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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Area 52-US Guild Achievement Points
1Shots Fired (25)Area 52-US252495
2Scorn (25)Area 52-US252465
2We Might Be Raiders (10)Area 52-US252465
4Darkweaver Syndicate (10)Area 52-US252425
5Guidance (10)Area 52-US252375
6Cut the Blue Wire (10)Area 52-US252365
6Natural Selection (10)Area 52-US252365
8High Five (25)Area 52-US252315
8Plan B (10)Area 52-US252315
8Volatilè Dèath (10)Area 52-US252315
11VEX (10)Area 52-US252295
12Imminent Paradox (10)Area 52-US252290
13Cryogen (10)Area 52-US252285
13SemanticsArea 52-US252285
15Knows Nothing (10)Area 52-US252275
15Something Epic (10)Area 52-US252275
15The Chösen (10)Area 52-US252275
18Unity (10)Area 52-US252270
18Vindication (10)Area 52-US252270
20Sick Society (25)Area 52-US252265
20Synergy (25)Area 52-US252265
22Access Denied (10)Area 52-US252255
23Southern Comfõrt (25)Area 52-US252245
24Academy of War (10)Area 52-US252225
24Horde Core (10)Area 52-US252225
24Stockholm Syndrome (25)Area 52-US252225
24UnRestrainable (10)Area 52-US252225
28H D M WArea 52-US252215
29Ordinem Draco (10)Area 52-US252210
30Delicious Cake (25)Area 52-US252205
31Common Affliction (10)Area 52-US252200
32FreakshowArea 52-US252195
32Knights of Arcania (10)Area 52-US252195
32Wreckëd (10)Area 52-US252195
35Intrinsic Darkness (10)Area 52-US252190
36Giggity (10)Area 52-US252185
36Rejected (10)Area 52-US252185
38Likes Cake (10)Area 52-US252160
39complexity (10)Area 52-US252155
39Conclave of Sin (10)Area 52-US252155
39Damaged (25)Area 52-US252155
39DisturbingThePeace (10)Area 52-US252155
39The Soul Asylum (10)Area 52-US252155
44Bringers of The Dark Age (10)Area 52-US252150
45A Coterie Of Casuals (25)Area 52-US252145
45LeviathanArea 52-US252145
45Socially Inept (10)Area 52-US252145
48Badwolf Corporation (10)Area 52-US252140
49Cupcake Factory (10)Area 52-US252135
49Volhalla (10)Area 52-US252135
51Infinite DivideArea 52-US252130
51kings of wòw (10)Area 52-US252130
51Synergistic (10)Area 52-US252130
54Monolith (10)Area 52-US252115
54ShatterArea 52-US252115
56Negatory (10)Area 52-US252105
57Fishstick BurritosArea 52-US252100
57Horses and HotrodsArea 52-US252100
57Synthetic (10)Area 52-US252100
60Seraphim (10)Area 52-US252095
61E Pluribus Unum (10)Area 52-US252085
61Evil Deeds Inc (10)Area 52-US252085
61Extreme Vengeance (10)Area 52-US252085
61Unpossible (10)Area 52-US252085
65Dragon Blades (10)Area 52-US252075
65Reprisal (10)Area 52-US252075
65The Giver Of BeatingsArea 52-US252075
68Superfriends (10)Area 52-US252070
69Dishonored (10)Area 52-US252065
70BlurredVision (10)Area 52-US252060
70Dêvils Rêjêcts (10)Area 52-US252060
70Eternally Oblivious (10)Area 52-US252060
70TNT (10)Area 52-US252060
70Unrelenting Chaos (10)Area 52-US252060
75Blood Sweat and Gear (10)Area 52-US252055
76Ascending Phoenix (10)Area 52-US252050
76Methodic (10)Area 52-US252050
76Serenity Over Khaos (10)Area 52-US252050
76StormbringerArea 52-US252050
80DragonslayersArea 52-US252040
80Intl House of Pwncakes (10)Area 52-US252040
80Nadir (10)Area 52-US252040
83Legitimate (10)Area 52-US252035
84CIA (10)Area 52-US252030
84Laid to Rest (10)Area 52-US252030
86Insidious Souls (10)Area 52-US252025
86Sha Happens (10)Area 52-US252025
88Bandage Brigade (10)Area 52-US252020
88Demented Asylum (10)Area 52-US252020
90Art of Execution (25)Area 52-US252015
90Caustic (25)Area 52-US252015
90DayBreakers (10)Area 52-US252015
93Top Hat MafiaArea 52-US252010
93Wipe Scene Investigation (10)Area 52-US252010
95Nerdikis Ragious Maximus (10)Area 52-US252000
96Exposed (10)Area 52-US251995
97Brutal ObedienceArea 52-US251990
97Hots Dots N Kidney Shots (10)Area 52-US251990
97The Exiles (10)Area 52-US251990
100Bat Country (10)Area 52-US251985
100Stop Snitching (10)Area 52-US251985
102Born From The Ashes (10)Area 52-US251980
102Moment of Reckoning (10)Area 52-US251980
102P A R A D I G M (10)Area 52-US251980
105Echoes (25)Area 52-US251975
105Six Beers Deep (10)Area 52-US251975
107I Need A LifeArea 52-US251970
107Incarceration (10)Area 52-US251970
107Nightmare IncidentArea 52-US251970
110Apocalyptic Angels (10)Area 52-US251960
110Catastrophe (10)Area 52-US251960
110Hellscreams Legion (10)Area 52-US251960
110Play with MadnessArea 52-US251960
110Primary TargetArea 52-US251960
110Sky InfernoArea 52-US251960
110The AscensionArea 52-US251960
110The Madness Within (10)Area 52-US251960
110Toy Soldiers (10)Area 52-US251960
119Dead Again (10)Area 52-US251950
119Gathering FXArea 52-US251950
119LNC (25)Area 52-US251950
119The Named OnesArea 52-US251950
123Sanction (10)Area 52-US251940
124Death By Lag (10)Area 52-US251935
124Satyriasis (10)Area 52-US251935
126Mass Murders inc (10)Area 52-US251930
126ZOMBIE LAND (10)Area 52-US251930
128In Arduis Fidelis (10)Area 52-US251925
128Likely AFK (10)Area 52-US251925
128Organized ChaosArea 52-US251925
128Viral (10)Area 52-US251925
132CantankerousArea 52-US251910
132RiddleArea 52-US251910
132Stubborn Old Bastages (10)Area 52-US251910
132Water Sleeps (10)Area 52-US251910
136Chain Reaction (25)Area 52-US251905
136Cult (10)Area 52-US251905
136Grey Eminence (10)Area 52-US251905
136InsomniacArea 52-US251905
140Blood ReignArea 52-US251900
140Titan (10)Area 52-US251900
142Sixwinter (10)Area 52-US251890
142Størm (10)Area 52-US251890
142Team Handsome (10)Area 52-US251890
142The Menagerie (10)Area 52-US251890
146Revived (10)Area 52-US251880
146The Grim ReapersArea 52-US251880
146Trom Cairde Aontaigh (10)Area 52-US251880
149FlatlineArea 52-US251875
150GRiM REAPER BRiGADEArea 52-US251870
150Octavarium (10)Area 52-US251870
150Potent (10)Area 52-US251870
150We Are LegionArea 52-US251870
154Angels by night (10)Area 52-US251865
154Furious LegionArea 52-US251865
154Sereñity (10)Area 52-US251865
157Arcane TendenciesArea 52-US251860
157Death By DawnArea 52-US251860
157Impossible (10)Area 52-US251860
160Blaçk Label (10)Area 52-US251855
161Asphyxia (10)Area 52-US251850
161Heathen (10)Area 52-US251850
161Incandescent Dawn (25)Area 52-US251850
161of the OrderArea 52-US251850
161Reign of Fallen Angels (10)Area 52-US251850
161Søul of Destiny (10)Area 52-US251850
167Gòódfellas (10)Area 52-US251845
167In ExileArea 52-US251845
169Order of the Fallen (10)Area 52-US251840
169Relentless PursuitArea 52-US251840
169Rise From The Ashes (10)Area 52-US251840
172Brutality (10)Area 52-US251835
172Emboldened (10)Area 52-US251835
172ExitiumArea 52-US251835
172Unaffiliated (25)Area 52-US251835
176DespiertoArea 52-US251830
176Light Democracy (10)Area 52-US251830
176Mystikos Theos (10)Area 52-US251830
179DemonKnights (10)Area 52-US251825
179VindictionArea 52-US251825
181AlphaCrankArea 52-US251820
181Bläck Watch (10)Area 52-US251820
181Infectious (10)Area 52-US251820
181Out For BloodArea 52-US251820
181Predomination (10)Area 52-US251820
181Reckless Ambition (25)Area 52-US251820
187Bellum Aeternus (10)Area 52-US251815
187Eternal EclipseArea 52-US251815
189AwakeningArea 52-US251810
189CleverArea 52-US251810
189Delusions of DalvengyrArea 52-US251810
189T O R Q U EArea 52-US251810
189The Art of QQArea 52-US251810
189The Eternal RepublicArea 52-US251810
195Alpha Trion (10)Area 52-US251805
195Lucid (25)Area 52-US251805
197Blood Bath and BeyondArea 52-US251800
197Loyal To NoneArea 52-US251800
197Malicious IntentArea 52-US251800
197Mantle of Burden (10)Area 52-US251800
197The Dead Parrot Society (10)Area 52-US251800
197Twisted Dynasty (10)Area 52-US251800
203Goodfellas (10)Area 52-US251795
203LiquidArea 52-US251795
203Nidhögg (10)Area 52-US251795
206Cahoots (10)Area 52-US251790
207Fire Is a Haste Buff (10)Area 52-US251785
208Induced Mayhem (10)Area 52-US251780
208Lunatic FringeArea 52-US251780
208Nevermore (10)Area 52-US251780
208SLASHArea 52-US251780
208Wargods Unleashed (10)Area 52-US251780
213Cruoris (10)Area 52-US251770
213Government Muscle (10)Area 52-US251770
213IMPULSÍVE (10)Area 52-US251770
213oXEternal DeathXoArea 52-US251770
213SînArea 52-US251770
213Team Umi Zumi (10)Area 52-US251770
219Experienced Few (10)Area 52-US251765
219Pleasure and Pain (10)Area 52-US251765
221Cheap Dates (10)Area 52-US251760
221JägerArea 52-US251760
221Switchin Positions (10)Area 52-US251760
221Thunderbluff Brewing Co (10)Area 52-US251760
225Disillusioned (10)Area 52-US251750
225Medicated for Ur Safety (10)Area 52-US251750
225Rabid Bunny MafiaArea 52-US251750
225Raiding Horde On (10)Area 52-US251750
225RêhäbArea 52-US251750
225Revitalize (10)Area 52-US251750
225Temerity (10)Area 52-US251750
225The Final StrikeArea 52-US251750
233DDoS (10)Area 52-US251745
234Dark FathomArea 52-US251740
234GladiumArea 52-US251740
234Harleys AngelsArea 52-US251740
234Honorbound (10)Area 52-US251740
234Orc n BeansArea 52-US251740
234Vires et honestasArea 52-US251740
240Limit Break (10)Area 52-US251730
241Renegadez Of Funk (10)Area 52-US251725
242Authenticity (10)Area 52-US251720
242Renascentia (10)Area 52-US251720
242SublímeArea 52-US251720
242The Insurgence (10)Area 52-US251720
242Thralls Elitist GuardArea 52-US251720
247GenesisXArea 52-US251710
247Reckøning (10)Area 52-US251710
247Sinners and Saints (10)Area 52-US251710
247Star Power (10)Area 52-US251710
251Heaven Sent Hell Bent (10)Area 52-US251700
251Random Thoughts (10)Area 52-US251700
251Sudden Violence (10)Area 52-US251700
254Tortured (10)Area 52-US251695
255Ascend (10)Area 52-US251690
255Demonic ChronicArea 52-US251690
255Undying Legends (10)Area 52-US251690
258Dawn of the HordeArea 52-US251680
258Eternity RaidersArea 52-US251680
258Meat Grinder (10)Area 52-US251680
258Sanctum of the PheonixArea 52-US251680
262Completely Different (10)Area 52-US251675
262Untold (25)Area 52-US251675
264De FactoArea 52-US251670
264Death By AFK (10)Area 52-US251670
264KmartArea 52-US251670
264Old TenArea 52-US251670
264Phoenix Down (10)Area 52-US251670
264Verbal Dysentery (10)Area 52-US251670
264Whatever WorksArea 52-US251670
271Dragons Flight (10)Area 52-US251665
272Ascending (10)Area 52-US251660
272Bacon of the Month ClubArea 52-US251660
272DevotedArea 52-US251660
272Glorious Death (10)Area 52-US251660
272home sweet homeArea 52-US251660
272LegêndsArea 52-US251660
272Paranoia (10)Area 52-US251660
272Premonitions (10)Area 52-US251660
272Ten (10)Area 52-US251660
272Thirteen Inches UnbuffedArea 52-US251660
272TriariiArea 52-US251660
283Fearless LegendsArea 52-US251655
284Amicus Fortis (10)Area 52-US251650
284Brazen (10)Area 52-US251650
284Jaded (10)Area 52-US251650
284NeurosphyxiaArea 52-US251650
284Rise of the GuardiansArea 52-US251650
284Volatìle (10)Area 52-US251650
290The Precipice Of War (10)Area 52-US251645
290Unholy Cupcake Brigade (10)Area 52-US251645
292Académie Du MassacreArea 52-US251640
292DominionArea 52-US251640
292Dragon Council (10)Area 52-US251640
292Ruins (10)Area 52-US251640
296Phobia (10)Area 52-US251635
296Reprise (10)Area 52-US251635
296Sippy Cup Disaster (10)Area 52-US251635
296The Play Boy MansionArea 52-US251635
300AFK My Cats On FireArea 52-US251630
300Blood and Chrome (10)Area 52-US251630
300Blood Bath End BeyondArea 52-US251630
300En La Oscuridad (10)Area 52-US251630
300Handle ItArea 52-US251630
300HLSArea 52-US251630
300Inquisitions RevengeArea 52-US251630
300The SoullessArea 52-US251630
308Ladies Only (10)Area 52-US251625
308Like A BAWSEArea 52-US251625
308Toxic ShockArea 52-US251625
311Among the Shadows (10)Area 52-US251620
311BreweryArea 52-US251620
311HEAVY HITTERZ (10)Area 52-US251620
311Vírus (10)Area 52-US251620
315Affinity (10)Area 52-US251615
315Mo SpaceArea 52-US251615
317Angel of Torment (10)Area 52-US251610
317because we said so (10)Area 52-US251610
317CowboysFromHellArea 52-US251610
317gladratusArea 52-US251610
317University of Orgrimmar (10)Area 52-US251610
317Vitality Inc (10)Area 52-US251610
323AinokeaArea 52-US251605
324Chocolate Bunny Meltdown (10)Area 52-US251600
324D L P (10)Area 52-US251600
324Intrinsic StateArea 52-US251600
324Knights of SerenityArea 52-US251600
324Revisions (10)Area 52-US251600
324Tempted KnightsArea 52-US251600
324With Bacon (10)Area 52-US251600
331Divination (10)Area 52-US251595
332Poorly Geared and LazyArea 52-US251590
332West Central PrisonArea 52-US251590
334Ivy LeagueArea 52-US251585
335Genesis Of ImmortalityArea 52-US251580
335Illogical WisdomArea 52-US251580
337Inebriated (25)Area 52-US251575
337ReawakenArea 52-US251575
339Disciples of Rage (10)Area 52-US251570
339End Time Prophets (10)Area 52-US251570
339Jüdgement (10)Area 52-US251570
339Odins Chosen Ones (10)Area 52-US251570
339Team Pork Sword (10)Area 52-US251570
339VENÐETTAArea 52-US251570
345Defiant Unity (25)Area 52-US251565
345Raids Naked (10)Area 52-US251565
347Chaos UnionArea 52-US251560
347Guilty PleasureArea 52-US251560
347Pax AeternaArea 52-US251560
347Retalliation (10)Area 52-US251560
347Rigorous (10)Area 52-US251560
352Fatal by Design (25)Area 52-US251555
352Noctivagant (10)Area 52-US251555
352StormboundArea 52-US251555
355Crimson SnowArea 52-US251550
355Furious Napkins (10)Area 52-US251550
355MobiusArea 52-US251550
355Nirvana (10)Area 52-US251550
359Hired GoonsArea 52-US251545
359SpradeArea 52-US251545
361Blood Rising (10)Area 52-US251540
361Player EvolutionArea 52-US251540
361The IndecisiveArea 52-US251540
364Legacy Reborn (10)Area 52-US251535
364ÖmenArea 52-US251535
364Phoenix Reborn (10)Area 52-US251535
367ApodyopsisArea 52-US251530
367Fides et AuduxArea 52-US251530
367Server Worst (10)Area 52-US251530
367Solar (10)Area 52-US251530
371Lunatic ArmyArea 52-US251525
371OD Redux (10)Area 52-US251525
373Not Suitable For RaidingArea 52-US251520
373The ProdigyArea 52-US251520
375Another B A M FArea 52-US251515
376Capital PunishmentArea 52-US251510
376DÅRK EFFIGYArea 52-US251510
376Das KapitalArea 52-US251510
376Impending Sorrow (10)Area 52-US251510
376Midnight Bloodbath (10)Area 52-US251510
376Old SchoolersArea 52-US251510
376ShadowFlame Inc (10)Area 52-US251510
376The Dragons BaneArea 52-US251510
384Casting Lots (10)Area 52-US251505
384Nameless Order (10)Area 52-US251505
386ClimaxArea 52-US251500
386Combat To Cadence (10)Area 52-US251500
386Lords of the LegionArea 52-US251500
386The Exterminatus (10)Area 52-US251500
390BIG SUSHI (10)Area 52-US251495
391If We Die Its LagArea 52-US251490
391Legacy UnbornArea 52-US251490
391Seething RageArea 52-US251490
391The CrewArea 52-US251490
391The Dark EmpireArea 52-US251490
391ToxÌcÌtyArea 52-US251490
397Glass CannonArea 52-US251485
397Incarnadine (10)Area 52-US251485
397Magical PotatoArea 52-US251485
400Adult Subject Matter (10)Area 52-US251480
400Obey The Rules (10)Area 52-US251480
402Epitaph (10)Area 52-US251475
402Total EclipseArea 52-US251475
404Deviant CrusadersArea 52-US251470
404Gloria Victis (10)Area 52-US251470
404Lincoln Wìped On Opera (25)Area 52-US251470
404Ravaged (10)Area 52-US251470
404Reign of Fire (10)Area 52-US251470
404The CorruptedArea 52-US251470
410SynergosArea 52-US251465
411Exoneration (10)Area 52-US251460
411Knights Who Say NiArea 52-US251460
411Minutemen (10)Area 52-US251460
411VIBEArea 52-US251460
411WarmongersArea 52-US251460
416Archetype (10)Area 52-US251455
416ScourgeArea 52-US251455
416Strawberry Puppy Kisses (25)Area 52-US251455
419Death ShadowsArea 52-US251450
419Defiant Tempest (10)Area 52-US251450
419Guild of the OutcastsArea 52-US251450
419ParadígmArea 52-US251450
419Raiders of the Lost OrcArea 52-US251450
419Sliver (10)Area 52-US251450
419Vivid Shadows (10)Area 52-US251450
427Blood Pack of AzerothArea 52-US251445
427Call of DuskArea 52-US251445
427Casual (25)Area 52-US251445
427Drunk TankArea 52-US251445
427The CondemnedArea 52-US251445
432Deaths GuardiansArea 52-US251440
432Drunk Putton BushingArea 52-US251440
432ExpandablesArea 52-US251440
432Metric (10)Area 52-US251440
432Ratchet NagasArea 52-US251440
432Relentless Chaos (10)Area 52-US251440
438Vilified (10)Area 52-US251435
439Get CarriedArea 52-US251430
439Platínum (10)Area 52-US251430
439Reign (10)Area 52-US251430
442IncursioArea 52-US251425
442Rated R IncArea 52-US251425
442RicinArea 52-US251425
445Darkside BattalionArea 52-US251420
445Enclave of SinArea 52-US251420
445InsånityArea 52-US251420
445ResurgenceArea 52-US251420
445String TheoryArea 52-US251420
450Celestial WrathArea 52-US251415
450Covënant (10)Area 52-US251415
450îrken êmpirêArea 52-US251415
453EvolvedArea 52-US251410
453FatedArea 52-US251410
453Lazy PeonsArea 52-US251410
453ShadowburnArea 52-US251410
453Under GearedArea 52-US251410
458Best Guild NAArea 52-US251405
458ForewarnedArea 52-US251405
458Windrunner RefugeesArea 52-US251405
461AsorayaArea 52-US251400
461Bad Egg (10)Area 52-US251400
461Dark Order of Twilight (10)Area 52-US251400
461Insufferable (10)Area 52-US251400
461IonicArea 52-US251400
461Plague WindsArea 52-US251400
461Seems Legit (10)Area 52-US251400
461The Gentlemans Club (10)Area 52-US251400
470Death Eaterz (10)Area 52-US251395
470Life ForceArea 52-US251395
470SpawnArea 52-US251395
470The ResurrectedArea 52-US251395
474Ashes of the SoulArea 52-US251390
474BloodbathArea 52-US251390
474Mìght and MagíçArea 52-US251390
474rebellionnArea 52-US251390
474Renegades (10)Area 52-US251390
474Warriors of valhalla (10)Area 52-US251390
474Wolfsbane (10)Area 52-US251390
481BlackDeáthArea 52-US251385
481Devotion (10)Area 52-US251385
483Attention DeficitArea 52-US251380
483Decessus (10)Area 52-US251380
483Motley Crew (10)Area 52-US251380
483No Nonsense (10)Area 52-US251380
483Pretty Girl Swag (10)Area 52-US251380
488Divine CorruptionArea 52-US251375
488Friends With BenefitsArea 52-US251375
488Meltdown (10)Area 52-US251375
488RÖNIN INC (10)Area 52-US251375
492Dark RetributionArea 52-US251370
492Horde RebornArea 52-US251370
492InverseArea 52-US251370
492omnipresence (10)Area 52-US251370
492SignatureArea 52-US251370
497Deathtrap (10)Area 52-US251360
497Earned in BloodArea 52-US251360
497Lègends Never FádeArea 52-US251360
497Pure LunacyArea 52-US251360
497Raiders of the lost archArea 52-US251360
497SanctumArea 52-US251360
503The Evil MonkeysArea 52-US251355
504Eclectic Absurdity (10)Area 52-US251350
504Invictus (10)Area 52-US251350
504Knight RaidersArea 52-US251350
504The Bitter EndArea 52-US251350
504The Dark RidersArea 52-US251350
509Old Orgrimmar HordeArea 52-US251345
509Order Of The Titans (10)Area 52-US251345
509SFD Squad (10)Area 52-US251345
512Justice in Blood (10)Area 52-US251340
512Whalers On The Moon (10)Area 52-US251340
515Dragons Denizens (10)Area 52-US251330
515Dubious VagabondsArea 52-US251330
515Paper Street Soap Co (10)Area 52-US251330
515Paper Street Soap CoArea 52-US251330
515SacrificeArea 52-US251330
515Stormborn (10)Area 52-US251330
515Vindicate (10)Area 52-US251330
515We Down Nerfed ContentArea 52-US251330
523MïsfïtsArea 52-US251325
523Straight Jacket (10)Area 52-US251325
523Technique (10)Area 52-US251325
526AfterglowArea 52-US251320
526Final Destination (10)Area 52-US251320
526Hand of ExecutionArea 52-US251320
526Horde of LogicArea 52-US251320
526Novus Invictus (10)Area 52-US251320
526Obscure (10)Area 52-US251320
526Revenânt (10)Area 52-US251320
526The FâllenArea 52-US251320
526Wipe It (10)Area 52-US251320
535Recovery (10)Area 52-US251310
535Réquiem (10)Area 52-US251310
537Badgers From HellArea 52-US251305
537UNTAMEDArea 52-US251305
539Ardent (10)Area 52-US251300
539ArgyllArea 52-US251300
539BlackDeath Brigade (10)Area 52-US251300
539Clan of the Dark Phoenix (10)Area 52-US251300
539Corrupted Destiny (10)Area 52-US251300
539DownfallArea 52-US251300
539Horde on Patrol (10)Area 52-US251300
539Immortal RuinArea 52-US251300
539PonchacanaArea 52-US251300
548Adult Content IncludedArea 52-US251290
548FacadeArea 52-US251290
548Final Eclipse (10)Area 52-US251290
548Paradise FoundArea 52-US251290
548Shadow ClanArea 52-US251290
548Spartas SalvationArea 52-US251290
548TWÖ DÖLLA HÖRDËArea 52-US251290
555Constancy (25)Area 52-US251285
555DarkmistArea 52-US251285
557CIArea 52-US251280
557Epic Raid Time (10)Area 52-US251280
557Los Muertos (10)Area 52-US251280
557Sweet PerfectionArea 52-US251280
557The End Game (10)Area 52-US251280
557The OriginArea 52-US251280
563TargaryenArea 52-US251275
564Forsaken DreamsArea 52-US251270
564The DesolatéArea 52-US251270
564The Lost ProphecyArea 52-US251270
567Anomaly (10)Area 52-US251260
567Coast to CoastArea 52-US251260
567GuårdianArea 52-US251260
567Hellforged (10)Area 52-US251260
567Refraction (10)Area 52-US251260
567Super Âdventure ClubArea 52-US251260
567The Converted (10)Area 52-US251260
567True AllianceArea 52-US251260
575Cold FusionArea 52-US251255
575The Way Of PainArea 52-US251255
575Unstable (10)Area 52-US251255
578DreadLordsArea 52-US251250
578FusterClucksArea 52-US251250
578Hymn of RebirthArea 52-US251250
581BelieveArea 52-US251245
581Dedicated ChaosArea 52-US251245
583AfterlífeArea 52-US251240
583DedicätedArea 52-US251240
583Doom KnightsArea 52-US251240
583Envious (10)Area 52-US251240
583Forgotten Memories (10)Area 52-US251240
583Nightingales (10)Area 52-US251240
583ShangrilaArea 52-US251240
583Team ShadowknightsArea 52-US251240
583The Dark Soul Society (10)Area 52-US251240
583The Immortal FewArea 52-US251240
583Two Kobolds One Candle (10)Area 52-US251240
583Unending Justice (10)Area 52-US251240
595Dharma InitiativeArea 52-US251235
595Exodus (25)Area 52-US251235
595IrreverentArea 52-US251235
595Jetpack Robot DinosaursArea 52-US251235
595Minions incArea 52-US251235
595Natural ReactionArea 52-US251235
601Forsaken Gods (10)Area 52-US251230
601Parallax (10)Area 52-US251230
601Reactor Breach (10)Area 52-US251230
601Wrecking CrewArea 52-US251230
605Eon Blue ApocalypseArea 52-US251225
605Ravens of ChaosArea 52-US251225
607All The Cute Boys and MeArea 52-US251220
607ÐiscoveringMistsArea 52-US251220
607Game Bangers (10)Area 52-US251220
607Get Loot or Wipe TryinArea 52-US251220
607Overkill (10)Area 52-US251220
607Teh HaxArea 52-US251220
607twyztd khaøz (10)Area 52-US251220
607We Quest in the Nude (10)Area 52-US251220
615AoW (10)Area 52-US251210
615Epic ChaosArea 52-US251210
615Many Faces (10)Area 52-US251210
615SINsArea 52-US251210
619Five Minute Break (10)Area 52-US251205
619Medieval CrusadersArea 52-US251205
621AUDACITYArea 52-US251200
621ERMAHGERD (10)Area 52-US251200
621Maturity (10)Area 52-US251200
621Parasitic Geniuses (10)Area 52-US251200
621Red Terror (10)Area 52-US251200
621Reincarnation (10)Area 52-US251200
621UnsubbedArea 52-US251200
628Mixed Signals (10)Area 52-US251195
628Under Rated (10)Area 52-US251195
630Chosen Exile (25)Area 52-US251190
630Lux Aeterna (10)Area 52-US251190
630Twerk Team Six (10)Area 52-US251190
630Ugh PeopleArea 52-US251190
634Serious PhuqupsArea 52-US251185
635Balrogs of MorgothArea 52-US251180
635CollateralArea 52-US251180
635Crusaders of Vengeance (10)Area 52-US251180
635Dark DefianceArea 52-US251180
635Drunken Bàstárds (10)Area 52-US251180
635Everto OrtusArea 52-US251180
635Kills Internet Monsters (10)Area 52-US251180
635Legends RebornArea 52-US251180
635Pandemic LegionArea 52-US251180
635RivendellArea 52-US251180
635Silver Linings (10)Area 52-US251180
635this is itArea 52-US251180
635TribunusArea 52-US251180
648AevumArea 52-US251170
648Animus (10)Area 52-US251170
648Beyond The Böundary (10)Area 52-US251170
648Broken DestinyArea 52-US251170
648Mystic Knights of BitingArea 52-US251170
648Shattered RemnantsArea 52-US251170
648SPARTAArea 52-US251170
648Top Gear (10)Area 52-US251170
656Da HuiArea 52-US251165
656No Remòrse (10)Area 52-US251165
656RiseArea 52-US251165
659Falkor Needs A LeashArea 52-US251160
659Gen XArea 52-US251160
659Open WoundArea 52-US251160
659Unearthly (10)Area 52-US251160
659Wicked Vengeance (10)Area 52-US251160
659XTC (10)Area 52-US251160
665Terminus VenatusArea 52-US251155
666Dark Apostles (10)Area 52-US251150
666Hard CoreArea 52-US251150
666Lords of the Unknown WarArea 52-US251150
666Malformed Brethren (10)Area 52-US251150
666Night StockersArea 52-US251150
666No Comment (10)Area 52-US251150
666We Horde EpiçsArea 52-US251150
673CataclyzmArea 52-US251145
673Syns RedemptionArea 52-US251145
675Drifters of Pandaria (10)Area 52-US251140
675Group One (10)Area 52-US251140
675Hungering DarknessArea 52-US251140
675Le GeeXArea 52-US251140
675NightwatchersArea 52-US251140
675Scrub SquadArea 52-US251140
675The Dawnbringer (10)Area 52-US251140
682Disciples of ChaosArea 52-US251135
683AtrocityArea 52-US251130
684BlowItTheFaulkUpArea 52-US251125
684Dark AgeArea 52-US251125
684Lern Tu Spel (10)Area 52-US251125
684Unholy TrinityArea 52-US251125
688My Last TrickArea 52-US251120
688REdSHADOWs (10)Area 52-US251120
688Sleepy TurtlesArea 52-US251120
688Sry baby im on cooldownArea 52-US251120
692ShadowArea 52-US251115
693Envoys of DeathArea 52-US251110
693Zen BankArea 52-US251110
695Bad Mojo RisingArea 52-US251105
695Budds Special Friends (10)Area 52-US251105
695Eightfold ExileArea 52-US251105
695Exodus RisingArea 52-US251105
695NicotineArea 52-US251105
695SkyfallArea 52-US251105
695The Hand of HellscreamArea 52-US251105
702Bàllistic (10)Area 52-US251100
702Glitched (10)Area 52-US251100
702Project MediocrityArea 52-US251100
702Sleep (10)Area 52-US251100
702Survivors of Death (10)Area 52-US251100
707DISØWNEDArea 52-US251095
707The House of Lost SoulsArea 52-US251095
709AbsoludicrousArea 52-US251090
709Demonic Disorder (10)Area 52-US251090
709Equivalent ExchangeArea 52-US251090
709GearLockedArea 52-US251090
709Insomnía (10)Area 52-US251090
709Its not my timeArea 52-US251090
709The League Of ShadowsArea 52-US251090
716Dalaran StalkersArea 52-US251085
716Darkness to DawnArea 52-US251085
716Epic RaidersArea 52-US251085
716The AsylumArea 52-US251085
716Tired of Dragons (10)Area 52-US251085
721Calmer Than You AreArea 52-US251080
721Game FaceArea 52-US251080
721Hogans HeroesArea 52-US251080
721Knights of the Vale (10)Area 52-US251080
721Nailed It (10)Area 52-US251080
721SolaceArea 52-US251080
721Threat Level Midnight (10)Area 52-US251080
728FrostArea 52-US251075
729BarrageArea 52-US251070
729Certified (10)Area 52-US251070
729Guild of CirôcArea 52-US251070
729Ominous Feelings (10)Area 52-US251070
729Relentless (10)Area 52-US251070
729Rèlèntlèss (10)Area 52-US251070
735Is FamousArea 52-US231065
735Lazy RaidersArea 52-US251065
735Mindscape (25)Area 52-US251065
738Adapt or Die (10)Area 52-US251060
738Clan of the FrostfallenArea 52-US251060
738Fracture (10)Area 52-US251060
738Legion of Doom (10)Area 52-US251060
738NemesisArea 52-US251060
738O No U DihntArea 52-US251060
738Riders on the StormArea 52-US251060
738Shattered Legion (10)Area 52-US251060
738TenfoldArea 52-US251060
738The Insane Society (10)Area 52-US251060
748KnightOpsArea 52-US251055
748MasochisticArea 52-US251055
750Deluge of IreArea 52-US251050
750Intricate Reality (10)Area 52-US251050
750The Sacred GuardiansArea 52-US251050
753CovenantArea 52-US251045
753parsecArea 52-US251045
753We Say HeroismArea 52-US251045
756Cerberus RaidersArea 52-US251040
756Council of Elders (10)Area 52-US251040
756Mall CopsArea 52-US251040
756Turbocharged (10)Area 52-US251040
760HemisphereArea 52-US251030
760HoPArea 52-US251030
760One Night in KalimdorArea 52-US251030
760Resurrected (10)Area 52-US251030
760Unrelenting Shadows (10)Area 52-US251030
760Witchy WaysArea 52-US251030
766Angelic Fury (10)Area 52-US251025
766Synchronism (10)Area 52-US251025
768Apex (10)Area 52-US251020
768CombatArea 52-US251020
768CursedArea 52-US251020
768Dies Iræ (10)Area 52-US251020
768East Coast GamersArea 52-US251020
768Echo An EternityArea 52-US251020
768Mass Effect (10)Area 52-US251020
768Pillars of AgonyArea 52-US251020
768RektArea 52-US251020
768WarchefsArea 52-US251020
778RelaxArea 52-US251015
779Excision (10)Area 52-US251010
779Sworn Enemy (10)Area 52-US251010
779Titans of the Horde (10)Area 52-US251010
779Twilights EdgeArea 52-US251010
783Bâd CômpânyArea 52-US251005
783CasualtyArea 52-US251005
783Home For Lost SoulsArea 52-US251005
783The Order Of The LotusArea 52-US251005
787CrucableArea 52-US251000
787Molon LabeArea 52-US251000
787PrecisionArea 52-US251000
787waste not (10)Area 52-US251000
791Built To Spill (10)Area 52-US25995
791Sunwell Secret ServiceArea 52-US25995
793Collective (10)Area 52-US25990
794Enigmatics (10)Area 52-US25980
794Heavens BladeArea 52-US25980
794Relentless Carnage (10)Area 52-US25980
794The Orc LegionArea 52-US25980
798Casa de MorteArea 52-US25975
798Darkest LìghtArea 52-US25975
798Fatal EclipseArea 52-US25975
798Fluent in TypoArea 52-US25975
798Some Buffing Required (10)Area 52-US25975
798Toasty (10)Area 52-US25975
798Warlords of DestructionArea 52-US25975
805Retrospective (10)Area 52-US25970
805Righteous Side Of Hell (10)Area 52-US25970
807iLLiCiTiS (10)Area 52-US25965
807The Pwny ExpressArea 52-US25965
809Special Needs (10)Area 52-US25960
809The Lost CrusadeArea 52-US25960
809There Could Be Bats (10)Area 52-US25960
809Zombie ApocalypseArea 52-US25960
813Legion of GorgorothArea 52-US25955
813That Seventies ShowArea 52-US25955
815AntitribuArea 52-US25950
815Fifth ElementArea 52-US25950
815Ignis Internum (10)Area 52-US25950
818BDP (10)Area 52-US25945
818Burn The AshesArea 52-US25945
820Fractured Gaming (10)Area 52-US25940
820Sadistic Intentions (10)Area 52-US25940
820SkadooshArea 52-US25940
820THE OTHER GUYSArea 52-US25940
824Tormented VengeanceArea 52-US25935
824Try HárdsArea 52-US25935
826Ancient CouncilArea 52-US25930
826Baptized By FireArea 52-US25930
826Hostile IntentionsArea 52-US25930
826Release and Run (10)Area 52-US25930
826The CövenArea 52-US25930
826The FollowingArea 52-US25930
826Your Mother Is A Horde (10)Area 52-US25930
833Citadel of AssassinsArea 52-US25925
833DrachentoterArea 52-US25925
833HellArea 52-US25925
833PsychotronArea 52-US25925
837Exiled Renegades (10)Area 52-US25920
837NetherboundArea 52-US25920
837Order of the Fallen Coin (10)Area 52-US25920
837Sanguine DeliveranceArea 52-US25920
841Deth HarmonicArea 52-US25915
841IntensityArea 52-US25915
841Roar (10)Area 52-US25915
844altimus maximusArea 52-US25910
844Chemical Imbalance (10)Area 52-US25910
844Empires Of The FallenArea 52-US25910
844Face PullérsArea 52-US25910
844Genetic MisfiresArea 52-US15910
844Mass FarmingArea 52-US25910
844Nox Infernus (10)Area 52-US25910
844TempestArea 52-US25910
844This is WarArea 52-US25910
853Blood Runs DeepArea 52-US25900
853Citadel (25)Area 52-US25900
853Ëxclusive (10)Area 52-US25900
853InsomniaxeArea 52-US25900
853Protoculture (10)Area 52-US25900
853Queue Popped (10)Area 52-US25900
853Royal ChaosArea 52-US25900
860AsphyxiatedArea 52-US25895
860Fractured ExistenceArea 52-US25895
860Lágrimas de sangueArea 52-US25895
860Prophets of WarArea 52-US25895
860Swagg (10)Area 52-US25895
860Sworn InArea 52-US25895
866Federal ReserveArea 52-US25890
866Gunship Diplomacy (10)Area 52-US25890
866RockPaperNukeYou (10)Area 52-US25890
866The Burning BlädesArea 52-US25890
870TerminalArea 52-US25885
871Convicted HordeArea 52-US25880
871Denied The Brez (10)Area 52-US25880
871Force (10)Area 52-US25880
871Lysergic Acid (10)Area 52-US25880
871Merc UnitArea 52-US25880
871SoulFire (10)Area 52-US25880
871TrueRaidersArea 52-US25880
878Generic Clan NameArea 52-US25875
878Legion of the HordeArea 52-US25875
878LegionOfLegends (10)Area 52-US25875
878Stab em and Slab emArea 52-US25875
882Bad Business (10)Area 52-US25870
882Creepshow (10)Area 52-US25870
882DaybreakArea 52-US25870
882Internet WarriorsArea 52-US25870
882Just Having FunArea 52-US25870
882Lost Anarchy (10)Area 52-US25870
882Muchacho Sauce (10)Area 52-US25870
882Penguin (10)Area 52-US25870
882Red Shore (10)Area 52-US25870
882The Squawk BrigadeArea 52-US25870
892Legacy of WarArea 52-US25865
893Occams RazorArea 52-US25860
893odds are stacked (25)Area 52-US25860
893Old SchoolArea 52-US25860
893Sheep the MoonArea 52-US25860
893Slàsh ÇryArea 52-US25860
893Stormrage (10)Area 52-US25860
899Ad Victorém (10)Area 52-US25855
899Beyond All ReasonArea 52-US25855
899Yuengling (25)Area 52-US25855
902Creme Fraiche (10)Area 52-US25850
902Dark Envy (10)Area 52-US25850
902Defenders of the LightArea 52-US25850
902Defiant (10)Area 52-US25850
902Ethereal Serendipity (10)Area 52-US25850
902FairyTailArea 52-US25850
902Inhibitor (25)Area 52-US25850
902The Chosen Juans (10)Area 52-US25850
902Tombstone TacticiansArea 52-US25850
911ViolenceArea 52-US25845
912Antiquated KnightsArea 52-US25840
912AscëndancëArea 52-US25840
912Chaotic Asylum (10)Area 52-US25840
912Knights WatchArea 52-US25840
912Shadow Mafia (10)Area 52-US25840
912Soldats of the Bear (10)Area 52-US25840
912StrengthOfNumbersArea 52-US25840
912The Shadowrunners (10)Area 52-US25840
912Timeless Endeavor (10)Area 52-US25840
912TwistArea 52-US25840
922Soul StonedArea 52-US25835
923Ballin on a BudgetArea 52-US25830
923BrewCrew (10)Area 52-US25830
923COREArea 52-US25830
923FadedArea 52-US25830
923GravekeepersArea 52-US25830
923Masters of the Universe (10)Area 52-US25830
923Nation X (10)Area 52-US25830
923Nerf or Nothin (10)Area 52-US25830
923Novus Chalybs (25)Area 52-US25830
923Still Smiling (10)Area 52-US25830
923Tucked InArea 52-US25830
934These Lost SoulsArea 52-US25825
935Dawn Rising (10)Area 52-US25820
935ExtinctionArea 52-US25820
935OneEightSeven (10)Area 52-US25820
935OverratedArea 52-US25820
935Plantronics (10)Area 52-US25820
935Synergen (10)Area 52-US25820
935TequillâArea 52-US17820
935The Deads Jurisdiction (10)Area 52-US25820
935Totally RandomArea 52-US12820
935Turn Down for What (10)Area 52-US25820
945A N A T H E M AArea 52-US25815
945TreasonArea 52-US25815
945Wonderwise (10)Area 52-US25815
948Axios (10)Area 52-US25810
948Got Rating (10)Area 52-US25810
948IlluminateArea 52-US25810
948Immortal Rising (10)Area 52-US25810
948Lordz Of WárArea 52-US25810
948NomadArea 52-US25810
948Virtue (10)Area 52-US25810
955Dost Thou Even HoistArea 52-US25805
955Undercity Tanning StudioArea 52-US25805
955VikingsArea 52-US25805
958Bounty HuntersArea 52-US25800
958Drunken Monkey Clan (10)Area 52-US25800
958Flawless LogicArea 52-US25800
958Get ScaredArea 52-US25800
958Ice Gladiator (10)Area 52-US25800
958Just SaiyanArea 52-US25800
958Kings Of KalimdorArea 52-US15800
958Shadows of the AbyssArea 52-US25800
966Tanked N SpankedArea 52-US25795
966Touch It (10)Area 52-US25795
968Diabolical IntentArea 52-US25790
968Divinus SagittaArea 52-US25790
968Is Better Than UArea 52-US25790
968Nuke Life (10)Area 52-US25790
968Repgrind (10)Area 52-US25790
968Silentium (10)Area 52-US25790
968Sterca SanctaArea 52-US25790
968ThatsWhatSheSaidArea 52-US25790
976MtnDew and Jellybeans (10)Area 52-US25785
976ØbliviønArea 52-US25785
976You Stay Classy OrgArea 52-US25785
979At least we got stablesArea 52-US25780
979AwakeArea 52-US25780
979Brackish GamingArea 52-US25780
979Controlled KhaosArea 52-US25780
979I N F I N I T YArea 52-US25780
979Infallible (10)Area 52-US25780
979Invisible (10)Area 52-US25780
979lamp (10)Area 52-US25780
979Thug Life Chose Me (10)Area 52-US25780
988Fiery WrathArea 52-US25775
988ImmuneArea 52-US25775
988InertiaArea 52-US25775
988Jack Of HeartsArea 52-US25775
988Keepers of ChaosArea 52-US25775
988OH GODArea 52-US25775
988Siege the Day (10)Area 52-US25775
988TeethArea 52-US25775
996Aggressive Opposition (10)Area 52-US25770
996Artifice (10)Area 52-US25770
996Cult of Personality (10)Area 52-US25770
996Evil By Default (10)Area 52-US25770
996Evil DeadArea 52-US25770

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