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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zenedar-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Rastwo DarkStormZenedar-EU5331Not updated
2Hlebec JatoZenedar-EU4625Not updated
3Roshan JatoZenedar-EU4451Not updated
4Morten IkarosZenedar-EU4368Not updated
5Thorwal DarkStormZenedar-EU3635Not updated
6Mímic JatoZenedar-EU3635Not updated
7Lumine DarkStormZenedar-EU3633Not updated
8Zynesta DarkStormZenedar-EU3630Not updated
9Iera Do Not PanicZenedar-EU3551Not updated
10Shônn High TempestZenedar-EU3531Not updated
11Blubzor DarkStormZenedar-EU3438Not updated
12Druinjin DebonairZenedar-EU3435Not updated
13Warslol Do Not PanicZenedar-EU3435Not updated
14Blobba RhythmZenedar-EU3431Not updated
15Niffles Do Not PanicZenedar-EU3431Not updated
16Alessia Do Not PanicZenedar-EU3348Not updated
17Bwnd Wolf PackZenedar-EU3331Not updated
18Sera High TempestZenedar-EU3326Not updated
19Nashandra High TempestZenedar-EU3236Not updated
20Consumér DarkStormZenedar-EU3228Not updated
21Dysthe High TempestZenedar-EU3216Not updated
22Xynkz DarkStormZenedar-EU3211Not updated
23Option Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU3183Not updated
24Raysere Do Not PanicZenedar-EU3180Not updated
25Versau JatoZenedar-EU3163Not updated
26Ichiroxy High TempestZenedar-EU3160Not updated
27Piekeli JatoZenedar-EU3153Not updated
28Saiphlol High TempestZenedar-EU3141Not updated
29Tj Ðoctors OfficeZenedar-EU3121Not updated
30Belfa Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU3046Not updated
31Bielanova DarkStormZenedar-EU3036Not updated
32Queza JatoZenedar-EU3028Not updated
33Sulliwan DarkStormZenedar-EU2865Not updated
34Awyr JatoZenedar-EU2865Not updated
35Syarth SynergyZenedar-EU2845Not updated
36Srkrackula From The AshesZenedar-EU2845Not updated
37Azylodruid Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU2840Not updated
38Rheya Do Not PanicZenedar-EU2835Not updated
39Gambo SynergyZenedar-EU2826Not updated
40Tryadin ToolZenedar-EU2470Not updated
41Qaziron ToolZenedar-EU2445Not updated
42Dpchi Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU2441Not updated
43Crywank Do Not PanicZenedar-EU2165Not updated
44Shortcakes TMMZenedar-EU1933Not updated
45Whiteflower Riders of the ApocalypseZenedar-EU1885Not updated
46Bakon Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU1866Not updated
47Ruuch Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU1848Not updated
48Maxxmos SentenceZenedar-EU1840Not updated
49Barkley  Zenedar-EU1831Not updated
50Lightbound Riders of the ApocalypseZenedar-EU1633Not updated
51Temmetias NapalmikuolemaZenedar-EU1585Not updated
52Sharakh JatoZenedar-EU1571Not updated
53Specia DarkStormZenedar-EU1526Not updated
54Allislayer  Zenedar-EU1525Not updated
55Meworac SynergyZenedar-EU1525Not updated
56Napkín  Zenedar-EU1450Not updated
57Xavinaa DarkStormZenedar-EU1440Not updated
58Sjukbrah TMMZenedar-EU1438Not updated
59Apojin  Zenedar-EU1438Not updated
60Zeevo JatoZenedar-EU1438Not updated
61Idtapdat High TempestZenedar-EU1436Not updated
62Zeptow VrakenZenedar-EU1436Not updated
63Dorthy SoulZenedar-EU1433Not updated
64Zawrat One Frame Per SecondZenedar-EU1423Not updated
65Beffee  Zenedar-EU1326Not updated
66Drujä  Zenedar-EU1183Not updated
67Hohka ToolZenedar-EU938Not updated
68Dpsielle Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU900Not updated
69Rasenza  Zenedar-EU896Not updated
70Alystra SUNZenedar-EU885Not updated
71Jävlaspel Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU878Not updated
72Beefcow JatoZenedar-EU865Not updated
73Rogotlog JatoZenedar-EU860Not updated
74Dagoi Do Not PanicZenedar-EU855Not updated
75Bumbum  Zenedar-EU826Not updated
76Xynky DarkStormZenedar-EU825Not updated
77Overmilked Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU741Not updated
78Souldown  Zenedar-EU733Not updated
79Allaran DefconZenedar-EU731Not updated
80Melchiah Binds when picked upZenedar-EU636Not updated
81Vorllin OctagonZenedar-EU631Not updated
82Surtalogi Do Not PanicZenedar-EU615Not updated
83Alharbi JatoZenedar-EU571Not updated
84Anowia High TempestZenedar-EU565Not updated
85Dinothix Riders of the ApocalypseZenedar-EU561Not updated
86Esmerelda JatoZenedar-EU558Not updated
87Gaios  Zenedar-EU543Not updated
88Facebasher  Zenedar-EU540Not updated
89Xcütion ParadigmZenedar-EU538Not updated
90Persephonae High TempestZenedar-EU536Not updated
91Nefos Unexpected VariableZenedar-EU535Not updated
92Tessera JatoZenedar-EU481Not updated
93Kelthíus  Zenedar-EU443Not updated
94Elanie One Frame Per SecondZenedar-EU443Not updated
95Ballbagxd DefconZenedar-EU441Not updated
96Zhokk DarkStormZenedar-EU438Not updated
97Sentii SynergyZenedar-EU438Not updated
98Cagallí Chaotic DreamsZenedar-EU438Not updated
99Evenie DebonairZenedar-EU436Not updated
100Puggy Reckless DoomZenedar-EU435Not updated

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