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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Demon Fall Canyon-TW Guild Achievement Points
1God of Dragon (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW252315
2逆襲 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW252175
3Thunder Storm (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW252155
4溫馨家園 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW252125
5魔法禁書目錄 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW252080
6順風車 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW252040
7End of Nightmare (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251995
8New Century (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251955
9SAMEDemon Fall Canyon-TW251915
10State of the Snow (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251905
11寒冰霸權 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251855
12雪域蘑菇 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251845
13魔鬼軍團 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251830
14Frost Mourn (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251815
15Evil Grace (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251755
16霧中樓 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251745
17index (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251735
18Dream (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251725
19iDream Tx (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251695
19魔獸學院 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251695
21Minutes to Midnight (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251665
22影翼巢穴 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251650
23彼岸蒼穹 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251620
24被遺忘的惡魔 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251590
25伯朗咖啡館 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251580
26不死皇族x (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251565
27一土 匪 窩一 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251560
28狗狗俱樂部 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251555
29龍鱗 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251505
30浩劫重生Demon Fall Canyon-TW251490
31New LOVE Family (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251460
31女生宿舍 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251460
33DearDemon Fall Canyon-TW251430
34大炮與他快樂的夥伴們Demon Fall Canyon-TW251420
34逐夢 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251420
34闇夜星光 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251420
37幸福天堂 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251415
37首席Demon Fall Canyon-TW251415
39惜緣 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251395
40oioioioDemon Fall Canyon-TW251390
41洛丹倫遠征軍 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251370
42Peace of Defiers (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251340
42愛貓共和國 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251340
44動感馬戲團Demon Fall Canyon-TW251335
45Sons Of Liberty (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251285
46LM FighterDemon Fall Canyon-TW251260
47大頭仔 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251240
48Merciless Slaughter (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251235
49星逝Demon Fall Canyon-TW251230
49自由之翼 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251230
51巧克力甜點屋Demon Fall Canyon-TW251225
52最後的期許Demon Fall Canyon-TW251200
53海派 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251175
54吾將 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251170
55希瓦娜斯與她的情色夥伴Demon Fall Canyon-TW251140
55朋友的公會 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251140
57AssAssIn Brotherhood (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251135
58贄殿遮那Demon Fall Canyon-TW251130
59Monster (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251110
59德瑪西亞Demon Fall Canyon-TW251110
61科技新貴 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251090
62我的朋友很少 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251070
63二十三號錢莊Demon Fall Canyon-TW251060
63黑海岸Demon Fall Canyon-TW251060
65大表哥俱樂部Demon Fall Canyon-TW251050
66Overlord (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251010
67敢殺我你喝水會嗆到吃飯會噎到走路會跌倒出門車撞到 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW251000
68凌霄殿 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW25990
68春田花花幼兒園Demon Fall Canyon-TW25990
68沃夫集團 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW25990
71RomancingSaGaDemon Fall Canyon-TW25970
72Saint SeraphimDemon Fall Canyon-TW25965
73平民 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW25960
74Immortal MythDemon Fall Canyon-TW25945
75SJTUDemon Fall Canyon-TW25925
76溫馨小舖 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW25900
77水泊梁山Demon Fall Canyon-TW25875
78Ethereal EdgeDemon Fall Canyon-TW25860
79榮耀與輝煌Demon Fall Canyon-TW25845
80一貧窮收留宅會一 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW25840
80神仙姐姐與爆衝企鵝的愉悅宅宅後宮 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW25840
82海納百川Demon Fall Canyon-TW25820
83正宗包子團 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW25800
84堅決擁護一個純爺們政策反對兩個爺們一春一曾 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW25785
85北京歡迎你Demon Fall Canyon-TW25775
86ELFDemon Fall Canyon-TW25760
86LOS NINOSDemon Fall Canyon-TW25760
88奧格瑪教育改革委員會 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW25740
89封神 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW25705
90棲梧Demon Fall Canyon-TW25680
91衛星廣場Demon Fall Canyon-TW25675
92無人值守Demon Fall Canyon-TW25660
93路不轉人轉Demon Fall Canyon-TW25650
94FusionDemon Fall Canyon-TW25640
95World War ZDemon Fall Canyon-TW25615
95阿曼尼家族 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW25615
97辣椒蜜 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW25570
98innocent (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW25560
99夕末之痕 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW5530
100推翻吝嗇業主的亢奮熱血份子Demon Fall Canyon-TW22500
101憤怒鳥 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW24495
102十萬紅白無節操Demon Fall Canyon-TW25485
103死亡之翼Demon Fall Canyon-TW4470
104惡鬼夜行Demon Fall Canyon-TW10430
105暖暖午後Demon Fall Canyon-TW20425
106歲月 凋零 夢Demon Fall Canyon-TW25410
107EVODemon Fall Canyon-TW25395
108住家吟娃咬節瓜Demon Fall Canyon-TW25385
109冬戀迷城Demon Fall Canyon-TW16375
110魔偶馬戲團Demon Fall Canyon-TW25370
111Just do it (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW16360
111生中會Demon Fall Canyon-TW25360
113DraculaDemon Fall Canyon-TW25305
114EUDORADemon Fall Canyon-TW20290
114一風暴一Demon Fall Canyon-TW21290
116菊爆總隊Demon Fall Canyon-TW14270
117私奔Demon Fall Canyon-TW10250
118Dead CurseDemon Fall Canyon-TW25240
119吸毒乂中心Demon Fall Canyon-TW11210
119英雄傻人Demon Fall Canyon-TW22210
121Young for YouDemon Fall Canyon-TW7195
122奈德利軍團Demon Fall Canyon-TW25190
123YCS CommonDemon Fall Canyon-TW6175
124惡魔的鐵槌Demon Fall Canyon-TW16170
124魔獸股份有限公司Demon Fall Canyon-TW22170
124黑夜天使Demon Fall Canyon-TW10170
127旅店老闆Demon Fall Canyon-TW8135
128天使的魔咒Demon Fall Canyon-TW9110
128安分守己的好公民Demon Fall Canyon-TW14110
130六號步道Demon Fall Canyon-TW1770
130有輸過沒怕過Demon Fall Canyon-TW970
132上班喝茶聊天看報一一下班喝酒打牌睡覺Demon Fall Canyon-TW1960
132野蠻樂園Demon Fall Canyon-TW660
134大漠域Demon Fall Canyon-TW450
135征戰炎魔Demon Fall Canyon-TW2520
135镡忄Demon Fall Canyon-TW120
137血染的黃昏Demon Fall Canyon-TW110

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