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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dun Morogh-EU Guild Achievement Points
1Critted to Death (10)Dun Morogh-EU252395
1Erzritter (10)Dun Morogh-EU252395
3Gaia (10)Dun Morogh-EU252385
4Abtrünnige Drachenreiter (10)Dun Morogh-EU252360
5Endgegner (10)Dun Morogh-EU252335
6essential (10)Dun Morogh-EU252325
7Moriquendi (10)Dun Morogh-EU252315
8Bruderschaft der Ehre (10)Dun Morogh-EU252305
8Unbreakablè (10)Dun Morogh-EU252305
10Leviathan (10)Dun Morogh-EU252295
11Counter Allianz (10)Dun Morogh-EU252290
12Der schmale Grat (10)Dun Morogh-EU252280
13Ars Necandï (10)Dun Morogh-EU252265
14molôn labe (10)Dun Morogh-EU252260
15Schattenloge (10)Dun Morogh-EU252240
16Kampfrausch (25)Dun Morogh-EU252235
17Pantheon (25)Dun Morogh-EU252215
18Infinitum (25)Dun Morogh-EU252205
19Excalibur (10)Dun Morogh-EU252175
20Money INC (10)Dun Morogh-EU252165
21Lakota (10)Dun Morogh-EU252150
21Legend reloaded (10)Dun Morogh-EU252150
23DreamwalkerDun Morogh-EU252135
24Moonwalkers (10)Dun Morogh-EU252130
25Dark Vision (10)Dun Morogh-EU252120
25Phase Zwei (10)Dun Morogh-EU252120
27DracoVenatores (10)Dun Morogh-EU252090
27Exil (10)Dun Morogh-EU252090
29Musketeers of Líght (10)Dun Morogh-EU252070
30Minima de malis (10)Dun Morogh-EU252045
31Diese Jene Welche (10)Dun Morogh-EU252040
32Lunatics (10)Dun Morogh-EU252025
33Beasts of Prey (10)Dun Morogh-EU252020
33Freier Bund (10)Dun Morogh-EU252020
35Umbrae Mortis (10)Dun Morogh-EU252015
36AuraDun Morogh-EU252010
36Dynamic Evolution (10)Dun Morogh-EU252010
38Herz derHorde (10)Dun Morogh-EU251990
38Waifs and Strays (10)Dun Morogh-EU251990
40Clan des alten Blutes (10)Dun Morogh-EU251980
40InvictaDun Morogh-EU251980
40Mythos (10)Dun Morogh-EU251980
43Herous Erratum (10)Dun Morogh-EU251960
44Haereticus (10)Dun Morogh-EU251950
45Die Weltenbummlèr (10)Dun Morogh-EU251940
45PhosphorDun Morogh-EU251940
45Wächter der Hoffnung (10)Dun Morogh-EU251940
48Dmg for LifeDun Morogh-EU251920
49Divine NightDun Morogh-EU251910
49Friend (10)Dun Morogh-EU251910
51Godmode (10)Dun Morogh-EU251895
52no problemoDun Morogh-EU251890
53Blades of Lightning (10)Dun Morogh-EU251880
54Twist of FateDun Morogh-EU251870
54Wächter der Allíanz (10)Dun Morogh-EU251870
56Ganymed (10)Dun Morogh-EU251860
56SlowdownDun Morogh-EU251860
58Blut Engel (10)Dun Morogh-EU251855
59Dark Infinity (10)Dun Morogh-EU251840
59Gilde des ZornsDun Morogh-EU251840
59ImbrexDun Morogh-EU251840
62Lightning Force (10)Dun Morogh-EU251820
63El Dorado (10)Dun Morogh-EU251810
64Bellum Æternum (10)Dun Morogh-EU251800
64Die Elite Krieger (10)Dun Morogh-EU251800
64i guerrieri della notteDun Morogh-EU251800
67PulloutDun Morogh-EU251795
68Mindzone (10)Dun Morogh-EU251790
69MeenzerDun Morogh-EU251785
70Erben des BaalDun Morogh-EU251780
70Rapantää (10)Dun Morogh-EU251780
72Angels Of ThunderDun Morogh-EU251770
72FutureStreamDun Morogh-EU251770
72SeelenfresserDun Morogh-EU251770
75Angels ArmyDun Morogh-EU251760
76Enconada VendettaDun Morogh-EU251750
76TimerunnersDun Morogh-EU251750
76Veritas odiumDun Morogh-EU251750
79Protoss (10)Dun Morogh-EU251740
80Treu bis in den Tod (10)Dun Morogh-EU251735
81Königskiller (10)Dun Morogh-EU251700
81Tränen der SonneDun Morogh-EU251700
83DamageCrewDun Morogh-EU251695
84OthersideDun Morogh-EU251680
84Ultionis Sanguinis (10)Dun Morogh-EU251680
86PansophiaDun Morogh-EU251675
87Guardians of PandariaDun Morogh-EU251670
87SchattenflammeDun Morogh-EU251670
89Freunde (10)Dun Morogh-EU251660
89GenesìsDun Morogh-EU251660
89SeelendiebeDun Morogh-EU251660
92Hit and CritDun Morogh-EU251655
93Respondo Sacer (10)Dun Morogh-EU251650
94Hüter der schwarzen RoseDun Morogh-EU251640
95Schwerter des KönigsDun Morogh-EU251635
96EpiphanieDun Morogh-EU251630
96Freelancer (10)Dun Morogh-EU251630
98Mearahs FaithDun Morogh-EU251610
99Bloody SoulsDun Morogh-EU251600
99Guardians of Hammerfall (10)Dun Morogh-EU251600
99The Legendarys (10)Dun Morogh-EU251600
102The ThorDun Morogh-EU251595
103Drachenreiter SturmwindsDun Morogh-EU251590
103HerrschoftsSeitn (10)Dun Morogh-EU251590
103Móguài (10)Dun Morogh-EU251590
103Naturstoned (10)Dun Morogh-EU251590
107Riege der GentlemanDun Morogh-EU251585
108Angel and Evil (10)Dun Morogh-EU251580
109Dawn Inc (10)Dun Morogh-EU251575
110Hüter des LichtsDun Morogh-EU251555
111LaSuerte (10)Dun Morogh-EU251550
112Nobody is perfect (10)Dun Morogh-EU251545
113Alte Garde Sturmwinds (10)Dun Morogh-EU251540
113Aurora Polaris (10)Dun Morogh-EU251540
113xE (10)Dun Morogh-EU251540
116Seelenjäger (10)Dun Morogh-EU251530
117Zirkel der SchattenDun Morogh-EU251525
118LastMenStandingDun Morogh-EU251520
118NordendwarriorsDun Morogh-EU251520
120Power of the Stone Age (10)Dun Morogh-EU251510
120Warrîors of the worldDun Morogh-EU251510
122Chroniken eines KriegersDun Morogh-EU251505
123Summon HellDun Morogh-EU251500
124Die Alte GardeDun Morogh-EU251490
125Ars MoriendiDun Morogh-EU251480
125Bed and BreakfastDun Morogh-EU251480
127I am with stupid (10)Dun Morogh-EU251475
128FreilandfrettchenDun Morogh-EU251470
128NovaDun Morogh-EU251470
128RisingSunDun Morogh-EU251470
131Dark Sun (10)Dun Morogh-EU251465
132Die Zwei Lustigen Drei (10)Dun Morogh-EU251460
133SonnensturmDun Morogh-EU251455
134Die KampfkekseDun Morogh-EU251445
134re ups alle todDun Morogh-EU251445
136Fascis ave RegnumDun Morogh-EU251440
136Tollwütige WölfeDun Morogh-EU251440
138Reinen HerzensDun Morogh-EU251430
139ExecutiveDun Morogh-EU251425
140KreuzritterDun Morogh-EU251415
140SeelenschmerzDun Morogh-EU251415
140SoleilNoirDun Morogh-EU251415
143Die Realisten (10)Dun Morogh-EU251410
143HellmødeDun Morogh-EU251410
145Hüter des weißen FeuersDun Morogh-EU251405
145Second TryDun Morogh-EU251405
147Wir sind die AlliesDun Morogh-EU251400
148Ehrengarde des KönigsDun Morogh-EU251390
148NightforceDun Morogh-EU251390
150FallingAngelsDun Morogh-EU251385
151Docendo DiscimusDun Morogh-EU251380
152Anníhílatíon (10)Dun Morogh-EU251370
152Crimson Wolves (10)Dun Morogh-EU251370
152NêmesisDun Morogh-EU251370
152Old Instanz ZockersDun Morogh-EU251370
152Zeitwächter (10)Dun Morogh-EU251370
157Betreutes Raiden (10)Dun Morogh-EU251365
157PalapowerDun Morogh-EU251365
159Dead or GloryDun Morogh-EU251350
160RadioactiveDun Morogh-EU251345
161DeliveranceDun Morogh-EU251340
161UltionisDun Morogh-EU251340
163Children of hateDun Morogh-EU251325
163OutsidersDun Morogh-EU251325
165Periculum in mora (10)Dun Morogh-EU251320
166Plán BDun Morogh-EU251315
167Panda WarriorsDun Morogh-EU251310
167Semper FidelesDun Morogh-EU251310
169Core Fusion (10)Dun Morogh-EU251305
169Dis iratis NatusDun Morogh-EU251305
169Isis EngelDun Morogh-EU251305
172Dark ProjectDun Morogh-EU251300
173MarsallaDun Morogh-EU251295
174MorgensternDun Morogh-EU251290
175PanamaDun Morogh-EU251280
176und die anderenDun Morogh-EU251275
177CeLaVie (10)Dun Morogh-EU251270
177Die HüterDun Morogh-EU251270
177Zwergen Weitwurf CrewDun Morogh-EU251270
180Die GestrandetenDun Morogh-EU251265
181FurorDun Morogh-EU251255
181Immortal Guardians (10)Dun Morogh-EU251255
183Angels and DevilsDun Morogh-EU251250
184ArmeeDerFinsternis (10)Dun Morogh-EU251240
184Hero of HordeDun Morogh-EU251240
184la última (10)Dun Morogh-EU251240
187CamorraDun Morogh-EU251230
187CSI OGDun Morogh-EU251230
189Lords of UltimaDun Morogh-EU251220
190Die FamilieDun Morogh-EU251215
190Rache der Horde (10)Dun Morogh-EU251215
192Hellfire ClubDun Morogh-EU251210
193just for funDun Morogh-EU251205
194Concordia FidelisDun Morogh-EU251200
194NightlifeDun Morogh-EU251200
196Mystic CowsDun Morogh-EU251195
197wipe to win (10)Dun Morogh-EU251190
198I Madness IDun Morogh-EU251180
199Heldentaten (10)Dun Morogh-EU251175
199MetalflauschDun Morogh-EU251175
199TEMPLERDun Morogh-EU251175
202Die Böse RasselbandeDun Morogh-EU251170
202Elite (10)Dun Morogh-EU251170
202Lothlorien (10)Dun Morogh-EU251170
205Rising DragonsDun Morogh-EU251165
206Die Wächter der ZeitDun Morogh-EU251160
206Infernale (10)Dun Morogh-EU251160
206InfiniteDun Morogh-EU251160
206NiveaulosDun Morogh-EU251160
206SternsingerDun Morogh-EU251160
211Lok tar OgarDun Morogh-EU251150
211The Lost OnesDun Morogh-EU251150
213NightingaleDun Morogh-EU251145
214Within a generationDun Morogh-EU251135
215Mach kein DramaDun Morogh-EU251130
215Mythic DawnDun Morogh-EU251130
215PÖBELundGESOCKSDun Morogh-EU251130
218Deutscher RitterordenDun Morogh-EU251125
219InfestadaDun Morogh-EU251120
219WILL NICHTDun Morogh-EU251120
221Mojo (10)Dun Morogh-EU251110
222Anime Fan ClubDun Morogh-EU251105
222DeceitfulDun Morogh-EU251105
224AtlantisDun Morogh-EU251100
224Classic ContentDun Morogh-EU251100
224FidelitasDun Morogh-EU251100
224Hard ModeDun Morogh-EU251100
228Celestial PeaceDun Morogh-EU251095
229Asche zu AscheDun Morogh-EU251090
230MARE NUBIUMDun Morogh-EU251080
231WorkingclassDun Morogh-EU251075
232darf dasDun Morogh-EU251065
233RíastradDun Morogh-EU251060
233ValhallaDun Morogh-EU251060
235Die Legion von Kul TirasDun Morogh-EU251055
236Bund der VerzweiflungDun Morogh-EU251050
236Die Erben des PhönixDun Morogh-EU251050
236Drâgón CórpsDun Morogh-EU251050
236RedemptionDun Morogh-EU251050
240Âd ÂstraDun Morogh-EU241045
241Blade of LightDun Morogh-EU251040
241Thunderbluff CliffjumperDun Morogh-EU251040
241Wächter des Jadedrachen (10)Dun Morogh-EU251040
244EngelsflugDun Morogh-EU181030
245Orden der KönigsgardeDun Morogh-EU251020
246Amnesty HordenationalDun Morogh-EU251005
246EndlaserDun Morogh-EU251005
248Gefallene Engel (10)Dun Morogh-EU25980
249Kämpfer der HordéDun Morogh-EU25975
249PegasusDun Morogh-EU25975
251Burning KnightsDun Morogh-EU25970
251Club der GentlemenDun Morogh-EU25970
253Ad DivinumDun Morogh-EU25960
253Die VampsDun Morogh-EU24960
255Dark CompanyDun Morogh-EU25950
255GrindhouseDun Morogh-EU25950
255Nordic GodsDun Morogh-EU25950
258Arthas GefährtenDun Morogh-EU25945
259CashBackDun Morogh-EU25940
259Kampf der EngelDun Morogh-EU25940
261Orden der EldariDun Morogh-EU25935
262Eyes of StormforgeDun Morogh-EU25930
262rulinghordeDun Morogh-EU25930
262TodeskralleDun Morogh-EU16930
265ArpharazonDun Morogh-EU25920
265Legacy of BloodDun Morogh-EU25920
265LevelGildeDun Morogh-EU25920
268The inexorable ForceDun Morogh-EU25915
269Macht Der ZeitDun Morogh-EU25905
270Freaks InsideDun Morogh-EU25900
270Ritter der ZirbelnussDun Morogh-EU25900
272Warriors of Dun MoroghDun Morogh-EU25890
273AbstractionDun Morogh-EU25885
273Faule BandeDun Morogh-EU25885
275Bavarian BarbariansDun Morogh-EU25880
275MysteriaDun Morogh-EU25880
277SONS OF TERRORDun Morogh-EU25865
278DeluXe GamingDun Morogh-EU25860
279Die FliegerDun Morogh-EU25855
280Angels of NightDun Morogh-EU25835
281Crusâders (10)Dun Morogh-EU25830
281Empire of Ashes (10)Dun Morogh-EU25830
281PurifyDun Morogh-EU25830
281Sinners and Saints (10)Dun Morogh-EU25830
285Horde DeluxeDun Morogh-EU25825
285Sictusembra (10)Dun Morogh-EU25825
287BlackeagleDun Morogh-EU25820
288Prometheus (10)Dun Morogh-EU25815
288SapphireDun Morogh-EU25815
290DXDun Morogh-EU25810
290UrbanDun Morogh-EU25810
293EuphoriaDun Morogh-EU25800
293Heroes Of The HordeDun Morogh-EU25800
295Dragons of chaoS (10)Dun Morogh-EU25790
295Musketeers of Light (10)Dun Morogh-EU25790
295Nebula (10)Dun Morogh-EU25790
295Social RehabDun Morogh-EU25790
299Dragon LordDun Morogh-EU25785
300Fire and IceDun Morogh-EU25770
300TheDarkBrotherhood (10)Dun Morogh-EU19770
302Orden des SchattensDun Morogh-EU25765
302wtf is progress (10)Dun Morogh-EU25765
304Bündnis der VergessenenDun Morogh-EU25760
305Dark PearlDun Morogh-EU25755
305Fidelis ad MortemDun Morogh-EU25755
307Vollpfosten at workDun Morogh-EU25750
308Gods UnitedDun Morogh-EU25735
309Lords of WarriorsDun Morogh-EU25730
310El CaputoDun Morogh-EU25725
310shadow camp (10)Dun Morogh-EU25725
310UniqueDun Morogh-EU25725
313Heroes of the AllîanceDun Morogh-EU25720
313Sin NombreDun Morogh-EU25720
315Día de los Muertos (10)Dun Morogh-EU25715
315shockwave (10)Dun Morogh-EU25715
317Rise and Fall (10)Dun Morogh-EU25710
318the bright dreamersDun Morogh-EU25705
319Aura Animi (10)Dun Morogh-EU25700
319So sind wir haltDun Morogh-EU25700
319Winter of AngelDun Morogh-EU25700
322Die legendären HordlerDun Morogh-EU25695
322ichbinkleinundgemeinDun Morogh-EU25695
322SkillDun Morogh-EU25695
325Legenden Sterben NieDun Morogh-EU22690
326Söhne des Rates (10)Dun Morogh-EU25680
327Déjà vuDun Morogh-EU25675
327Gnomium AkutDun Morogh-EU25675
329Gesangsverein Sturmwind (10)Dun Morogh-EU25670
329Rent a PandaDun Morogh-EU25670
329Schuhverkäufer UnitedDun Morogh-EU25670
332LolsenDorfer UltraKrassDun Morogh-EU25665
333Just Try It (10)Dun Morogh-EU25660
334Bloody KingsDun Morogh-EU25655
334Embargo AgencyDun Morogh-EU25655
334HONORIS et VERITASDun Morogh-EU25655
334VoluntasDun Morogh-EU25655
338badet in PfützenDun Morogh-EU25650
338The Revolution (10)Dun Morogh-EU25650
340Curse of PainDun Morogh-EU25645
340Schatten des SargerasDun Morogh-EU25645
342Austrian WAR FighterDun Morogh-EU19640
343Erben der FinsternisDun Morogh-EU25635
343Royal FamilyDun Morogh-EU16635
345SkyriderDun Morogh-EU25630
346Dirty SánchezDun Morogh-EU25620
346Sons of GreymaneDun Morogh-EU15620
348The endless PainDun Morogh-EU25615
348ViruZDun Morogh-EU25615
348Zwergenweitwurf CrewDun Morogh-EU25615
351ALLESMEINSDun Morogh-EU24610
351Hells TurtlesDun Morogh-EU25610
353Bund der BlutritterDun Morogh-EU25605
353Das Refugium (10)Dun Morogh-EU25605
353Legends of HellDun Morogh-EU25605
353Phobos et DeimosDun Morogh-EU12605
357TestosteronDun Morogh-EU25600
358eats your brainDun Morogh-EU25595
358Fair PlayDun Morogh-EU25595
358In Hoc Sígno VíncesDun Morogh-EU25595
361InfernøDun Morogh-EU25590
361KRONOSDun Morogh-EU25590
361Might and MagicDun Morogh-EU25590
361Polska WodkaDun Morogh-EU25590
361RuneDun Morogh-EU13590
361SteelDun Morogh-EU25590
361The Noble of AllianceDun Morogh-EU16590
368E m p i r eDun Morogh-EU25585
368Mandalorian GuardsDun Morogh-EU25585
368Twisted FateDun Morogh-EU25585
371AlmdudlerDun Morogh-EU25580
371blood of dragonDun Morogh-EU25580
371Die SchakaleDun Morogh-EU25580
371Halt StopDun Morogh-EU25580
371Heldenaufruf (10)Dun Morogh-EU25580
371LabilDun Morogh-EU25580
371The FirebladeDun Morogh-EU25580
378Crit HappensDun Morogh-EU20575
378DrakonikaDun Morogh-EU25575
380BlackangelDun Morogh-EU25570
380FirefliesDun Morogh-EU25570
380The Shadow KnightDun Morogh-EU25570
380Viribus unitísDun Morogh-EU25570
384CologneFightersDun Morogh-EU25565
384In MemoriamDun Morogh-EU25565
384Team PGDun Morogh-EU25565
387New Orc GankeesDun Morogh-EU25560
387SchattenkämpferDun Morogh-EU25560
387StressfreiDun Morogh-EU21560
387The Rise of the Phoenix (10)Dun Morogh-EU25560
387UnCut (10)Dun Morogh-EU18560
392SolarisDun Morogh-EU25555
393Pure GoldDun Morogh-EU25550
393Running Chicken (10)Dun Morogh-EU25550
395Pandaren der Hoffnung (10)Dun Morogh-EU25545
396Ante MortemDun Morogh-EU25540
396Legendary GuardiansDun Morogh-EU17540
396Luminary (10)Dun Morogh-EU25540
399Bund des wachsamen AugesDun Morogh-EU23535
399La Vida VerdeDun Morogh-EU25535
399Soul of DoomDun Morogh-EU22535
402Guardians of ByakkoDun Morogh-EU17530
402Helheims SeelenDun Morogh-EU25530
404Grunts (10)Dun Morogh-EU25520
404Original Spiced GoldDun Morogh-EU25520
404Pandaria Tag und NachtDun Morogh-EU25520
404PulseDun Morogh-EU25520
404WOISSENDESDun Morogh-EU25520
409Ars LusitanaDun Morogh-EU25515
409in obscuroDun Morogh-EU25515
409Wipe OutDun Morogh-EU17515
412DeluxeDun Morogh-EU25510
413Crit HappenZ (10)Dun Morogh-EU11505
413NOW LOADINGDun Morogh-EU25505
413Secret SocietyDun Morogh-EU25505
416Lowrider uncensoredDun Morogh-EU24500
416OmniaDun Morogh-EU25500
418AbstractDun Morogh-EU25490
418Baroque FirmaDun Morogh-EU25490
418KiZDun Morogh-EU21490
418NachtlichterDun Morogh-EU9490
418RIDERS OF THE STÓRMDun Morogh-EU20490
418Schwarze MagieDun Morogh-EU25490
418Stylish WipeDun Morogh-EU25490
425OutOfOrderDun Morogh-EU19485
426BlitzartigDun Morogh-EU17480
426Die Söhne LengerichsDun Morogh-EU25480
426HellrathyDun Morogh-EU25480
426MondschattenDun Morogh-EU25480
426Naginata (10)Dun Morogh-EU23480
431Communis immortalesDun Morogh-EU24470
431Nudeln mit KetchupDun Morogh-EU25470
431RL ist AFKDun Morogh-EU25470
431The BlackthornsDun Morogh-EU13470
435Til we ÐieDun Morogh-EU25465
436Charm and SliceDun Morogh-EU11460
436DevilslayerDun Morogh-EU15460
436Flying FistDun Morogh-EU25460
436ZyklopnDun Morogh-EU12460
440FaceRoll MonkeysDun Morogh-EU22455
440Miez AGDun Morogh-EU17455
440Questa è la mia Vendetta (10)Dun Morogh-EU16455
443Fort NoxDun Morogh-EU25450
443Lux AeternaDun Morogh-EU25450
443Warriors of DarnassusDun Morogh-EU25450
446Clan der MacDonaldsDun Morogh-EU21440
446EpicwachtelDun Morogh-EU15440
446WolkenschlangenreiterDun Morogh-EU25440
449GOREDun Morogh-EU25430
449Legacy of Prophecy (10)Dun Morogh-EU19430
449Lied der DunkelheitDun Morogh-EU25430
449Macht der AhnenDun Morogh-EU25430
449Rat der WeisenDun Morogh-EU25430
454HordenhaufenDun Morogh-EU25420
454kennt den Boss nichtDun Morogh-EU12420
454x KillerDun Morogh-EU17420
457Mega SoundeffectDun Morogh-EU25415
457Rabbits ate my pantsDun Morogh-EU25415
459ÃEQUITÃS (10)Dun Morogh-EU25410
459ConfusedDun Morogh-EU25410
459EternalDun Morogh-EU25410
459Vade RetroDun Morogh-EU25410
463Knight RiderDun Morogh-EU13400
463Obscuri viriDun Morogh-EU14400
465Boten der EndzeitDun Morogh-EU20390
465Knights of doomDun Morogh-EU25390
465Sol y MarDun Morogh-EU25390
468Keepers of AzerothDun Morogh-EU12385
468Neltharions Alptraum (10)Dun Morogh-EU25385
470Blood în Blood outDun Morogh-EU23380
470Blutende KlingenDun Morogh-EU25380
470Brütal LegginsDun Morogh-EU10380
470Cant Thouch This (10)Dun Morogh-EU10380
470HardModeDun Morogh-EU12380
470Insane MemoryDun Morogh-EU25380
470Jung Brutal GutaussehendDun Morogh-EU11380
470Spaß am SpielDun Morogh-EU25380
478Blood and SandDun Morogh-EU25375
478Corpse Camping CompanyDun Morogh-EU12375
480BOYSDun Morogh-EU25370
480Guardians of lightDun Morogh-EU25370
480Hupf in GatschDun Morogh-EU16370
480Nordischer KriegsbundDun Morogh-EU25370
480Sons of AnarchyDun Morogh-EU12370
485Roc n TrollDun Morogh-EU13365
485ScavengerDun Morogh-EU22365
487Der blaue LotusDun Morogh-EU16360
487dRagonalityDun Morogh-EU10360
487Kings of ChaosDun Morogh-EU21360
487Ring Der WeisenDun Morogh-EU25360
487Ritter der TotenDun Morogh-EU25360
492Krachbumm GmbHDun Morogh-EU16355
492NINJA SQUADDun Morogh-EU25355
494DevastationDun Morogh-EU25350
494Die AngsthasenDun Morogh-EU17350
494Die eckige TafelrundeDun Morogh-EU25350
494Great FiveDun Morogh-EU14350
494InsaneSaintsDun Morogh-EU10350
494Krieger der DrachenDun Morogh-EU25350
494Sons of RevolutionDun Morogh-EU25350
494Team AquaDun Morogh-EU15350
502Face your FearsDun Morogh-EU25345
502LostDun Morogh-EU25345
502paxDun Morogh-EU24345
505AkatsukíDun Morogh-EU19340
505El mejorDun Morogh-EU10340
505Forgotten LegendsDun Morogh-EU22340
505Haderlumpen InfantrieDun Morogh-EU25340
505Heros of WarDun Morogh-EU15340
505Hüter der ZeitDun Morogh-EU21340
505küttDun Morogh-EU21340
505OutworldDun Morogh-EU23340
513carnivoresDun Morogh-EU13335
514Dead Can DanceDun Morogh-EU13330
514Streitkraft des FjordsDun Morogh-EU24330
514The Red RosesDun Morogh-EU23330
517DominionDun Morogh-EU25325
518Bund des LichtsDun Morogh-EU25320
518Kínder des LíchtsDun Morogh-EU8320
520LîlîumDun Morogh-EU25315
521Credento VídesDun Morogh-EU25310
521Fear gewinntDun Morogh-EU6310
521Murder in the DarkDun Morogh-EU25310
521RagnarøkDun Morogh-EU17310
521Seeresidenz ScholomanceDun Morogh-EU23310
521selbst SchuldDun Morogh-EU25310
521Verteidiger des BlödsinsDun Morogh-EU16310
521Xtreme (10)Dun Morogh-EU12310
529Die LagermeisterDun Morogh-EU25305
529NebelparderclanDun Morogh-EU24305
529Zwielichtige HändlerDun Morogh-EU17305
532Ainur ValarDun Morogh-EU25300
532BloodrageDun Morogh-EU17300
532Dont Eat My CookiesDun Morogh-EU9300
532Dont PanicDun Morogh-EU3300
532EntdeckerDun Morogh-EU14300
532Sportfreunde SturmwindDun Morogh-EU15300
532The IncredibleDun Morogh-EU21300
539TribunalDun Morogh-EU25295
540AlatorDun Morogh-EU12290
540DragonflysDun Morogh-EU18290
540KillergildeDun Morogh-EU25290
540Knights Of HellDun Morogh-EU15290
540Morituri (10)Dun Morogh-EU5290
540Rest in PeaceDun Morogh-EU25290
546Farmen ohne ErbarmenDun Morogh-EU23285
547Das andere XtremeDun Morogh-EU10280
547Die DrachenritterDun Morogh-EU25280
547Enfant TerribleDun Morogh-EU14280
547Fathom (10)Dun Morogh-EU6280
547InfinitasDun Morogh-EU25280
547RepkostenfarmerDun Morogh-EU23280
553Lege ArtisDun Morogh-EU15275
554Circle of StormwindDun Morogh-EU10270
554I am a ChampionDun Morogh-EU25270
554I basix I (10)Dun Morogh-EU5270
554Øne Man ShowDun Morogh-EU25270
554Raidclan (25)Dun Morogh-EU2270
554Wächter der GefallenenDun Morogh-EU5270
560Arbeitsamt Tag und NachtDun Morogh-EU13265
560nur spassDun Morogh-EU25265
560SuperiorDun Morogh-EU25265
563AverageDun Morogh-EU9260
563Die AtzenschaftDun Morogh-EU8260
563FrostFeuerDun Morogh-EU12260
563God of WarDun Morogh-EU18260
563Krieger dés LichtsDun Morogh-EU23260
563LaCokaNostraDun Morogh-EU11260
563Leveln is langweiligDun Morogh-EU25260
563R I PDun Morogh-EU25260
563ReploreDun Morogh-EU14260
563SilencioDun Morogh-EU19260
563Suigén no YajuDun Morogh-EU5260
563SûpernaturalDun Morogh-EU10260
575imabankDun Morogh-EU9255
576AFK AutohitDun Morogh-EU6250
576BrowesomeDun Morogh-EU6250
576dark secrets (10)Dun Morogh-EU3250
576Die UnermüdlichenDun Morogh-EU6250
576EvilTwinCDun Morogh-EU4250
576ExperimentsDun Morogh-EU6250
576FDMDun Morogh-EU12250
576Irgendwas mega epischesDun Morogh-EU19250
576PraxisDun Morogh-EU25250
576Zahnräder der HordeDun Morogh-EU25250
586Flamme der HordeDun Morogh-EU19245
586steht auf deiner IgnorDun Morogh-EU14245
588Destiny HeroesDun Morogh-EU25240
588Hat Angst im DunkelnDun Morogh-EU24240
588krawall BrüderDun Morogh-EU8240
588MiHaiDun Morogh-EU22240
588RudelDun Morogh-EU3240
588SaintzDun Morogh-EU13240
588SchandmaulDun Morogh-EU11240
588segen der hordeDun Morogh-EU20240
588SpiritDun Morogh-EU25240
588Wild RoseDun Morogh-EU25240
588Yin und YangDun Morogh-EU25240
599ApocalyptoDun Morogh-EU21235
599Blood WolvesDun Morogh-EU14235
601Alpha GeneDun Morogh-EU25230
601Casanostra (10)Dun Morogh-EU25230
601darlehensbankDun Morogh-EU19230
601el eclipseDun Morogh-EU25230
601HÜTER Der ALLIANZDun Morogh-EU17230
601ImpressiveDun Morogh-EU4230
601ist bösDun Morogh-EU25230
601Justice LeagueDun Morogh-EU25230
601The Blacks AngelsDun Morogh-EU25230
601The DestroyerDun Morogh-EU25230
611ist unfähigDun Morogh-EU11225
611Platz da wir kommenDun Morogh-EU18225
613ChaostruppDun Morogh-EU13220
613Die gebrochene KlingeDun Morogh-EU12220
613Fairy VearthDun Morogh-EU18220
613GeDieGeNDun Morogh-EU3220
613ist voll AllyDun Morogh-EU9220
613MalisDun Morogh-EU12220
619BEASTMØDEDun Morogh-EU13215
619Schwarze LegionDun Morogh-EU16215
621betreutes AussterbenDun Morogh-EU7210
621Children of GallifreyDun Morogh-EU18210
621Jesters TearsDun Morogh-EU21210
621Krav MagaDun Morogh-EU7210
621RainbowponyDun Morogh-EU7210
621wanna try pvpDun Morogh-EU25210
627Cash Money MillionaireDun Morogh-EU9205
627ResistanceDun Morogh-EU17205
629AdultsDun Morogh-EU12200
629Augusta VindelicorumDun Morogh-EU10200
629HyperNoobsDun Morogh-EU12200
629KellerkínderDun Morogh-EU15200
629Kinder des LichtsDun Morogh-EU25200
629Nî hâoDun Morogh-EU11200
629Ritter der ApokalypseDun Morogh-EU17200
629Sacred VengeanceDun Morogh-EU21200
637AvangersDun Morogh-EU14190
637Bund von Tol BaradDun Morogh-EU24190
637Deadly NightshadeDun Morogh-EU15190
637District of DeadDun Morogh-EU6190
637Eternal LoveDun Morogh-EU11190
637Hüter des heiligen HainDun Morogh-EU21190
637Just Be CauseDun Morogh-EU20190
637screamingDun Morogh-EU25190
637TrashMobsDun Morogh-EU13190
637Ultimate HeroesDun Morogh-EU12190
637VoidDun Morogh-EU8190
637ZwielichtDun Morogh-EU10190
649MysteriousDun Morogh-EU20185
650Blind RageDun Morogh-EU25180
650Carpe NôctemDun Morogh-EU12180
650Dark DragonsDun Morogh-EU12180
650Die Streiter InnosDun Morogh-EU11180
650Drölf k dpsDun Morogh-EU8180
650E Pluribus UnumDun Morogh-EU8180
650ExquilibriumDun Morogh-EU8180
650Friede den HüttenDun Morogh-EU9180
650FrischDun Morogh-EU5180
650InfinitYblooDDun Morogh-EU15180
650Run or DieDun Morogh-EU11180
661FailureDun Morogh-EU7170
661i shot em upDun Morogh-EU10170
661i think i spiderDun Morogh-EU12170
661JaesyHopeDun Morogh-EU18170
661mehDun Morogh-EU15170
661RaRelyDun Morogh-EU16170
667Darkness RisingDun Morogh-EU25160
667DeathcallDun Morogh-EU1160
667Die RebellenDun Morogh-EU7160
667NightraiderDun Morogh-EU3160
667Pull it for my ValentineDun Morogh-EU4160
667PwnstarZDun Morogh-EU14160
667Toadily InsaneDun Morogh-EU10160
674Ascordia Imperialis (10)Dun Morogh-EU3155
675Die Grauen WölfeDun Morogh-EU10150
675DrachenordenDun Morogh-EU10150
675LêgâcyDun Morogh-EU17150
675Nachtschatten ClanDun Morogh-EU15150
675Spätzle and BaconDun Morogh-EU17150
680Die Erben AegwynnsDun Morogh-EU13140
680Geiz ist geilDun Morogh-EU9140
680Hells KitchenDun Morogh-EU8140
680JUST BRING ITDun Morogh-EU7140
680kleingeistDun Morogh-EU7140
680LibertatisDun Morogh-EU25140
680NihilDun Morogh-EU11140
680NOOBS in EPICDun Morogh-EU7140
680The GreenBLack LeiosDun Morogh-EU2140
680TWCDun Morogh-EU15140
691Hide (10)Dun Morogh-EU6135
691SanthariaDun Morogh-EU2135
693BACK TO GLAD CYA JKDun Morogh-EU8130
693Crazy FamilyDun Morogh-EU19130
693DrunkenMasterDun Morogh-EU7130
693EliteSchwadronDun Morogh-EU21130
693Hardcore TherapeutenDun Morogh-EU17130
693La Familia of Dun MoroghDun Morogh-EU10130
693next plx (10)Dun Morogh-EU1130
693Old TNDun Morogh-EU22130
693ToxikumDun Morogh-EU15130
693UnleashedDun Morogh-EU8130
693ValarDun Morogh-EU14130
704Amarus ExitusDun Morogh-EU9120
704BankgeheimniseDun Morogh-EU14120
704chaos cliqueDun Morogh-EU15120
704Die Glorreichen DreiDun Morogh-EU25120
704Suppôrt Hôt MômsDun Morogh-EU7120
704TerrorzwergeDun Morogh-EU10120
704VerdeniDun Morogh-EU5120
711Aeon (10)Dun Morogh-EU4115
711just a delusion (10)Dun Morogh-EU1115
711NidlihumDun Morogh-EU15115
714Amicorum GratiaDun Morogh-EU12110
714Dont Watch Me PleaseDun Morogh-EU9110
714Ehrenwerte GesellschaftDun Morogh-EU5110
714ElfenfeuerDun Morogh-EU6110
714For the AllianceDun Morogh-EU6110
714ist schnuffigDun Morogh-EU3110
714LecktuchDun Morogh-EU8110
714mors certaDun Morogh-EU3110
714Péné GigantéDun Morogh-EU2110
714Serpens in hortoDun Morogh-EU6110
714Think TwinkDun Morogh-EU11110
714TresôrDun Morogh-EU6110
714Warlords of DestinyDun Morogh-EU11110
727Ðéjà VuDun Morogh-EU1105
728Bad Mojo ClanDun Morogh-EU2100
728Der Dunkle ZirkelDun Morogh-EU11100
728Der Weiße ZirkelDun Morogh-EU14100
728Die GefährtenDun Morogh-EU12100
728Die neue WeltDun Morogh-EU13100
728Dragon HuntersDun Morogh-EU11100
728DutyfreeDun Morogh-EU25100
728Falling downDun Morogh-EU1100
728LolzigHolzigDun Morogh-EU21100
728manu fortiDun Morogh-EU2100
728Valar DohaerisDun Morogh-EU13100
739Die Deppen vom DienstDun Morogh-EU2595
740a guild apartDun Morogh-EU1690
740Addams FamilyDun Morogh-EU1190
740BlooyTruthDun Morogh-EU1590
740Die Rache der SchlümpfeDun Morogh-EU490
740Duchess of DeathDun Morogh-EU490
740GnomecraftDun Morogh-EU290
740INVASIODun Morogh-EU1590
740KuschelkatzenDun Morogh-EU1590
740NEMESiSDun Morogh-EU290
749Dunkle StilleDun Morogh-EU785
750droppt nichtsDun Morogh-EU780
750HoffnungsträgerDun Morogh-EU280
750Hordesterbehilfe GMBHDun Morogh-EU280
750Luzifers angelsDun Morogh-EU1680
750Pommesbude Dun MoroughDun Morogh-EU1480
750Raid WatchersDun Morogh-EU680
750RestlessDun Morogh-EU1280
750Tough CookiesDun Morogh-EU1880
750TwinkTeamDun Morogh-EU1680
759Bloody TruthDun Morogh-EU1770
759Crew der Krossen KrabbeDun Morogh-EU370
759Defenders of DraenorDun Morogh-EU270
759ElunesArmyDun Morogh-EU1570
759Finanzamt OrgrimmarDun Morogh-EU2170
759GnomiesDun Morogh-EU1470
759Invisible EmpireDun Morogh-EU170
759MârqûisDun Morogh-EU2370
759Redwine LegionDun Morogh-EU370
759Savana DanceDun Morogh-EU1170
769Dark KromaDun Morogh-EU360
769downDun Morogh-EU660
769Ðubh SîanDun Morogh-EU160
769Dunkle StreiterDun Morogh-EU1460
769hoaxDun Morogh-EU360
769Iron FistsDun Morogh-EU860
769RísìngDun Morogh-EU1660
769VerdandiDun Morogh-EU160
769WhiteHorsesDun Morogh-EU1060
769Xecution (10)Dun Morogh-EU160
779WOLFSPACKDun Morogh-EU255
780avelonDun Morogh-EU650
780Die rote BruderschaftDun Morogh-EU450
780Die wilden KatzenDun Morogh-EU850
780For Honor and BraveryDun Morogh-EU1150
780KoenigskillerDun Morogh-EU450
780Ritter vom NieDun Morogh-EU1550
780TrickSiebzehn (10)Dun Morogh-EU150
780Waldläufer von KalimdorDun Morogh-EU1150
788Clan der WölfeDun Morogh-EU240
788Das SamsDun Morogh-EU740
788Die Ehrenhafte AllianzDun Morogh-EU240
788Dragon ThroneDun Morogh-EU340
788Farm HeroesDun Morogh-EU540
788ÎnfernøDun Morogh-EU340
788Insanus FatalisDun Morogh-EU240
788Maske der AllianzDun Morogh-EU1440
788MullewulleDun Morogh-EU940
788SeagateDun Morogh-EU540
788sic pavis magnaDun Morogh-EU540
788The CraziesDun Morogh-EU1440
788ZeitwandlerDun Morogh-EU640
788zockt mit LenkradDun Morogh-EU140
802Akken for LifeDun Morogh-EU730
802Bad GenerationDun Morogh-EU1730
802Die Wächter der NachtDun Morogh-EU1430
802Erben der TempelritterDun Morogh-EU930
802eXpiredDun Morogh-EU830
802Guardians of the GalaxyDun Morogh-EU230
802Herrschaft des FeuersDun Morogh-EU830
802HórdendlichAúfsMáulDun Morogh-EU130
802TERRA NOVADun Morogh-EU530
802The boonsDun Morogh-EU930
802VampiresDun Morogh-EU930
813Bank of ZlotysDun Morogh-EU320
813Bruderschaft von ZionDun Morogh-EU220
813Dark DesireDun Morogh-EU320
813Dispersio (10)Dun Morogh-EU120
813GierschlundgildeDun Morogh-EU720
813Knights of HonorDun Morogh-EU320
813MisdirectedDun Morogh-EU220
813Respekt der HordenkinderDun Morogh-EU520
813Rush HourDun Morogh-EU120
813Sons of SorrowDun Morogh-EU320
813SpellforceDun Morogh-EU520
813UnshakeableDun Morogh-EU920
825Angels of ShadowsDun Morogh-EU410
825ArgentumlegionDun Morogh-EU2510
825Bloody VisionsDun Morogh-EU110
825Die drei FragezeichenDun Morogh-EU910
825Faster (10)Dun Morogh-EU2510
825KeksDun Morogh-EU410
825Last Exit for the LostDun Morogh-EU110
825regelt (10)Dun Morogh-EU110
825SiriusDun Morogh-EU110
825stilvoll wipen (10)Dun Morogh-EU110
825Trash Killers Like UsDun Morogh-EU410
825Trinkt gern einenDun Morogh-EU410
825UrgewaltDun Morogh-EU610
825YippiYeah SchweinebackeDun Morogh-EU110

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