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Wrathbringer-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Jáyden  Wrathbringer-EU3628Not updated
2Tarules ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU3576Not updated
3Jurojin Carpe diemWrathbringer-EU3516Not updated
4Xfaces Garde der DrachenWrathbringer-EU3345
5Pippa ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU3331
6Nairi Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU3166
7Bogue Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU2908
8Wallshok Why MeWrathbringer-EU2816
9Aurelia SynergieWrathbringer-EU2633Not updated
10Mylotheus HarlequinWrathbringer-EU2630
11Xayth harmful clownsWrathbringer-EU2630Not updated
12Lillya ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU2620
13Escarya Samurai Pizza CatsWrathbringer-EU2548
14Séifê Why MeWrathbringer-EU2446
15Nesta BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU2366
16Wuffo ImmortalisWrathbringer-EU2326Not updated
17Balsam Awoken KitesWrathbringer-EU1840
18Syrala Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1725Not updated
19Milukâ Carpe diemWrathbringer-EU1636Not updated
20Aláni  Wrathbringer-EU1611Not updated
21Zettka Project DedicatedWrathbringer-EU1583Not updated
22Traductus Awoken KitesWrathbringer-EU1581
23Thôrdil  Wrathbringer-EU1563Not updated
24Leroya  Wrathbringer-EU1440Not updated
25Muffinator Awoken KitesWrathbringer-EU1440
26Behemut Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1428
27Khorash StonetreesWrathbringer-EU1426
28Chesedy Why MeWrathbringer-EU1325Not updated
29Aixiong Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU1315
30Druidefeld Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU905
31Weazlechen Tribunal der HordeWrathbringer-EU871
32Lurien I Legendary IWrathbringer-EU863
33Chríssi Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU845
34Shamanmaan Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU815
35Telrathim Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU805
36Berÿll StonetreesWrathbringer-EU750
37Eroria  Wrathbringer-EU750
38Néssy I Legendary IWrathbringer-EU743
39Eeyôre StonetreesWrathbringer-EU731
40Aorora Project DedicatedWrathbringer-EU640
41Yllana Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU606
42Knub intactilisWrathbringer-EU565
43Terrific  Wrathbringer-EU545Not updated
44Nimuë StonetreesWrathbringer-EU545
45Bierboot Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU543Not updated
46Kempo ImmortalisWrathbringer-EU473Not updated
47Shaojin  Wrathbringer-EU441Not updated
48Bômêr Wrath of RagnarosWrathbringer-EU438Not updated
49Zaak Why MeWrathbringer-EU436Not updated
50Krônin Old School GamerWrathbringer-EU433
51Falis Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU431
52Uzog StonetreesWrathbringer-EU353
53Nândalee Garde der DrachenWrathbringer-EU235
54Nuraks  Wrathbringer-EU73Not updated

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