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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackwing Lair-US Guild Achievement Points
1Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US252220
2Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US252010
3Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US251825
4RevelationsBlackwing Lair-US251810
5Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US251670
6Secret ServiceBlackwing Lair-US251660
7AttainBlackwing Lair-US251595
8Evil CookiesBlackwing Lair-US251590
9Murderous IntentBlackwing Lair-US251565
10Bound by BloodBlackwing Lair-US251535
11Broken PromiseBlackwing Lair-US251390
12Destroy the OppositionBlackwing Lair-US251370
13EpochalypseBlackwing Lair-US251295
13SaesaBlackwing Lair-US251295
15MurlocalypseBlackwing Lair-US251260
16Cruel RegulatorsBlackwing Lair-US251245
17Final OnslaughtBlackwing Lair-US251210
18ÇátálÿstBlackwing Lair-US251170
19Geriatric ChaosBlackwing Lair-US251135
20The ßLøøD SyndicateBlackwing Lair-US201120
21The Burning GardenBlackwing Lair-US251055
22Twisted LoyaltiesBlackwing Lair-US251050
23Joy JunctionBlackwing Lair-US251040
24Dark ProphecyBlackwing Lair-US251030
25BrotossBlackwing Lair-US231015
26Alter EgoBlackwing Lair-US25990
27Armed and HammeredBlackwing Lair-US25980
28Combat SystemsBlackwing Lair-US25975
29Infectious LordsBlackwing Lair-US25960
29NFDBlackwing Lair-US25960
31Co MoBlackwing Lair-US25950
32Legion de HeroesBlackwing Lair-US25945
33Poke SquidBlackwing Lair-US25915
34Zabyli KroviBlackwing Lair-US25855
35Raid TwoBlackwing Lair-US25845
36Ebon BladeBlackwing Lair-US25825
37The FreelanceBlackwing Lair-US19815
38Order of the DarkKnightsBlackwing Lair-US24760
39Sailor ScoutsBlackwing Lair-US25735
40Horde To DeathBlackwing Lair-US25700
41Empire of FeluccaBlackwing Lair-US25680
42Murloc Flavored PoptartsBlackwing Lair-US25660
43RedDolphin (10)Blackwing Lair-US21630
44BROODBlackwing Lair-US25605
45HardBlackwing Lair-US25595
46NinjasHateCrunchyLeavesBlackwing Lair-US25580
47DoMBlackwing Lair-US11550
47The Burned OnesBlackwing Lair-US16550
49BrotherhoodBlackwing Lair-US15530
49DarkKnightMafiaBlackwing Lair-US17530
49Phøenix (10)Blackwing Lair-US9530
52EternalMastersBlackwing Lair-US11525
53TimelessBlackwing Lair-US25515
54GanksterBlackwing Lair-US25510
55AbandonedBlackwing Lair-US25490
56AscensionBlackwing Lair-US25480
57InequityBlackwing Lair-US15470
58OutcastsBlackwing Lair-US25465
59Believably HugeBlackwing Lair-US6460
60DroogiesBlackwing Lair-US25445
61Devils of Silent CallingBlackwing Lair-US22410
62Azeroths Special ForcesBlackwing Lair-US8400
62InevitableBlackwing Lair-US25400
64Zod MachineBlackwing Lair-US9390
65NineelevensurvivahsBlackwing Lair-US14380
65Sun GodsBlackwing Lair-US6380
67The Design of DeathBlackwing Lair-US25370
68featuring T PainBlackwing Lair-US17360
68nocturnal emissionsBlackwing Lair-US25360
70Black Flight LegionBlackwing Lair-US16350
70Project MayhemBlackwing Lair-US14350
70PvE is HardBlackwing Lair-US8350
73The Exalted OnësBlackwing Lair-US24345
74Player OneBlackwing Lair-US25340
75EnthronedBlackwing Lair-US13330
75Excuse Our CharismaBlackwing Lair-US16330
77Aspect of the ArrowBlackwing Lair-US11310
78Section NineBlackwing Lair-US25300
79Lethal IntegrityBlackwing Lair-US7290
79Undying LoveBlackwing Lair-US13290
81Bloodbath and BeyondBlackwing Lair-US12270
81I AFK in Alterac ValleyBlackwing Lair-US25270
83DarkLegionBlackwing Lair-US25260
83Unforseen DarknessBlackwing Lair-US8260
85AestheticBlackwing Lair-US12255
86RawrerBlackwing Lair-US15250
86The Molten KnightsBlackwing Lair-US25250
88NoxiousBlackwing Lair-US11235
89Carpe JugulumBlackwing Lair-US6220
89DisHONOREDBlackwing Lair-US2220
89Vae victisBlackwing Lair-US25220
92ClaymoreBlackwing Lair-US5210
93ÐeathRowBlackwing Lair-US16205
94Hørde CøreBlackwing Lair-US8200
95Critical NightmareBlackwing Lair-US20190
95Diabolical LunaticsBlackwing Lair-US14190
95Overworked UndergearedBlackwing Lair-US25190
95supernovaBlackwing Lair-US21190
99Sleeping With SirensBlackwing Lair-US13180
99Venus n Mars (10)Blackwing Lair-US2180
101HEAVENRAISERSBlackwing Lair-US2170
102Critter KillersBlackwing Lair-US5160
103Delirium TriggerBlackwing Lair-US11155
104ConquestBlackwing Lair-US5150
104Its a WipeBlackwing Lair-US2150
104MoonSilverBlackwing Lair-US12150
104The Divine CrusadersBlackwing Lair-US11150
108Dial M for MurlocBlackwing Lair-US15140
108FlipShyteBlackwing Lair-US4140
108The BankersBlackwing Lair-US4140
111DreadfulBlackwing Lair-US15130
112Fallen HeroesBlackwing Lair-US6120
112Flawless VictoryBlackwing Lair-US2120
112LunacyBlackwing Lair-US9120
115Blackwing CultBlackwing Lair-US11110
115Justice ForsakenBlackwing Lair-US1110
115Superiority ComplexBlackwing Lair-US12110
115Tunnel VisionBlackwing Lair-US2110
119ÇárpéÑoçtèmBlackwing Lair-US3100
119Darkspear CrusadersBlackwing Lair-US17100
119RampageBlackwing Lair-US1100
122AthanatosBlackwing Lair-US190
122THE CRAZIESBlackwing Lair-US2290
122THICK Like Peanut ButterBlackwing Lair-US490
122Weasel War DanceBlackwing Lair-US290
126Backstabbin BanditosBlackwing Lair-US480
126SiiCkBlackwing Lair-US180
128DUEL ME IRL NERDBlackwing Lair-US470
128Poisoned AngelsBlackwing Lair-US870
130Rainbow BrigadeBlackwing Lair-US160
131New Found Heroes (10)Blackwing Lair-US150
131Noble IntensionsBlackwing Lair-US750
131Not RobbersBlackwing Lair-US150
134bAd Tpyist UntiedBlackwing Lair-US540
134CantignyBlackwing Lair-US140
134Montana BadassBlackwing Lair-US540
134Ominous and ThreateningBlackwing Lair-US140
138DeleriumBlackwing Lair-US230
138KronicKrusadersBlackwing Lair-US130
138PentagramaBlackwing Lair-US130
138The BanishedBlackwing Lair-US530
142Frater InfinitasBlackwing Lair-US120
142Pillow PantsBlackwing Lair-US120
142The Boozehound GangBlackwing Lair-US420
142Things That Shouldnt BeBlackwing Lair-US320
146BlackenedBlackwing Lair-US110
146Brazilian RaidersBlackwing Lair-US110
146CrusadersBlackwing Lair-US110
146Dingelberry ShenanigansBlackwing Lair-US210
146Distorted VisionBlackwing Lair-US110
146GenesìsBlackwing Lair-US110
146TenacìtyBlackwing Lair-US110
146The WickedBlackwing Lair-US110
146Twilight KnightsBlackwing Lair-US110
146Voodoo TunaBlackwing Lair-US110

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