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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Blade's Edge-US Guild Achievement Points
1Olympus (10)Blade's Edge-US252305
2Disorderly Conduct (10)Blade's Edge-US252290
3Phase Two (25)Blade's Edge-US252275
4Dream Team (10)Blade's Edge-US252265
5Silver Storm (10)Blade's Edge-US252255
6The Dignified (10)Blade's Edge-US252190
7Sands of Time (10)Blade's Edge-US252180
8Pain in the Azeroth (10)Blade's Edge-US252170
9Cavaliers of VirtueBlade's Edge-US252160
10Twice Shy (10)Blade's Edge-US252145
11UCORP (10)Blade's Edge-US252100
12Venimus Vidimus DefuimusBlade's Edge-US252075
13Edictum de Ventus (10)Blade's Edge-US252040
14Phoeníx RisingBlade's Edge-US252010
15Anger Management (10)Blade's Edge-US251960
16CantankerousBlade's Edge-US251950
17Voracity (10)Blade's Edge-US251940
18Company of the Wolves (10)Blade's Edge-US251930
18Forsaken CovenantBlade's Edge-US251930
20VirtueBlade's Edge-US251920
21Sacrilege (10)Blade's Edge-US251910
22Why So Serious (10)Blade's Edge-US251840
23Alter Ego (10)Blade's Edge-US251820
23The Silvarian OrderBlade's Edge-US251820
25OzBlade's Edge-US251810
26CruentusBlade's Edge-US251800
26Violent Intent (10)Blade's Edge-US251800
28Fractured Fairy TalesBlade's Edge-US251780
28UnrelentingBlade's Edge-US251780
30Gentle PersuasionBlade's Edge-US251760
30Kingdom of EternityBlade's Edge-US251760
30Total AnarchyBlade's Edge-US251760
33Its An AddictionBlade's Edge-US251750
34Dark HorizonBlade's Edge-US251745
34I Kill UBlade's Edge-US251745
36Unholy Appetite (10)Blade's Edge-US251730
37Gamers With LivesBlade's Edge-US251720
37Night Elf MohawkBlade's Edge-US251720
39Day Breakers (10)Blade's Edge-US251710
39Devils of the AllianceBlade's Edge-US251710
39MartyrBlade's Edge-US251710
42United and HonoredBlade's Edge-US251700
43Luminous DistractionBlade's Edge-US251690
44Internet Monster Slayers (10)Blade's Edge-US251680
45Wandering MonstersBlade's Edge-US251640
46Malicious DestructionBlade's Edge-US251600
47Forsaken DreamsBlade's Edge-US251595
48Electric MayhemBlade's Edge-US251580
49DishonoredBlade's Edge-US251570
50Sacrifice (10)Blade's Edge-US251560
50Unholy UnitiesBlade's Edge-US251560
52Not Dead YetBlade's Edge-US251550
52Victory is DestinyBlade's Edge-US251550
54The Oda ClanBlade's Edge-US251540
55Knightz Of TwilightBlade's Edge-US251485
55The Original CrewBlade's Edge-US251485
57GUILD OF DEATHBlade's Edge-US251475
57TwistedBlade's Edge-US251475
59Death DealersBlade's Edge-US251470
60The Freemasons (10)Blade's Edge-US251465
61Blades of EternityBlade's Edge-US251460
61Noob SquadBlade's Edge-US251460
63War Wolves EliteBlade's Edge-US251455
64Honor and JusticeBlade's Edge-US251445
65The Righteous Guards (10)Blade's Edge-US251440
66RelicsBlade's Edge-US251430
67Return of a New EmpireBlade's Edge-US251425
67The Horde HotelBlade's Edge-US251425
69The UndergroundBlade's Edge-US251415
70BRUTALITYBlade's Edge-US251410
71Synagain (10)Blade's Edge-US251400
72The True AllianceBlade's Edge-US251395
73Evil IncarnateBlade's Edge-US251390
73Trix Are For KidsBlade's Edge-US251390
75Champions of StormwindBlade's Edge-US251385
76VITAL ALLIANCEBlade's Edge-US251375
77DeadlySinsBlade's Edge-US251360
77Full CircleBlade's Edge-US251360
79Crusaders Reborn (10)Blade's Edge-US251340
79Killér InstinctBlade's Edge-US251340
79S N A F UBlade's Edge-US251340
82exordiumBlade's Edge-US251335
83The Bleeding TearsBlade's Edge-US251315
84Sanguine AddictionBlade's Edge-US251310
85Blood ReignBlade's Edge-US251305
86Playground of InsanityBlade's Edge-US251295
87Blood Bath and BeyondBlade's Edge-US251290
88Alliance AnnihilatorsBlade's Edge-US251285
89Army of DarknessBlade's Edge-US251275
90ArchetypeBlade's Edge-US251270
91Tainted WorldBlade's Edge-US251260
92The Eternal OrderBlade's Edge-US251255
92War and PeaceBlade's Edge-US251255
94Knights of LoreBlade's Edge-US251240
94Order of KnightsBlade's Edge-US251240
96RuinBlade's Edge-US251225
97I Hate This GuildBlade's Edge-US251215
98Lord of HonorsBlade's Edge-US251200
99HORDE ARMY (10)Blade's Edge-US251190
99KorruptionBlade's Edge-US251190
101House of RahlBlade's Edge-US251185
101Ràiders Of The FallenBlade's Edge-US251185
103Cavaliers of DarknessBlade's Edge-US251180
103House of PurgatoryBlade's Edge-US251180
105Death by Care BearsBlade's Edge-US251175
106East Coast RaidersBlade's Edge-US251160
107Darkmoon BanditsBlade's Edge-US251155
107FOR THE HØRDEBlade's Edge-US251155
109Edge of the Empire (10)Blade's Edge-US251150
110Relentless OnslaughtBlade's Edge-US251140
111Silent DeathBlade's Edge-US251130
112Eçstacy of GøldBlade's Edge-US251125
113AwakeningBlade's Edge-US251110
114Olympians of PandariaBlade's Edge-US251095
115ParagonBlade's Edge-US251090
116Danger SquadBlade's Edge-US251085
117pepperidge farmBlade's Edge-US251080
118Rebørn MåsterzBlade's Edge-US251075
119Realms Finest (10)Blade's Edge-US251070
119Thirteenth Legion (10)Blade's Edge-US251070
121Freaks Come Out At NightBlade's Edge-US251065
121Nova RationeBlade's Edge-US251065
121Three AmigosBlade's Edge-US251065
124Paladin KnightsBlade's Edge-US251055
124PhantomslayersBlade's Edge-US251055
126Snakes on a ZeppelinBlade's Edge-US251050
127Guardians of LegacyBlade's Edge-US251035
127Immortal CrusadersBlade's Edge-US251035
129The Starship Enterprise (10)Blade's Edge-US251030
130Devils BrigadeBlade's Edge-US251020
131all for one one for allBlade's Edge-US251000
132immortalBlade's Edge-US25995
133RigamortisBlade's Edge-US25990
134Deemed InappropriateBlade's Edge-US25980
135MEZMERIZEBlade's Edge-US25970
135ValkyrieBlade's Edge-US25970
137AddictedBlade's Edge-US25945
138Killing TimêBlade's Edge-US25930
139VeteransBlade's Edge-US25920
140D U OBlade's Edge-US25915
141Sandbox Tiger JockeysBlade's Edge-US25910
142AequitasBlade's Edge-US25905
143Nulli Secundus (10)Blade's Edge-US25900
143The Last LaughBlade's Edge-US25900
145Lot O MoneyBlade's Edge-US25890
146Orc WarlordsBlade's Edge-US25880
147Deaths EmbraceBlade's Edge-US25870
147Dont Look BackBlade's Edge-US25870
147Just ChillinBlade's Edge-US25870
150Society of the red LotusBlade's Edge-US19850
151Unearthed ValorBlade's Edge-US25845
152MidState MaraudersBlade's Edge-US25830
153Exile (10)Blade's Edge-US22825
154CoreBlade's Edge-US25820
155PerseveranceBlade's Edge-US25815
156Shadows of DeathBlade's Edge-US25810
157Manifest ÐestinyBlade's Edge-US25800
157Unstable DesignBlade's Edge-US25800
159Blades of the HordeBlade's Edge-US25790
159RoflWafflesBlade's Edge-US25790
161AlliancePopulationCtrlBlade's Edge-US25785
162OblivionBlade's Edge-US25775
162The Last LegionBlade's Edge-US25775
164Requiem of HellscreamBlade's Edge-US25770
165R WE DEAD YETBlade's Edge-US21760
166Défenders of the FaithBlade's Edge-US25755
166Sweet PandemoniumBlade's Edge-US25755
168Tenebris ExercitusBlade's Edge-US25750
169Mortal WoundsBlade's Edge-US25740
169Tabula RasaBlade's Edge-US25740
171Armored CrusadersBlade's Edge-US25730
171SentinelBlade's Edge-US25730
173EleganceBlade's Edge-US25725
174Boondock SaìntsBlade's Edge-US25720
174EmphaticBlade's Edge-US25720
176deathbringersBlade's Edge-US25715
176Ouroboros (10)Blade's Edge-US11715
178The BurninatorsBlade's Edge-US25710
178The Devils CartelBlade's Edge-US25710
180JAGUARSBlade's Edge-US25705
180OsmosisBlade's Edge-US25705
182Blood in the WaterBlade's Edge-US25700
182BRBBlade's Edge-US25700
182Calamitous Intentions (10)Blade's Edge-US25700
182elysium (10)Blade's Edge-US25700
182Freedom AllianceBlade's Edge-US25700
182Soldiers of StoneBlade's Edge-US25700
188ConcussedBlade's Edge-US25690
188Crimson TideBlade's Edge-US25690
188immørtal (10)Blade's Edge-US25690
188In Soviet RussiaBlade's Edge-US25690
188Lost souls ofthe decayedBlade's Edge-US25690
193RIDERS OF THE STORMBlade's Edge-US25680
193Split HorizonBlade's Edge-US25680
193the Rising SunBlade's Edge-US25680
196CHaOs LorDsBlade's Edge-US25665
196Malum in SeBlade's Edge-US25665
196PathogenBlade's Edge-US23665
199Gladiators Of WOWBlade's Edge-US25660
199Intrinsic (10)Blade's Edge-US25660
199No Meanies AllowedBlade's Edge-US25660
202HyoscyaminëBlade's Edge-US25655
203Vigilant AuthorityBlade's Edge-US20650
204Warriors of EgoBlade's Edge-US25640
205ØathBlade's Edge-US25635
206Attorney at LawBlade's Edge-US25630
206Dunkin hills raidersBlade's Edge-US14630
206Last of the Time LordsBlade's Edge-US25630
209CatastropheBlade's Edge-US25625
210Kings Of MortalityBlade's Edge-US25620
211Prepare for GloryBlade's Edge-US25615
212BreakTime VindicatorsBlade's Edge-US25610
212Heaven And Hell UnitedBlade's Edge-US25610
212RéfinedBlade's Edge-US25610
212Rock StarsBlade's Edge-US25610
212Warbeasts of KiblerBlade's Edge-US25610
217Elite AllianceBlade's Edge-US25605
218A Kiss from HellBlade's Edge-US25600
218Crit My PantsBlade's Edge-US25600
218Just Outta JailBlade's Edge-US25600
218shelter of friendsBlade's Edge-US25600
222The Maine CrusaderBlade's Edge-US25595
223and Two Stealthed RoguesBlade's Edge-US25590
223Overlanders BrigadeBlade's Edge-US25590
223SoulboùndBlade's Edge-US25590
226ALLIANCE SOULSBlade's Edge-US25580
226Dude Wheres My GuildBlade's Edge-US22580
226Eternal GuardiansBlade's Edge-US25580
226NO QUARTERBlade's Edge-US25580
226rise of the fallenBlade's Edge-US25580
226The warriors of MagicBlade's Edge-US25580
232House Valerius (10)Blade's Edge-US25570
233Collectors of SoulsBlade's Edge-US25560
233Fortius Quo FideliusBlade's Edge-US25560
235WritheBlade's Edge-US25555
236Clan AntBlade's Edge-US25550
237InsomniacBlade's Edge-US17545
237RejectsBlade's Edge-US25545
237The PitBlade's Edge-US25545
240Dragon AllianceBlade's Edge-US23540
240Inner ChaosBlade's Edge-US20540
242Manchester UnitedBlade's Edge-US25530
242Oh Gnome She DidntBlade's Edge-US25530
242Take The WipeBlade's Edge-US22530
242Titans of TeldrassilBlade's Edge-US25530
246Eat Crit DirtbagBlade's Edge-US25520
246JESTER'S DEADBlade's Edge-US25520
246Lost CrusadersBlade's Edge-US25520
246Night FallBlade's Edge-US25520
250Avenging AngelsBlade's Edge-US25515
251Methodical InsanityBlade's Edge-US8510
252Silver PhoenixBlade's Edge-US11500
253Realm FirstBlade's Edge-US25495
254We Brought SnacksBlade's Edge-US10490
255The Third EyeBlade's Edge-US25485
256Gold StandardBlade's Edge-US25480
256Marshmallow AwakeningBlade's Edge-US25480
256OrigamiSuicideBlade's Edge-US25480
259Clarion CallBlade's Edge-US25475
259Shádow Alliance (10)Blade's Edge-US25475
261The Best Of The AllianceBlade's Edge-US16470
262Born Of PlaguesBlade's Edge-US25460
262Dark NightsBlade's Edge-US25460
262G E N O C I D EBlade's Edge-US18460
262NarcosisBlade's Edge-US25460
262NinePM RAIDERSBlade's Edge-US13460
262The FatesBlade's Edge-US19460
268firefromhellBlade's Edge-US25450
268GodsOfWarBlade's Edge-US25450
268The Enlightened OrderBlade's Edge-US23450
271KILLED YOU HEROICLYBlade's Edge-US25440
271Mage Ya LookBlade's Edge-US20440
271The Elite FewBlade's Edge-US25440
271The Four HorsemènBlade's Edge-US25440
271Worse Than DeathBlade's Edge-US20440
276RansackBlade's Edge-US25430
276Thats So CakeBlade's Edge-US25430
276Tinker Towns Most WantedBlade's Edge-US8430
276WoW MisfitsBlade's Edge-US25430
280Less QQ MOAR PewPewBlade's Edge-US25420
280OperationArathiFreedomBlade's Edge-US19420
282DoItUpBlade's Edge-US17410
283SUP GIRL FULL PURPZBlade's Edge-US25405
284Dire Mall SecurityBlade's Edge-US10400
284No PromisesBlade's Edge-US25400
286InsidiousBlade's Edge-US25395
286The Platinum EmpireBlade's Edge-US25395
288Bloodless KillersBlade's Edge-US15390
288Finest HourBlade's Edge-US12390
288Presence of DeathBlade's Edge-US19390
288Prime RitualBlade's Edge-US25390
288Twilightz last fallBlade's Edge-US21390
293GeminiBlade's Edge-US25380
293Violent PacificationBlade's Edge-US9380
295Legion of the DragonBlade's Edge-US25375
296Alliance GuildBlade's Edge-US25370
296Alliance WarzBlade's Edge-US20370
296Frostwolf KnightsBlade's Edge-US15370
296Sunny Side of HellBlade's Edge-US25370
300Coup de GrâceBlade's Edge-US6360
300Its My InsanityBlade's Edge-US25360
302All Seeing EyeBlade's Edge-US25350
302Lords of WarcraftBlade's Edge-US25350
302Seal Cub Clubbing ClubBlade's Edge-US6350
305Dungeon MastersBlade's Edge-US1345
306Kalimdor CrusadersBlade's Edge-US20340
306Order Of SmokeBlade's Edge-US25340
306Team VentureBlade's Edge-US5340
306The Ace PackBlade's Edge-US25340
310Gods of the LightBlade's Edge-US25335
311Knights of AragonBlade's Edge-US25330
311Knights of ValorBlade's Edge-US25330
311Oops We Aggrod AgainBlade's Edge-US6330
311You Know You Liked ItBlade's Edge-US25330
315HavokBlade's Edge-US25320
315Psychopathic RydazBlade's Edge-US21320
317Blazing DesireBlade's Edge-US25310
317Delay No MoreBlade's Edge-US12310
317Less QQ More PewPewBlade's Edge-US9310
317The Royal Blood BathBlade's Edge-US25310
317THUGS FOR LESSBlade's Edge-US25310
317VengeanceBlade's Edge-US16310
323S A N I T A R I U MBlade's Edge-US25300
323The AzerothiansBlade's Edge-US25300
323The Dirty HeadsBlade's Edge-US25300
323The Element of OneBlade's Edge-US13300
323VersusBlade's Edge-US25300
328EvilutionBlade's Edge-US25295
329Addicts R UsBlade's Edge-US24290
329Avatars of FateBlade's Edge-US8290
329Barrel Chested WarriorsBlade's Edge-US12290
329Guardians of the EternalBlade's Edge-US25290
329HighbornBlade's Edge-US19290
329Hollow UnionBlade's Edge-US25290
329HorsepoopBlade's Edge-US25290
329Social Order of SindoreiBlade's Edge-US24290
337Wrath Of The BladeBlade's Edge-US25285
338Alliance VengeanceBlade's Edge-US11280
338BilderbergBlade's Edge-US25280
338Dawn of the Phoenix (10)Blade's Edge-US6280
338Emit RemmusBlade's Edge-US25280
338Heros For LifeBlade's Edge-US16280
338Pwn PandemicBlade's Edge-US12280
338SolsticeBlade's Edge-US10280
345The Unexpected PartyBlade's Edge-US22275
346BLOOD HUNTERSBlade's Edge-US12270
346drunken lost onesBlade's Edge-US25270
346Of The Bloodshot EyeBlade's Edge-US10270
346SubsistanceBlade's Edge-US16270
346The Labrador LevyBlade's Edge-US14270
346The Servants of DarknessBlade's Edge-US21270
352CelestialBlade's Edge-US19265
353BelligerentBlade's Edge-US9260
353Bow DownBlade's Edge-US19260
353Crusaders BandBlade's Edge-US12260
353Legion of SpawnBlade's Edge-US11260
353Nite BreedBlade's Edge-US17260
353The Battle GuardBlade's Edge-US15260
359Hysteria (10)Blade's Edge-US8255
359Mystic Isle KnightsBlade's Edge-US24255
361Atal HethissBlade's Edge-US15250
361Endless SacrificeBlade's Edge-US20250
361Twisted DestinyBlade's Edge-US8250
364Crusaders of the LightBlade's Edge-US25240
364Fury of the TitansBlade's Edge-US13240
364Glorious RetributionBlade's Edge-US11240
364HellzDarkAngelzBlade's Edge-US10240
364UNDEAD KINGSBlade's Edge-US8240
369WarTornBlade's Edge-US7235
370Council of VroengardBlade's Edge-US24230
370No RegretsBlade's Edge-US14230
370Øø foREVer øØBlade's Edge-US20230
370Respect My PvPnessBlade's Edge-US11230
370The Forgotten SoldiersBlade's Edge-US25230
370The InquisitionBlade's Edge-US6230
370VisceraBlade's Edge-US23230
370walworldBlade's Edge-US11230
378IntrepidBlade's Edge-US25225
378WE ARE FLAMlNG DRAGONBlade's Edge-US17225
380Act of AtonementBlade's Edge-US25220
380ClandestineBlade's Edge-US10220
380DEADLY CREWBlade's Edge-US25220
380Disorganization AllianceBlade's Edge-US25220
380Hard PlaceBlade's Edge-US12220
380Semper FidalisBlade's Edge-US10220
380The Fast n The FurriestBlade's Edge-US18220
387ALL THE THINGSBlade's Edge-US23210
387Home of the BraveBlade's Edge-US14210
387Hope You Like DragonsBlade's Edge-US13210
387Michael Scott PaperBlade's Edge-US11210
387Wayward SoulsBlade's Edge-US17210
392Bacon PiratesBlade's Edge-US11200
392FutureBlade's Edge-US10200
392Legion of the FallenBlade's Edge-US24200
392Loco BotoBlade's Edge-US7200
392Mystic DreamsBlade's Edge-US24200
392Operation PowerthrustBlade's Edge-US14200
392ShadowBlood RaidersBlade's Edge-US6200
392StrangelandBlade's Edge-US8200
400A Horde Took My BikeBlade's Edge-US14190
400Academy of CraftingBlade's Edge-US21190
400Common SenseBlade's Edge-US9190
400DeJaVuBlade's Edge-US25190
400Last ProphecyBlade's Edge-US11190
400Lords of the MistBlade's Edge-US9190
400Over PoweredBlade's Edge-US25190
400Shattered FateBlade's Edge-US10190
400Thanks For All The FishBlade's Edge-US17190
400The Adams FamilyBlade's Edge-US4190
410Order of ShadowsBlade's Edge-US12185
410Pink MistBlade's Edge-US22185
410Relentless PursuitBlade's Edge-US3185
413ClaymoreBlade's Edge-US25180
413Knights of the EagleBlade's Edge-US9180
413SAY HI TO MY EPIC FRIENDBlade's Edge-US12180
413synchronized lovespinsBlade's Edge-US9180
417Cest la vieBlade's Edge-US20170
417DéâthBlade's Edge-US25170
417DWATOIBlade's Edge-US4170
417Endless FrontierBlade's Edge-US21170
417Furs on EdgeBlade's Edge-US8170
417Last Guild StandingBlade's Edge-US17170
417Superior by NatureBlade's Edge-US5170
417The AscensionBlade's Edge-US16170
417The Demonic AllianceBlade's Edge-US7170
417The Druidic OrderBlade's Edge-US10170
417ZaHaDumBlade's Edge-US23170
428S E R E N I T YBlade's Edge-US12165
429allience slayersBlade's Edge-US10160
429Jewelz of the BlackLightBlade's Edge-US25160
429Love and DeathBlade's Edge-US19160
429murderous rampagesBlade's Edge-US12160
429Pallas AthênaBlade's Edge-US1160
429Phase ShiftBlade's Edge-US19160
429Ten Thousand SunsBlade's Edge-US3160
429The Lost RaidersBlade's Edge-US22160
437Light of Night (10)Blade's Edge-US4155
438Bros Before HozenBlade's Edge-US9150
438Dominators of the lightBlade's Edge-US17150
438DownfallBlade's Edge-US13150
438Illidari council rulersBlade's Edge-US13150
438IMPERIAL DRAGONSBlade's Edge-US17150
438Man OverboardBlade's Edge-US11150
438manifest overlordBlade's Edge-US14150
438Super Warcraft BROSBlade's Edge-US18150
438The ValiantBlade's Edge-US8150
438TheMightyWarriorsBlade's Edge-US18150
448AnarchyBlade's Edge-US9140
448DienastyBlade's Edge-US8140
448Fail TrainerBlade's Edge-US7140
448First In HellBlade's Edge-US13140
448Forsaken BrotherhoodBlade's Edge-US5140
448Gold MakersBlade's Edge-US15140
448High RollersBlade's Edge-US13140
448How to RaidBlade's Edge-US8140
448Love TriangleBlade's Edge-US8140
448Omnia Providencia comitoBlade's Edge-US6140
448The Last HopeBlade's Edge-US10140
460Dragon RaidersBlade's Edge-US13130
460Kowz VS AliensBlade's Edge-US4130
460MERELY A SETBACKBlade's Edge-US1130
460Old PeopleBlade's Edge-US14130
460Rowdy Raiders (10)Blade's Edge-US1130
460Sons of UrborgBlade's Edge-US7130
460The Donner PartyBlade's Edge-US13130
460The FraternityBlade's Edge-US13130
460Zarnacki IncursionBlade's Edge-US18130
469Myth (10)Blade's Edge-US7125
470Aspect of the SlothBlade's Edge-US8120
470BoleroBlade's Edge-US23120
470Choot EmBlade's Edge-US11120
470CYANIDEBlade's Edge-US13120
470DaGanjaBusBlade's Edge-US6120
470Dead CalmBlade's Edge-US17120
470DiscipleBlade's Edge-US9120
470Everto OrtusBlade's Edge-US3120
470FusionBlade's Edge-US25120
470Horde HangOutBlade's Edge-US16120
470sea turtlesBlade's Edge-US10120
470SpectreBlade's Edge-US1120
470Timber WolfsBlade's Edge-US17120
483AnimosityBlade's Edge-US11115
484Abyzou IssueBlade's Edge-US12110
484Achieve GreatnessBlade's Edge-US5110
484Anvilhammer ClanBlade's Edge-US5110
484Bankers Assoc of AzerothBlade's Edge-US8110
484Dragons FireBlade's Edge-US10110
484DrakehavenBlade's Edge-US10110
484Feeling HordyBlade's Edge-US7110
484Haven of SanityBlade's Edge-US1110
484HolyTavBlade's Edge-US25110
484The Exotic FistBlade's Edge-US12110
484The Red Barons of WoWBlade's Edge-US7110
484Till death do us partBlade's Edge-US10110
484Twilight SanctuaryBlade's Edge-US21110
484Voljins HordeBlade's Edge-US15110
484WarDroids of LaemorBlade's Edge-US3110
484wastefuldaysBlade's Edge-US25110
500DNABlade's Edge-US2105
501Illusion Of HysteriaBlade's Edge-US12100
501Main BranchBlade's Edge-US18100
501NötoriousBlade's Edge-US10100
501ReboundBlade's Edge-US15100
501ReservaBlade's Edge-US24100
501Salva VeritateBlade's Edge-US11100
501The Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US10100
501The Kings BladesBlade's Edge-US6100
501THE ROYAL ELITEBlade's Edge-US25100
501TurTur WarriorsBlade's Edge-US17100
501WickedBlade's Edge-US9100
512CepheusBlade's Edge-US295
512Diagon AlleyBlade's Edge-US595
514AbandonedBlade's Edge-US890
514FEARLESSBlade's Edge-US490
514GOONIESBlade's Edge-US490
514I Am With StupidBlade's Edge-US1290
514just grapefruit himBlade's Edge-US690
514No Hope in HellBlade's Edge-US1490
514Power RangersBlade's Edge-US1090
514StonehengeBlade's Edge-US290
514TempleOfPandasBlade's Edge-US790
514The Chaos ClanBlade's Edge-US490
514Tome of MagicBlade's Edge-US590
525Army from HellBlade's Edge-US1080
525Backslash PwnBlade's Edge-US280
525CamelotBlade's Edge-US680
525ElementsBlade's Edge-US880
525EPIC WARLORDSBlade's Edge-US980
525Guardians of the LightBlade's Edge-US880
525Infernal DynastyBlade's Edge-US680
525Kindred BloodBlade's Edge-US580
525Little Assassins ClubBlade's Edge-US1180
525LiveForBloodBlade's Edge-US280
525MURDER OF CROWSBlade's Edge-US880
525OdiumBlade's Edge-US180
525Strength Through NumbersBlade's Edge-US380
538Bel TineBlade's Edge-US270
538Blood Of The StoneBlade's Edge-US2570
538Inflicted NationBlade's Edge-US1570
538InsurrectionBlade's Edge-US570
538lost onezBlade's Edge-US770
538Orgrimmar GruntBlade's Edge-US1070
538Royal FurriesBlade's Edge-US870
545Banks R UsBlade's Edge-US1260
545Dead SoulsBlade's Edge-US1160
545Duck DynastyBlade's Edge-US760
545One Knight StandBlade's Edge-US160
545Overseers of FaithBlade's Edge-US460
545The Lords of Dark SunBlade's Edge-US1460
545Wonkas War FactoryBlade's Edge-US560
553ACEBlade's Edge-US950
553Bruins LordsBlade's Edge-US1650
553EchinodermataBlade's Edge-US450
553Happy Tree FriendsBlade's Edge-US550
553It Places the LotionBlade's Edge-US1150
553JustNotSureBlade's Edge-US1150
553Once BittenBlade's Edge-US150
553Shadows beyond the MistsBlade's Edge-US150
553The CompletionistsBlade's Edge-US650
553The East Side GunzBlade's Edge-US650
553Tiller InitiateBlade's Edge-US350
564Army of the HordeBlade's Edge-US840
564Karma PoliceBlade's Edge-US140
564NERDS R USBlade's Edge-US1440
564Rage Against The MachineBlade's Edge-US140
564show me noobsBlade's Edge-US540
564SuperbratBlade's Edge-US140
564The High CouncilBlade's Edge-US740
564The Mute AssassinsBlade's Edge-US340
564The WolfpackBlade's Edge-US740
564Undecided FatesBlade's Edge-US140
574Alis AquilaeBlade's Edge-US530
574Creators of ChaosBlade's Edge-US1130
574Cross Realm CrusadersBlade's Edge-US130
574Defense of the AncientsBlade's Edge-US330
574Dishorderly ConductBlade's Edge-US730
574God ModeBlade's Edge-US630
574In ForceBlade's Edge-US230
574Ironforge BrigadeBlade's Edge-US630
574Killer InstinctBlade's Edge-US430
574Killer KissesBlade's Edge-US730
574Legacy VengeanceBlade's Edge-US330
574Rogues of CavirraBlade's Edge-US530
574Saints of the FallenBlade's Edge-US830
574The BanishedBlade's Edge-US130
574Twilight ShadowBlade's Edge-US830
589Badd CompanyBlade's Edge-US420
589Keystone MasonsBlade's Edge-US120
589Rehab of RoyaltyBlade's Edge-US520
589Scot FreeBlade's Edge-US420
589Time is MoneyBlade's Edge-US520
589Wandering MinstrelsBlade's Edge-US620
589We play when we wantBlade's Edge-US820
596dark of nightBlade's Edge-US2510
596Death WarriorsBlade's Edge-US110
596Dreams and HonorBlade's Edge-US410
596Elegant DeceptionBlade's Edge-US110
596Fort KnoxBlade's Edge-US110
596Goin HamBlade's Edge-US110
596Grateful DeadBlade's Edge-US110
596Kights of the RealmsBlade's Edge-US810
596Naked Eating CheeriosBlade's Edge-US110
596Night And DayBlade's Edge-US110
596Queens of LoreBlade's Edge-US410
596Red Like Your BloodBlade's Edge-US610
596The Crimson LegionBlade's Edge-US110
596The Faithful ForgottenBlade's Edge-US210

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