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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zul'jin-KR Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1회드가회복회드림 길드이름읽을쯔음 내캐스팅은완료되었다Zul'jin-KR5140Not updated
2성빛천빛 보복은세제곱으로Zul'jin-KR4640Not updated
3신나는아코디언 In The EndZul'jin-KR4526Not updated
4망쉘 The EternityZul'jin-KR4435Not updated
5Lapi 구르믈 버서난 달처럼Zul'jin-KR4346Not updated
6드으루우 내일부터하지 뭐Zul'jin-KR3946Not updated
7한때냥꾼 한때 길드Zul'jin-KR3846Not updated
8다린스 P A N D A R I AZul'jin-KR3835Not updated
9소가되고싶어요 P A N D A R I AZul'jin-KR3626Not updated
10Tonnerre The EternityZul'jin-KR3603Not updated
11김회드 SageZul'jin-KR3533Not updated
12목크롤 Fall In The LoveZul'jin-KR3533Not updated
13레프젠 The EternityZul'jin-KR3518Not updated
14Faction 한국담배인삼공사Zul'jin-KR3510Not updated
15아기천사부끄꼼 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR3505Not updated
16Pomeranian NEWZul'jin-KR3443Not updated
17삼식이 투 신Zul'jin-KR3441Not updated
18천재테란 Infinity CrewZul'jin-KR3440Not updated
19Whopper The EternityZul'jin-KR3440Not updated
20영종 천신Zul'jin-KR3440Not updated
21김육성 개돼지Zul'jin-KR3440Not updated
22울프드나인 명문Zul'jin-KR3438Not updated
23Druwa 사랑과 전쟁Zul'jin-KR3438Not updated
24Happydruid 검은 기사단Zul'jin-KR3436Not updated
25Pureavata  Zul'jin-KR3436Not updated
26Hodduc The EternityZul'jin-KR3436Not updated
27레슬링하는게이킹 NEWZul'jin-KR3436Not updated
28엥술 가이드Zul'jin-KR3436Not updated
29땋은머리로맨스 You N MeZul'jin-KR3435Not updated
30수염어르신 Magna CartaZul'jin-KR3435Not updated
31강해효 to the worlds endZul'jin-KR3435Not updated
32유쾌한몽이 Only when i sleepZul'jin-KR3435Not updated
33Begining Only when i sleepZul'jin-KR3435Not updated
34Simpletwo The Killing FieldsZul'jin-KR3433Not updated
35넬랴 Magna CartaZul'jin-KR3433Not updated
36토템댁 신 여명회Zul'jin-KR3431Not updated
37리엘레스 Rotten Apple of GulDanZul'jin-KR3431Not updated
38복술복술한복술 Rotten Apple of GulDanZul'jin-KR3431Not updated
39하쿨맨 P A N D A R I AZul'jin-KR3431Not updated
40추혼선강 미래는 오래 지속된다Zul'jin-KR3430Not updated
41정성교 P A N D A R I AZul'jin-KR3383Not updated
42Lucrecia WarehouseZul'jin-KR3365Not updated
43질풍노도중 멋진바다와 파도를 함께가르는 우린 해적이라네Zul'jin-KR3350Not updated
44Voidshift EclipseZul'jin-KR3343Not updated
45Thunderboy LoveHolicsZul'jin-KR3326Not updated
46관치사 마치 벚꽃처럼Zul'jin-KR3316Not updated
47은빛별을비추다 목금토일월화수Zul'jin-KR3248Not updated
48싱기 하늘배Zul'jin-KR3238Not updated
49칠흑의빛 님이 그걸 왜 굴려요Zul'jin-KR3228Not updated
50졸렵슴니다 서리늑대 유랑단Zul'jin-KR3208Not updated
51아기곰탱냥이 중 독Zul'jin-KR3183Not updated
52샴수리 폭풍설Zul'jin-KR3165Not updated
53김피탕 The EternityZul'jin-KR3161Not updated
54라씬 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR3148Not updated
55폭엘사제 P A N D A R I AZul'jin-KR3143Not updated
56시간폭풍 내가하면 로멘스 네가하면 불륜Zul'jin-KR3143Not updated
57싸늘한가을 그물에걸리지않는바람처럼Zul'jin-KR3141Not updated
58사기성기사 하늘배Zul'jin-KR3136Not updated
59드루있니 내일부터하지 뭐Zul'jin-KR3135Not updated
60Nien 검은 도적단Zul'jin-KR3133Not updated
61Pushkin 길드이름읽을쯔음 내캐스팅은완료되었다Zul'jin-KR3131Not updated
62마스터업드루 N o c D aZul'jin-KR3125Not updated
63Jazztronik  Zul'jin-KR3123Not updated
64여신 EclipseZul'jin-KR3121Not updated
65힐도사님  Zul'jin-KR3036Not updated
66모닝커피향기 EclipseZul'jin-KR3030Not updated
67커피에환타 The EternityZul'jin-KR3028Not updated
68낚시왕춘식  Zul'jin-KR3021Not updated
69생각과표현 하늘배Zul'jin-KR2938Not updated
70엥사 가이드Zul'jin-KR2935Not updated
71케이링 BM if onlyZul'jin-KR2883Not updated
72듀얼코어프로세서 자유Zul'jin-KR2863Not updated
73성아 검은 도적단Zul'jin-KR2858Not updated
74대지모신의힘 EclipseZul'jin-KR2851Not updated
75루시안 Infinity CrewZul'jin-KR2843Not updated
76이런닌봉 귀 농Zul'jin-KR2825Not updated
77신성문자  Zul'jin-KR2815Not updated
78부끄러워용 Infinity CrewZul'jin-KR2746Not updated
79수평선을넘은자 자유Zul'jin-KR2738Not updated
80만렙타우렌해병 우리길드 길마는 분홍색 팬티만 입는다Zul'jin-KR2638Not updated
81Canceless CPstyle entZul'jin-KR2633Not updated
82드루전문가 날새서 생각한 길드명이 이겁니다Zul'jin-KR2608Not updated
83예민해 저 동아리는 해로운 동아리다Zul'jin-KR2565Not updated
84크림슨크루세이드 보복은세제곱으로Zul'jin-KR2563Not updated
85오라토리엄 상큼하고아찔하게Zul'jin-KR2555Not updated
86붉은눈오크  Zul'jin-KR2550Not updated
87보슬람국가  Zul'jin-KR2550Not updated
88Unholyshock ElysiumZul'jin-KR2545Not updated
89뽀송아 The ReaLZul'jin-KR2533Not updated
90신원 Infinity CrewZul'jin-KR2530Not updated
91탄별 꽃잠Zul'jin-KR2521Not updated
92Powermental  Zul'jin-KR2451Not updated
93률사마  Zul'jin-KR2446Not updated
94복술손 혼자있고싶어요나가주세요Zul'jin-KR2446Not updated
95양변배움 어그로Zul'jin-KR2440Not updated
96타짜평경장 P A N D A R I AZul'jin-KR2438Not updated
97대보름빵  Zul'jin-KR2436Not updated
98면건 The JokerZul'jin-KR2436Not updated
99슈퍼키드님 목금토일월화수Zul'jin-KR2436Not updated
100나무그늘아래서  Zul'jin-KR2436Not updated

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