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Windrunner-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Frozenorange Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US8531
2Adora TemerityWindrunner-US6513
3Em TemerityWindrunner-US5906
4Frozengoat Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US5540
5Icecreamsoup Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US5511
6Jéquiyos Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US3840
7Candysham Radiant DarkWindrunner-US3565Not updated
8Umeiko Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US3526
9Honourguard Order of Angry PenguinsWindrunner-US3515
10Lazerdollarz Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US3436
11Treehugs Questers CommonWindrunner-US3435Not updated
12Evry Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US3433
13Dixit AbsøluteWindrunner-US3431Not updated
14Meledy HushWindrunner-US3428Not updated
15Aronis Xcalibur KnightsWindrunner-US3350
16Jhasu Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US3346
17Nas PandemoniumWindrunner-US3330
18Sawney AbsøluteWindrunner-US3183
19Bawston AbsøluteWindrunner-US3146Not updated
20Gape Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US3141
21Ryaide Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US3021
22Reticence TemerityWindrunner-US3013
23Chantel PandemoniumWindrunner-US2868
24Mariquita Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US2841
25Sétha PandemoniumWindrunner-US2638
26Blondeshaman  Windrunner-US2568Not updated
27Girvdogga Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US2565
28Morningbear PraetoriansWindrunner-US2541Not updated
29Sups Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US2458
30Moarhotz Generäl GoodsWindrunner-US2440Not updated
31Mariri TemerityWindrunner-US2438
32Luminarra Shadows of ChaosWindrunner-US2438Not updated
33Dubalicious TemerityWindrunner-US2436
34Facerollz Generäl GoodsWindrunner-US2435Not updated
35Céza Nephilim LegacyWindrunner-US2131
36Jàden Ensis DeiWindrunner-US1865
37Wado PandemoniumWindrunner-US1721Not updated
38Pharmalich Dark LegacyWindrunner-US1635
39Majikmana BloodforgedWindrunner-US1551
40Reth Jungle StyleWindrunner-US1550
41Vidu Stockade Prison BluesWindrunner-US1545
42Delvur PandemoniumWindrunner-US1515
43Tyraszan MutinyWindrunner-US1495
44Fortitudinem Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US1458
45Zalen ApotheosisWindrunner-US1441Not updated
46Suplift Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US1441
47Bratakk PandemoniumWindrunner-US1438
48Darnokk Legitimate PiracyWindrunner-US1436
49Norbeam Generäl GoodsWindrunner-US1405
50Guiz  Windrunner-US1373Not updated
51Ro Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US1368
52Healsonyou Ensis DeiWindrunner-US1170Not updated
53Altas Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US1163Not updated
54Angelic Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US1136
55Chronosiege Fortunes BaneWindrunner-US1126
56Idadruid Legitimate PiracyWindrunner-US943
57Katy The Red WindWindrunner-US941
58Lyat Ensis DeiWindrunner-US921
59Kodtech Nephilim LegacyWindrunner-US885
60Calantha Heavenly ForgeWindrunner-US866
61Phoon  Windrunner-US848Not updated
62Corpseshred OneShotWindrunner-US841
63Adrenalingz  Windrunner-US838Not updated
64Allera Stockade Prison BluesWindrunner-US836
65Arastasia Questers CommonWindrunner-US833Not updated
66Sylah SoldariusWindrunner-US826
67Missmeow Guardians of AzerothWindrunner-US825
68Morthar AbsøluteWindrunner-US636Not updated
69Jymmie PandemoniumWindrunner-US635
70Iciala BloodforgedWindrunner-US630
71Jetwash AbsøluteWindrunner-US628Not updated
72Arenastar PerditionWindrunner-US626Not updated
73George Questers CommonWindrunner-US598
74Brihn Last HopeWindrunner-US563
75Dorgannex The VanquishersWindrunner-US560
76Gwynne Jungle StyleWindrunner-US556
77Sïtch  Windrunner-US553Not updated
78Bellakijo Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US551
79Sepphira Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US548
80Drapier ParadigmWindrunner-US540Not updated
81Inxert Order of Angry PenguinsWindrunner-US540
82Jethroo UniverseWindrunner-US525
83Zenman ApotheosisWindrunner-US460Not updated
84Sheazyeson Nocturnal ChaosWindrunner-US460
85Xtremegodd Questers CommonWindrunner-US458Not updated
86Niven Heavenly ForgeWindrunner-US446
87Notmojo PandemoniumWindrunner-US445
88Llyrana Ensis DeiWindrunner-US443
89Azsami Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US441
90Medikations Soul CrushersWindrunner-US438
91Rilix Stockade Prison BluesWindrunner-US436
92Yivo Shadows of ChaosWindrunner-US435
93Isbjorn Radiant DarkWindrunner-US435Not updated
94Ethntremblay Sad PandasWindrunner-US435
95Lukate Cult Of The Plush GnomeWindrunner-US431Not updated
96Zinrokk Nephilim LegacyWindrunner-US431
97Veelight UtopianWindrunner-US336Not updated
98Alood TemerityWindrunner-US213
99Dendrophilea All About BukuWindrunner-US153Not updated

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