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TW Guild Achievement Points
1Punishment of Asia (25)Spirestone-TW252630
2神樣 (25)Wrathbringer-TW252620
3Asgard (25)Nightsong-TW252560
4Final Dawn (25)Frostmane-TW252515
5Endless Story (25)Crystalpine Stinger-TW252510
6K O F (25)Sundown Marsh-TW252505
7Immortal Armageddon (25)Dragonmaw-TW252485
8休閒者之灣 (10)Arthas-TW252475
9銀翼之手 (10)Silverwing Hold-TW252460
10CLANNAD (10)Silverwing Hold-TW252450
10不朽 (10)Bleeding Hollow-TW252450
12M e t h o d (10)Menethil-TW252435
13Eternal Myth (10)Nightsong-TW252425
13月刃 (10)Bleeding Hollow-TW252425
13蒼穹之弓 (10)Arthas-TW252425
16Dragon Soul (10)Arthas-TW252410
17Academia Cantabrigiensis (10)Sundown Marsh-TW252405
17Evil Incursion (10)Shadowmoon-TW252405
17來自部落的愛 (10)Icecrown-TW252405
20Live Or Die (10)Chillwind Point-TW252400
20暗黑騎士 (10)Icecrown-TW252400
22pinnacle (10)Shadowmoon-TW252395
23月之作 (10)Silverwing Hold-TW252390
24AQUA (10)Crystalpine Stinger-TW252385
24Beach Angels (10)Nightsong-TW252385
24Play for Uber (10)Sundown Marsh-TW252385
24夢想之旅 (10)Light's Hope-TW252385
24極光之地 (10)Menethil-TW252385
29小黑貓俱樂部 (10)Arygos-TW252380
30後壁厝 (10)Shadowmoon-TW252375
30走唱人 (10)Zealot Blade-TW252375
32惡魔城 (10)Shadowmoon-TW252355
32無與倫比的自由 (10)Sundown Marsh-TW252355
34Sweet Heart (10)Silverwing Hold-TW252350
35Time Goes By (10)Light's Hope-TW252345
36傳奇 (10)Shadowmoon-TW252335
36璀璨 (10)Wrathbringer-TW252335
38不滅誓言 (10)Silverwing Hold-TW252320
39天下風雲出我輩 (10)World Tree-TW252315
39繽紛之夏 (10)Shadowmoon-TW252315
39魔幻琉璃 (10)Shadowmoon-TW252315
42不落皇城 (10)Shadowmoon-TW252305
42夜語之歌 (10)Skywall-TW252305
42痲瘋地精協會 (10)Silverwing Hold-TW252305
45歸途 (10)Silverwing Hold-TW252300
46Together (10)Bleeding Hollow-TW252295
47Golden (10)Sundown Marsh-TW252285
47Wretches And Kings (10)Sundown Marsh-TW252285
47光舞之境 (10)Sundown Marsh-TW252285
47凝香 (10)Zealot Blade-TW252285
47噗噗瘋人院 (10)Arygos-TW252285
47微甜幼稚園 (10)Nightsong-TW252285
53靈魂歸宿 (25)Sundown Marsh-TW252280
54天使與魔鬼 (10)Skywall-TW252275
55KGB (10)Spirestone-TW252265
55Wanna (10)Nightsong-TW252265
57God of Dragon (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW252255
57none such under heaven (10)Hellscream-TW252255
57碧落之歌 (10)Light's Hope-TW252255
60縱橫馳騁 (10)Zealot Blade-TW252245
61偉業 (10)Silverwing Hold-TW252235
61聖光之刃 (10)Frostmane-TW252235
63Dream of paradise (10)Frostmane-TW252225
63Glory of Nightwish (10)Frostmane-TW252225
63傑家大院 (10)Spirestone-TW252225
63達人會館 (10)Whisperwind-TW252225
67Seeing Space (10)Chillwind Point-TW252215
67硬梆梆踹共酷辣部 (10)Spirestone-TW252215
69Heaven (10)Arygos-TW252210
70Apex (10)Crystalpine Stinger-TW252205
70Finding Neverland (10)Arthas-TW252205
70Illuminati (10)Dragonmaw-TW252205
70Minos (10)Sundown Marsh-TW252205
70天空殿 (10)Light's Hope-TW252205
70奧格瑪神秘金庫職員 (10)Light's Hope-TW252205
70廣電總局 (10)Whisperwind-TW252205
70朝花夕拾杯中酒 (10)Skywall-TW252205
78NeverSayNever (10)Arthas-TW252200
78Stars (25)Crystalpine Stinger-TW252200
80Horizon (25)Skywall-TW252195
80Sanctified Zealot (10)Frostmane-TW252195
80Sky castle (10)Chillwind Point-TW252195
80小龍貓公館 (10)Skywall-TW252195
80里民大會 (10)Wrathbringer-TW252195
80麒麟之眼 (10)Arthas-TW252195
86大地自然守護部族 (10)Wrathbringer-TW252190
86御庭番眾 (10)Dragonmaw-TW252190
86批踢踢鄉民代表 (10)Silverwing Hold-TW252190
89Autumn Osmanthus (10)Skywall-TW252185
89SoulMate (25)Howling Fjord-TW252185
89傳承 (10)Bleeding Hollow-TW252185
89最終狂暴 (10)Sundown Marsh-TW252185
93Dragon Throne (10)World Tree-TW252175
93Imagine (10)Sundown Marsh-TW252175
93Onyxia Embassy (10)Skywall-TW252175
93宅之國 (10)Stormscale-TW252175
93永恆不朽 (10)Chillwind Point-TW252175
93禁果 (10)Nightsong-TW252175
93逆襲 (10)Demon Fall Canyon-TW252175
93香草的天空 (10)Skywall-TW252175

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