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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ysera-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Renew easYplaYYsera-EU4433Not updated
2Smashi easYplaYYsera-EU4431Not updated
3Sunhao easYplaYYsera-EU3840Not updated
4Elodrin Die RattenfängerYsera-EU3746Not updated
5Argharrha SchneesturmYsera-EU3723Not updated
6Sorallie easYplaYYsera-EU3635Not updated
7Valygar easYplaYYsera-EU3441Not updated
8Dudmän Die FeuerprobeYsera-EU3441Not updated
9Dêlia SneakyYsera-EU3441Not updated
10Taseni Durus MentiriYsera-EU3363Not updated
11Clamdea just dont failYsera-EU3346Not updated
12Fasiona EuphoriaYsera-EU3223Not updated
13Phoenix easYplaYYsera-EU3190Not updated
14Poe easYplaYYsera-EU3120Not updated
15Hâreus just dont failYsera-EU3026Not updated
16Pixxil LacrimosaYsera-EU3023Not updated
17Shínìgámì Durus MentiriYsera-EU2963Not updated
18Vâlas just dont failYsera-EU2943Not updated
19Dauthria just dont failYsera-EU2885Not updated
20Merok GummizelleYsera-EU2731Not updated
21Kesshó Wild RockYsera-EU2638Not updated
22Ossitry Durus MentiriYsera-EU2528Not updated
23Variya just dont failYsera-EU2523Not updated
24Smösch easYplaYYsera-EU2451Not updated
25Munkeln just dont failYsera-EU2346Not updated
26Smashfive easYplaYYsera-EU2331Not updated
27Berlusco TE UnitedYsera-EU2255Not updated
28Askaan just dont failYsera-EU1940Not updated
29Nelicquele just dont failYsera-EU1935Not updated
30Eléndir RaffnixYsera-EU1930Not updated
31Khrrargh SchneesturmYsera-EU1726Not updated
32Timora  Ysera-EU1641Not updated
33Meena Durus MentiriYsera-EU1633Not updated
34Ðavex ElementarwächterYsera-EU1631Not updated
35Obli fine day to exitYsera-EU1626Not updated
36Akash Die RattenfängerYsera-EU1621Not updated
37Failormoon easYplaYYsera-EU1556Not updated
38Xyriana Durus MentiriYsera-EU1441Not updated
39Katalii Hausfrauen ohne ReflexeYsera-EU1435Not updated
40Graeca GummizelleYsera-EU1433Not updated
41Ankita Revenge of the WolvesYsera-EU1431Not updated
42Stormend  Ysera-EU1431Not updated
43 primeYsera-EU1341Not updated
44Tahla Durus MentiriYsera-EU1241Not updated
45Faýz  Ysera-EU1155Not updated
46Meðjana Fandu TalahYsera-EU1146Not updated
47Schdaag GummizelleYsera-EU945Not updated
48Solischia Oldschool EliteYsera-EU931Not updated
49Poscho easYplaYYsera-EU888Not updated
50Kaeru Wild RockYsera-EU861Not updated
51Sceletor Nordic FrostYsera-EU851Not updated
52Asaliya GummizelleYsera-EU845Not updated
53Lyhr Ars VivendiYsera-EU843Not updated
54Kórsákóff Unleashed ReunionYsera-EU836Not updated
55Viljah GummizelleYsera-EU831Not updated
56Hail just dont failYsera-EU736Not updated
57Midoras Plan BYsera-EU736Not updated
58Ciphedias Mortal WombatYsera-EU641Not updated
59Laanie Legio FidelitatisYsera-EU638Not updated
60Jimifufu Durus MentiriYsera-EU638Not updated
61Bîtzti Revenge of the WolvesYsera-EU633Not updated
62Aliyaa For FunYsera-EU630Not updated
63Mggadu NachtschichtYsera-EU591Not updated
64Mildred ExitusYsera-EU585Not updated
65Fôndor  Ysera-EU581Not updated
66Andorey The Shadow UnitYsera-EU580Not updated
67Akyu ElementarwächterYsera-EU571Not updated
68Smorda  Ysera-EU568Not updated
69Eagleclaw SyncedYsera-EU565Not updated
70Dopàmin PitBullsYsera-EU563Not updated
71Lobra Legio FidelitatisYsera-EU558Not updated
72Nesjo ElementarwächterYsera-EU540Not updated
73Artika SneakyYsera-EU536Not updated
74Pascâi Durus MentiriYsera-EU523Not updated
75Jasie Durus MentiriYsera-EU520Not updated
76Pachanga  Ysera-EU463Not updated
77Smokingkills LacrimosaYsera-EU453Not updated
78Feliná mitn dreirad innen knastYsera-EU451Not updated
79Sillium nuR maL ebeN kuRzYsera-EU443Not updated
80Faériel  Ysera-EU443Not updated
81Zückerli LacrimosaYsera-EU443Not updated
82Iberia EquitatusYsera-EU441Not updated
83Smillá just dont failYsera-EU440Not updated
84Maybellene PrevaílYsera-EU440Not updated
85Fabuleux LacrimosaYsera-EU440Not updated
86Xarija PhöníxYsera-EU436Not updated
87Pankia  Ysera-EU433Not updated
88Horízôn Durus MentiriYsera-EU431Not updated
89Bebeyoung Nigris LegionesYsera-EU428Not updated
90Sinderelâ Gallische BandeYsera-EU363Not updated
91Hírro The winner isYsera-EU363Not updated
92Bluediamant Die SchwarzdrachenritterYsera-EU345Not updated
93Sebecen SyncedYsera-EU163Not updated
94Smexi Liberum SpoliaYsera-EU161Not updated
95Stêlly GummizelleYsera-EU133Not updated

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