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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Velen-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Mauhan CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US4745Not updated
2Boostedqt  Velen-US4451Not updated
3Varthftw VeritasVelen-US4445Not updated
4Zathrus OutlandishVelen-US3526Not updated
5Guzmán VeritasVelen-US3441Not updated
6Kualija Shade of ArrowsVelen-US3441Not updated
7Sighness CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US3433Not updated
8Wryte Shade of ArrowsVelen-US3431Not updated
9Kelonaar VeritasVelen-US3431Not updated
10Darka Shade of ArrowsVelen-US3416Not updated
11Ruid HarbingerVelen-US3348Not updated
12Crytuf Shade of ArrowsVelen-US3345Not updated
13Digital VeritasVelen-US3343Not updated
14Sàmmy Why You Heff to be MadVelen-US3333Not updated
15Marlaie AriseVelen-US3320Not updated
16Alex VeritasVelen-US3235Not updated
17Asakura SynthesisVelen-US3160Not updated
18Pinklipz  Velen-US3158Not updated
19Iheartramen  Velen-US3148Not updated
20Holyforlife AriseVelen-US3140Not updated
21Tempotantrum VeritasVelen-US3126Not updated
22Kirisin RepriseVelen-US3121Not updated
23Karandra CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US3035Not updated
24Obachi Shade of ArrowsVelen-US3028Not updated
25Jiani BlacklistedVelen-US3023Not updated
26Zarrak  Velen-US3023Not updated
27Backfire  Velen-US2725Not updated
28Ekali  Velen-US2723Not updated
29Solidsnakez VeritasVelen-US2721Not updated
30Tawaporah VeritasVelen-US2641Not updated
31Lylas RecklessVelen-US2525Not updated
32Zakarinle CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US2516Not updated
33Mômiko  Velen-US2443Not updated
34Duskfall  Velen-US2441Not updated
35Sin  Velen-US2433Not updated
36Allexia  Velen-US2433Not updated
37Maaco  Velen-US2365Not updated
38Fhenian HarbingerVelen-US2128Not updated
39Howtobasic Why You Heff to be MadVelen-US1758Not updated
40Frezee  Velen-US1635Not updated
41Shakugan Maelstrom LegionVelen-US1630Not updated
42Mew Shade of ArrowsVelen-US1573Not updated
43Sammisosa Why You Heff to be MadVelen-US1561Not updated
44Dukagatok Forbidden KnightsVelen-US1531Not updated
45Xeneon HarbingerVelen-US1528Not updated
46Goldenlotus OutlandishVelen-US1471Not updated
47Chadd RainVelen-US1448Not updated
48Plasmatv Why You Heff to be MadVelen-US1436Not updated
49Gethrisja AntithesisVelen-US1435Not updated
50Zuspira First RegimentVelen-US1433Not updated
51Aliztran Shade of ArrowsVelen-US1366Not updated
52Aspyre Legendary Soul HuntersVelen-US1363Not updated
53Daiso VeritasVelen-US1350Not updated
54Pinkiepie Pax InvictusVelen-US1345Not updated
55Shierra Ominous Latin NounVelen-US1345Not updated
56Kupua LucidityVelen-US1331Not updated
57Shido The Betty Horde ClinicVelen-US1255Not updated
58Artanisz OutlandishVelen-US1251Not updated
59Nonam The Betty Horde ClinicVelen-US1186Not updated
60Cyberanta CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US943Not updated
61Docilepet Light of EluneVelen-US846Not updated
62Karawaka VeritasVelen-US840Not updated
63Ellyanå  Velen-US840Not updated
64Gazaba Inherently AwesomeVelen-US836Not updated
65Xandeaous Legends Never FâdeVelen-US836Not updated
66Gaboon HarbingerVelen-US836Not updated
67Príést Raiders of DestinyVelen-US830Not updated
68Purpdrank RepriseVelen-US736Not updated
69Hêàlin Dark TranquilityVelen-US731Not updated
70Xerozul PetrichorVelen-US640Not updated
71Hamromen Legendary Soul HuntersVelen-US635Not updated
72Verakaì  Velen-US631Not updated
73Spiffyshifty War Never ChangesVelen-US605Not updated
74Othelle Defenders of SpiritVelen-US593Not updated
75Flustercluck Maelstrom LegionVelen-US565Not updated
76Leafkisser HarbingerVelen-US546Not updated
77Marlaiee AriseVelen-US536Not updated
78Nooß Wipe it UpVelen-US528Not updated
79Slinkee AriseVelen-US456Not updated
80Laat  Velen-US455Not updated
81Leighloo TenacityVelen-US441Not updated
82Clip Shade of ArrowsVelen-US441Not updated
83Croyness  Velen-US438Not updated
84Adirik Dark TranquilityVelen-US438Not updated
85Nightfius Surgical StrikeVelen-US436Not updated
86Mìdnyte Gruesome TwosomeVelen-US435Not updated
87Anthoni VeritasVelen-US431Not updated
88Halø Shade of ArrowsVelen-US428Not updated
89Theevoguy AriseVelen-US428Not updated
90Chale  Velen-US425Not updated
91Beartox OutlandishVelen-US405Not updated
92Tyrwen Shade of ArrowsVelen-US368Not updated
93Daré CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US365Not updated
94Fathertim LucidityVelen-US353Not updated
95Watdo Forbidden KnightsVelen-US290Not updated

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