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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Turalyon-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Slatcharoo ImpetusTuralyon-US5430Not updated
2Syladez SynthesisTuralyon-US4733Not updated
3Voxfini  Turalyon-US4440Not updated
4Cydney Old WorldTuralyon-US4435Not updated
5Drudz NeolutumTuralyon-US4365Not updated
6Allsmitey InciteTuralyon-US4353Not updated
7Provy Occasional ExcellenceTuralyon-US4346Not updated
8Thorandric Vis MaiorTuralyon-US4026Not updated
9Water StardustTuralyon-US3960Not updated
10Kamikazim Shake Weight RaidersTuralyon-US3843Not updated
11Lojak Organized CrimeTuralyon-US3831Not updated
12Gosu StardustTuralyon-US3830Not updated
13Ishone Hordeland SecurityTuralyon-US3728Not updated
14Kaliption  Turalyon-US3718Not updated
15Maenia FusionTuralyon-US3645Not updated
16Deddend  Turalyon-US3636Not updated
17Skheals The ESPADASTuralyon-US3630Not updated
18Nahele IneptTuralyon-US3630Not updated
19Aevri FoETuralyon-US3611Not updated
20Stormwielder ElementsTuralyon-US3605Not updated
21Khara ThrowdowNTuralyon-US3570Not updated
22Foodstampzz ImpetusTuralyon-US3565Not updated
23Goldito ThrowdowNTuralyon-US3550Not updated
24Tsunami SynthesisTuralyon-US3540Not updated
25Itsmom ThrowdowNTuralyon-US3533Not updated
26Candlejak Inglorious BasthordesTuralyon-US3523Not updated
27Hyperbolic NeolutumTuralyon-US3466Not updated
28Tenby  Turalyon-US3456Not updated
29Svenske  Turalyon-US3445Not updated
30Manderzz ImpetusTuralyon-US3445Not updated
31Mainchi FoETuralyon-US3440Not updated
32Trollath Occasional ExcellenceTuralyon-US3440Not updated
33Avri FoETuralyon-US3440Not updated
34Mattchoo  Turalyon-US3438Not updated
35Gigadin FoETuralyon-US3438Not updated
36Jushi Higher EvolutionTuralyon-US3438Not updated
37Parable  Turalyon-US3436Not updated
38Bearsecks  Turalyon-US3435Not updated
39Juicy  Turalyon-US3433Not updated
40Buttfør BlacklistedTuralyon-US3431Not updated
41Vérnichtén ReclamationTuralyon-US3366Not updated
42Falito ExcomTuralyon-US3363Not updated
43Kootr The Electric MayhemTuralyon-US3361Not updated
44Shakma InsidiousTuralyon-US3353Not updated
45Minara Care BearsTuralyon-US3348Not updated
46Walkingstick ReclamationTuralyon-US3328Not updated
47Msgiggles Aeonian OrderTuralyon-US3281Not updated
48Gouraud KumpaniaTuralyon-US3245Not updated
49Delidrelina  Turalyon-US3210Not updated
50Dhez Aeonian OrderTuralyon-US3158Not updated
51Remedie Rage QuitTuralyon-US3158Not updated
52Utility  Turalyon-US3150Not updated
53Awatu Smurfs RerolledTuralyon-US3131Not updated
54Blowinbubble  Turalyon-US3126Not updated
55Celestial ContingencyTuralyon-US3126Not updated
56Gatzby Occasional ExcellenceTuralyon-US3126Not updated
57Khaligone FoETuralyon-US3126Not updated
58Gnaar Über Taxi ServiceTuralyon-US3126Not updated
59Eths MelioraTuralyon-US3125Not updated
60Erripsìs SynthesisTuralyon-US3125Not updated
61Delgon RampageTuralyon-US3123Not updated
62Avidowned DaybreakTuralyon-US3120Not updated
63Misfitshadow InsidiousTuralyon-US3118Not updated
64Rieesse Insane AsylumTuralyon-US3115Not updated
65Zephÿros PortalTuralyon-US3038Not updated
66Celestream In the MountainsTuralyon-US3033Not updated
67Voridos Bench SquadTuralyon-US3030Not updated
68Nejade FusionTuralyon-US3028Not updated
69Oremana JustifiedTuralyon-US3028Not updated
70Purgatoire Euphoric MadnessTuralyon-US3028Not updated
71Lifetsc Dominus NihilTuralyon-US3001Not updated
72Ouranos VortexTuralyon-US2935Not updated
73Alarä ArchonTuralyon-US2926Not updated
74Owlessa Infractus AnimusTuralyon-US2866Not updated
75Whïskers The ForgottenTuralyon-US2865Not updated
76Dalgreen UnprovokedTuralyon-US2850Not updated
77Avarice BlacklistedTuralyon-US2843Not updated
78Anysha RelentlessTuralyon-US2840Not updated
79Diligence BlacklistedTuralyon-US2825Not updated
80Fintbrez Knights of the HordeTuralyon-US2741Not updated
81Hopperqt DaybreakTuralyon-US2633Not updated
82Elapse ArchonTuralyon-US2630Not updated
83Moodonna ReclamationTuralyon-US2626Not updated
84Crankyshaman The ESPADASTuralyon-US2598Not updated
85Jirani  Turalyon-US2551Not updated
86Fdaapproved Clan Redundancy ClanTuralyon-US2545Not updated
87Shnubbs PravdaTuralyon-US2545Not updated
88Daltan EquinoxTuralyon-US2531Not updated
89Yaelle Violent RighteousnessTuralyon-US2530Not updated
90Hâlø OnslaughtTuralyon-US2526Not updated
91Peaceofcake Occasional ExcellenceTuralyon-US2521Not updated
92Hyacinthia PortalTuralyon-US2458Not updated
93Ladicuz NeolutumTuralyon-US2443Not updated
94Ramensoup Outland SteakhouseTuralyon-US2441Not updated
95Solinu Deaths AdvanceTuralyon-US2440Not updated
96Avanas Ashes of the HordeTuralyon-US2440Not updated
97Niston Stab em and Slab emTuralyon-US2436Not updated
98Kampandaid Shake Weight RaidersTuralyon-US2436Not updated
99Pêrs  Turalyon-US2436Not updated
100Bùrnt ImpetusTuralyon-US2435Not updated

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