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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Argent Dawn-EU Guild Achievement Points
1Crusade (10)Argent Dawn-EU252455
1Ragnarök (10)Argent Dawn-EU252455
3The Chosen (10)Argent Dawn-EU252435
3The Noble House (10)Argent Dawn-EU252435
5The Aristocracy (10)Argent Dawn-EU252405
6Katla (10)Argent Dawn-EU252395
7The Undecided (25)Argent Dawn-EU252385
8Sanctus Imperium (10)Argent Dawn-EU252375
8The Shadowstalkers (10)Argent Dawn-EU252375
10Blackrock Diving School (10)Argent Dawn-EU252355
10The Wyld Hunt (10)Argent Dawn-EU252355
12Immortalis (10)Argent Dawn-EU252345
12Orb of Souls (10)Argent Dawn-EU252345
12Temporal Vortex (10)Argent Dawn-EU252345
15Dominion (10)Argent Dawn-EU252335
16Blood Guard (10)Argent Dawn-EU252305
17Seven Lamps (10)Argent Dawn-EU252300
18Eternities Flame (10)Argent Dawn-EU252280
19The Guild of GuildsArgent Dawn-EU252270
20Prominence (10)Argent Dawn-EU252265
21Infinitum Praelium (10)Argent Dawn-EU252255
22Raiders Inc (25)Argent Dawn-EU252245
23Innovation (25)Argent Dawn-EU252205
24Guardians of Time (10)Argent Dawn-EU252200
25Heroes of Old (10)Argent Dawn-EU252195
26Yingyang Eagles (10)Argent Dawn-EU252180
27The Burning Orb (10)Argent Dawn-EU252170
28Inner Circle (10)Argent Dawn-EU252165
28Loreseekers (10)Argent Dawn-EU252165
28Viral (10)Argent Dawn-EU252165
31Earthshine (10)Argent Dawn-EU252160
32House Of The Fallen (10)Argent Dawn-EU252155
33The Cursed (10)Argent Dawn-EU252145
33Vinculum (10)Argent Dawn-EU252145
35Pretense (10)Argent Dawn-EU252140
36ExterminatusArgent Dawn-EU252135
36In the Sky with DiamondsArgent Dawn-EU252135
36Onyx Paw TribeArgent Dawn-EU252135
36Pixel Heroes (10)Argent Dawn-EU252135
40Ashen Rose Conspiracy (10)Argent Dawn-EU252130
40Moonlight (10)Argent Dawn-EU252130
42Silver MoonArgent Dawn-EU252110
43The Cenarion HeroesArgent Dawn-EU252095
44The New Alliance (10)Argent Dawn-EU252080
45Legion of Lemmings (10)Argent Dawn-EU252075
46MörököllitArgent Dawn-EU252060
47Shadow (10)Argent Dawn-EU252035
48Orion (10)Argent Dawn-EU252030
48RequíemArgent Dawn-EU252030
48WolfpackArgent Dawn-EU252030
51Absolution (10)Argent Dawn-EU252010
51Dawnshade BrotherhoodArgent Dawn-EU252010
51The Vapid Ciphers (10)Argent Dawn-EU252010
54LethalArgent Dawn-EU252005
55Kindred Spirits (10)Argent Dawn-EU251985
56Crusaders of Lordaeron (10)Argent Dawn-EU251980
57Vice (10)Argent Dawn-EU251970
58Valiojoukko (25)Argent Dawn-EU251960
59Detox (10)Argent Dawn-EU251950
59Serenity Now (10)Argent Dawn-EU251950
61The Dark Avengers (10)Argent Dawn-EU251940
62Amentia (10)Argent Dawn-EU251935
63Blades for Hire (10)Argent Dawn-EU251915
64CoJ (10)Argent Dawn-EU251900
64Jäger Bombz (10)Argent Dawn-EU251900
64Three SpiresArgent Dawn-EU251900
67Alter EgoArgent Dawn-EU251895
68Dragons of the FlameArgent Dawn-EU251880
69Fire Knights (10)Argent Dawn-EU251870
70BlackwatchArgent Dawn-EU251860
70Quantum (10)Argent Dawn-EU251860
72Misfits (10)Argent Dawn-EU251855
73Khalasar (10)Argent Dawn-EU251850
74Flight of the AdventurerArgent Dawn-EU251840
74Order of Aegwynn (10)Argent Dawn-EU251840
74The Sinner Project (10)Argent Dawn-EU251840
77Custodes Fati (10)Argent Dawn-EU251830
77Sisters of No MercyArgent Dawn-EU251830
79Extortion (10)Argent Dawn-EU251815
79I Took the Candle (10)Argent Dawn-EU251815
81Geen StijlArgent Dawn-EU251800
82The Flaming RubyArgent Dawn-EU251790
83Orgrims Hammer Crew (10)Argent Dawn-EU251775
84Delirio MisticoArgent Dawn-EU251760
84Polarity Shift (10)Argent Dawn-EU251760
84The Light BreakerArgent Dawn-EU251760
87Sunrain (10)Argent Dawn-EU251750
87Wave of Mutilation (10)Argent Dawn-EU251750
89Unchosen FewArgent Dawn-EU251740
90Bloodfire LegacyArgent Dawn-EU251730
90IllusionArgent Dawn-EU251730
90The Good SamaritansArgent Dawn-EU251730
93Children of Ares (10)Argent Dawn-EU251720
93Knights of the Rose (10)Argent Dawn-EU251720
93Stone Dragons (10)Argent Dawn-EU251720
96Little LegsArgent Dawn-EU251710
97Destiny (10)Argent Dawn-EU251705
98Iskallt (10)Argent Dawn-EU251690
98Lost SanctuaryArgent Dawn-EU251690
98Warlords of DarknessArgent Dawn-EU251690
101Decimate (10)Argent Dawn-EU251680
101Legends of EternityArgent Dawn-EU251680
103Cloak and DaggersArgent Dawn-EU251670
103Northern Alliance (10)Argent Dawn-EU251670
103Order of The Silver Hand (10)Argent Dawn-EU251670
103Scy (10)Argent Dawn-EU251670
103Victorious (10)Argent Dawn-EU251670
108Lunatics ConventionArgent Dawn-EU251665
109Imaginary Heroism (10)Argent Dawn-EU251660
109Mistfall (10)Argent Dawn-EU251660
109Shattered LightArgent Dawn-EU251660
109The Depository (10)Argent Dawn-EU251660
113Crusaders of TuralyonArgent Dawn-EU251650
113The CovenantArgent Dawn-EU251650
115Order of illuminatiArgent Dawn-EU251630
115The Blood Of Heroes (10)Argent Dawn-EU251630
117Eye of the Beholder (10)Argent Dawn-EU251620
117The Fractured RubyArgent Dawn-EU251620
119Cool Little Indie Tribe (10)Argent Dawn-EU251610
119The Light Watch OrderArgent Dawn-EU251610
121Helios (10)Argent Dawn-EU251585
121Seventh Flight (10)Argent Dawn-EU251585
123Bayerleyn RetinueArgent Dawn-EU251580
123PhoenixArgent Dawn-EU251580
125Starbreeze FoundationArgent Dawn-EU251570
125The Dragon Heart (10)Argent Dawn-EU251570
127Clan DrakehammerArgent Dawn-EU251565
128EmberArgent Dawn-EU251555
129Echo Of Light (10)Argent Dawn-EU251550
129The FreelancersArgent Dawn-EU251550
131Lords of ShadowArgent Dawn-EU251545
131Pinnacle (10)Argent Dawn-EU251545
133Reservoir Dogs (10)Argent Dawn-EU251530
134Emerald TribeArgent Dawn-EU251510
134Eternal Mist (10)Argent Dawn-EU251510
134Shots and DotsArgent Dawn-EU251510
137FoxyArgent Dawn-EU251500
137Order of the Red ValourArgent Dawn-EU251500
137The Swiftclaw CompanyArgent Dawn-EU251500
140MoonwolfArgent Dawn-EU251490
141Dütch OutlawsArgent Dawn-EU251485
142Ancient LegacyArgent Dawn-EU251480
142Moonrise HermitageArgent Dawn-EU251480
144Cake (10)Argent Dawn-EU251475
145Amethyst ShardArgent Dawn-EU251470
146BaneArgent Dawn-EU251460
146Drifters (10)Argent Dawn-EU251460
146Lordaerons OrderArgent Dawn-EU251460
146Rage of Angels (10)Argent Dawn-EU251460
150All Guild PerksArgent Dawn-EU251450
150Angry MooseArgent Dawn-EU251450
150PáradoxxArgent Dawn-EU251450
150PhantasmaArgent Dawn-EU251450
154Eternium (10)Argent Dawn-EU251420
154LightswornArgent Dawn-EU251420
156Here Be Monsters (25)Argent Dawn-EU251415
157DisturbedArgent Dawn-EU251410
157House of Roberts (10)Argent Dawn-EU251410
157Unshackled Revenge (10)Argent Dawn-EU251410
160Arcturus (10)Argent Dawn-EU251400
161Aeternitas (10)Argent Dawn-EU251390
161Battle ScarredArgent Dawn-EU251390
161Bosses for BreakfastArgent Dawn-EU251390
161Unsanctioned Violence (10)Argent Dawn-EU251390
161Wardens of Exile (10)Argent Dawn-EU251390
166Principal Gods (10)Argent Dawn-EU251380
167Order of QuelDanasArgent Dawn-EU251370
167The Vigilant OnesArgent Dawn-EU251370
169Gnomish Rescue SquadArgent Dawn-EU251365
169Light (10)Argent Dawn-EU251365
169Verdict (10)Argent Dawn-EU251365
172Auroras Promise (10)Argent Dawn-EU251360
172Darkness Before DawnArgent Dawn-EU251360
172Rainbows and UnicornsArgent Dawn-EU201360
172The Argent Offenders (10)Argent Dawn-EU251360
176Moklohn CommandArgent Dawn-EU251350
176ParadigmArgent Dawn-EU251350
176The Dusk VigilArgent Dawn-EU251350
176The Rusty ReserveArgent Dawn-EU251350
176The Sanguine EyeArgent Dawn-EU251350
181Ascendancy (10)Argent Dawn-EU251340
181Guardians of AzerothArgent Dawn-EU251340
181The Hand of AgonyArgent Dawn-EU251340
181The Snowfall InitiativeArgent Dawn-EU251340
185Peritia (10)Argent Dawn-EU251330
185Sinister MinistryArgent Dawn-EU251330
185UmbraeArgent Dawn-EU251330
188Free Guild PerksArgent Dawn-EU251320
188Sadistic IntentArgent Dawn-EU251320
190Azerothian DefendersArgent Dawn-EU251310
190BloodruneArgent Dawn-EU251310
190Eulogy (10)Argent Dawn-EU251310
190Symphony of Death (10)Argent Dawn-EU251310
194Thunderbrew SocietyArgent Dawn-EU251305
195Cohors AlariaArgent Dawn-EU251300
195CondottieriArgent Dawn-EU251300
195Guardians of the Dragon (10)Argent Dawn-EU251300
195House of AmberdawnArgent Dawn-EU251300
195Total Control (10)Argent Dawn-EU251300
200Emerald FlameArgent Dawn-EU251295
201Dark DestinyArgent Dawn-EU251290
201Evil Never SleepsArgent Dawn-EU251290
203Knife PartyArgent Dawn-EU251280
203spartans (10)Argent Dawn-EU251280
203Theramore Vanguard (10)Argent Dawn-EU251280
206Brutal Deluxe (10)Argent Dawn-EU251270
206Hardcore Fishing GuildArgent Dawn-EU251270
206The BlackguardArgent Dawn-EU251270
209The CollectiveArgent Dawn-EU251265
210Audacious AngelsArgent Dawn-EU251260
210Burning Blade (10)Argent Dawn-EU251260
212DalaranArgent Dawn-EU251250
212ForsakenArgent Dawn-EU251250
214The TempestArgent Dawn-EU251245
215Atraxian CircleArgent Dawn-EU251240
215Gearsaw IndustriesArgent Dawn-EU251240
215OminenceArgent Dawn-EU251240
215The Final Eclipse (10)Argent Dawn-EU251240
215The Precariat (10)Argent Dawn-EU251240
215Vox Turba (10)Argent Dawn-EU251240
221Exiles of ArgusArgent Dawn-EU251230
221House GoldheartArgent Dawn-EU251230
221The AssociatesArgent Dawn-EU251230
224Chaos LordsArgent Dawn-EU251225
224Rising TideArgent Dawn-EU251225
226Fallen AngelsArgent Dawn-EU251220
227GRS Special ServiceArgent Dawn-EU251215
227House DragonicArgent Dawn-EU251215
229Flames of ReformArgent Dawn-EU251210
230Rusty Nails AdventurersArgent Dawn-EU251205
231Catus CarnivalArgent Dawn-EU251200
232Forsaken LoyalistArgent Dawn-EU251195
233Adventurers LeagueArgent Dawn-EU251190
233Fictitious MindsArgent Dawn-EU251190
233InertiaArgent Dawn-EU251190
233Templars of KaraborArgent Dawn-EU251190
237AngelbladeArgent Dawn-EU251180
237Dark AssailantsArgent Dawn-EU251180
237The Reavers of WolfbaneArgent Dawn-EU251180
240Lux MundiArgent Dawn-EU251175
240Northern HordeArgent Dawn-EU251175
242Surface of RevolutionArgent Dawn-EU251170
242Wings of FreedomArgent Dawn-EU251170
244Mardenholde DawnArgent Dawn-EU251160
245Cursed Vision (10)Argent Dawn-EU251150
245Rise of the PhoenixArgent Dawn-EU251150
245The OriginalsArgent Dawn-EU251150
248Rare HuntersArgent Dawn-EU251145
249LORDS OF DARKNESSArgent Dawn-EU251140
249Pie (10)Argent Dawn-EU251140
249The Forgotten DrakesArgent Dawn-EU251140
252Falling DownArgent Dawn-EU251135
252Total RespectArgent Dawn-EU251135
254Mog NoguArgent Dawn-EU251130
254MothershipArgent Dawn-EU251130
254Nox EternumArgent Dawn-EU251130
254Reliquary of MysteriesArgent Dawn-EU251130
254SagaArgent Dawn-EU251130
259Fist of ZamonArgent Dawn-EU251125
259InnocuousArgent Dawn-EU251125
261Knights of Medivh (10)Argent Dawn-EU251120
262Celestial TemptationArgent Dawn-EU251110
262New World TrinityArgent Dawn-EU251110
262StormpikeArgent Dawn-EU251110
262The RavenwingArgent Dawn-EU251110
266Dire WolvesArgent Dawn-EU251100
266Lionmaw VanguardArgent Dawn-EU251100
266Naga (10)Argent Dawn-EU251100
266Street LifeArgent Dawn-EU251100
266The High TribeArgent Dawn-EU251100
266The Lost SoulArgent Dawn-EU251100
266Zooitje OngeregeldArgent Dawn-EU251100
273Hellscream ClanArgent Dawn-EU251095
273Tjindars ListArgent Dawn-EU251095
275Alliance ArtificiorumArgent Dawn-EU251085
276Charlottes Familiars (10)Argent Dawn-EU251080
276Only for the WeakArgent Dawn-EU251080
276RecHordeArgent Dawn-EU251080
276The Cenarion GuardiansArgent Dawn-EU251080
280Exitus Acta ProbatArgent Dawn-EU251075
280The DawnguardArgent Dawn-EU251075
280The Golden OldiesArgent Dawn-EU251075
283Last Hope (10)Argent Dawn-EU251070
283VindicationArgent Dawn-EU251070
285Dark ArgonautArgent Dawn-EU251065
285Empty Promises (10)Argent Dawn-EU251065
285ProgressArgent Dawn-EU251065
288Nexus (10)Argent Dawn-EU251060
289House of SanctusArgent Dawn-EU251055
289OpulentiaArgent Dawn-EU251055
289The Chaos Horde (10)Argent Dawn-EU251055
292Eclipse VanguardArgent Dawn-EU251050
292Edge of SanityArgent Dawn-EU251050
292LostArgent Dawn-EU251050
292PvPArgent Dawn-EU251050
292Strangulation Point (25)Argent Dawn-EU251050
292The WarswornArgent Dawn-EU251050
298Broken SkyArgent Dawn-EU251045
298Twin DestinyArgent Dawn-EU251045
300Celestial KnightsArgent Dawn-EU251040
300D IndustriesArgent Dawn-EU251040
300Death Sentence (10)Argent Dawn-EU251040
300EquitasArgent Dawn-EU251040
300Gods Of DeathArgent Dawn-EU251040
300Scream Of The PastArgent Dawn-EU251040
300Valhalla Rising (10)Argent Dawn-EU251040
307The NazkahetArgent Dawn-EU251035
307WANTEDArgent Dawn-EU251035
309Defenders of SerenityArgent Dawn-EU251030
309Eye of DalaranArgent Dawn-EU251030
309Hellscreams VanguardArgent Dawn-EU251030
309KazzakArgent Dawn-EU251030
309Sha InfectedArgent Dawn-EU251030
309The Vow of MercenariesArgent Dawn-EU251030
315Eternal HeritageArgent Dawn-EU251025
315Fatal ShadowsArgent Dawn-EU251025
317Division Twenty ThreeArgent Dawn-EU251020
317Forces of Brutal Idiots (10)Argent Dawn-EU251020
319Order of the Dawning SunArgent Dawn-EU251015
319The Nightclaws RevengeArgent Dawn-EU251015
321AshenleafArgent Dawn-EU251010
321Asi FueArgent Dawn-EU251010
321D D DArgent Dawn-EU251010
321WIREDArgent Dawn-EU251010
325The Spirit WolvesArgent Dawn-EU251000
325Whispers Of The StormArgent Dawn-EU251000
327LiquicityArgent Dawn-EU25995
327Ulduar Mechanics Crew (10)Argent Dawn-EU25995
329Foolhardy AdventurersArgent Dawn-EU25990
329Potius Mori Quam TradereArgent Dawn-EU25990
329The Night AngelsArgent Dawn-EU25990
329The Oathsworn AccordArgent Dawn-EU25990
329Valar Morghulis (10)Argent Dawn-EU25990
334Eternal dreamArgent Dawn-EU25985
334The Unbranded (10)Argent Dawn-EU25985
336AqueductArgent Dawn-EU25980
336Bad MannerArgent Dawn-EU25980
336House BloodoathArgent Dawn-EU25980
336The RemnantArgent Dawn-EU25980
340AsgardArgent Dawn-EU25975
340Bloodbathed SyndicateArgent Dawn-EU25975
340Purple VortexArgent Dawn-EU25975
343GSR Gaming (10)Argent Dawn-EU25970
343Once upon a timeArgent Dawn-EU25970
343The Dreadhowl PackArgent Dawn-EU25970
346MadCowSArgent Dawn-EU25965
346Wrath of HeavenArgent Dawn-EU21965
348Argent Dawn VaultArgent Dawn-EU25960
348IntentionArgent Dawn-EU25960
348Sun ThievesArgent Dawn-EU25960
348The unknownArgent Dawn-EU25960
352ArclightArgent Dawn-EU25950
352Blackwind Marine PlatoonArgent Dawn-EU25950
354Fallen LeavesArgent Dawn-EU25945
355Divine RetributionArgent Dawn-EU25940
355Iconoclast (10)Argent Dawn-EU25940
355The Fallen AngelsArgent Dawn-EU25940
358Ashenleaf SentinelsArgent Dawn-EU25935
358Crimson RiversArgent Dawn-EU25935
360Aldori AxiomArgent Dawn-EU25930
360Crime SyndicateArgent Dawn-EU25930
360Mirabile DictuArgent Dawn-EU25930
360Sigil of the SevenArgent Dawn-EU25930
360Stellar CloudArgent Dawn-EU25930
360Super best friendsArgent Dawn-EU25930
360Survival of the SickestArgent Dawn-EU24930
360The Cult of the RaptorArgent Dawn-EU25930
360The Fluffy PandasArgent Dawn-EU25930
369Dark Phoenix CompanyArgent Dawn-EU24925
369IncinerateArgent Dawn-EU25925
369Levelers of DraenorArgent Dawn-EU25925
372Erandium (10)Argent Dawn-EU25920
372Personae Non Gratae (10)Argent Dawn-EU25920
372The BloodrotArgent Dawn-EU25920
375Falassë NúmëaArgent Dawn-EU25915
375Swords In The StormArgent Dawn-EU25915
375The Club HouseArgent Dawn-EU25915
378IncursusArgent Dawn-EU25910
379SpelongersArgent Dawn-EU25905
380Insane Insanity (10)Argent Dawn-EU25900
380MistbornArgent Dawn-EU25900
380Prime (10)Argent Dawn-EU25900
380Royal GuardiansArgent Dawn-EU25900
380Salty TearsArgent Dawn-EU25900
385Ashes of EmbersArgent Dawn-EU7890
385Finis CoronatArgent Dawn-EU25890
385Forged by FuryArgent Dawn-EU25890
385The TavernArgent Dawn-EU25890
385VIVA LA DOROArgent Dawn-EU25890
390Tears of Alexstrasza (10)Argent Dawn-EU25880
391Deathmarch LegionArgent Dawn-EU25875
391Legion TwoArgent Dawn-EU25875
393Harmony (10)Argent Dawn-EU25870
393Nukez (10)Argent Dawn-EU25870
395IndependentArgent Dawn-EU25865
396Archon (10)Argent Dawn-EU25860
396CarnageArgent Dawn-EU25860
396Faulty SwitchArgent Dawn-EU25860
396The Mighty FewArgent Dawn-EU25860
396ZhanaiArgent Dawn-EU25860
401Spirits of NatureArgent Dawn-EU25855
401Warsong ClanArgent Dawn-EU25855
403Astral SkiesArgent Dawn-EU25850
403Dark ClichéArgent Dawn-EU25850
403IchibaArgent Dawn-EU25850
403ImperialisArgent Dawn-EU25850
403TerminusArgent Dawn-EU25850
403The ConquestArgent Dawn-EU25850
409Cuddle CorpArgent Dawn-EU25845
409FaedrunArgent Dawn-EU25845
409Mercenaries IncArgent Dawn-EU25845
412Eternitys End (10)Argent Dawn-EU25840
412Ghost FangArgent Dawn-EU25840
412Kindred SoulsArgent Dawn-EU25840
412Long Sword ShortArgent Dawn-EU25840
412RóttenArgent Dawn-EU25840
412The Esoteric BureauArgent Dawn-EU25840
418Azeroths FuryArgent Dawn-EU25835
418Dreams and DaggersArgent Dawn-EU25835
418Eternum (10)Argent Dawn-EU25835
418House of SharTalArgent Dawn-EU25835
418Taurenos Stole My BikeArgent Dawn-EU25835
423AscendencyArgent Dawn-EU17830
423Immortal Seven (10)Argent Dawn-EU25830
423Rescue Aid SocietyArgent Dawn-EU25830
423StormwindArgent Dawn-EU21830
423Synthesis (10)Argent Dawn-EU25830
423UmbarArgent Dawn-EU25830
429Death and DecayArgent Dawn-EU25825
429Guild of HeroesArgent Dawn-EU25825
429The Nightingale SocietyArgent Dawn-EU22825
432Forlon HopeArgent Dawn-EU25820
432LADS GET LOOT (10)Argent Dawn-EU25820
432Peregrinos de AzerothArgent Dawn-EU25820
432Stormguard (10)Argent Dawn-EU25820
432The Crimson DawnArgent Dawn-EU25820
432Zombietowns ForsakenArgent Dawn-EU25820
438Apathy and RuinArgent Dawn-EU25815
439Hymn Of The WindArgent Dawn-EU25810
439Oddity ObtainersArgent Dawn-EU25810
439ProtocolArgent Dawn-EU25810
439Sabertooth (10)Argent Dawn-EU25810
439Valiant Heart (10)Argent Dawn-EU25810
444The Templar OrderArgent Dawn-EU25805
445Ancients (10)Argent Dawn-EU25800
445House HaywardArgent Dawn-EU22800
445Knights of the RealmArgent Dawn-EU25800
445Light in the DarkArgent Dawn-EU25800
445Red Rats (10)Argent Dawn-EU25800
445The Fifth ColumnArgent Dawn-EU25800
445VesuviusArgent Dawn-EU25800
452Sunstrider Royal GuardArgent Dawn-EU25795
453Argent dawn protectorsArgent Dawn-EU25790
453Blackbird CompanyArgent Dawn-EU25790
453Firma Ruffel och ByggArgent Dawn-EU19790
453House of TarsiasArgent Dawn-EU25790
453Lost Heroes of LordaeronArgent Dawn-EU25790
453Malevolence (10)Argent Dawn-EU25790
453PerseveranceArgent Dawn-EU25790
453Reincarnation of DoroArgent Dawn-EU25790
453Up To YouArgent Dawn-EU25790
453Whispers of SargerasArgent Dawn-EU25790
463Arathi Honour GuardArgent Dawn-EU25785
463Blackjaw ClanArgent Dawn-EU25785
463Chosen of UrsocArgent Dawn-EU25785
463Dominium Ex ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU25785
463Frostbitten (10)Argent Dawn-EU25785
463Legio AeternaArgent Dawn-EU25785
463Moonlight ShadowArgent Dawn-EU25785
463We Are ManyArgent Dawn-EU25785
471BenevolentArgent Dawn-EU25780
471Epic AngelsArgent Dawn-EU25780
471Legendary SwingerArgent Dawn-EU23780
471The Last Legion (10)Argent Dawn-EU25780
471The Tushui AcademyArgent Dawn-EU25780
476Argent ShieldArgent Dawn-EU25770
476Cult of Immortal FireArgent Dawn-EU22770
476EruptionArgent Dawn-EU25770
476House GarretArgent Dawn-EU25770
476Ninth BattalionArgent Dawn-EU25770
476Show Your Allegiance (10)Argent Dawn-EU25770
476The OwlsArgent Dawn-EU25770
476UnpredictableArgent Dawn-EU25770
476We Versus Them (10)Argent Dawn-EU25770
485BulwarkArgent Dawn-EU23765
485The Diamond Tiger (10)Argent Dawn-EU25765
487Brutal IntentionsArgent Dawn-EU25760
487Dragonblade BrotherhoodArgent Dawn-EU25760
487Enclave of WanderersArgent Dawn-EU25760
487Final AmendmentArgent Dawn-EU19760
487Ghost DivisionArgent Dawn-EU16760
487Home Of The AllianceArgent Dawn-EU25760
487Tales UnsungArgent Dawn-EU25760
487The Union of HousesArgent Dawn-EU25760
495Infernal WrathArgent Dawn-EU25755
495The House Of StrathmoreArgent Dawn-EU25755
497Audacity (10)Argent Dawn-EU25750
497Cannon Fodder DivisionArgent Dawn-EU25750
497Circle of the HydraArgent Dawn-EU25750
497Munchy Crunchy InfantsArgent Dawn-EU25750
497SecretArgent Dawn-EU25750
502Abandoned ArtsArgent Dawn-EU25745
502Burning Sea DragonsArgent Dawn-EU25745
504AVAArgent Dawn-EU25740
504KoyaanisqatsiArgent Dawn-EU25740
504Leveling PerksArgent Dawn-EU25740
504Oath of SilverArgent Dawn-EU25740
504The BladesArgent Dawn-EU25740
504The Silver GauntletArgent Dawn-EU25740
504Tides of WarArgent Dawn-EU25740
511Deus Ex MachinaArgent Dawn-EU25735
511The WardensArgent Dawn-EU25735
511Umbrella DrinksArgent Dawn-EU25735
514LEGITArgent Dawn-EU25730
514Moonglaive SisterhoodArgent Dawn-EU25730
514The Crimson ConcordArgent Dawn-EU25730
514The Lost DefendersArgent Dawn-EU25730
514Triumvirate of OrosArgent Dawn-EU25730
519Loktar gi RathisArgent Dawn-EU24725
519The Ashen WolvesArgent Dawn-EU25725
521Empire of ShaohaoArgent Dawn-EU25720
521LeagueArgent Dawn-EU24720
521Lunas LightArgent Dawn-EU21720
521PandamonsArgent Dawn-EU25720
521TalKraas FangArgent Dawn-EU25720
521TenArgent Dawn-EU24720
527ApolyonArgent Dawn-EU25715
527Rise of the DawnArgent Dawn-EU25715
529PFOArgent Dawn-EU25710
529Stormwind Guard ForceArgent Dawn-EU25710
529Stormwind Royal BankArgent Dawn-EU25710
532Conquest Company (10)Argent Dawn-EU25705
532Facetious FewArgent Dawn-EU23705
532MuumilaaksoArgent Dawn-EU25705
532North Hold WardensArgent Dawn-EU25705
532NostalgyArgent Dawn-EU25705
532The Prancing PonyArgent Dawn-EU25705
538Brobotts WarfareArgent Dawn-EU25700
538SevenArgent Dawn-EU25700
538Veni Vidi ViciArgent Dawn-EU25700
538X PatriotArgent Dawn-EU21700
542Aqir NerubArgent Dawn-EU25695
542BelenosArgent Dawn-EU24695
542Chaos TheoryArgent Dawn-EU25695
542Kings and Aces (10)Argent Dawn-EU25695
542LegitimateArgent Dawn-EU25695
542LorDanel WatchersArgent Dawn-EU25695
542Shadows of OutlandArgent Dawn-EU25695
542Souls of the OceanArgent Dawn-EU25695
550AncestorsArgent Dawn-EU25690
550Deity (10)Argent Dawn-EU25690
550NecrosisArgent Dawn-EU25690
550Ownage (10)Argent Dawn-EU25690
550Pod Pijanym MurlockiemArgent Dawn-EU25690
550Single Abstract NounArgent Dawn-EU25690
550Smart CasualsArgent Dawn-EU25690
550The SystemArgent Dawn-EU25690
550The Valiant SyndicateArgent Dawn-EU25690
550The Yuoshin CreedArgent Dawn-EU25690
550Trifling GnomesArgent Dawn-EU25690
550Unit FourteenArgent Dawn-EU25690
562CupcakesArgent Dawn-EU25685
562Folie à DeuxArgent Dawn-EU25685
562Stormwind City JanitorArgent Dawn-EU25685
562The Ashmane CompanyArgent Dawn-EU25685
562The Jolly AlteracianArgent Dawn-EU25685
567Devotion or SubmissionArgent Dawn-EU25680
567Friend of the GrummlesArgent Dawn-EU25680
567Loa Atal AiArgent Dawn-EU25680
567Please do not eat meArgent Dawn-EU8680
567Shade of EchoesArgent Dawn-EU25680
567The Brotherhood of SteelArgent Dawn-EU25680
567The Chaos ExperienceArgent Dawn-EU25680
567The Guardians of PeaceArgent Dawn-EU25680
567The Secret RoseArgent Dawn-EU25680
576Elusive SpiritsArgent Dawn-EU25675
576Holy ClergyArgent Dawn-EU25675
576Old TownersArgent Dawn-EU25675
576Ominous Latin NameArgent Dawn-EU25675
576Ride The LightningArgent Dawn-EU25675
576Wandering Grove ClanArgent Dawn-EU25675
582Anonymous LegionArgent Dawn-EU25670
582C O U R A G EArgent Dawn-EU25670
582Legends of the AllianceArgent Dawn-EU25670
582Moonwatcher WardensArgent Dawn-EU25670
582Shady CharacterArgent Dawn-EU25670
582Steel LegionArgent Dawn-EU25670
582The Blackwood RaidersArgent Dawn-EU25670
582The Golden HeartArgent Dawn-EU25670
582The Lethal LegacyArgent Dawn-EU25670
582The Raveneye KnighthoodArgent Dawn-EU17670
582The Ten BladesArgent Dawn-EU22670
582WarlordArgent Dawn-EU25670
594Happy Funtime GuildArgent Dawn-EU25665
594The SyndicatesArgent Dawn-EU25665
596Dark EliteArgent Dawn-EU25660
596Libertas De DominatusArgent Dawn-EU23660
596Realm Of BelialArgent Dawn-EU25660
596THE GANGArgent Dawn-EU25660
596The Global AssassinsArgent Dawn-EU25660
596The Hairy BikersArgent Dawn-EU23660
596WeirdoArgent Dawn-EU25660
596Worthless Peon (10)Argent Dawn-EU25660
604Bad InfluenceArgent Dawn-EU21655
604Carpe Omnius (10)Argent Dawn-EU25655
604Novus Ordo SeclorumArgent Dawn-EU25655
604The Forlorn HopeArgent Dawn-EU25655
608BerserkArgent Dawn-EU25650
608EsjourdArgent Dawn-EU25650
608Mercyful FateArgent Dawn-EU25650
608Red MoonArgent Dawn-EU25650
608Shadow Of GloryArgent Dawn-EU25650
608Some Assembly RequiredArgent Dawn-EU25650
614AncientArgent Dawn-EU25645
614Chapter of the PariahArgent Dawn-EU25645
614Defender Of The AncientsArgent Dawn-EU25645
617Discombobulate (10)Argent Dawn-EU25640
617LegionArgent Dawn-EU25640
617Parallel HordeArgent Dawn-EU25640
617ShuijinArgent Dawn-EU25640
617The High GuardArgent Dawn-EU25640
617The Last HopeArgent Dawn-EU25640
623Beyond successArgent Dawn-EU25635
623Gravity (10)Argent Dawn-EU25635
623Nightmares DefianceArgent Dawn-EU25635
626Age Of MythologyArgent Dawn-EU25630
626All The Qúeens MenArgent Dawn-EU25630
626Dranoshar DominionArgent Dawn-EU25630
626GenesisArgent Dawn-EU20630
626Its ColdArgent Dawn-EU25630
626Just In ExperienceArgent Dawn-EU25630
626Quantum Paradox (10)Argent Dawn-EU25630
633Legends of the PastArgent Dawn-EU25625
634Fur RealArgent Dawn-EU21620
634Hamada FanClubArgent Dawn-EU25620
634House of BatiatusArgent Dawn-EU25620
634KìckedArgent Dawn-EU25620
634Sandstorm BanditsArgent Dawn-EU25620
634Seven TorchesArgent Dawn-EU25620
634TemperanceArgent Dawn-EU25620
634TushuiArgent Dawn-EU25620
642Darkspear TribeArgent Dawn-EU25615
642EldersArgent Dawn-EU25615
642GlasgalArgent Dawn-EU25615
642Last Mrohicans (10)Argent Dawn-EU25615
642Legacy of HonorArgent Dawn-EU19615
642Myst of NostalgiaArgent Dawn-EU25615
642Stone CrowsArgent Dawn-EU25615
642Zandalari EmpireArgent Dawn-EU25615
650Anvilmar Iron BrigadeArgent Dawn-EU25610
650Bear HugsArgent Dawn-EU25610
650ChainfireArgent Dawn-EU25610
650Euphoric RequiemArgent Dawn-EU25610
650Ex InfernaeArgent Dawn-EU25610
650Guild PerksArgent Dawn-EU25610
650House Of Frostfire (10)Argent Dawn-EU25610
650Perdition (10)Argent Dawn-EU25610
650Save Dragons Stop PvEArgent Dawn-EU25610
650The Scarlet SisterhoodArgent Dawn-EU25610
650Thorn (10)Argent Dawn-EU25610
661A Few Good Fellas (10)Argent Dawn-EU25605
661Catacomb Creepers UnionArgent Dawn-EU25605
661DeathwalkersArgent Dawn-EU25605
661House of the SparrowArgent Dawn-EU25605
661PhilosophyArgent Dawn-EU25605
661The Veterans GuildArgent Dawn-EU25605
667Burning CircleArgent Dawn-EU25600
667BushidoArgent Dawn-EU25600
667Fata MorganaArgent Dawn-EU25600
667Guild of MattssownArgent Dawn-EU25600
667League Of LoyalistsArgent Dawn-EU25600
667Order of the Silver LionArgent Dawn-EU25600
667The Angels of Light (10)Argent Dawn-EU25600
667The Secret SocietyArgent Dawn-EU25600
675EtherealArgent Dawn-EU12595
675Filthy CasualsArgent Dawn-EU25595
675Kundalini (10)Argent Dawn-EU25595
675MoonfeatherArgent Dawn-EU25595
675Shadow AngelsArgent Dawn-EU25595
675The StormguardArgent Dawn-EU21595
681Bad KarmaArgent Dawn-EU25590
681Blackhawk MercenariesArgent Dawn-EU19590
681Covenant of LordaeronArgent Dawn-EU25590
681Crimson TideArgent Dawn-EU18590
681Fairy TailsArgent Dawn-EU25590
681Hallowed SteelArgent Dawn-EU25590
681The Hargrave InitiativeArgent Dawn-EU25590
681The Morning StarArgent Dawn-EU25590
681WayfarerArgent Dawn-EU18590
681WhitestarArgent Dawn-EU25590
691Budds Pals (10)Argent Dawn-EU25585
691Dude you got timed outArgent Dawn-EU25585
691Spirits Of WarArgent Dawn-EU25585
691The WayArgent Dawn-EU25585
695Band of the BlackwolfArgent Dawn-EU25580
695DescentArgent Dawn-EU25580
695Grand Theft KodoArgent Dawn-EU25580
695ReikokuArgent Dawn-EU23580
695Requiem in IgnisArgent Dawn-EU25580
695ShelterArgent Dawn-EU25580
695The End ChapterArgent Dawn-EU25580
695The Forlorn CrestArgent Dawn-EU25580
703CrowhavenArgent Dawn-EU25575
703From The FlamesArgent Dawn-EU25575
703LaminasArgent Dawn-EU15575
703Last of the HandArgent Dawn-EU25575
703The Three HammersArgent Dawn-EU25575
708Blinkspeed CouriersArgent Dawn-EU25570
708Chaos ProphecyArgent Dawn-EU25570
708Chelisa (10)Argent Dawn-EU25570
708Forty FourthArgent Dawn-EU25570
708House HargraveArgent Dawn-EU25570
708Light of the Star (10)Argent Dawn-EU25570
708Lordaerons ArmyArgent Dawn-EU25570
708RawArgent Dawn-EU25570
708SacredArgent Dawn-EU18570
708The CollectorsArgent Dawn-EU25570
708The EstablishmentArgent Dawn-EU25570
708The Reis OffensiveArgent Dawn-EU25570
720ContortedArgent Dawn-EU25565
720Freaks and Fables (10)Argent Dawn-EU25565
720Plastic FantasticArgent Dawn-EU25565
723EquinoxArgent Dawn-EU25560
723Old HopeArgent Dawn-EU16560
723Quia Ego Sic DicoArgent Dawn-EU19560
723The Light of ArgusArgent Dawn-EU25560
723The Red BranchArgent Dawn-EU25560
723The Shield of LightArgent Dawn-EU25560
723TomteVerkstanArgent Dawn-EU23560
730EshourdArgent Dawn-EU25555
730House RivorndirArgent Dawn-EU23555
730No Matter The CostArgent Dawn-EU25555
730Stormbringers (10)Argent Dawn-EU25555
730The Assassins OrderArgent Dawn-EU25555
730The ExchangeArgent Dawn-EU25555
730Unemployed AdventurersArgent Dawn-EU13555
737BANÜTAArgent Dawn-EU25550
737EvergladeArgent Dawn-EU22550
737Fac Ut VivasArgent Dawn-EU25550
737OrbionArgent Dawn-EU25550
737RavensightArgent Dawn-EU25550
737SwiftdawnArgent Dawn-EU18550
737Unyielding DestinyArgent Dawn-EU25550
744Red LegionArgent Dawn-EU25545
744StaticArgent Dawn-EU25545
744The Legion of DarknessArgent Dawn-EU25545
747Celtic spiritArgent Dawn-EU25540
747Cytokine StormArgent Dawn-EU25540
747Girls OnlyArgent Dawn-EU25540
747Residents of DuskwoodArgent Dawn-EU25540
747Scales of the DragonArgent Dawn-EU25540
747ScionArgent Dawn-EU25540
747The Crimson ReachArgent Dawn-EU25540
747The Kirin DalArgent Dawn-EU25540
747World Of JosiieenArgent Dawn-EU25540
756Archons VanguardArgent Dawn-EU25535
756Enter the Mist (10)Argent Dawn-EU25535
756Shadow VanguardArgent Dawn-EU25535
756The Winged HussarsArgent Dawn-EU16535
760Highlander CompanyArgent Dawn-EU25530
760ReminisceArgent Dawn-EU25530
760Requíem for a DreamArgent Dawn-EU15530
760The Conclave Of BloodArgent Dawn-EU25530
760The EclipseArgent Dawn-EU21530
760The Kingdom Of CerullaArgent Dawn-EU25530
766Dark Iron ClanArgent Dawn-EU25525
766DerelictaArgent Dawn-EU25525
766ExpiredArgent Dawn-EU25525
766Legion of ChaosArgent Dawn-EU25525
766PulseArgent Dawn-EU25525
766Pursuit Of HappinessArgent Dawn-EU25525
766RelentlessArgent Dawn-EU25525
766Salt Upon WoundsArgent Dawn-EU25525
766The JuggernautArgent Dawn-EU25525
775Crows and Raptors (10)Argent Dawn-EU25520
775Elrendarian AssemblyArgent Dawn-EU25520
775The Golden EyeArgent Dawn-EU25520
778Clan of the Whíte TigerArgent Dawn-EU25515
778The Phantomclaw PackArgent Dawn-EU25515
778UnoriginalArgent Dawn-EU25515
781Chapter of Holy AnethionArgent Dawn-EU25510
781Chill BeansArgent Dawn-EU25510
781Cult of Drifting AshesArgent Dawn-EU25510
781Dark LegacyArgent Dawn-EU25510
781DragonSoul PingPongTeamArgent Dawn-EU12510
781Drunken StyleArgent Dawn-EU16510
781Garrosh HeckscreamArgent Dawn-EU18510
781ImmortalîumArgent Dawn-EU25510
781Kuroki RyuuArgent Dawn-EU25510
781Leave All AlliesArgent Dawn-EU23510
781Sharks in a BarrelArgent Dawn-EU25510
781The Fablewind FaireArgent Dawn-EU25510
781The Forgotten VikingsArgent Dawn-EU25510
781Third Argent DivisionArgent Dawn-EU23510
795Adventure MormonsArgent Dawn-EU25505
795Game OverArgent Dawn-EU25505
795League of InsomniacsArgent Dawn-EU20505
795Silver DragonsArgent Dawn-EU25505
795The CoterieArgent Dawn-EU11505
795The Forgotten ForceArgent Dawn-EU25505
795The Lethal Party (10)Argent Dawn-EU25505
795The Phoenix BladeswornArgent Dawn-EU25505
795The Stalwart GauntletArgent Dawn-EU25505
804and two stealthed roguesArgent Dawn-EU10500
804Bloodbound Reapers (10)Argent Dawn-EU25500
804Ere ArgusArgent Dawn-EU25500
804Shadow OrderArgent Dawn-EU19500
804The Frozen Paw ClanArgent Dawn-EU18500
809AD Cricket ClubArgent Dawn-EU25495
809Blue RecluseArgent Dawn-EU25495
809Clan of KalimdorArgent Dawn-EU25495
809Council of the Pale WingArgent Dawn-EU25495
809InjusticeArgent Dawn-EU25495
809Killer RedemptionArgent Dawn-EU25495
809Killing Kittens (10)Argent Dawn-EU16495
809StormArgent Dawn-EU16495
809The Legendary AdventurerArgent Dawn-EU25495
809WatchmenArgent Dawn-EU25495
819Archlight MechanicsArgent Dawn-EU19490
819Empyrean CreedArgent Dawn-EU25490
819NostalgiaArgent Dawn-EU13490
819SoupArgent Dawn-EU25490
819Survivors Of The BladeArgent Dawn-EU25490
819The Broken LegendArgent Dawn-EU25490
819The Cult of NzothArgent Dawn-EU24490
819VanquishArgent Dawn-EU25490
819Wayfarers GuildArgent Dawn-EU19490
819Worlds SaviorsArgent Dawn-EU25490
829Glorious ComradesArgent Dawn-EU25485
829The Dark EmbraceArgent Dawn-EU21485
829The Drop Of LifeArgent Dawn-EU14485
832BAMBOOZLEEDArgent Dawn-EU25480
832Empire Of ShadowsArgent Dawn-EU23480
832Fifty Shades Of PerksArgent Dawn-EU25480
832Sandstone WarriorsArgent Dawn-EU12480
832Vikings of NorthrendArgent Dawn-EU25480
837A New HordeArgent Dawn-EU24475
837Good GameArgent Dawn-EU22475
837illuminatosArgent Dawn-EU25475
837The Dark AdherenceArgent Dawn-EU25475
841Dawn of ChaosArgent Dawn-EU16470
841Doodle NoodleArgent Dawn-EU25470
841Gearfist IBSArgent Dawn-EU22470
841GirlscoutArgent Dawn-EU25470
841Hate Me HarderArgent Dawn-EU18470
841Pennybridge PioneersArgent Dawn-EU12470
841Stormwind City WatchArgent Dawn-EU25470
841Sub silentioArgent Dawn-EU25470
841The Nights WanderersArgent Dawn-EU15470
841The Silent VigilArgent Dawn-EU25470
841The Steel GauntletArgent Dawn-EU25470
852Never Back DownArgent Dawn-EU25465
852Northrend ExpeditionArgent Dawn-EU25465
852Remnants of DarknessArgent Dawn-EU24465
852SurrealArgent Dawn-EU25465
852The House of LegendsArgent Dawn-EU25465
852Umbra CorporationArgent Dawn-EU25465
858Ashdawn battalionArgent Dawn-EU25460
858Bastion of the FallenArgent Dawn-EU25460
858Casual ChannelArgent Dawn-EU25460
858DraconisArgent Dawn-EU25460
858Graywater IncArgent Dawn-EU22460
858Ironwatch VanguardArgent Dawn-EU25460
858League of the dawnArgent Dawn-EU23460
858Order of BloodmanteArgent Dawn-EU25460
858TalonsArgent Dawn-EU17460
867DeviantsArgent Dawn-EU25455
867Its all in the VispArgent Dawn-EU25455
867ValorArgent Dawn-EU25455
870Callidus MortalitusArgent Dawn-EU13450
870Headhunting TribeArgent Dawn-EU25450
870Lords of The NorthArgent Dawn-EU25450
870Nether warriorsArgent Dawn-EU25450
870Sect of the ÐragonsArgent Dawn-EU12450
870Stormwind Pyjama PartyArgent Dawn-EU25450
870The Cynical DefilersArgent Dawn-EU25450
870The Mangy WolfArgent Dawn-EU25450
878Burn (10)Argent Dawn-EU12445
878KampferArgent Dawn-EU25445
878Moonleaf GroveArgent Dawn-EU25445
878Order of BloodmantleArgent Dawn-EU25445
882BlasphemyArgent Dawn-EU11440
882Egocentric (10)Argent Dawn-EU1440
882Happy GuildmoreArgent Dawn-EU25440
882Ruby RangersArgent Dawn-EU25440
882The Beat Just GoesArgent Dawn-EU12440
882VenomArgent Dawn-EU21440
888The Zulian LegacyArgent Dawn-EU25435
888Unreal SanctuaryArgent Dawn-EU25435
890Badger Badger BadgerArgent Dawn-EU25430
890CohesionArgent Dawn-EU25430
890InfinityArgent Dawn-EU25430
890No More Tears (10)Argent Dawn-EU11430
890RavenwingArgent Dawn-EU13430
890Risen JudgementArgent Dawn-EU14430
890StarfleetArgent Dawn-EU25430
890The Forgotten KeepersArgent Dawn-EU16430
890Wayfaring HordeArgent Dawn-EU25430
890Whispers of LightArgent Dawn-EU11430
900Assistant InnkeeperArgent Dawn-EU25425
900Avengers of the LightArgent Dawn-EU25425
900Dark SoulsArgent Dawn-EU25425
900Loot IncArgent Dawn-EU14425
900Monster You Made MeArgent Dawn-EU25425
900Redemption of the HatedArgent Dawn-EU25425
900The Old BoysArgent Dawn-EU20425
907Animus VoxArgent Dawn-EU25420
907Crazy DucksArgent Dawn-EU15420
907Frozen HeartArgent Dawn-EU25420
907League of GentlemenArgent Dawn-EU16420
907Stonebear ClanArgent Dawn-EU24420
907The Skyguard SocietyArgent Dawn-EU25420
913Bloodrise DawnArgent Dawn-EU25415
913House of ArenthilArgent Dawn-EU25415
913Northrend VanguardArgent Dawn-EU25415
913The Council of TreantsArgent Dawn-EU25415
913The Latest PlagueArgent Dawn-EU18415
913Tuonela Fish n Skin CoArgent Dawn-EU25415
919Maelstrom SyndicateArgent Dawn-EU25410
919Night OwlsArgent Dawn-EU2410
919Order of the Golden LionArgent Dawn-EU6410
919Pax VobiscumArgent Dawn-EU24410
919RavenArgent Dawn-EU18410
919StigmaArgent Dawn-EU11410
919The BleakshieldArgent Dawn-EU25410
919The SaïntsArgent Dawn-EU25410
919The Seven HeadsArgent Dawn-EU14410
919UnstoppableArgent Dawn-EU25410
929Durakra OutridersArgent Dawn-EU19405
929The Obsidian CompanyArgent Dawn-EU20405
931Ashen VigilArgent Dawn-EU25400
931Blue MenagerieArgent Dawn-EU25400
931Dawning Sun CompanyArgent Dawn-EU25400
931Echoes of WarArgent Dawn-EU25400
931Fluffy Cuddle BunniesArgent Dawn-EU25400
931Il BrancoArgent Dawn-EU24400
931Intereo per VeneratioArgent Dawn-EU19400
931Ironforge MountaineersArgent Dawn-EU16400
931Pretentious Latin NameArgent Dawn-EU24400
931The Plainrunner TribeArgent Dawn-EU25400
931The SilverstagArgent Dawn-EU22400
931Thunderfist ClanArgent Dawn-EU11400
931Vox PopuliArgent Dawn-EU25400
931ZealArgent Dawn-EU25400
945Baradin WardensArgent Dawn-EU21395
945IumentumArgent Dawn-EU7395
945Order of the Steel FistArgent Dawn-EU22395
945Shapers of DestinyArgent Dawn-EU24395
945SilhouettesArgent Dawn-EU25395
950Goldshire RegularsArgent Dawn-EU25390
950Legacy of the ForgottenArgent Dawn-EU25390
950May Contain NutzArgent Dawn-EU25390
950Molten FuryArgent Dawn-EU25390
950noxArgent Dawn-EU22390
950Ordinem IustiArgent Dawn-EU7390
950Shadow GuardsArgent Dawn-EU19390
950The Unspoken DarkArgent Dawn-EU25390
950Warsong ScarsArgent Dawn-EU21390
959EatSleepConquerArgent Dawn-EU12385
959Friends Equals FamilyArgent Dawn-EU25385
959The Clockwork CollectiveArgent Dawn-EU23385
959The Runehammer OrderArgent Dawn-EU25385
963Chefs KnifeArgent Dawn-EU22380
963Holy GroundArgent Dawn-EU25380
963IntrinsicArgent Dawn-EU13380
963Knights Of The BloodOathArgent Dawn-EU25380
963Oops ButterfingersArgent Dawn-EU5380
963Risen SpiritsArgent Dawn-EU25380
963Searing CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU25380
963SilverbladeArgent Dawn-EU25380
963Sparkle MotionArgent Dawn-EU24380
972Alliance Forward BrigadeArgent Dawn-EU25375
972Crimson DawnArgent Dawn-EU16375
972DreamArgent Dawn-EU25375
972Shadow InkArgent Dawn-EU25375
972Silver GardenArgent Dawn-EU21375
977All Hail to the AleArgent Dawn-EU13370
977Atraxian CouncilArgent Dawn-EU18370
977FractureArgent Dawn-EU10370
977Justhal DarkArgent Dawn-EU25370
977More Dots (10)Argent Dawn-EU25370
977Steamshell UnitArgent Dawn-EU18370
977Sworn Through SwordsArgent Dawn-EU24370
977The Ironforge RegularsArgent Dawn-EU16370
977The Scarfist BrotherhoodArgent Dawn-EU25370
977Thero ShanArgent Dawn-EU18370
977Tis But a ScratchArgent Dawn-EU11370
977Whitemanes AdvanceArgent Dawn-EU25370
989Angels of AzerothArgent Dawn-EU6365
989Aurora promiseArgent Dawn-EU11365
989Bites When Picked UpArgent Dawn-EU9365
989Dark FollowingArgent Dawn-EU25365
989Ministry of NorthshireArgent Dawn-EU19365
989NQQB SQUADArgent Dawn-EU25365
989Number SevenArgent Dawn-EU25365
989Public Enemies (10)Argent Dawn-EU23365
989Sade CompanyArgent Dawn-EU25365
989Silvershield CompanyArgent Dawn-EU11365
989The Obsidian BladesArgent Dawn-EU23365
1000Blackmoon Skull ClanArgent Dawn-EU25360

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