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Argent Dawn-US Guild Achievement Points
1Natural Order (10)Argent Dawn-US252485
2Brotherhood of the Blade (10)Argent Dawn-US252465
3Legacy of the Illuminati (10)Argent Dawn-US252455
4House of Arathor (10)Argent Dawn-US252305
5Tenacious (10)Argent Dawn-US252295
6Death by Design (10)Argent Dawn-US252275
7Circle of Fear (10)Argent Dawn-US252255
8Winter Wolves (10)Argent Dawn-US252240
9ArtOMyst Dawning (10)Argent Dawn-US252230
9Bloodmoon Chosen (10)Argent Dawn-US252230
11House Stalwart (10)Argent Dawn-US252225
12Niveus Lepus (10)Argent Dawn-US252220
13Delinquent Society (10)Argent Dawn-US252190
14Black Phoenix (10)Argent Dawn-US252165
15for Horde (10)Argent Dawn-US252160
16Defenders of Azeroth (10)Argent Dawn-US252110
17DevastationArgent Dawn-US252105
18Awareness (10)Argent Dawn-US252095
19Lost Legacy (10)Argent Dawn-US252080
20Fates UnforgivenArgent Dawn-US252070
20The Fading Sun (10)Argent Dawn-US252070
22Force Recon (10)Argent Dawn-US252050
23The Emberwing ClanArgent Dawn-US252040
24Exhumed (10)Argent Dawn-US252035
24Great Old OnesArgent Dawn-US252035
26The Core (10)Argent Dawn-US252030
26The Sun Hawks (10)Argent Dawn-US252030
28Aerthyrian Sovereignty (10)Argent Dawn-US252015
29Knights of Anduin (10)Argent Dawn-US251990
30Bloodbath and Beyond (10)Argent Dawn-US251980
31Gnomes Will Eat You (10)Argent Dawn-US251970
32For Science (10)Argent Dawn-US251960
33Másters of Kárate (10)Argent Dawn-US251945
34Demented (10)Argent Dawn-US251940
35Ani Ayastigi (10)Argent Dawn-US251930
35KnightPhyre (10)Argent Dawn-US251930
35Not Dead YetArgent Dawn-US251930
38Epiphany (10)Argent Dawn-US251920
38The Tenth Legion (10)Argent Dawn-US251920
38The Way Of KnowledgeArgent Dawn-US251920
41Lascivious CadreArgent Dawn-US251890
41To Serve Thy LiegeArgent Dawn-US251890
43Fearfulways (10)Argent Dawn-US251885
44Blackwater Seawolves (10)Argent Dawn-US251870
44Natures FuryArgent Dawn-US251870
44Raging InfernoArgent Dawn-US251870
44The UnknowableArgent Dawn-US251870
48ReckoningArgent Dawn-US251860
48Unsung (10)Argent Dawn-US251860
50Shadows of the TitansArgent Dawn-US251840
51Convert To RaidArgent Dawn-US251830
51Den of the WolfravensArgent Dawn-US251830
51Lost and forgotten Ones (10)Argent Dawn-US251830
51The Lights Redemption (10)Argent Dawn-US251830
55Obsidian Reaver ClanArgent Dawn-US251820
55Quality (10)Argent Dawn-US251820
57ArcLightArgent Dawn-US251810
58Azeroth RangersArgent Dawn-US251805
59Radium (10)Argent Dawn-US251795
60Legion of Laughter (10)Argent Dawn-US251790
61Fallen ImmortalsArgent Dawn-US251760
61Ninth LegionArgent Dawn-US251760
61Order of ChaosArgent Dawn-US251760
64Something DarksideArgent Dawn-US251750
65The Knights of CthulhuArgent Dawn-US251740
66The Blue KnightsArgent Dawn-US251735
67EnlightenedArgent Dawn-US251730
67Virtus Infinitus (10)Argent Dawn-US251730
69For Goat HonorArgent Dawn-US251710
69No DozeArgent Dawn-US251710
71Dark Fist (10)Argent Dawn-US251705
72Claw and Sparrow (10)Argent Dawn-US251700
72The Rising Storm (10)Argent Dawn-US251700
74CaffeineArgent Dawn-US251685
75HostilityArgent Dawn-US251675
76PowerslavesArgent Dawn-US251665
77PAX Fortunata (10)Argent Dawn-US251655
78Defenders of EternityArgent Dawn-US251640
78Enclave of the BearArgent Dawn-US251640
80Questionable IntentArgent Dawn-US251630
81EmissaryArgent Dawn-US251620
82TranquillityArgent Dawn-US251610
83Dêvastation Inc (10)Argent Dawn-US251600
83ØblivionArgent Dawn-US251600
83Reckless Endeavor (10)Argent Dawn-US251600
83The Disciples of HadesArgent Dawn-US251600
87SquirrelbaneArgent Dawn-US251595
88The Sworn Few (10)Argent Dawn-US251590
89Blood MoonArgent Dawn-US251580
90Lords of TwilightArgent Dawn-US251570
91Scions of the HordeArgent Dawn-US251560
91Too Drunk to Raid (10)Argent Dawn-US251560
93How can that beArgent Dawn-US251545
94Insane Asylum (10)Argent Dawn-US251540
95Cant Now Gotta RaidArgent Dawn-US251530
95The Tempered BladeArgent Dawn-US251530
97Deadly DragonsArgent Dawn-US251520
97For The LightArgent Dawn-US251520
97Primoris VirArgent Dawn-US251520
97The Saints of SurrealArgent Dawn-US251520
101ImperfectArgent Dawn-US251515
101Young MaidenArgent Dawn-US251515
103AreteArgent Dawn-US251500
103Simple MathArgent Dawn-US251500
105Lethal Intent (10)Argent Dawn-US251480
106PhoeníxArgent Dawn-US251475
107Clan SkullcrusherArgent Dawn-US251470
108TNSArgent Dawn-US251465
109Vigilis NocturnisArgent Dawn-US251460
110Knight Horde AvengersArgent Dawn-US251450
111The Ashwood ChroniclesArgent Dawn-US251440
111The Wrynn OffensiveArgent Dawn-US251440
113The Lost ApostlesArgent Dawn-US251415
114GameArgent Dawn-US251410
114MaelstromArgent Dawn-US251410
116Cinder KittiesArgent Dawn-US251405
116Drunken PhilosophersArgent Dawn-US251405
118Blacklisted SoulsArgent Dawn-US251400
119Shameless (10)Argent Dawn-US251380
119The Red FangArgent Dawn-US251380
121Archons of CenariusArgent Dawn-US251375
122Ientaculum Per RexArgent Dawn-US251365
123UncensoredArgent Dawn-US251355
124Serious Sauce (10)Argent Dawn-US251350
125CHA CHINGArgent Dawn-US251345
125Karmic FistArgent Dawn-US251345
127Dark NightArgent Dawn-US251340
127Raided R (10)Argent Dawn-US251340
129Azeroth AdventurersArgent Dawn-US251335
130BaconArgent Dawn-US251330
131ThunderMaulArgent Dawn-US251305
132The Hand of MedivhArgent Dawn-US251300
133Lords of Azeroth (10)Argent Dawn-US251290
133Tempestus InfinitusArgent Dawn-US251290
133Unforgotten LegacyArgent Dawn-US251290
136Draconic RedemptionArgent Dawn-US251280
136Logical ConclusionArgent Dawn-US251280
138GRIZZLY (25)Argent Dawn-US251275
139Forsaken DeathArgent Dawn-US251270
140Azeroth FreaksArgent Dawn-US251255
141Out For BloodArgent Dawn-US251250
141Rise (10)Argent Dawn-US251250
143Alliance Freedom FighterArgent Dawn-US251245
143Honor and JusticeArgent Dawn-US251245
143The Order Of ChaosArgent Dawn-US251245
146heart and soulArgent Dawn-US251240
146in High Def (10)Argent Dawn-US251240
148AscendanceArgent Dawn-US251230
148Darkest StormArgent Dawn-US251230
148Moar Effin DoTsArgent Dawn-US251230
151DragonKnights of AzerothArgent Dawn-US251225
151Legacy of ValkyrjaArgent Dawn-US251225
153Burnt Out RaidersArgent Dawn-US251220
153Faith of the FallenArgent Dawn-US251220
153Gaki no tsukaiArgent Dawn-US251220
156Warriors of Lost FateArgent Dawn-US251215
157Silent StrikeArgent Dawn-US251205
158Talons of the GryphonArgent Dawn-US251200
159The Lone RangerArgent Dawn-US251195
160Templar BishopsArgent Dawn-US251190
161Chaotic DamnationArgent Dawn-US251180
162Gauntlets of ForbearanceArgent Dawn-US251165
163Cult of the DragonArgent Dawn-US251160
163Days of the NewArgent Dawn-US251160
165Frost DonkeyArgent Dawn-US251150
165University of AzerothArgent Dawn-US251150
167XercesArgent Dawn-US251120
168Unique SnowflakesArgent Dawn-US251110
169The Gathering StormArgent Dawn-US251105
170Lords of AfflictionArgent Dawn-US251100
171Destruction of TyrannyArgent Dawn-US251090
171Heart of the AspectArgent Dawn-US251090
173Batteries not includedArgent Dawn-US251075
173Crimson DragonsArgent Dawn-US251075
173TrimmersArgent Dawn-US251075
176Keyboard WarriorArgent Dawn-US251070
176NightwatchArgent Dawn-US251070
178The Riders Of RohanArgent Dawn-US251060
179Thunder BuddiesArgent Dawn-US251055
180AgencyArgent Dawn-US251040
181Champions of WarArgent Dawn-US251030
181Liteshades HonorArgent Dawn-US251030
181Untitled (10)Argent Dawn-US251030
184OutlawsArgent Dawn-US251025
184To Luv Me Is To Gnome MeArgent Dawn-US251025
186Royal SteelArgent Dawn-US251015
187Armed to the TeethArgent Dawn-US251010
188Hors la loiArgent Dawn-US251005
188I Got That FireArgent Dawn-US251005
190The Sinister SocietyArgent Dawn-US181000
191Soul DrinkersArgent Dawn-US25990
192Double NegativeArgent Dawn-US25975
192Stir CrazyArgent Dawn-US25975
192The Namesakian RaidersArgent Dawn-US25975
192UntouchablesArgent Dawn-US25975
196The Alliance VanguardArgent Dawn-US25970
197Drunken RaidersArgent Dawn-US25965
198Mostly DeadArgent Dawn-US25960
199Kita Mita KattaArgent Dawn-US25955
199The Fellowship of LightArgent Dawn-US25955
201RampantArgent Dawn-US25950
202Circle of ArdorArgent Dawn-US20945
203To The RescueArgent Dawn-US25930
204Ebony Cat FormArgent Dawn-US25925
204Knights of the PendragonArgent Dawn-US25925
204Legendary StatusArgent Dawn-US25925
207Endangered SpeciesArgent Dawn-US24920
208VentureArgent Dawn-US25915
209The ProfaneArgent Dawn-US25910
210Well Groomed MoustacheArgent Dawn-US25900
211Edge of SanityArgent Dawn-US24895
212Royal Force of StormwindArgent Dawn-US25890
212SèrenityArgent Dawn-US25890
212The Shadow GuardArgent Dawn-US25890
215Orgrimmar Brewing CoArgent Dawn-US25885
216Divine TempestArgent Dawn-US25880
217Dark DesiresArgent Dawn-US25870
217Nø MercyArgent Dawn-US21870
219The CommuneArgent Dawn-US25865
219The Old GodsArgent Dawn-US25865
221RareArgent Dawn-US25860
221Silver Dawn (10)Argent Dawn-US25860
221Veritas VinciArgent Dawn-US25860
224Azeroth Expeditionary CoArgent Dawn-US25855
224Mule Headed HordeArgent Dawn-US25855
226Blakkrfang GildisbraedrArgent Dawn-US25850
226Expired In GorevilleArgent Dawn-US20850
226JinxedArgent Dawn-US25850
229Blacktalon (25)Argent Dawn-US25845
230Dark PromiseArgent Dawn-US25840
230SardonicArgent Dawn-US25840
230The Three of TheeArgent Dawn-US25840
233Silver Myst NightsArgent Dawn-US25835
233WraithArgent Dawn-US25835
235Aspect of the YetiArgent Dawn-US25830
235Honor of The DragonsArgent Dawn-US25830
235The Azeroth WarriorsArgent Dawn-US25830
238Circle of NamaskarArgent Dawn-US25825
239The Bloodsail BuccaneersArgent Dawn-US20820
240Honorable KillersArgent Dawn-US25810
240Pillars of PowerArgent Dawn-US25810
242Anteroom of EuphoriaArgent Dawn-US25805
243SchadenfreudeArgent Dawn-US25800
243The PurgeArgent Dawn-US15800
245Guardians of AzerothArgent Dawn-US24795
246Infernos GateArgent Dawn-US23790
247Nø MêrcyArgent Dawn-US25785
247The GentlemenArgent Dawn-US25785
249The Emerald EndowmentArgent Dawn-US25780
250The Chaotic DreamArgent Dawn-US16770
251The Broken SolsticeArgent Dawn-US25765
252Beautiful TruthArgent Dawn-US25760
253Dragon RebornArgent Dawn-US25755
253StormseekersArgent Dawn-US25755
255STOP DYINGArgent Dawn-US25750
255Warband of IronforgeArgent Dawn-US25750
257Soldiers of FortuneArgent Dawn-US25745
258Risen from Ashes (10)Argent Dawn-US25740
259Mane Team SixArgent Dawn-US25735
259Populus Nox NoctisArgent Dawn-US25735
261Conquered FearArgent Dawn-US25730
262DragonflameArgent Dawn-US25725
262VindicatedArgent Dawn-US25725
264ResistanceArgent Dawn-US22710
264Two by TwoArgent Dawn-US22710
266Consilio Et AnimusArgent Dawn-US15700
266critlickingoodArgent Dawn-US25700
266Shadows At DuskArgent Dawn-US24700
266The DojoArgent Dawn-US9700
270IncisionArgent Dawn-US25695
271Under Fall Of NightArgent Dawn-US25690
272A Fortiori (10)Argent Dawn-US25685
272Azeroth SaintsArgent Dawn-US25685
272Pretty Hate MachineArgent Dawn-US25685
276Lethal LadiesArgent Dawn-US25670
276The Shadow TemplarArgent Dawn-US20670
276Truly OutrageousArgent Dawn-US25670
279Dark Path (10)Argent Dawn-US25665
279Doom LegionArgent Dawn-US25665
279Draconis TemplariArgent Dawn-US25665
279Genesis ChapterArgent Dawn-US25665
279The AscensionArgent Dawn-US25665
284Deaths PlaygroundArgent Dawn-US25660
284Heroes of LegendArgent Dawn-US23660
284KindredArgent Dawn-US25660
284NUKE THEM ALLArgent Dawn-US25660
284Prelude to ChaosArgent Dawn-US17660
284Queen Of DragonsArgent Dawn-US23660
284The Dragons TeethArgent Dawn-US25660
284The Tusk and ClawArgent Dawn-US25660
284Whisp n ChainsArgent Dawn-US25660
293Silver LionsArgent Dawn-US20655
294Barbarian CounselArgent Dawn-US18650
294Deus MisereaturArgent Dawn-US12650
296Flying Monkey DeathSquadArgent Dawn-US25640
297Agents of StromgardeArgent Dawn-US25635
297FarstridersArgent Dawn-US25635
297Valiant Knights of SkyeArgent Dawn-US25635
300The UnaffiliatedArgent Dawn-US25630
301Peeps and NoilsArgent Dawn-US25625
302Last One StandingArgent Dawn-US25620
303The Diamond SocietyArgent Dawn-US25600
303Thralls IrregularsArgent Dawn-US17600
303Wolfe PackArgent Dawn-US25600
306Light of DawnArgent Dawn-US14590
307children of axioArgent Dawn-US25580
307Pride and GloryArgent Dawn-US25580
309The ArgonautsArgent Dawn-US25575
310Refugees of JaneiroArgent Dawn-US25570
310Uber TeamArgent Dawn-US22570
312By the SwordArgent Dawn-US25560
313Purple PandasArgent Dawn-US25555
314Eastern Kingdom CorsairsArgent Dawn-US19550
314EndGameArgent Dawn-US17550
314Immortalis NexArgent Dawn-US25550
314Liminal AscendanceArgent Dawn-US12550
314Looney TunesArgent Dawn-US18550
314UndíscoveryArgent Dawn-US25550
320Shikyo GaraArgent Dawn-US22545
321The Twilight KnightsArgent Dawn-US25540
321We Got ReportedArgent Dawn-US19540
323Crimson BladeArgent Dawn-US25535
323Dark JusticeArgent Dawn-US25535
325Dragon FlightArgent Dawn-US20530
325Just Ice Served ColdArgent Dawn-US15530
325Massive DynamicArgent Dawn-US25530
325RevenantArgent Dawn-US25530
325Shadows of the dalesArgent Dawn-US25530
325Warders of AzerothArgent Dawn-US16530
331Forever FadingArgent Dawn-US20520
331Heralds of VengeanceArgent Dawn-US25520
331Shock and AweArgent Dawn-US20520
331The Great DemiseArgent Dawn-US14520
335Last BastionArgent Dawn-US25515
336Adventurers IncArgent Dawn-US9510
336Backpedaling to GladArgent Dawn-US22510
336SilverHeartArgent Dawn-US25510
336TalonstrikeArgent Dawn-US25510
341The Wobbly GoblinsArgent Dawn-US25505
341Wings of The FallenArgent Dawn-US25505
343EmpyrealArgent Dawn-US25500
344Chillin and KillinArgent Dawn-US25495
344Is Not RealArgent Dawn-US25495
344Opaque ParadigmArgent Dawn-US15495
347Crimzon DragonsArgent Dawn-US25490
347EnigmaArgent Dawn-US18490
349ImpulseArgent Dawn-US8485
349SLEEPWALKERArgent Dawn-US21485
351Draconian RedemptionArgent Dawn-US5480
351Red Lion ClanArgent Dawn-US13480
351The Blade and the RoseArgent Dawn-US25480
351TimebombArgent Dawn-US25480
355Knights of AsgardArgent Dawn-US24475
356Casualties Of LoreArgent Dawn-US25470
356DoubleTroubleArgent Dawn-US25470
356Kingdom öf BloodArgent Dawn-US25470
356Obsidian BladeArgent Dawn-US25470
356Panda Soul KillersArgent Dawn-US25470
356The Hellfire KnightsArgent Dawn-US16470
356Thee BestArgent Dawn-US25470
363The KeriscarArgent Dawn-US25460
363The LégionArgent Dawn-US25460
365No but SeriouslyArgent Dawn-US20450
365Pineàpple ExpressArgent Dawn-US25450
367The RenamedArgent Dawn-US25445
368Blood of the DragonArgent Dawn-US21440
368ProgenyArgent Dawn-US25440
368This or ThatArgent Dawn-US25440
368Time Enough For LoveArgent Dawn-US13440
372Disciples Of DestructionArgent Dawn-US25435
372DisturbingThePeaceArgent Dawn-US9435
374Dark ChroniclesArgent Dawn-US23430
374Prophets of ChaosArgent Dawn-US13430
374Takes No PrisonersArgent Dawn-US25430
374The Shadow RaidersArgent Dawn-US25430
378MisfitsArgent Dawn-US25425
378Zero ToleranceArgent Dawn-US20425
380DominanceArgent Dawn-US25420
380DynastyArgent Dawn-US25420
380Horde BloodpackArgent Dawn-US25420
380Legends of AzerothArgent Dawn-US11420
380Neca Ne NecerisArgent Dawn-US25420
380Storm RaidersArgent Dawn-US20420
386Crown GuardArgent Dawn-US23410
386Il BenandantiArgent Dawn-US25410
386Path of HonorArgent Dawn-US25410
386Rust In PeaceArgent Dawn-US25410
386Squirrel RampageArgent Dawn-US20410
391Edge of the StormArgent Dawn-US14400
391Eternal OrderArgent Dawn-US18400
391Order of the Argent RoseArgent Dawn-US25400
391PointmongersArgent Dawn-US7400
391Savage Patch KidsArgent Dawn-US21400
396Bitter ColdArgent Dawn-US18390
396GrimtotemArgent Dawn-US25390
396Keeper of Forbidden LoreArgent Dawn-US14390
396Taste Just Like RaisinsArgent Dawn-US10390
400Hordes HammerArgent Dawn-US25385
401Die VorgesetztenArgent Dawn-US24380
401Disciples of SeleneArgent Dawn-US15380
403Fallen WrathArgent Dawn-US11370
403Forgotten KnightsArgent Dawn-US25370
403i like catsArgent Dawn-US17370
403Psychopathic NinjasArgent Dawn-US9370
403Refugees Of AzerothArgent Dawn-US11370
403The DisturbedArgent Dawn-US17370
409Angelic KingdomArgent Dawn-US24365
409PhantasmagoriaArgent Dawn-US25365
411Burning AshesArgent Dawn-US17360
411Horns and HalosArgent Dawn-US25360
411Just A DreamArgent Dawn-US24360
411Knights of the OrderArgent Dawn-US16360
411Order of the Rising SunArgent Dawn-US19360
411Push ButtonArgent Dawn-US11360
411Warsong WidowsArgent Dawn-US25360
418Aligodi TsalagiArgent Dawn-US9355
419Angels Of The NightArgent Dawn-US25350
419ChicaneryArgent Dawn-US7350
419Gnoméland SecurityArgent Dawn-US14350
419Guardians of ProvidenceArgent Dawn-US25350
419Hijos de BorinquenArgent Dawn-US22350
419LargerThanLifeArgent Dawn-US25350
419League of HonorArgent Dawn-US24350
419LexorArgent Dawn-US18350
419Mayhem and DestructionArgent Dawn-US19350
419Pale HorsemenArgent Dawn-US13350
419Ravenheart WeyrArgent Dawn-US25350
419The Dark KnightsArgent Dawn-US25350
419We Wipe on TrashArgent Dawn-US12350
432Sacred GroveArgent Dawn-US25345
433Absolute VengeanceArgent Dawn-US14340
433ChloroformistArgent Dawn-US25340
433SanitariumArgent Dawn-US23340
433TriumvirateArgent Dawn-US16340
433Was ist dasArgent Dawn-US11340
438Blatant DisregardArgent Dawn-US25330
438Cuddle with a StruggleArgent Dawn-US17330
438Dog SoldiersArgent Dawn-US16330
438Legends of WarcraftArgent Dawn-US25330
438Once Upon a WarcraftArgent Dawn-US24330
438The Acting ArmsArgent Dawn-US7330
438Timelost DefendersArgent Dawn-US25330
445For HonorArgent Dawn-US25325
446Clan Broken BoneArgent Dawn-US14320
446Disciples of SarcasmArgent Dawn-US25320
446Lyrical FateArgent Dawn-US25320
446Sons of DoomhammerArgent Dawn-US13320
446The Forgotten KnightsArgent Dawn-US12320
451I Get It InArgent Dawn-US25315
451Nothin But TroubleArgent Dawn-US25315
453House of The Risen SunArgent Dawn-US25310
453Legends Never DieArgent Dawn-US24310
453Living in VictoryArgent Dawn-US7310
453Rising PhoenixArgent Dawn-US25310
453Single Abstract NounArgent Dawn-US25310
458UndeadArgent Dawn-US25305
459Bloodclot RastasArgent Dawn-US24300
459Magic the GatheringArgent Dawn-US25300
459The Dark legion of doomArgent Dawn-US25300
459The Moose LodgeArgent Dawn-US25300
459TRY IT I DARE UArgent Dawn-US18300
464Graverobbers MinionsArgent Dawn-US25295
465Dragon FodderArgent Dawn-US23290
465Frozen MightArgent Dawn-US13290
465Jerks of Might and MagicArgent Dawn-US25290
465Nihil Sine LaboreArgent Dawn-US6290
465Rainbow RoadArgent Dawn-US12290
465She wants to ERP meArgent Dawn-US25290
465The Northern LightArgent Dawn-US7290
472Blackfang Brotherhood (10)Argent Dawn-US5280
472KnaughtyArgent Dawn-US22280
472Order of the Folded PawArgent Dawn-US13280
475Blood TideArgent Dawn-US17270
475FaithArgent Dawn-US25270
475Militant (10)Argent Dawn-US11270
475SovereignArgent Dawn-US18270
475SurrealArgent Dawn-US12270
475The Last ChapterArgent Dawn-US19270
475War PathArgent Dawn-US16270
482Availionic AscendantsArgent Dawn-US11260
482Borinken WarriorsArgent Dawn-US7260
482Clan CorinthiaArgent Dawn-US25260
482Cloak and DaggerArgent Dawn-US14260
482Nex Adveho VolatilisArgent Dawn-US12260
482Northrend IrregularsArgent Dawn-US10260
482Sanctus MilitusArgent Dawn-US8260
482The Soul DestroyersArgent Dawn-US8260
482Unholy CrusadersArgent Dawn-US21260
491Dark and Stormy KnightsArgent Dawn-US25250
491Den of MadnessArgent Dawn-US10250
491dwarven undergroundArgent Dawn-US19250
491EversorisArgent Dawn-US20250
491hidden in the mistArgent Dawn-US25250
491IllusionArgent Dawn-US20250
491OdysseyArgent Dawn-US12250
491Remember The NameArgent Dawn-US17250
491The Horde HeadsArgent Dawn-US10250
491The Immortal KnightsArgent Dawn-US19250
491Vandal HeartsArgent Dawn-US17250
491War MachineArgent Dawn-US4250
503DarkcrestArgent Dawn-US21240
503Just the two of usArgent Dawn-US15240
503Order of AzerothArgent Dawn-US25240
503The Golden KingdomArgent Dawn-US7240
503Thunderfury SyndicateArgent Dawn-US25240
503Vashta NeradaArgent Dawn-US17240
509Dragons WildArgent Dawn-US6235
510Argent RaidersArgent Dawn-US25230
510Hawks NestArgent Dawn-US21230
510It is just a gameArgent Dawn-US25230
510Last of the TitansArgent Dawn-US20230
510Sweet BrownsArgent Dawn-US23230
510Thé Léagüe of ShàdòwsArgent Dawn-US14230
516latent energyArgent Dawn-US22225
517DarrenismArgent Dawn-US10220
517DepositoryArgent Dawn-US17220
517DragonHeartsArgent Dawn-US10220
517Flames of the Dark AbyssArgent Dawn-US25220
517FortressArgent Dawn-US23220
517GodSentArgent Dawn-US15220
517Hellz AngelzArgent Dawn-US16220
517Ironforge TradersArgent Dawn-US11220
517Knights of ArathorArgent Dawn-US18220
517Obsidian DragonsArgent Dawn-US14220
517Pirates of JaneiroArgent Dawn-US13220
517shadows vaultArgent Dawn-US10220
529Serpents of DawnArgent Dawn-US25215
530Careless WhisperArgent Dawn-US5210
530CrimsonArgent Dawn-US25210
530Day of RageArgent Dawn-US6210
530FettuccinesArgent Dawn-US19210
530Freeswords of Dun MoroghArgent Dawn-US25210
530HellzbellzArgent Dawn-US15210
530Serenade of the DragonsArgent Dawn-US7210
530SnowfallArgent Dawn-US4210
538EbonsteelArgent Dawn-US17200
538HoopajoopArgent Dawn-US6200
538Light of the AncientsArgent Dawn-US25200
538We Aim to MisbehaveArgent Dawn-US4200
538Why is the Rum GoneArgent Dawn-US3200
543Holy TerrorArgent Dawn-US13190
543InceptionArgent Dawn-US25190
543IntrepidArgent Dawn-US9190
543Killin PeonsArgent Dawn-US25190
543Members Of MaydayArgent Dawn-US12190
543PolarisArgent Dawn-US21190
543Prismatic AllegianceArgent Dawn-US22190
543PyroArgent Dawn-US8190
543The Honorable FewArgent Dawn-US7190
543The Lunatic SyndicateArgent Dawn-US14190
543Twinked by Argent DawnArgent Dawn-US13190
543UndecidedArgent Dawn-US11190
555AboyneArgent Dawn-US20180
555House of the Argent DawnArgent Dawn-US25180
555Leap Of FaithArgent Dawn-US21180
555NetherborneArgent Dawn-US12180
555Nobles of LordaeronArgent Dawn-US6180
555RIDERSArgent Dawn-US23180
555Rune RealmArgent Dawn-US9180
555Scarlet legionsArgent Dawn-US15180
555The Crimson LegacyArgent Dawn-US16180
555The Frozen SouldArgent Dawn-US25180
555Without ReasonArgent Dawn-US9180
555Your Ad HereArgent Dawn-US8180
567AbsoludicrousArgent Dawn-US2175
567Steaks on a PlainArgent Dawn-US4175
569beware of aboveArgent Dawn-US15170
569Destroyers of NationsArgent Dawn-US16170
569Elders of AzerothArgent Dawn-US12170
569Feared at the GatesArgent Dawn-US13170
569NakamaArgent Dawn-US18170
569The Iron HammerArgent Dawn-US5170
575AkatsukîArgent Dawn-US1160
575Eternal TriumphArgent Dawn-US16160
575Lux MusaeArgent Dawn-US18160
575Prophets of DarknessArgent Dawn-US16160
575Silence of ShadowsArgent Dawn-US21160
575Teddy Bears AnonymousArgent Dawn-US10160
575Tempered SteelArgent Dawn-US10160
575The MisfitsArgent Dawn-US18160
575VongalaArgent Dawn-US9160
584Lords of the UnderworldArgent Dawn-US5155
584Pod SistersArgent Dawn-US18155
586Bad BloodArgent Dawn-US25150
586Bad KarmaArgent Dawn-US22150
586DarkbaneArgent Dawn-US23150
586Dead Night RisesArgent Dawn-US7150
586HAVOCArgent Dawn-US18150
586In Deo Autem RegionisArgent Dawn-US13150
586Light BringersArgent Dawn-US16150
586MercsArgent Dawn-US8150
586Ordo Discordia TempliArgent Dawn-US20150
586SkynetArgent Dawn-US25150
586The Drunken ElitesArgent Dawn-US20150
586worldcraftsbigestfanArgent Dawn-US21150
586Yay GnomesArgent Dawn-US14150
599Gold and GloryArgent Dawn-US14145
600Ancestral GuidanceArgent Dawn-US12140
600Clan RelicforgeArgent Dawn-US10140
600Dreadnought SocietyArgent Dawn-US4140
600Ebon BulwarkArgent Dawn-US8140
600Goon SquadArgent Dawn-US10140
600HereticsArgent Dawn-US6140
600Invaders of AzerothArgent Dawn-US16140
600Lords of DonarArgent Dawn-US7140
600Mass Casualty IncidentArgent Dawn-US8140
600No Swag No RespectArgent Dawn-US5140
600RUNEGUARDArgent Dawn-US3140
600Shadow SerenityArgent Dawn-US20140
600Worldofwarcraft MemesArgent Dawn-US19140
613Kalimdor Cut Throats TwoArgent Dawn-US1135
613Vanguard of AzerothArgent Dawn-US6135
615blacksword legionArgent Dawn-US16130
615ConvictsArgent Dawn-US25130
615Creatures of ChaosArgent Dawn-US25130
615Death to AzerothArgent Dawn-US1130
615Hellbound CrucifiersArgent Dawn-US6130
615Jozie and the Big CatsArgent Dawn-US9130
615Justus LeagueArgent Dawn-US8130
615Mystic SoulsArgent Dawn-US5130
615MythArgent Dawn-US4130
615Refugees of TenMelaArgent Dawn-US8130
615ShiftArgent Dawn-US21130
615The Brothers McClaggenArgent Dawn-US5130
615Vanishing HorizonArgent Dawn-US21130
628La FamiliaArgent Dawn-US1125
628Missing CherriesArgent Dawn-US10125
630Alter EgosArgent Dawn-US13120
630Ardent DarknessArgent Dawn-US4120
630Blade to BladeArgent Dawn-US8120
630Death EffectArgent Dawn-US6120
630DisavowedArgent Dawn-US15120
630FAINT SMILEArgent Dawn-US1120
630Fellowship Of ExplorersArgent Dawn-US16120
630Fun PoliceArgent Dawn-US5120
630KilluminatiArgent Dawn-US7120
630Legends Of KalmiriaArgent Dawn-US10120
630Ordo TempestaArgent Dawn-US7120
630Raptor SquadArgent Dawn-US10120
630Remnants of Quel ThalasArgent Dawn-US6120
643of Calamitous IntentArgent Dawn-US11115
644BloodRose of OzArgent Dawn-US9110
644Business CasualArgent Dawn-US8110
644Clear and Present DangerArgent Dawn-US9110
644Dismantle RepairArgent Dawn-US13110
644Firehot DancersArgent Dawn-US11110
644FoxdenArgent Dawn-US18110
644Knights of the Old CodeArgent Dawn-US9110
644Legalize FelweedArgent Dawn-US15110
644Legend ZeroArgent Dawn-US3110
644LockdownArgent Dawn-US3110
644Of LegionsArgent Dawn-US1110
644Order Of The Nine AngelsArgent Dawn-US7110
644Requiem for a PandaArgent Dawn-US4110
644Unwanted and MisfitsArgent Dawn-US9110
658Blue FireArgent Dawn-US8100
658Cat Burglars UnionArgent Dawn-US5100
658Defenders of the PackArgent Dawn-US19100
658Disenchanted PurplesArgent Dawn-US8100
658Got ArggoArgent Dawn-US21100
658Milk Money HorezzArgent Dawn-US13100
658NephilimArgent Dawn-US18100
658Shadow EluneArgent Dawn-US12100
658The Eternal VengeanceArgent Dawn-US9100
658The Legion of Lost SoulsArgent Dawn-US6100
658Waste ManagementArgent Dawn-US3100
669NopeArgent Dawn-US195
670Clan of the Lost SoulsArgent Dawn-US390
670GameFlexArgent Dawn-US1490
670Heroes Of The AllianceArgent Dawn-US790
670Jade LotusArgent Dawn-US2590
670Shinra CorporationArgent Dawn-US1490
670SolarArgent Dawn-US390
670TheDeesArgent Dawn-US2190
670UntøuchableArgent Dawn-US290
678Die By The SwordArgent Dawn-US880
678JudgmentArgent Dawn-US480
678Ministry of Last RightsArgent Dawn-US1680
678NistarArgent Dawn-US1280
678Racer MotorsArgent Dawn-US1280
678The Crimson ShardArgent Dawn-US380
678The Endless SunArgent Dawn-US380
678The JudgementArgent Dawn-US580
678The Silent AccordArgent Dawn-US680
678We Are LegionArgent Dawn-US980
678We love pieArgent Dawn-US380
689Ancient BloodArgent Dawn-US170
689MalevolenceArgent Dawn-US670
689Obsidianus IlluminateArgent Dawn-US170
689Serenas ServantsArgent Dawn-US2170
689Team MeArgent Dawn-US870
689The Crafters of TimeArgent Dawn-US1170
689The Lights TemplarArgent Dawn-US1270
689The Real MeArgent Dawn-US1770
689VengenceArgent Dawn-US2170
689Yoda forces it inArgent Dawn-US670
699Death By HealsArgent Dawn-US265
700And FriendsArgent Dawn-US1160
700Death WatchArgent Dawn-US860
700RidersOnTheStormArgent Dawn-US1160
700Seekers of ArthasArgent Dawn-US260
700The Ashen RingArgent Dawn-US760
705House of LordsArgent Dawn-US150
705Legion of RedemptionArgent Dawn-US850
705Nest of VipersArgent Dawn-US1250
705Order of the DragonhawkArgent Dawn-US250
705Prognatus ab PhasmaArgent Dawn-US450
705Raising HellArgent Dawn-US1350
705RavagedArgent Dawn-US850
705Shadows ValeArgent Dawn-US2150
705Shut up and PlayArgent Dawn-US650
705The Millennial ReignArgent Dawn-US350
705Wrath of HonorArgent Dawn-US650
716AdorableArgent Dawn-US640
716AfterShockArgent Dawn-US140
716BigSushiArgent Dawn-US140
716Dream TeamArgent Dawn-US240
716Fairy TaìlArgent Dawn-US340
716House BlacksoulArgent Dawn-US940
716I Hope My Pants DropArgent Dawn-US240
716Insatiable FewArgent Dawn-US540
716JFK was flaggedArgent Dawn-US240
716Knights of WuArgent Dawn-US440
716Legendary AssassinsArgent Dawn-US440
716My Kids Are CryingArgent Dawn-US840
716of DeathArgent Dawn-US740
716Romp and FrolickArgent Dawn-US140
716Soul TribeArgent Dawn-US240
716Storm FuryArgent Dawn-US240
716Tempered ShieldArgent Dawn-US1640
716The Coven of the BriarArgent Dawn-US1440
716Tinker of the AspectsArgent Dawn-US1140
716True Legion knightsArgent Dawn-US640
716Use As DirectedArgent Dawn-US940
737AnzacsArgent Dawn-US230
737BeaverTailsArgent Dawn-US1130
737Blood ForgeArgent Dawn-US630
737Bound in BloodArgent Dawn-US1130
737Coin Operated PlayersArgent Dawn-US430
737Credit SuisseArgent Dawn-US130
737Guardian of the KeeperArgent Dawn-US130
737HeartsArgent Dawn-US1030
737InstitutionalisedArgent Dawn-US430
737Iunctus in VictoriaArgent Dawn-US630
737Knights with GlaucomaArgent Dawn-US130
737Loiter SquadArgent Dawn-US730
737Lush of the AspectsArgent Dawn-US530
737Myojin Of Infinite RageArgent Dawn-US230
737Nagas In IronforgeArgent Dawn-US430
737Ominous NightsArgent Dawn-US730
737The Alliance NamesakesArgent Dawn-US530
737The Holy GrailArgent Dawn-US530
737Twink AssociationArgent Dawn-US230
737Violent CrusadersArgent Dawn-US530
757Deaths HourglassArgent Dawn-US220
757Happily Ever AfterArgent Dawn-US620
757Immortal CoilArgent Dawn-US220
757Leafmen WarriorArgent Dawn-US720
757Shadows of the NyghtArgent Dawn-US920
757The Dawning RoseArgent Dawn-US520
757TyphoonArgent Dawn-US920
764Aspect of the DonkeyArgent Dawn-US110
764BuiltHordeToughArgent Dawn-US110
764Cosmo EntelecheiaArgent Dawn-US210
764Dawn Of A New AgeArgent Dawn-US110
764DAWN OF THE NEW AGEArgent Dawn-US110
764Death by DisconnectArgent Dawn-US310
764Defenders of RelondArgent Dawn-US310
764DreamweaversArgent Dawn-US210
764East Azeroth Trading CoArgent Dawn-US210
764Knights of Saint GeorgeArgent Dawn-US110
764Mists of AvalonArgent Dawn-US210
764pandaspotroastArgent Dawn-US310
764RehabArgent Dawn-US210
764Solvo VestriArgent Dawn-US110
764The BloodguardArgent Dawn-US110
764The Dark Lords Of TimeArgent Dawn-US310
764The Federal WeeserveArgent Dawn-US110
764The Savage LegionArgent Dawn-US210
764The Slimy MurlocArgent Dawn-US410
764ThuslyArgent Dawn-US110
764UberfallArgent Dawn-US110
764We Camp HardArgent Dawn-US110

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