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Borean Tundra-US Guild Achievement Points
1Catalyst (10)Borean Tundra-US252355
2Immortal NightStalkers (10)Borean Tundra-US252320
3Ascendancy (10)Borean Tundra-US252275
3Retaliation (10)Borean Tundra-US252275
5Armistice (10)Borean Tundra-US252265
6Fates Call (10)Borean Tundra-US252230
7League of Assassins (10)Borean Tundra-US252135
8Addiction (10)Borean Tundra-US252130
9Dragon Crusaders (10)Borean Tundra-US252100
9Knights of Silver Hand (10)Borean Tundra-US252100
11Wrath (10)Borean Tundra-US252080
12Dream CatchersBorean Tundra-US252040
13Angel Of Helwinds Asylum (10)Borean Tundra-US252030
14The Lost Ones (10)Borean Tundra-US252020
15Unforgiven (10)Borean Tundra-US251980
16Battered Shrimps (10)Borean Tundra-US251960
16Desecrated Souls (10)Borean Tundra-US251960
16TyrantsBorean Tundra-US251960
19Dragonbane Legion (10)Borean Tundra-US251920
20Resilient (10)Borean Tundra-US251910
20The SyndicateBorean Tundra-US251910
22After LifeBorean Tundra-US251900
23Thunder RenegadesBorean Tundra-US251880
24HELIX (10)Borean Tundra-US251870
24Only the StrongBorean Tundra-US251870
26TanksTribeBorean Tundra-US251865
27Ctrl Alt Elitez (10)Borean Tundra-US251855
28Dynamic Violence (10)Borean Tundra-US251840
29Champion of the Heavens (10)Borean Tundra-US251835
30Oops I Crit My PantsBorean Tundra-US251830
31DiscordBorean Tundra-US251810
31Drunken KnightsBorean Tundra-US251810
33Holy KnightsBorean Tundra-US251800
33Inexplicable VirtueBorean Tundra-US251800
33The Alliance Legion (10)Borean Tundra-US251800
36The Lost GirlsBorean Tundra-US251795
37EPIC AgainBorean Tundra-US251790
37The Bunny MafiaBorean Tundra-US251790
39ExecutionBorean Tundra-US251780
41L E G A C Y (10)Borean Tundra-US251760
42Together We TriumphBorean Tundra-US251740
42WhiskeyTangoFox (10)Borean Tundra-US251740
44Portal Raiders (10)Borean Tundra-US251735
45Fresh KnightsBorean Tundra-US251725
46Knights of DragonwolfBorean Tundra-US251715
47NATURAL BORN KILLERS (10)Borean Tundra-US251710
48Solsticê (10)Borean Tundra-US251690
49Moonlight DragonslayersBorean Tundra-US251680
50Recursion (10)Borean Tundra-US251675
51Midnight RequiemBorean Tundra-US251670
52Cruelty IncorporatedBorean Tundra-US251660
52Hunters GuildBorean Tundra-US251660
54WHO DO I TRUSTBorean Tundra-US251655
55Axis ShiftBorean Tundra-US251650
56Death MafiaBorean Tundra-US251640
57Demon KnightsBorean Tundra-US251610
58DisbandedBorean Tundra-US251605
58StitchesBorean Tundra-US251605
60DragonforceBorean Tundra-US251600
61Stay ThirstyBorean Tundra-US251580
62Bipolar BearsBorean Tundra-US251575
63Knights of LionHeart (10)Borean Tundra-US251570
64Azeroth AbidesBorean Tundra-US251565
65Knights of ValhallaBorean Tundra-US251555
65The SpireBorean Tundra-US251555
67Thunder CatsBorean Tundra-US251550
68Frozen Mojo PieBorean Tundra-US251545
68Sublime (10)Borean Tundra-US251545
70The Righteous LegionBorean Tundra-US251535
71EvolutionBorean Tundra-US251530
71Honor CrusadersBorean Tundra-US251530
73Actus DeiBorean Tundra-US251490
73Fishsticks (10)Borean Tundra-US251490
73Rebel AllianceBorean Tundra-US251490
76Dark insigniaBorean Tundra-US251475
76Relentless (10)Borean Tundra-US251475
78KeetoowahBorean Tundra-US251470
78Reformation (10)Borean Tundra-US251470
78Risen from the AshesBorean Tundra-US251470
81TurbulenceBorean Tundra-US251445
81Veritas EquitasBorean Tundra-US251445
83stormwind crusadersBorean Tundra-US251440
84Kerbos PuggersBorean Tundra-US251430
85Descending into MadnessBorean Tundra-US251420
86Outcasts of AzerothBorean Tundra-US251415
87Lex TalionisBorean Tundra-US251410
88Dead ReckoningBorean Tundra-US251400
89WolfhuntersBorean Tundra-US251385
90Event HorizonBorean Tundra-US251380
90Hardware StoreBorean Tundra-US251380
92The Rye RunnersBorean Tundra-US251375
93Draconian ArbitersBorean Tundra-US251370
94Borean Ice WolvesBorean Tundra-US251365
94O R I G I N SBorean Tundra-US251365
96Army of the Earth MotherBorean Tundra-US251345
96Blood and ThunderBorean Tundra-US251345
98Static ImpulseBorean Tundra-US251340
99Fist of NorrisBorean Tundra-US251335
100Face on FireBorean Tundra-US251330
101Dirty Deeds Done CheapBorean Tundra-US251325
101Heart of TitansteelBorean Tundra-US251325
103The ResakenBorean Tundra-US251320
104Tauren AssassinsBorean Tundra-US251310
105Organizêd ConfusionBorean Tundra-US251290
106True StoryBorean Tundra-US251285
107Champions of Two MoonsBorean Tundra-US251280
108The Northern LightsBorean Tundra-US251275
108Twilight ZoneBorean Tundra-US251275
110Universal TruthBorean Tundra-US251270
111Tier BrecheBorean Tundra-US251265
112Absent MimdedBorean Tundra-US251245
112WraithBorean Tundra-US251245
114Army Of HonorBorean Tundra-US251240
115Crimson Death DealersBorean Tundra-US251225
115Lords of the HordeBorean Tundra-US251225
117Death RidersBorean Tundra-US251215
118Anvil PoundersBorean Tundra-US251200
119The Chipmunk SamuraiBorean Tundra-US251195
120MurderLicenseBorean Tundra-US251190
120Rogues of AzerothBorean Tundra-US251190
122AfterglowBorean Tundra-US251180
123Dragonriders of PernBorean Tundra-US251165
124Lux AeternaBorean Tundra-US251155
125Arms of ShivaBorean Tundra-US251145
126RepentanceBorean Tundra-US251135
127Hearts of DarknessBorean Tundra-US251120
127Sadists JoyBorean Tundra-US221120
127SPECIAL OPSBorean Tundra-US251120
130Knights HuntingBorean Tundra-US251100
131High RôllersBorean Tundra-US251095
132Bad IdeaBorean Tundra-US251090
132Mystic MinstrelsBorean Tundra-US251090
134EversorBorean Tundra-US251085
135Bonded By BloodBorean Tundra-US251065
135The HorsemenBorean Tundra-US251065
137Awesome On SteroidsBorean Tundra-US251045
138TitansBorean Tundra-US251040
139Descendants of OlympusBorean Tundra-US251030
140PandemoniumBorean Tundra-US251020
140Wildfire Wolf PackBorean Tundra-US251020
142CovenantBorean Tundra-US251010
142Legion of the ForsakenBorean Tundra-US241010
144Mercenaries For HireBorean Tundra-US25995
145Archaic Eclipse (10)Borean Tundra-US25980
145The Ice Stone has MeltedBorean Tundra-US25980
145Warriors of SpartaBorean Tundra-US25980
148Subtle Tea (10)Borean Tundra-US25970
149Made in Pandaria (10)Borean Tundra-US25960
150DarkThroneBorean Tundra-US25950
151HørdiesPPwhenTheySeeMeBorean Tundra-US25945
152RoyaltyBorean Tundra-US25935
153INVASIONBorean Tundra-US25930
153Pwny Express (10)Borean Tundra-US25930
155Dont make me AngryBorean Tundra-US25925
155Dragon WingBorean Tundra-US25925
157Dark Knights CrusadersBorean Tundra-US25920
157force unleashedBorean Tundra-US25920
157M I S F I T SBorean Tundra-US25920
157The Thalassian EmpireBorean Tundra-US25920
161Rotten ApplesBorean Tundra-US25905
162The CollegiumBorean Tundra-US25895
162Unsung HeroesBorean Tundra-US25895
164The InterceptersBorean Tundra-US25890
165EinherjarBorean Tundra-US25880
165elixirBorean Tundra-US25880
167BanHammer (10)Borean Tundra-US25875
168Cult of CartmanBorean Tundra-US25870
169Warriors of the DragonsBorean Tundra-US25860
170Casual JerksBorean Tundra-US25850
170HorrorOfTheHordeBorean Tundra-US25850
170leave no survivorsBorean Tundra-US20850
173E P I D E M I CBorean Tundra-US25845
174Warlords of the AbyssBorean Tundra-US25835
175Egyptian CrusadersBorean Tundra-US23830
176The TARDISBorean Tundra-US25825
177DXBorean Tundra-US25820
178Slave LaborBorean Tundra-US25815
179Communist Slumber PartyBorean Tundra-US25810
180BIG PointyTeethBorean Tundra-US25800
180Lé Morte D ÄrthurBorean Tundra-US25800
180The Evil League of EvilBorean Tundra-US25800
183Controlled ChaosBorean Tundra-US25795
183Pug LifeBorean Tundra-US25795
185Axìs of AnarchyBorean Tundra-US25785
185House of MacDonaldBorean Tundra-US25785
187Plausible DeniabilityBorean Tundra-US25780
188The Alaskan AssassinsBorean Tundra-US16770
189The New OrderBorean Tundra-US18760
190Cornbread MafiaBorean Tundra-US25755
191Pandoras CubeBorean Tundra-US25740
192Dont Daze Me BroBorean Tundra-US25735
193Organized ChaosBorean Tundra-US10730
194Elysian FieldsBorean Tundra-US25720
194IrreverentBorean Tundra-US25720
196CarriedBorean Tundra-US25700
196Heinz (10)Borean Tundra-US25700
198Venus ProjectBorean Tundra-US25695
199chaotic intentionBorean Tundra-US25680
200Non Elitist JerksBorean Tundra-US25675
201Battalion of DestructionBorean Tundra-US25670
202the scorpionsBorean Tundra-US25665
203Golden DragonsBorean Tundra-US25660
204MagícBorean Tundra-US24650
205Moist Kitty Rescue SquadBorean Tundra-US25640
206Størm RidersBorean Tundra-US25630
207Third MoonBorean Tundra-US25625
208Forsaken EvilBorean Tundra-US25620
208Serious CasualsBorean Tundra-US14620
210Mandalorian Raiders IncBorean Tundra-US25615
210The TaverenBorean Tundra-US25615
212E P O C HBorean Tundra-US25610
212I Was AFKBorean Tundra-US25610
212The Argent DawnBorean Tundra-US24610
212The pantless onesBorean Tundra-US25610
212Thermite HoundsBorean Tundra-US25610
217Kings of TimeBorean Tundra-US25605
218Five Star BeatdownBorean Tundra-US16600
219Lords of PainBorean Tundra-US16590
219The Penguin PlatoonBorean Tundra-US25590
221Soul AsylumBorean Tundra-US25580
222The JustifiedBorean Tundra-US25575
223TenebrisBorean Tundra-US25570
223Underground RageBorean Tundra-US12570
225Knights of InfinityBorean Tundra-US25560
225outcastsBorean Tundra-US25560
227Crusaders of HeavenBorean Tundra-US25550
227Feline DevastationBorean Tundra-US13550
229ÆsirBorean Tundra-US25540
229Other Side Of SanityBorean Tundra-US25540
229OUTLAWSBorean Tundra-US21540
232EquinoxBorean Tundra-US25535
232Second EclipseBorean Tundra-US25535
234Anti GravityBorean Tundra-US25530
234Crits and GigglesBorean Tundra-US25530
234free and wildBorean Tundra-US17530
234Monster HouseBorean Tundra-US25530
234Mystics KnightsBorean Tundra-US25530
239DertyThertyBorean Tundra-US25520
239Lone Wolf ClanBorean Tundra-US21520
241Last OV UsBorean Tundra-US21510
242Helpers of the GodsBorean Tundra-US25505
243Champions of WarcraftBorean Tundra-US12500
244The CrossroadsBorean Tundra-US23490
245Heavens ProvidenceBorean Tundra-US25480
245Marshall LawBorean Tundra-US25480
247seekers of true gritBorean Tundra-US25470
248Get Off Your DarnassusBorean Tundra-US25460
249Smash BrothersBorean Tundra-US25450
250Above Top SecretBorean Tundra-US25445
250Boondock SaintsBorean Tundra-US24445
252MaharlikaBorean Tundra-US16440
252Monarcy Of RosesBorean Tundra-US25440
254Funny Brownies BakersBorean Tundra-US20435
255Holy CrusadersBorean Tundra-US17430
255Storm of SwordsBorean Tundra-US20430
255Twisted RealityBorean Tundra-US21430
258Masters of DreadBorean Tundra-US25420
259Death AwaitsBorean Tundra-US25415
259ForbiddenBorean Tundra-US22415
259TroublemakersBorean Tundra-US3415
262Dark WatersBorean Tundra-US25410
262Divine WrathBorean Tundra-US25410
262Thirteenth LegionBorean Tundra-US25410
262Unique AvengersBorean Tundra-US9410
262Will You Marry Me (10)Borean Tundra-US25410
267Disciples Of ChaosBorean Tundra-US25400
267Draconan KnightsBorean Tundra-US25400
267Immortals After DarkBorean Tundra-US25400
267Monster BalladsBorean Tundra-US17400
271Among the ShadowsBorean Tundra-US2390
271pvp for realBorean Tundra-US25390
271Run AwayBorean Tundra-US25390
271The Atomic FrogsBorean Tundra-US25390
271The Eternal GuardiansBorean Tundra-US25390
276ExtantBorean Tundra-US1385
277KARMA KILLSBorean Tundra-US13380
278InsurgencyBorean Tundra-US4375
279CuendillarBorean Tundra-US25370
279Family of the HordeBorean Tundra-US25370
279In TheoryBorean Tundra-US20370
279Kings Trade CoalitionBorean Tundra-US18370
279We Are LegionBorean Tundra-US25370
284End of ExileBorean Tundra-US25360
284Graveyard CampersBorean Tundra-US22360
284Hounds of HellBorean Tundra-US15360
284SerenìtyBorean Tundra-US25360
284Templar KnightsBorean Tundra-US20360
289Canadian ClubBorean Tundra-US7350
289DisdainBorean Tundra-US19350
289League of the ForgottenBorean Tundra-US10350
289Wrecked EmBorean Tundra-US12350
293Swamp PeopleBorean Tundra-US25345
294House of TargaryenBorean Tundra-US23340
294iWontGrowUpBorean Tundra-US21340
294MerlottesBorean Tundra-US25340
294Shadows EmbraceBorean Tundra-US10340
294The SurvivalistBorean Tundra-US12340
299The Pillage PeopleBorean Tundra-US25335
300Blood BrothersBorean Tundra-US17330
300Crimson GuardBorean Tundra-US25330
300CrucifixionBorean Tundra-US25330
300HostelBorean Tundra-US24330
300PaybackBorean Tundra-US25330
300Plate and ClothBorean Tundra-US17330
300RADIABorean Tundra-US7330
300Tainted WarriorsBorean Tundra-US5330
308Dungeon Cleaners IncBorean Tundra-US15325
309Add An R on Your IPBorean Tundra-US16310
309KOBRABorean Tundra-US25310
309Shroud of NightBorean Tundra-US25310
309Trojan WarriorsBorean Tundra-US22310
313A Little KindnessBorean Tundra-US25305
313Lil GnomereganBorean Tundra-US25305
315Flesh and BloodBorean Tundra-US21300
315Wolfe PackBorean Tundra-US16300
317Late NightBorean Tundra-US17290
318FMAAWAHBorean Tundra-US11280
318Lothlorien DisciplesBorean Tundra-US17280
318Outlaws UnlimitedBorean Tundra-US25280
318The DivineBorean Tundra-US18280
322CardinalBorean Tundra-US4270
322EbonHeartBorean Tundra-US20270
322Holy WarsBorean Tundra-US21270
322ORDER OF WARCRAFTBorean Tundra-US15270
322Tirisfal Glades AssassinBorean Tundra-US25270
327Bytches in BrytchesBorean Tundra-US19260
327Cookies of SWBorean Tundra-US7260
327DishönöredBorean Tundra-US25260
327PheonixhawkBorean Tundra-US14260
331PhantomsBorean Tundra-US25255
332Knight of endless MoonBorean Tundra-US11250
332OLD SOLDIERSBorean Tundra-US18250
332ReckøningBorean Tundra-US11250
332TangoDownBorean Tundra-US18250
332The Laid Back SquadBorean Tundra-US9250
337American DeceptionBorean Tundra-US18240
337Forgotten KingsBorean Tundra-US25240
337Less QQ More Pew PewBorean Tundra-US4240
337Narcotics AlchemistsBorean Tundra-US8240
337ReptíleBorean Tundra-US20240
337Riders of the StormBorean Tundra-US19240
337SolaceBorean Tundra-US9240
344The SanctuaryBorean Tundra-US8235
345Nocturnal BladesBorean Tundra-US25230
345Royal TemplarsBorean Tundra-US5230
345S T R I P E SBorean Tundra-US9230
345The Devils RejectsBorean Tundra-US19230
345Untamed KillersBorean Tundra-US7230
350The UnthinkableBorean Tundra-US25225
351End Of An EraBorean Tundra-US8220
351hotsndotsBorean Tundra-US25220
351The Dragons of DizzBorean Tundra-US5220
354Elite FewBorean Tundra-US12215
355D I C K S Q U A DBorean Tundra-US25210
355Dark SanctumBorean Tundra-US10210
355DarkLordzBorean Tundra-US8210
355Red Moon TemplarsBorean Tundra-US13210
355yingNyangBorean Tundra-US14210
360ÅftêrmàthBorean Tundra-US9200
360Devils AdvocatesBorean Tundra-US12200
360Irresistible ForceBorean Tundra-US23200
360MarsBorean Tundra-US19200
360Realm Of ChaosBorean Tundra-US25200
360SquidbilliesBorean Tundra-US7200
360War SongBorean Tundra-US13200
367Dirty PawsBorean Tundra-US20190
367ExpeditionBorean Tundra-US2190
367It Hurtz When I PvPBorean Tundra-US25190
367YggdrasilBorean Tundra-US10190
371Knights of EbonsteelBorean Tundra-US1180
371Order of the PhoenixBorean Tundra-US10180
371Severed AscensionBorean Tundra-US11180
371Thin Red LineBorean Tundra-US15180
375Graveyard GankersBorean Tundra-US6170
375Legion Of HellBorean Tundra-US13170
375No Gutz No GloryBorean Tundra-US11170
375Spanked Dat AzzBorean Tundra-US25170
375Total RecallBorean Tundra-US5170
375VindicateBorean Tundra-US18170
381Ascendant RageBorean Tundra-US15160
381Babes gone WarcraftBorean Tundra-US10160
381BLOOD TRAILBorean Tundra-US21160
381Destroy the HordeBorean Tundra-US10160
381Got Bored Made HordeBorean Tundra-US25160
381No Pun IntendedBorean Tundra-US13160
381runzwithscissorsBorean Tundra-US18160
381Shadowclan RaidersBorean Tundra-US12160
389Status QuoBorean Tundra-US2155
390Celestial LunacyBorean Tundra-US12150
390ClutchBorean Tundra-US9150
390Dirt NappersBorean Tundra-US13150
390Distinct KillersBorean Tundra-US6150
390Heroes of the OdysseyBorean Tundra-US25150
390Just Havin FunBorean Tundra-US25150
390saviors of azerothBorean Tundra-US8150
390The Lost SoldiersBorean Tundra-US4150
390The Whispering EyeBorean Tundra-US6150
390We Killed KennyBorean Tundra-US23150
390Worgan GuildBorean Tundra-US7150
401Pwn It Like U Own ItBorean Tundra-US11145
402Age of DarknessBorean Tundra-US15140
402Bëyond ControlBorean Tundra-US18140
402COALITIONBorean Tundra-US17140
402DEADLYBorean Tundra-US10140
402GRAVITY (10)Borean Tundra-US3140
402Hells CrusadeBorean Tundra-US9140
402Mirran ResistanceBorean Tundra-US15140
402Warlords of DraenorBorean Tundra-US22140
402Who Ate My MurlocBorean Tundra-US10140
411adieu belleBorean Tundra-US2135
412Infamous KingsBorean Tundra-US14130
412Junkyard DogsBorean Tundra-US6130
412ReachBorean Tundra-US5130
412the LegendaryBorean Tundra-US13130
416Archaic DynastyBorean Tundra-US6120
416Depraved WarriorsBorean Tundra-US6120
416Lord of the äspectsBorean Tundra-US6120
416Pandas and Hand GrenadesBorean Tundra-US9120
420Åddiction (10)Borean Tundra-US6115
420Nirvana (10)Borean Tundra-US1115
422argent championsBorean Tundra-US8110
422BalthazarBorean Tundra-US23110
422Blood ReaversBorean Tundra-US5110
422Death UnitedBorean Tundra-US6110
422DinamusBorean Tundra-US19110
422FastandFuriousBorean Tundra-US25110
422LEGACYBorean Tundra-US12110
422Purple MushroomBorean Tundra-US1110
422The PatriotsBorean Tundra-US10110
422The Shadow HuntersBorean Tundra-US2110
422ToxikBorean Tundra-US3110
433Barrens ConquerersBorean Tundra-US15100
433Boondock SåintsBorean Tundra-US17100
433Cab FareBorean Tundra-US1100
433Dros DelnochBorean Tundra-US12100
433HELLHOUNDSBorean Tundra-US10100
433Heroic LegendsBorean Tundra-US3100
433Hunters UnionBorean Tundra-US7100
433My Other Guild Is AFKBorean Tundra-US13100
433Nerds Need Love TooBorean Tundra-US5100
433Pallet Town MafiaBorean Tundra-US9100
433PVE REJECTSBorean Tundra-US12100
433Way Of The LightBorean Tundra-US6100
445Buck Toothed GrinBorean Tundra-US1190
445Deadliest Catch (10)Borean Tundra-US390
445FiniteBorean Tundra-US390
445Holy GrailBorean Tundra-US890
445Hope of LightBorean Tundra-US1890
445Hour Past MidnightBorean Tundra-US290
445iced veinsBorean Tundra-US1090
445Sacred BeastsBorean Tundra-US790
445Sacred OathBorean Tundra-US690
445Unholy DarknessBorean Tundra-US590
455DayBreakersBorean Tundra-US180
455Divine RightBorean Tundra-US180
455Forsaken for BaconBorean Tundra-US980
455ImmortalsBorean Tundra-US280
455Looney ToonzBorean Tundra-US380
455Repo The OperaBorean Tundra-US1480
455Shadow and FlameBorean Tundra-US980
455Skull CollectorsBorean Tundra-US880
455The AfterdarkBorean Tundra-US380
464Age of ChaosBorean Tundra-US1070
464Borean Tundra MisfitsBorean Tundra-US970
464Gnome of your businessBorean Tundra-US2070
464Maggots R UsBorean Tundra-US1570
464MitternachtBorean Tundra-US670
464Pain and BloodBorean Tundra-US1670
464Sancta SimplicitasBorean Tundra-US1370
464ShadowmarchBorean Tundra-US1970
464The PacifistBorean Tundra-US670
464VanguardBorean Tundra-US170
474A Time To KillBorean Tundra-US2060
474Crimson Fel ReaversBorean Tundra-US160
474Guilty CrownBorean Tundra-US460
474Knights of SyrinxBorean Tundra-US1360
474Legends Of AsgardBorean Tundra-US1160
474Legion of the Lost SoulsBorean Tundra-US760
474lords of azerothBorean Tundra-US860
474Muses of XanaduBorean Tundra-US1660
474Perpetual MotionBorean Tundra-US460
474The CoreBorean Tundra-US1860
484Alliance ProtectersBorean Tundra-US750
484Brick SquadBorean Tundra-US150
484Clutch BTBorean Tundra-US350
484Descendants Of HeroesBorean Tundra-US250
484DNMEBorean Tundra-US250
484GenesisBorean Tundra-US250
484Heavens DevilsBorean Tundra-US1150
484OminenceBorean Tundra-US850
484winded decayBorean Tundra-US1450
493AscendenceBorean Tundra-US140
493Defiant OnesBorean Tundra-US140
493JötnarBorean Tundra-US340
493MurkBorean Tundra-US640
493Mystic CathouseBorean Tundra-US440
493Night OwlBorean Tundra-US1040
493Old Peoples GuildBorean Tundra-US640
493OvertureBorean Tundra-US140
493Pillage The VillageBorean Tundra-US1040
493RuffRydersBorean Tundra-US740
493Ruins of FateBorean Tundra-US140
493S U B L I M EBorean Tundra-US1240
493SeveredBorean Tundra-US240
493Sign My MousepadBorean Tundra-US840
493Special EducationBorean Tundra-US540
493The RohirrimBorean Tundra-US440
493Warbringers (10)Borean Tundra-US140
510Azeroth GambitBorean Tundra-US630
510Casually EliteBorean Tundra-US730
510Death is HereditaryBorean Tundra-US330
510GypsiesBorean Tundra-US130
510Knights Of True GritBorean Tundra-US1030
510Legends of OldBorean Tundra-US130
510MythicalistBorean Tundra-US230
510OmnivalentBorean Tundra-US230
510Philistine SwineBorean Tundra-US1030
510Rebels of WarcraftBorean Tundra-US230
510The Border LegionBorean Tundra-US830
510The Golden PlateBorean Tundra-US730
510The Hammers of WrathBorean Tundra-US1130
510The Syndicate of RNGBorean Tundra-US230
524CALISTABorean Tundra-US520
524Dark TemplarsBorean Tundra-US620
524DOESNTSUCKBorean Tundra-US120
524Full Metal JacketBorean Tundra-US220
524Iron TalonBorean Tundra-US820
524Knights of the WhiteroseBorean Tundra-US320
524Lobos LegionBorean Tundra-US620
524ParadoxBorean Tundra-US120
524Seven Legions of ChaosBorean Tundra-US220
524SIA JenkinsBorean Tundra-US120
524Thunder CâtsBorean Tundra-US420
535Chaos TheoryBorean Tundra-US110
535ChickenwingsBorean Tundra-US410
535Dark MirrorBorean Tundra-US110
535DestinyBorean Tundra-US310
535KonohagakureBorean Tundra-US210
535LeagueofsmartassesBorean Tundra-US310
535MoonwatyrBorean Tundra-US110
535Music DistrictBorean Tundra-US410
535Nerzhuls ScourgeBorean Tundra-US110
535The ConclaveBorean Tundra-US310
535The ShadowalkersBorean Tundra-US210
535Third ShiftBorean Tundra-US210
535Undying FlameBorean Tundra-US310

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