Modr-EU10470
940Heart of CourageDun Modr-EU25470
940I Dont CareDun Modr-EU11470
940InfamousDun Modr-EU25470
940Rushing (10)Dun Modr-EU18470
940SinHistoriaDun Modr-EU11470
940Wont Give UpDun Modr-EU25470
950Inspired (10)Dun Modr-EU16465
950Scream ModeDun Modr-EU25465
950Sons Of MyraDun Modr-EU25465
953Akatsuki LegendDun Modr-EU19460
953Al AndalusDun Modr-EU22460
953Dark LegendDun Modr-EU23460
953Defensores del MañanaDun Modr-EU25460
953Discørdia (10)Dun Modr-EU18460
953Füll MôônDun Modr-EU19460
953Leyendas de DraenorDun Modr-EU20460
953RaidersGuildDun Modr-EU25460
953Valaladas las JustasDun Modr-EU25460
953Vanguard (10)Dun Modr-EU25460
963Carpe DiemDun Modr-EU25455
963hey im famousDun Modr-EU25455
963I am MurlocDun Modr-EU25455
966Caballeros ke dicen NiDun Modr-EU11450
966CøMpAiNeRsDun Modr-EU25450
966Espadas ensangrentadasDun Modr-EU25450
966KaTastroFeDun Modr-EU10450
966Los EmisariosDun Modr-EU19450
966Tauren Stole My BikeDun Modr-EU25450
966Time of DyingDun Modr-EU25450
973Teddy BearsDun Modr-EU12445
974AchievedDun Modr-EU25440
974Caballeros del cieloDun Modr-EU16440
974Eternal DarknessDun Modr-EU22440
974HerøiaDun Modr-EU15440
974Ich Bin Nein ForgottenDun Modr-EU12440
974La Antigua OrdenDun Modr-EU12440
974Legado OcultoDun Modr-EU25440
974Legion Dragon LanceDun Modr-EU19440
974Life StyleDun Modr-EU25440
974Los CazacastañasDun Modr-EU25440
974Los DaltonDun Modr-EU14440
974Orthopedic TacticsDun Modr-EU25440
974PioPioTengoFrioDun Modr-EU25440
974Silver DragonDun Modr-EU12440
974The PickupsDun Modr-EU25440
974Tibbers HugDun Modr-EU25440
990BlacknIceDun Modr-EU25435
990Frostgarfio Fans GuildDun Modr-EU25435
990Good Luck Friend (10)Dun Modr-EU19435
990OverdodgeDun Modr-EU25435
994A R R A S ADun Modr-EU6430
994Arena PunkiesDun Modr-EU25430
994AzarugDun Modr-EU25430
994Bochka Bass KolbaserDun Modr-EU25430
994Closed HandDun Modr-EU18430
994Deadman WonderlandDun Modr-EU15430
994Døøm Squad (10)Dun Modr-EU25430

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