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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Altar of Storms-TW Guild Achievement Points
1Fox HoundAltar of Storms-TW251490
2鴻海Altar of Storms-TW251485
3和諧Altar of Storms-TW251350
4Valley artsAltar of Storms-TW251260
4火炬之光Altar of Storms-TW251260
6一紅鬍子海賊團一Altar of Storms-TW251200
6夏天的味道Altar of Storms-TW251200
8SummerAltar of Storms-TW251190
9AmaniAltar of Storms-TW251160
10海風樸樸墮落紳士團Altar of Storms-TW251095
11邪惡軸心Altar of Storms-TW251030
12BlessAltar of Storms-TW25980
12夜願Altar of Storms-TW25980
12聖翼遠征軍Altar of Storms-TW25980
15幻夢奇緣Altar of Storms-TW25965
16永恆之戀Altar of Storms-TW25960
16部落與榮耀Altar of Storms-TW25960
16黑幫Altar of Storms-TW25960
19邪惡章魚秘密結社Altar of Storms-TW25950
20性感家族Altar of Storms-TW25815
21SPZAltar of Storms-TW25770
21我們夜裡總相會Altar of Storms-TW25770
23Phoenix RebrithAltar of Storms-TW25665
24DEVIL NEVER CRYAltar of Storms-TW20660
25Last Exile (10)Altar of Storms-TW2635
26軌跡Altar of Storms-TW25610
27Savage GardenAltar of Storms-TW25585
28乂永恆不滅的聖光乂Altar of Storms-TW25575
29台灣聯盟把台客搞大Altar of Storms-TW3570
30後壁厝Altar of Storms-TW7560
30王國騎士團Altar of Storms-TW9560
32日晷之夢Altar of Storms-TW4555
33一非法入侵一Altar of Storms-TW2540
34搞笑乂精英乂黑澀會Altar of Storms-TW3530
35New Roman EmpireAltar of Storms-TW2520
35UniqueAltar of Storms-TW1520
35Whisper The FaithAltar of Storms-TW4520
35吊車隆榮譽互助分響工會等你呦Altar of Storms-TW5520
39紫月Altar of Storms-TW1515
40小貓咪屋簷大會Altar of Storms-TW1510
41AttitudeAltar of Storms-TW17500
41愛麗絲學院Altar of Storms-TW5500
43戰神之都Altar of Storms-TW7490
44精靈傳說Altar of Storms-TW5480
45劫富濟貧Altar of Storms-TW25470
45四二輪野團Altar of Storms-TW5470
45奧特曼和小怪獸手拉手一起去看小灰機灰過來又灰過去Altar of Storms-TW1470
45黃昏旅團Altar of Storms-TW2470
49Angel Voice (10)Altar of Storms-TW1450
49ExodusAltar of Storms-TW1450
49自由聖殿Altar of Storms-TW1450
52Blue Ocean StrategyAltar of Storms-TW5440
52Desperate AuroraAltar of Storms-TW5440
52Warm nestAltar of Storms-TW2440
55Stormspire (10)Altar of Storms-TW1430
56RagnarokAltar of Storms-TW1410
56TouchAltar of Storms-TW1410
56戀愛維他命Altar of Storms-TW25410
56白玉樓Altar of Storms-TW1410
60FBIAltar of Storms-TW5400
60伊斯特Altar of Storms-TW1400
60銀白正妹粉絲團Altar of Storms-TW1400
63深邃幻想Altar of Storms-TW1390
64熱帶雨林Altar of Storms-TW1380
65霜月Altar of Storms-TW25375
66NewPowerAltar of Storms-TW1360
66洪興Altar of Storms-TW17360
68天使的聲音Altar of Storms-TW4355
68永恆安息城Altar of Storms-TW4355
70NewsfanAltar of Storms-TW1350
70World in AsgardAltar of Storms-TW25350
70絕頂Altar of Storms-TW1350
73A Team (10)Altar of Storms-TW2340
73LunaAltar of Storms-TW2340
75靜海小屋Altar of Storms-TW1330
76OBERON (10)Altar of Storms-TW1325
77星夜之旅Altar of Storms-TW1320
77時空質量不均修正管理局古代遺跡收容處機動六課Altar of Storms-TW15320
79奧莉希爾的碗Altar of Storms-TW3315
80尋求永恆Altar of Storms-TW2305
81愛與和平Altar of Storms-TW1290
82Wonder of AthenaAltar of Storms-TW4285
82傳說中只要找到四個親友就可以加入公會Altar of Storms-TW1285
84Kids with GunsAltar of Storms-TW1280
84希瓦娜斯之淚Altar of Storms-TW6280
84東印度公司Altar of Storms-TW10280
87AmourAltar of Storms-TW1270
88羅馬假日影迷協會Altar of Storms-TW6250
89Tear of ProtossAltar of Storms-TW1230
89友情Altar of Storms-TW25230
89星辰之翼Altar of Storms-TW1230
92無限領域Altar of Storms-TW1225
93Eblis Meets AngelAltar of Storms-TW4220
93天使國度Altar of Storms-TW5220
95NetherwingAltar of Storms-TW1185
95無限Altar of Storms-TW1185
97自由天堂Altar of Storms-TW4160
98Flying the rainbowAltar of Storms-TW3140
99我們一起撐傘在嘩啦啦拉的雨天Altar of Storms-TW3110
100巫妖王暴怒Altar of Storms-TW190
100挪威的森林 (10)Altar of Storms-TW190
102前面危險Altar of Storms-TW1680
103光明之翼Altar of Storms-TW140
103早安晨之美Altar of Storms-TW140
105回音堂Altar of Storms-TW130
105羅德隆地下錢莊Altar of Storms-TW130
105聖譽Altar of Storms-TW130

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