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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aerie Peak-US Guild Achievement Points
1Alone (25)Aerie Peak-US252520
2Darkness Within (10)Aerie Peak-US252465
3My Other Mount is Tauren (25)Aerie Peak-US252405
4Unrivaled (25)Aerie Peak-US252355
5Dodge This (25)Aerie Peak-US252315
5Wayward Enforcers (10)Aerie Peak-US252315
7Uniqueness To Go (10)Aerie Peak-US252265
8The Forsaken Blade (10)Aerie Peak-US252255
9Mail Enhancement (10)Aerie Peak-US252250
10Short Bus Riders (10)Aerie Peak-US252160
10Tabula Raza (10)Aerie Peak-US252160
12Metal Wielding Maniacs (10)Aerie Peak-US252155
13Band of Misfits (10)Aerie Peak-US252150
14Convert to Raid Sha (10)Aerie Peak-US252145
15Midnight FireAerie Peak-US252120
16Reckoning (10)Aerie Peak-US252110
17Drunken Legacy (10)Aerie Peak-US252060
18Last AttemptAerie Peak-US252040
18Vintage (10)Aerie Peak-US252040
20The Conclave (10)Aerie Peak-US252030
20The Wicked Brotherhood (10)Aerie Peak-US252030
22No MercyAerie Peak-US251970
22Vae VictusAerie Peak-US251970
24Convert to Raid Galleon (10)Aerie Peak-US251965
24Outlanders (10)Aerie Peak-US251965
26Convert to Raid Nalak (10)Aerie Peak-US251960
27Dangerous Minds (10)Aerie Peak-US251950
27Destruction Inc (10)Aerie Peak-US251950
27Ministry of DefenseAerie Peak-US251950
30Powerhouse (10)Aerie Peak-US251940
31Battle RoyaleAerie Peak-US251930
31BushidöAerie Peak-US251930
33CORRUPTIONAerie Peak-US251920
34Unstable Mentality (10)Aerie Peak-US251910
35Syndicate IAerie Peak-US251890
36Get a Life (10)Aerie Peak-US251880
36Invictus (10)Aerie Peak-US251880
38Insanity (25)Aerie Peak-US251865
39VoltageAerie Peak-US251860
40Knights of the LostAerie Peak-US251855
41Dragons Brethren (10)Aerie Peak-US251840
42Rare Spawn (10)Aerie Peak-US251835
43Forsaken Angels (10)Aerie Peak-US251830
43MOSTLY deadAerie Peak-US251830
45Wrath Dynasty (10)Aerie Peak-US251825
46The Knights TemplarsAerie Peak-US251810
47Unknown InfluenceAerie Peak-US251800
48Reclaimed (25)Aerie Peak-US251795
49DarkNightmareAerie Peak-US251780
49FrostwolfAerie Peak-US251780
49Heritage CircleAerie Peak-US251780
52ØNYXAerie Peak-US251760
53Forgotten ChaosAerie Peak-US251750
54RebornAerie Peak-US251740
55Buds Till DisbandAerie Peak-US251730
55Fraternity of AssassinsAerie Peak-US251730
55Night RavensAerie Peak-US251730
55Pinnacle (10)Aerie Peak-US251730
59Azeroths DriftersAerie Peak-US251720
59Dark FlameAerie Peak-US251720
61ResonanceAerie Peak-US251710
62Draken VirtuosoAerie Peak-US251700
63Pandaren EmbassyAerie Peak-US251680
64When In DoubtAerie Peak-US251660
65UnpredictableAerie Peak-US251650
65X Raided (10)Aerie Peak-US251650
67Ancient LegionsAerie Peak-US251645
68Intense ApathyAerie Peak-US251640
69CøndemnedAerie Peak-US251635
69Uprising (10)Aerie Peak-US251635
71Wandering SoulsAerie Peak-US251630
72SOVENGARDEAerie Peak-US251625
73ForestalsAerie Peak-US251620
74A Nation of KnightsAerie Peak-US251615
75Convert to Raid Azuregos (10)Aerie Peak-US251605
75End of the AgeAerie Peak-US251605
77KìndredAerie Peak-US251600
78Arctic (10)Aerie Peak-US251595
78The SeraphimAerie Peak-US251595
80Convert to Raid Emeriss (10)Aerie Peak-US251585
81Training WheelsAerie Peak-US251580
82SMCAerie Peak-US251575
83The PhalanxAerie Peak-US251570
84Awkward Silence (10)Aerie Peak-US251560
85Bacon Lovers United (10)Aerie Peak-US251540
86Clever Meme Reference (10)Aerie Peak-US251535
87Arwens ArmyAerie Peak-US251525
87Convert to Raid Kazzak (10)Aerie Peak-US251525
87Endure (10)Aerie Peak-US251525
90I Die You followAerie Peak-US251520
90The Crimson Knights (10)Aerie Peak-US251520
90The ORLY FactorAerie Peak-US251520
93AtonementAerie Peak-US251510
94Serious NonsenseAerie Peak-US251500
95Moms Basement Gaming (10)Aerie Peak-US251490
95Play HarderAerie Peak-US251490
97BorderlineAerie Peak-US251480
97Eternal DarknessAerie Peak-US251480
99Game OverAerie Peak-US251470
100Convert to Raid Mobus (10)Aerie Peak-US251465
101Blades of the AllianceAerie Peak-US251460
101Tel MithrimAerie Peak-US251460
103Disciples of CarnageAerie Peak-US251455
104Built Horde ToughAerie Peak-US251445
104Cartoon KillersAerie Peak-US251445
106LegacyAerie Peak-US251440
106Rage (10)Aerie Peak-US251440
108Valendors RetreatAerie Peak-US251430
109Severed TiesAerie Peak-US251410
110Nine DragonsAerie Peak-US251405
111Convert to Raid Ordos (10)Aerie Peak-US251400
111Eventus TemplumAerie Peak-US251400
113Myst of PandariaAerie Peak-US251385
114Knights who say NeeAerie Peak-US251380
115I Stand in FireAerie Peak-US251375
116Shadow SlayersAerie Peak-US251360
117Burn It DownAerie Peak-US251355
117Dark ShadowzAerie Peak-US251355
117DarkDawnAerie Peak-US251355
120Fools of ChaosAerie Peak-US251345
120True Holy KnightsAerie Peak-US251345
122I HATE MURLOCSAerie Peak-US251330
122The Ricochet EffectAerie Peak-US251330
124Blood PackAerie Peak-US251325
124Tenacious DeedsAerie Peak-US251325
126High CouncilAerie Peak-US251320
127Stock UIAerie Peak-US251310
128Balanced BenevolenceAerie Peak-US251285
129Aerie Peak Outlaws (10)Aerie Peak-US251280
129Korrupt (10)Aerie Peak-US251280
131Convert to Raid Omen (10)Aerie Peak-US251275
132Masonic ShrineAerie Peak-US251270
132The Fire NationAerie Peak-US251270
134Slow Children At PlayAerie Peak-US251260
135The Alliance NationAerie Peak-US251250
136Curse of Solomon (10)Aerie Peak-US251240
137One Trick PonyAerie Peak-US251225
138Burnt By HonorAerie Peak-US251210
138Delightfully WickedAerie Peak-US251210
140Dark LegacyAerie Peak-US251205
141TraumaticAerie Peak-US251200
142Horde Hunting SocialiteaAerie Peak-US251195
142PerfexiønAerie Peak-US251195
144DUST BUNNIES UNITEAerie Peak-US251185
145Libraries and LibrariansAerie Peak-US251175
146AnxietyAerie Peak-US251170
146IANBAerie Peak-US251170
148Forgotten KingdomAerie Peak-US251160
149Calm DownAerie Peak-US251155
150DEFIÄNCE (10)Aerie Peak-US251140
150DreamAerie Peak-US251140
152iNSoMNiaAerie Peak-US251135
153DOWN WITH DA SICNESSAerie Peak-US251130
153Tank N SpànkAerie Peak-US251130
155Brotherhood of ExilezAerie Peak-US251115
156Champions of LightAerie Peak-US251100
156Nice Critz (10)Aerie Peak-US251100
156Shock Trauma (10)Aerie Peak-US251100
156The ForerunnersAerie Peak-US251100
160Convert to Raid Moonfang (10)Aerie Peak-US251095
160Sleepless KnightsAerie Peak-US251095
162TaintedWarAerie Peak-US251085
163The ShunketsuAerie Peak-US251080
164TribeAerie Peak-US251075
165Terminal AddictionAerie Peak-US251070
166Frozen FuryAerie Peak-US251060
166Peaches (10)Aerie Peak-US251060
166The GentlemenAerie Peak-US251060
169PreludeAerie Peak-US251055
170WNECAerie Peak-US251045
171The Dire WolvesAerie Peak-US251040
172demonic slayersAerie Peak-US251035
172Veterans of WarAerie Peak-US251035
174Cursed Winter (10)Aerie Peak-US251030
174IlluminateAerie Peak-US251030
174VII LegionAerie Peak-US251030
177Drunken Idiot SavantsAerie Peak-US251005
178Time Lords (10)Aerie Peak-US251000
178Unvanquished DreamsAerie Peak-US251000
180Realm First (10)Aerie Peak-US25995
181Duck Duck GooseAerie Peak-US25990
182Altar (10)Aerie Peak-US25980
182ExaltedWithMcDonaldsAerie Peak-US25980
182ParadøxAerie Peak-US25980
185Rise of the AltsAerie Peak-US25975
186Dusk to DawnAerie Peak-US25970
186Ordos Lux CaelumAerie Peak-US25970
186PandorumAerie Peak-US25970
186Prime of VengeanceAerie Peak-US25970
186Twiztid AsylumAerie Peak-US25970
186VesperusAerie Peak-US25970
192Bind by FateAerie Peak-US25960
192Dragons Heart (10)Aerie Peak-US25960
194ValkYries ReDempTionAerie Peak-US25955
195Chaos GodsAerie Peak-US25950
195OfflineAerie Peak-US25950
197Echoes of ValorAerie Peak-US25945
198SHENANIGANZAerie Peak-US25940
199Last Line of DefenseAerie Peak-US25935
199PUG BrutalityAerie Peak-US25935
201Bloody LionsAerie Peak-US25925
201GothsUnitedAerie Peak-US25925
201Living Dead Dolls (10)Aerie Peak-US25925
204The Hand of JudgementAerie Peak-US25920
205Fallen OrderAerie Peak-US25915
206Death By KnightAerie Peak-US25910
207Devils AsylumAerie Peak-US25905
207SchìsmAerie Peak-US25905
209RebellionAerie Peak-US25895
210Vülgar Display of PöwerAerie Peak-US25890
211Shifty Critz (10)Aerie Peak-US25880
211The SaintsAerie Peak-US25880
211Warcraft HippiesAerie Peak-US25880
214FORSAKEN RAGEAerie Peak-US25875
214Keel HaulAerie Peak-US25875
214Ruled By SecrecyAerie Peak-US25875
217The EvolutionAerie Peak-US25870
217Viem InferniAerie Peak-US25870
219PrincipleAerie Peak-US25865
220UnRestrainableAerie Peak-US25860
221Absolute ChaosAerie Peak-US25855
222Crimson RiverAerie Peak-US25840
222Nice Herbs BroAerie Peak-US25840
224Justice DoneAerie Peak-US25835
224Night SoldiersAerie Peak-US25835
226BIG TYMERSAerie Peak-US25830
226reminisceAerie Peak-US25830
226Rival Nation (10)Aerie Peak-US25830
229Inhumane SocietyAerie Peak-US25825
229One Joke Per LevelAerie Peak-US25825
231Demonic DisciplesAerie Peak-US21820
231Nocturne AeternusAerie Peak-US25820
231Zero GravityAerie Peak-US25820
234Contradictions EndAerie Peak-US25815
234Talga VassternichAerie Peak-US25815
236The Chosen OnesAerie Peak-US25810
237EpiphanesAerie Peak-US25805
238Chaos LegionAerie Peak-US25800
238Gotham KnightsAerie Peak-US25800
238TeamRocketAerie Peak-US25800
241Blue AngelsAerie Peak-US25790
241Three PercenterAerie Peak-US25790
243Alone AgainAerie Peak-US25785
243Righteous FlameAerie Peak-US25785
243The Knights of ExcaliburAerie Peak-US25785
243The Rising of KahnAerie Peak-US25785
247Dire WolvesAerie Peak-US25780
247Una VoceAerie Peak-US25780
249Dìe TryìngAerie Peak-US25775
249dragon soulsAerie Peak-US25775
249East Coast RaidersAerie Peak-US25775
252Champloo SamuraisAerie Peak-US25770
252Evil League O EvilAerie Peak-US25770
254Lux AeternaAerie Peak-US25760
254ReversionAerie Peak-US25760
254The Lost GodsAerie Peak-US18760
257LollipopAerie Peak-US25755
258Brutal Noodles (10)Aerie Peak-US25750
258Honorable MentionAerie Peak-US25750
258Internet DragonslayersAerie Peak-US19750
258Obsidian WarlordsAerie Peak-US25750
258Stack for PoundAerie Peak-US25750
263Echoes of EternityAerie Peak-US25745
263Seventy AgainAerie Peak-US25745
265Descendants of LeggolasAerie Peak-US25740
265Dragon BloodAerie Peak-US12740
265Knights of the BloodMoonAerie Peak-US25740
265Order Of Aspiring HeroesAerie Peak-US25740
265Underpaid And OverworkedAerie Peak-US25740
270MercilessAerie Peak-US25735
271Mortal SinAerie Peak-US25730
272Coconut ParadiseAerie Peak-US25725
272Deep Fried ExtinctionAerie Peak-US25725
272Gingers Dont Do SunwellAerie Peak-US25725
272the LegendaryAerie Peak-US25725
276Raising The BarAerie Peak-US25720
276Read This As I Own YouAerie Peak-US25720
276The EliteAerie Peak-US25720
276True Chaos (10)Aerie Peak-US25720
280GreenchatAerie Peak-US25715
280RemorselessAerie Peak-US25715
282Booty Bay Surf ShopAerie Peak-US25710
283Dire StraitsAerie Peak-US25705
284GOMLAerie Peak-US25700
284ImmortalisAerie Peak-US25700
286Circle of SmokeAerie Peak-US25695
286SOAAerie Peak-US25695
288Reborn at DraenorAerie Peak-US25690
288The Last BrotherHoodAerie Peak-US25690
288ZakanayuAerie Peak-US25690
291FALLEN KNIGHTSAerie Peak-US25685
292HordeslayersAerie Peak-US22680
292Knerdz with KnivezAerie Peak-US15680
292LibertyBrothersAerie Peak-US20680
292OrionAerie Peak-US25680
292The Forsaken LegionAerie Peak-US25680
297AFK In ElwynnAerie Peak-US25675
297Beautiful ChaosAerie Peak-US25675
297BOW BEFORE NONEAerie Peak-US25675
297Cheesecake ftwAerie Peak-US25675
297Secret SquirrelsAerie Peak-US25675
302AnarchysChildAerie Peak-US16670
302Booty Bay Surf ClubAerie Peak-US25670
302Pwn StarAerie Peak-US25670
305The Dark RidersAerie Peak-US25665
306Allied Alliance CorpAerie Peak-US21660
306Insane AsylumAerie Peak-US25660
306Knights öf GoodAerie Peak-US25660
306RegenerationAerie Peak-US25660
306Silver HandAerie Peak-US25660
311Defy This (10)Aerie Peak-US25655
311Mall Security (10)Aerie Peak-US25655
311The Knight ShiftAerie Peak-US25655
314Gear Grind (25)Aerie Peak-US25650
314Sins of ManAerie Peak-US25650
316Bay Area AllianceAerie Peak-US25640
317Order and Chaos (10)Aerie Peak-US25625
318Blessed by the AspectsAerie Peak-US25620
318Event HorizonAerie Peak-US25620
318Ever Victorious ArmyAerie Peak-US18620
318Heart of the OakAerie Peak-US25620
318Zombie FestAerie Peak-US25620
323CareBears incAerie Peak-US25615
323EqualibriumAerie Peak-US25615
323Likes to RageAerie Peak-US25615
326Bad to the BoneAerie Peak-US25610
326God Of WarsongAerie Peak-US25610
326WoW Addicts AnonymousAerie Peak-US25610
329Alt FactoryAerie Peak-US25605
329GenesìsAerie Peak-US25605
329Top NotchAerie Peak-US25605
332AlphåAerie Peak-US18600
332Knights of OblivionAerie Peak-US14600
332PandaNationAerie Peak-US25600
332TrâNscênDAerie Peak-US25600
336Cataclysmic ApocalypseAerie Peak-US25595
336Guardians Of DraenorAerie Peak-US25595
336Honorable FewAerie Peak-US25595
336Raising CaineAerie Peak-US25595
336ResolvedAerie Peak-US25595
336Sacred Avengers (10)Aerie Peak-US25595
342Born of ChaosAerie Peak-US25590
342Forces of DestructionAerie Peak-US25590
342Ima Sad PandaAerie Peak-US15590
342The FallënAerie Peak-US25590
346AxiosAerie Peak-US25580
346Deäth DealersAerie Peak-US14580
346Ooh Me So Hordie (10)Aerie Peak-US25580
346PLOXAerie Peak-US25580
346Tearz of HeavenAerie Peak-US18580
351Arkham InmatesAerie Peak-US13570
351Lowlevel RaidersAerie Peak-US7570
351RidersAerie Peak-US25570
351Voljins HordeAerie Peak-US23570
355Ancient TechniqueAerie Peak-US25565
355Crtl Alt EliteAerie Peak-US25565
355Serenity NowAerie Peak-US25565
355Tränen aus BlutAerie Peak-US25565
359LoadingAerie Peak-US25560
359Savage BeastsAerie Peak-US25560
359You Are Not REPAIREDAerie Peak-US16560
362Nefarious IntentionsAerie Peak-US25555
362The Order of the PhoenixAerie Peak-US25555
364Dead NationAerie Peak-US25550
364PrØject MayHeMAerie Peak-US25550
364Saurfang Trained CNorrisAerie Peak-US11550
364Something Really DumbAerie Peak-US25550
368Alliance Guard (10)Aerie Peak-US25545
369Knights of the Dark HourAerie Peak-US19540
370Honorable ResistanceAerie Peak-US25535
370Horde WarchiefsAerie Peak-US25535
370Sin EaterAerie Peak-US25535
370SoulflexinAerie Peak-US25535
374Gnome Haters IncAerie Peak-US16530
374The Last GuardianAerie Peak-US25530
376BOW DOWNAerie Peak-US25525
377Knights of Olympus (10)Aerie Peak-US25520
377Lazy PeonAerie Peak-US25520
379The Named OnesAerie Peak-US7515
380Eternal ProphecyAerie Peak-US25510
380ParagønAerie Peak-US25510
382Blackwings LegionAerie Peak-US25500
382Pixel EmpireAerie Peak-US16500
382The UntouchablêsAerie Peak-US25500
382Tropa de EliteAerie Peak-US17500
386Hard like HeroicAerie Peak-US25495
386The Unborn AllianceAerie Peak-US25495
388BrazucasAerie Peak-US13490
388deathwings avengersAerie Peak-US25490
388ÐeceivedAerie Peak-US22490
388I Kill YouAerie Peak-US14490
388In The Mouth Of MadnessAerie Peak-US16490
388Midnight SlaughterAerie Peak-US25490
388We Chill Dont HateAerie Peak-US25490
388winter courtAerie Peak-US25490
396and FriendsAerie Peak-US25485
396Undying EndeavorAerie Peak-US25485
398Guardians Of the AncientAerie Peak-US25480
398unholy hordeAerie Peak-US25480
400Cardio (10)Aerie Peak-US25475
400FailboatAerie Peak-US25475
402Fire In The HoleAerie Peak-US25470
402For HireAerie Peak-US22470
402Hollow SoulsAerie Peak-US25470
402Kittens with SpikesAerie Peak-US25470
402Northrend Slayer AgencyAerie Peak-US25470
402pack of wolvesAerie Peak-US18470
402VitalityAerie Peak-US25470
409AnomalyAerie Peak-US25465
409NATURALAerie Peak-US25465
409Soul ReaversAerie Peak-US25465
412Knights Of EternityAerie Peak-US25460
412Mercenariez for HireAerie Peak-US25460
412One UpAerie Peak-US25460
412Phoenix RisingAerie Peak-US13460
412SmokedropnRollAerie Peak-US20460
417BloodForBloodAerie Peak-US25450
417Destroyers of LifeAerie Peak-US25450
417Eternal LegendsAerie Peak-US25450
417Your FaceAerie Peak-US21450
421AvalonAerie Peak-US20445
421Phazed and Confused (10)Aerie Peak-US25445
423Death Before DishonorAerie Peak-US25440
423Dragon MisfitsAerie Peak-US14440
423Exiled PantheonAerie Peak-US16440
423Frontline OffendersAerie Peak-US25440
423Knights EndAerie Peak-US25440
423Sword and ShieldAerie Peak-US22440
429Berzerk MoomintrollsAerie Peak-US25430
429Carnival of CarnageAerie Peak-US16430
429Crimson PhoenixAerie Peak-US25430
429ÉMPIREAerie Peak-US12430
429InfallibleAerie Peak-US25430
429Its Only A gameAerie Peak-US17430
429RendAerie Peak-US25430
436Dark DriftersAerie Peak-US11425
436GodsAerie Peak-US25425
438F E A R L E S SAerie Peak-US25420
438Slap N PickleAerie Peak-US25420
438The Bottom Line (10)Aerie Peak-US13420
438UNDEAD KILLERAerie Peak-US25420
442Band Of The Red HandsAerie Peak-US25415
443Above The Weeping WorldAerie Peak-US9410
443Horde But Not ReallyAerie Peak-US25410
443Scarlet GuardiansAerie Peak-US9410
443SoulforgeAerie Peak-US18410
447CapersAerie Peak-US25405
447Painfully Honest (10)Aerie Peak-US25405
447Rated BattlegroundsAerie Peak-US25405
447SovereignAerie Peak-US17405
451AndalusiaAerie Peak-US12400
451Dark CarnivalAerie Peak-US25400
451Roflcopter Rainbow UnitAerie Peak-US18400
451Suit UpAerie Peak-US17400
455Forgotten SoldiersAerie Peak-US18395
456AcadiansAerie Peak-US7390
456CarbonAerie Peak-US25390
456Champions of TimeAerie Peak-US25390
456ELDER SCROLLS INCAerie Peak-US25390
456Legendary GuardiansAerie Peak-US23390
456Our Time Is NowAerie Peak-US20390
456P A N T H E O NAerie Peak-US25390
456Somewhat SeriousAerie Peak-US25390
464EpicAerie Peak-US25385
464ThinkAerie Peak-US25385
466Aces and EightsAerie Peak-US25380
466FasenAerie Peak-US25380
466The New ArmyAerie Peak-US25380
466TranquilityAerie Peak-US25380
470Ancient Creed llAerie Peak-US12370
470Big Bang on your HEADAerie Peak-US25370
470Girls Do Play WarcraftAerie Peak-US25370
470Heroes of the DayAerie Peak-US25370
470MANOS the Guild of FateAerie Peak-US13370
470PERVERSIONAerie Peak-US18370
476BlasphemiesAerie Peak-US18360
476Knights of GreywolfAerie Peak-US7360
476Last Thing You SeeAerie Peak-US22360
476Order of the EagleAerie Peak-US11360
476Player Dont HateAerie Peak-US25360
476RevenantAerie Peak-US25360
476SAVAGESAerie Peak-US18360
476Twilight SyndicateAerie Peak-US15360
476Veterans of WoWAerie Peak-US22360
485Heroes of AzerothAerie Peak-US25355
485Second BreakfastAerie Peak-US19355
487Chaos Of WarAerie Peak-US25350
487Death and RebirthAerie Peak-US11350
487Rebirth After ExileAerie Peak-US23350
487Secret AllianceAerie Peak-US25350
487The Seven KingdomsAerie Peak-US25350
487The Unholy ReapersAerie Peak-US9350
487To Hell and BackAerie Peak-US20350
494AudacityAerie Peak-US25345
495ApocalypsisAerie Peak-US20340
495BloodbathAerie Peak-US25340
495Fus Ro DahAerie Peak-US13340
495lucidAerie Peak-US10340
495Rock n RollAerie Peak-US14340
495Shadows of LoGoshAerie Peak-US10340
495The New DawnAerie Peak-US25340
495The Night HuntersAerie Peak-US25340
495WarBreedAerie Peak-US24340
504New BeginningsAerie Peak-US22335
505Epic ProportionsAerie Peak-US19330
505Look at the BonesAerie Peak-US25330
505Tel SeldarineAerie Peak-US12330
505The GreybeardsAerie Peak-US25330
505The Prancing PoniesAerie Peak-US25330
505Timeless GuardiansAerie Peak-US25330
505Too Big to FailAerie Peak-US18330
505Violent TendenciesAerie Peak-US25330
513Has a Monitor TanAerie Peak-US21325
513Respect KnucklesAerie Peak-US25325
515BlackThornAerie Peak-US25320
515Blade FuryAerie Peak-US25320
515Death IncAerie Peak-US17320
515DefinedAerie Peak-US25320
515Fatal Crisis (10)Aerie Peak-US24320
515FOREVER MVPAerie Peak-US24320
515Forever The SickestAerie Peak-US6320
515Godless HeathensAerie Peak-US25320
515Malicious IntentAerie Peak-US14320
515ReinsAerie Peak-US25320
515SyndicateAerie Peak-US25320
515The Alliance VanguardAerie Peak-US11320
515The Senior CouncilAerie Peak-US25320
515Wok N WoeAerie Peak-US25320
515XCoreAerie Peak-US14320
530Brass WingAerie Peak-US25310
530ÐominationAerie Peak-US25310
530Girls Dont Play WowAerie Peak-US10310
530Lords of EreborAerie Peak-US17310
530Pirates Never DieAerie Peak-US22310
530Umbrella CorpAerie Peak-US25310
536Super Squishy SquadronAerie Peak-US25305
537DO YOU LIFT IN RL BROAerie Peak-US25300
537Hells CrusadeAerie Peak-US25300
537HolyFriggenCapAerie Peak-US15300
537IndecisiveAerie Peak-US25300
537Knìghts of DarknéssAerie Peak-US25300
537League of LegendsAerie Peak-US25300
537MêrcilessAerie Peak-US20300
537Nightmares of the BottomAerie Peak-US13300
537RoughnecksAerie Peak-US25300
537TheBlackLotusAerie Peak-US25300
537TrueSelfGamingAerie Peak-US13300
548Seekers of TruthAerie Peak-US17295
548The ProvenAerie Peak-US25295
550Corpse PartyAerie Peak-US24290
550Crushed ArmyAerie Peak-US19290
550Cutie CupCake WarriorsAerie Peak-US8290
550DEADLY ASSASSINAerie Peak-US24290
550HabitatAerie Peak-US18290
550Killer ToonsAerie Peak-US5290
550ManifestoAerie Peak-US20290
550Raiders of ThunderAerie Peak-US25290
550Shädow DrägonsAerie Peak-US22290
550Sledge HammerAerie Peak-US24290
550The Doomsday RabbitsAerie Peak-US15290
550Time UntimeAerie Peak-US15290
562Men Of WarAerie Peak-US25285
562Stands In FireAerie Peak-US12285
562The Last ResortAerie Peak-US9285
565AtläsAerie Peak-US17280
565Brotherhood Of HarmonyAerie Peak-US25280
565Calm Before The StormAerie Peak-US25280
565General SuppliesAerie Peak-US11280
565Gnomepunters INCAerie Peak-US15280
565Grumpy Old DwarvesAerie Peak-US25280
565Needful ThingsAerie Peak-US9280
565Nerd AlertAerie Peak-US4280
565Steel BrigadeAerie Peak-US17280
565The Army of DarknessAerie Peak-US20280
565VariaAerie Peak-US20280
565Warning Legally InsaneAerie Peak-US9280
577Assassin KnightsAerie Peak-US25270
577celticAerie Peak-US25270
577Excessive ForceAerie Peak-US15270
577Hearts RequiemAerie Peak-US19270
577Hidden Dark Moon VillageAerie Peak-US22270
577HOOKED ON REHABAerie Peak-US25270
577Lok TarAerie Peak-US25270
577Morior InvictusAerie Peak-US21270
577Poor Role ModelsAerie Peak-US25270
577SeriouslyAerie Peak-US15270
577The RebellionAerie Peak-US8270
577Uncertain DemiseAerie Peak-US20270
577Unknown VanquishersAerie Peak-US3270
577WorkaholicsAerie Peak-US25270
591The UnrelentingAerie Peak-US25265
592Ancient BloodAerie Peak-US10260
592Coming of AgeAerie Peak-US13260
592DefiantAerie Peak-US7260
592Diord FionnAerie Peak-US22260
592Goes HardAerie Peak-US2260
592Mercenary AllianceAerie Peak-US14260
592MORROWINDAerie Peak-US25260
592Outcasts of IcecrownAerie Peak-US14260
592Pink BunniesAerie Peak-US25260
592Quest for CamelotAerie Peak-US17260
592Raging Outcasts (10)Aerie Peak-US9260
592Snakes on the GrassAerie Peak-US17260
592Trollforce FiveAerie Peak-US20260
605Molten Core MaraudersAerie Peak-US16255
605The Forgotten Dream (10)Aerie Peak-US9255
607EliteAerie Peak-US25250
607Hells SatansAerie Peak-US17250
607ìnvìncìbleAerie Peak-US9250
607MorithilAerie Peak-US6250
607Occupy OrgrimmarAerie Peak-US4250
607OneSkyAerie Peak-US4250
607Sunlight covenantAerie Peak-US15250
614OdinsArmyAerie Peak-US21245
615AllureAerie Peak-US12240
615Companions of the HallAerie Peak-US20240
615CynicalAerie Peak-US9240
615Eat More ChickenAerie Peak-US15240
615Hells KightsAerie Peak-US18240
615LionheartAerie Peak-US25240
615M Over BAerie Peak-US17240
615Ohh No You DidntAerie Peak-US23240
615Team MagikarpAerie Peak-US19240
615The Cunning BrotherhoodAerie Peak-US19240
615The Implicate OrderAerie Peak-US25240
615The Kings of MysteryAerie Peak-US25240
615USMCAerie Peak-US21240
628Fury From RedemptionAerie Peak-US13235
629DevastatiônAerie Peak-US25230
629RoadkillAerie Peak-US23230
629Silent KnightsAerie Peak-US20230
629The Great TitansAerie Peak-US25230
629The LightAerie Peak-US24230
629Valgarde RaidersAerie Peak-US23230
629WoW Horde KillerzAerie Peak-US17230
636AFK In DurotarAerie Peak-US6225
636Coffee HouseAerie Peak-US14225
636Lorem IpsumAerie Peak-US5225
639Allure of DarknessAerie Peak-US19220
639Born SinnersAerie Peak-US25220
639Death AwaitsAerie Peak-US12220
639DiscoAerie Peak-US12220
639Exercitus Iussu solunAerie Peak-US21220
639Flag Nor FailAerie Peak-US19220
639Gin and JuiceAerie Peak-US18220
639Identity CrisisAerie Peak-US21220
639Never AloneAerie Peak-US9220
639Rinse and RepeatAerie Peak-US8220
639SanctionedAerie Peak-US8220
639Timeless MisfitsAerie Peak-US17220
639UnchainedAerie Peak-US25220
652Alter EgosAerie Peak-US9215
652Kings Among UsAerie Peak-US17215
652Lords of the PeakAerie Peak-US12215
652The Unforsaken OnesAerie Peak-US24215
656Addicted To CookiesAerie Peak-US15210
656ArmageddonAerie Peak-US12210
656Azeroth AvengersAerie Peak-US25210
656Corrupt AllianceAerie Peak-US8210
656Decimation StationAerie Peak-US14210
656EccentrickAerie Peak-US20210
656Final JudgmentAerie Peak-US13210
656Kill SecuredAerie Peak-US7210
656M c D a n kAerie Peak-US11210
656Mystic IllusionsAerie Peak-US14210
656SveegerAerie Peak-US24210
656When I Was EightAerie Peak-US25210
656Wisdom of the AgedAerie Peak-US25210
669One PercentAerie Peak-US11205
670BloodLordsAerie Peak-US20200
670CandiesAerie Peak-US18200
670CorruptAerie Peak-US12200
670Cosa NostraAerie Peak-US15200
670Dragon and PhoenixAerie Peak-US21200
670Drunk and on DrugsAerie Peak-US23200
670Fluffy UnitedAerie Peak-US12200
670ImperiumAerie Peak-US18200
670kakweAerie Peak-US10200
670Kinda HuntardedAerie Peak-US14200
670Semper FidelisAerie Peak-US11200
670Shadow of IntentAerie Peak-US13200
670SüßeAerie Peak-US3200
670Syndicate IIAerie Peak-US25200
670The Alliance RevengeAerie Peak-US24200
670The Ka TetAerie Peak-US18200
670The Unholy LegionAerie Peak-US9200
670TheClanAerie Peak-US4200
688Alliance WarriorsAerie Peak-US16190
688Azeroth Dragon KnightsAerie Peak-US22190
688Deadbeat DadsAerie Peak-US25190
688FirstAidAerie Peak-US6190
688GuildlessAerie Peak-US8190
688House of ShadowsAerie Peak-US19190
688Hunters of the godsAerie Peak-US19190
688HybridAerie Peak-US20190
688Rage OnAerie Peak-US4190
688Should Not Be HereAerie Peak-US10190
698Azeroths PrimeAerie Peak-US7180
698BrutalBeatDownAerie Peak-US9180
698DeathforgeAerie Peak-US6180
698DeathforgeAerie Peak-US6180
698Eternal OblivionAerie Peak-US19180
698Kingdom Power and GloryAerie Peak-US11180
698Main Event MafiaAerie Peak-US4180
698Mid Night StalkersAerie Peak-US12180
698Mindless MassesAerie Peak-US23180
698Stars of DawnAerie Peak-US22180
698The CosmosAerie Peak-US12180
698The WantedAerie Peak-US25180
698VenganceAerie Peak-US9180
698XXVAerie Peak-US25180
712shadow roostersAerie Peak-US16175
713A Horde Knock LifeAerie Peak-US25170
713AxemenAerie Peak-US12170
713Dsnt care wht you thnkAerie Peak-US25170
713Jammy PartyAerie Peak-US10170
713ManslaughterAerie Peak-US18170
713Ministry of RedemptionAerie Peak-US15170
713Night Time PeepsAerie Peak-US15170
713RaveAerie Peak-US13170
713ReconAerie Peak-US4170
713Scarlet ImmortalsAerie Peak-US3170
713SiegeAerie Peak-US18170
713The DycloniusAerie Peak-US13170
713Things and StuffAerie Peak-US17170
713Thrift ShopAerie Peak-US5170
713Throne of FireAerie Peak-US19170
713Thunderin Knights of WARAerie Peak-US25170
713WäRLöRdsAerie Peak-US21170
713We the HordeAerie Peak-US25170
731Crimson HoldAerie Peak-US8160
731Exalted Wìth Your MomAerie Peak-US3160
731First Class PvPAerie Peak-US10160
731Hordcore PwnstarsAerie Peak-US8160
731KushifiedAerie Peak-US10160
731Moonlight CrusadersAerie Peak-US16160
731MortemAerie Peak-US8160
731ÖñÉ ÜpAerie Peak-US6160
731The Nerd HerdAerie Peak-US6160
731Upper ManagementAerie Peak-US13160
731Weekend RaidersAerie Peak-US25160
731Win In DoubtAerie Peak-US25160
743Murlocks Ate My BabyAerie Peak-US24155
743Origin (10)Aerie Peak-US8155
743Silver HandsAerie Peak-US17155
746Armed Forces of AzerothAerie Peak-US8150
746BRB Icecream TruckAerie Peak-US24150
746Endless KnightsAerie Peak-US25150
746Face StealersAerie Peak-US15150
746For The NoobsAerie Peak-US13150
746Gold RunnersAerie Peak-US13150
746inflicted killersAerie Peak-US7150
746Knights of True DarknessAerie Peak-US6150
746League Of TitansAerie Peak-US6150
746PNEUMAAerie Peak-US7150
746Seekers of DestinyAerie Peak-US15150
746Sovereigns of SeranaAerie Peak-US16150
746Strangeland TechniciansAerie Peak-US19150
746TãkenAerie Peak-US4150
746The Burning CrusadeAerie Peak-US25150
746ToxicAerie Peak-US8150
762FanaticAerie Peak-US2145
763Aerie Peaks FinestAerie Peak-US1140
763Altoholics AnonymousAerie Peak-US9140
763Archangel LegionAerie Peak-US15140
763Dark PheonixAerie Peak-US25140
763Elysian FieldsAerie Peak-US25140
763HallowedAerie Peak-US25140
763Hero of The WorldAerie Peak-US5140
763Highland RenegadesAerie Peak-US15140
763KnightcoreAerie Peak-US7140
763Merry HangmenAerie Peak-US21140
763No DramaAerie Peak-US10140
763OminousAerie Peak-US10140
763Philos CircleAerie Peak-US18140
763Rebels of FlameAerie Peak-US8140
763RYBAerie Peak-US18140
763The All Powerful GodsAerie Peak-US16140
763The Dark ProjectAerie Peak-US21140
763The Foot ClanAerie Peak-US25140
763Visceral AilmentAerie Peak-US9140
782A Groovy OneAerie Peak-US13130
782DebankersAerie Peak-US6130
782Future Janitors of USAAerie Peak-US18130
782InebriatedAerie Peak-US7130
782Morning StarAerie Peak-US6130
782SHOTS FIREDAerie Peak-US6130
782StunlockAerie Peak-US5130
782Summer BreezeAerie Peak-US8130
782SwordbretherenAerie Peak-US24130
782The GovernmentAerie Peak-US2130
782The Immortal KnightsAerie Peak-US14130
782Tokers TabernacleAerie Peak-US13130
782VanguardAerie Peak-US8130
782Warlords of JusticeAerie Peak-US25130
782We Takin Ova FolksAerie Peak-US11130
798VendéttaAerie Peak-US11125
799Alliance of TrinityAerie Peak-US11120
799Anonymous LegendsAerie Peak-US13120
799Better This WayAerie Peak-US12120
799Blood sweat and tearsAerie Peak-US21120
799Bukit TinggiAerie Peak-US9120
799dark timesAerie Peak-US8120
799Death and LightAerie Peak-US6120
799Droppin JeevesAerie Peak-US6120
799Fallen GodsAerie Peak-US2120
799Free to PlayAerie Peak-US25120
799goldAerie Peak-US25120
799High People In PlacesAerie Peak-US17120
799Iron AllianceAerie Peak-US13120
799Keep Calm and Chive OnAerie Peak-US6120
799Lag SpikeAerie Peak-US9120
799penny bankAerie Peak-US14120
799SF Booty PiratesAerie Peak-US16120
799Shake n BakeAerie Peak-US13120
799Tainted OblivionAerie Peak-US19120
799Task Force DeltaAerie Peak-US19120
799The Forgotten KingsAerie Peak-US11120
799The Holy ElementalsAerie Peak-US18120
799The Velvet RoomAerie Peak-US3120
799TradeAerie Peak-US4120
799Virtute Et ArmisAerie Peak-US20120
824Forsaken HeroesAerie Peak-US9110
824Going Down On VashjAerie Peak-US5110
824Harvesters of DoomAerie Peak-US17110
824Just killin timeAerie Peak-US14110
824Legacy of AllianceAerie Peak-US3110
824PathogenAerie Peak-US9110
824Phoenix of Rising HopeAerie Peak-US22110
824Stank BankAerie Peak-US16110
824Syndicate IVAerie Peak-US25110
824The Death PrideAerie Peak-US18110
824The Last CrusaderAerie Peak-US13110
824UltraVioletAerie Peak-US19110
824undying allianceAerie Peak-US25110
824WcMAerie Peak-US10110
824Wrath Of The GodsAerie Peak-US12110
840Casa da Mãe JoanaAerie Peak-US4100
840GnomiesAerie Peak-US9100
840HasteAerie Peak-US7100
840HDAAerie Peak-US6100
840Hordes in DisguiseAerie Peak-US11100
840Murdered for an HerbAerie Peak-US8100
840Nocturnal LunacyAerie Peak-US10100
840ShineAerie Peak-US8100
840Subway Fresh Yum BabyAerie Peak-US9100
840The Divine GuardAerie Peak-US8100
840Ur so GudAerie Peak-US13100
852Buff Me HarderAerie Peak-US395
852Dead Trees Dont HealAerie Peak-US995
852Drunken ToolshedAerie Peak-US795
852Lags A Bich Then You DieAerie Peak-US295
852The Storm Legion (10)Aerie Peak-US295
857AllianceProtectionAgencyAerie Peak-US890
857Crimson AssassinsAerie Peak-US2190
857Dark Lady DragonsAerie Peak-US590
857deathkights of azerothAerie Peak-US2190
857Drunken Underachievers (10)Aerie Peak-US290
857Farmers R UsAerie Peak-US690
857Guardian AngelssAerie Peak-US190
857If U C This UR N RangeAerie Peak-US190
857MEANAerie Peak-US1490
857MidnightAerie Peak-US590
857naughty godsAerie Peak-US790
857NoobshackAerie Peak-US490
857SenileAerie Peak-US590
857Standard Guild NameAerie Peak-US490
857Wicked JusticeAerie Peak-US1290
872Big Buff Big Tan (10)Aerie Peak-US185
872BubblesAerie Peak-US1285
874Agent of ChaosAerie Peak-US780
874Azeroth DriftersAerie Peak-US280
874Beta Tested Your GFAerie Peak-US280
874Elite Horde ForceAerie Peak-US1580
874Epic Face PullsAerie Peak-US880
874Eternal TwilightAerie Peak-US1380
874Four HorsemènAerie Peak-US180
874Just Wants GoldAerie Peak-US280
874Knights Who Didnt Say NeAerie Peak-US1080
874LeagueofShadowsAerie Peak-US1880
874Macho ExpressAerie Peak-US280
874Milk Was A Bad ChoiceAerie Peak-US280
874ØNYX IMMøRTALZAerie Peak-US580
874Pixels Over FriendzAerie Peak-US280
874Protectors of the PieAerie Peak-US2280
874Quest For GloryAerie Peak-US1180
874Spectral WarriorsAerie Peak-US1680
874The BatcaveAerie Peak-US280
874The Digital UndergroundAerie Peak-US580
874The Nut HutAerie Peak-US1280
894Death Knights ForeverAerie Peak-US675
895AbaddonAerie Peak-US270
895Dark ExileAerie Peak-US770
895ElementAerie Peak-US470
895Exalted with Taco BellAerie Peak-US1470
895GunAerie Peak-US1770
895HEALZ MEHAerie Peak-US470
895Knights of MayhemAerie Peak-US1970
895Night WatchAerie Peak-US970
895Order of OstaraAerie Peak-US1970
895Pain MerchantsAerie Peak-US1770
895Progression to the MeanAerie Peak-US1570
895PUNDOK sa mga BISDAKAerie Peak-US870
895The Jesters CourtAerie Peak-US1470
895TheHappyHomiesAerie Peak-US1070
895Wild ThingsAerie Peak-US870
910Angels of MercyAerie Peak-US1160
910Avalons CrownAerie Peak-US160
910Chaos MafiaAerie Peak-US1060
910Hippy CircleAerie Peak-US1560
910Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeAerie Peak-US1160
910In This MomentAerie Peak-US260
910Keepers of the CheeseAerie Peak-US1160
910Lunar EmpireAerie Peak-US960
910Mighty LegionAerie Peak-US1260
910RighteousAerie Peak-US760
910ShortBusFunAerie Peak-US860
910Starwars FightclubAerie Peak-US2260
910Stinky PinkyAerie Peak-US1360
910Thursday NextAerie Peak-US1060
924Brute ForceAerie Peak-US150
924Bulletproof ExecAerie Peak-US250
924CheeseBaldHordeAerie Peak-US1050
924CRITAerie Peak-US2550
924East Coast Raiders IIAerie Peak-US350
924Epic LoserAerie Peak-US450
924Fallen DecendantsAerie Peak-US550
924Fatal DistractionsAerie Peak-US1050
924Good RatsAerie Peak-US250
924HostilityAerie Peak-US450
924Knights of InsanityAerie Peak-US450
924Lost HorizonAerie Peak-US250
924MassivismAerie Peak-US450
924Mature RatedAerie Peak-US950
924Memories of UsAerie Peak-US1550
924Minions of AzerothAerie Peak-US1050
924OrangeJuiceAerie Peak-US550
924SkyfallAerie Peak-US1150
924Spartan RepublicAerie Peak-US850
924Two Dwarves One SteinAerie Peak-US1950
924Two Gruuls One CupAerie Peak-US750
924WheelsontheBusAerie Peak-US1250
946ALTaHolicsAerie Peak-US940
946BloodlinesAerie Peak-US440
946BloodthirstyAerie Peak-US540
946CalanMaiAerie Peak-US240
946Cease to ExistAerie Peak-US440
946ChoppersAerie Peak-US240
946Disciple of CenariusAerie Peak-US1940
946DiscordAerie Peak-US2540
946Doofenshmirtz Evil IncAerie Peak-US1340
946Drunk MonkeysAerie Peak-US240
946Energized AllianceAerie Peak-US1240
946Gallifrey Falls No MoreAerie Peak-US640
946Honk If Ya HordeyAerie Peak-US140
946hunger gamesAerie Peak-US1440
946I Am JobAerie Peak-US740
946Kitty PartyAerie Peak-US1240
946Les loups du nordAerie Peak-US440
946Lost OnesAerie Peak-US1140
946Myopic KamikazesAerie Peak-US440
946NightingaleAerie Peak-US340
946No IdeaAerie Peak-US240
946Nothing SpecialAerie Peak-US140
946PvP OnlyAerie Peak-US740
946Smashing PumpkinsAerie Peak-US540
946Team Havin FunAerie Peak-US440
946The AkatsukiAerie Peak-US1340
946The Dèmon HuntèrsAerie Peak-US1040
946The PrioryAerie Peak-US140
946TheOtherSideOfTheHordeAerie Peak-US940
975Adult SwimAerie Peak-US1130
975Aerie Peak Supply CoAerie Peak-US330
975Chaotic AuraAerie Peak-US130
975Delüsiøns øf GrandeürAerie Peak-US630
975Double AgentsAerie Peak-US1030
975Friends of FantasyAerie Peak-US730
975Grand Theft KödöAerie Peak-US1230
975Immortal TechniqueAerie Peak-US230
975Innocuous InoculationAerie Peak-US130
975Lex EternalAerie Peak-US130
975Order of the Coming DawnAerie Peak-US430
975Panda Five OAerie Peak-US630
975PeakPvPAerie Peak-US230
975Robot HouseAerie Peak-US630
975Show Us Your NoobiesAerie Peak-US430
975TensixAerie Peak-US1030
975the disturbedAerie Peak-US530
975The Thunder KingsAerie Peak-US1230
975uncouth dragonsAerie Peak-US230
975ValinorAerie Peak-US630
995All Seeing EyeAerie Peak-US720
995AsylumAerie Peak-US120
995Blood n SteelAerie Peak-US620
995Death by the FallenAerie Peak-US820
995Guilded DragonsAerie Peak-US1520
995JustifiedAerie Peak-US120

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