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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Tichondrius-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Dannycarey  Tichondrius-US10735Not updated
2Trixedd  Tichondrius-US6326Not updated
3Adamjonesx Warm BodiesTichondrius-US5940Not updated
4Dieselgirlxd Respect WomenTichondrius-US5546Not updated
5Artnouveaux Wolf PackTichondrius-US5175Not updated
6Hamsti  Tichondrius-US4836Not updated
7Sputterx s key ballersTichondrius-US4751Not updated
8Femdwarfsham InsomniaTichondrius-US4633Not updated
9Choobslol  Tichondrius-US4611Not updated
10Click ClickTichondrius-US4580Not updated
11Manwë DiscreteTichondrius-US4515Not updated
12Leaxa CadenzaTichondrius-US4455Not updated
13Handlebear The MassesTichondrius-US4443Not updated
14Ascendanceqt HeartborneTichondrius-US4441Not updated
15Sixtyeightwh OUTLAWZTichondrius-US4433Not updated
16Îchiban Shake it OffTichondrius-US4416Not updated
17Låsc Protein StainsTichondrius-US4336Not updated
18Dma SonghammerTichondrius-US4323Not updated
19Tomjews Induce The NooseTichondrius-US3933Not updated
20Youngmo im gayyTichondrius-US3888Not updated
21Jimmysdad Hardly FlaccidTichondrius-US3863Not updated
22Duallity hustle gangTichondrius-US3855Not updated
23Vignere EclipsedTichondrius-US3841Not updated
24Healing CandyforgedTichondrius-US3835Not updated
25Partlycloudy RouletteTichondrius-US3831Not updated
26Chazka NeuroticTichondrius-US3818Not updated
27Antidote  Tichondrius-US3815Not updated
28Laffadin CriminalTichondrius-US3813Not updated
29Onhiatus  Tichondrius-US3745Not updated
30Leaxajr CadenzaTichondrius-US3726Not updated
31Daara InsomniaTichondrius-US3643Not updated
32Nrgy  Tichondrius-US3641Not updated
33Nhcole CadenzaTichondrius-US3640Not updated
34Yangman TriumphTichondrius-US3638Not updated
35Echóqt  Tichondrius-US3635Not updated
36Rejectz  Tichondrius-US3626Not updated
37Firetïger Iron KnightsTichondrius-US3613Not updated
38Virostko Deus DeorumTichondrius-US3585Not updated
39Eminemwins  Tichondrius-US3553Not updated
40Fatê Displacer YeastTichondrius-US3545Not updated
41Aelitastones BrawlTichondrius-US3541Not updated
42Normal  Tichondrius-US3526Not updated
43Rainbowmes SmilesTichondrius-US3523Not updated
44Babyturtle Lab RatsTichondrius-US3521Not updated
45Kjack Big TimeTichondrius-US3520Not updated
46Creamedcorn Battlestation SêxywagonTichondrius-US3518Not updated
47Calfbreeder  Tichondrius-US3513Not updated
48Ecnuonorp RBG HEROTichondrius-US3465Not updated
49Senjen BRUTALITYTichondrius-US3460Not updated
50Nothealinyou hustle gangTichondrius-US3443Not updated
51Ltsephiroth Fight on the FlagTichondrius-US3441Not updated
52Everchanging NeuroticTichondrius-US3441Not updated
53Ensyue On IG Straight FlexingTichondrius-US3441Not updated
54Juicyjuuced  Tichondrius-US3441Not updated
55Ezzybolt FebrezeTichondrius-US3440Not updated
56Orannis AJTichondrius-US3440Not updated
57Flummoz one lesson per dayTichondrius-US3440Not updated
58Thereforego Big TimeTichondrius-US3440Not updated
59Finwee CadenzaTichondrius-US3438Not updated
60Nonzy ClarifyTichondrius-US3438Not updated
61Wivvy Damage per SecondTichondrius-US3438Not updated
62Trrip NurfedTichondrius-US3436Not updated
63Foofhaha  Tichondrius-US3436Not updated
64Jumñ  Tichondrius-US3436Not updated
65Smplyshrdedx  Tichondrius-US3436Not updated
66Pyrobug You Taste GoodTichondrius-US3436Not updated
67Xeerxes  Tichondrius-US3435Not updated
68Crunkmancer oh god its themTichondrius-US3435Not updated
69Somethingg Team FriendshipTichondrius-US3435Not updated
70Fatflufybird Jims MowingTichondrius-US3435Not updated
71Cptmurica  Tichondrius-US3435Not updated
72Bakryo VictoryTichondrius-US3435Not updated
73Shlndy  Tichondrius-US3435Not updated
74Gavinhealz AccelerateTichondrius-US3435Not updated
75Hydropoppin  Tichondrius-US3435Not updated
76Kuanii Crackers and RiceTichondrius-US3435Not updated
77Saygoodnight Basement WarlordsTichondrius-US3433Not updated
78Bearthug DarkÑTwistedTichondrius-US3433Not updated
79Pewcslayer Donutboys ArmyTichondrius-US3431Not updated
80Rxk Player vs PatchTichondrius-US3430Not updated
81Capcap IncomeTichondrius-US3418Not updated
82Osaká  Tichondrius-US3406Not updated
83Osaka InsomniaTichondrius-US3406Not updated
84Flurriys Jacked On Dat PreTichondrius-US3400Not updated
85Quaaludez hustle gangTichondrius-US3388Not updated
86Spìcy  Tichondrius-US3375Not updated
87Selendis InsomniaTichondrius-US3368Not updated
88Orshaman Most dominant everTichondrius-US3368Not updated
89Mamawalde oh god its themTichondrius-US3366Not updated
90Hypocrìt  Tichondrius-US3366Not updated
91Hampz  Tichondrius-US3365Not updated
92Uoned Team FriendshipTichondrius-US3363Not updated
93Heffeweisen InfidèlTichondrius-US3356Not updated
94Jpeterman AccelerateTichondrius-US3351Not updated
95Okuza InsomniaTichondrius-US3350Not updated
96Coffeehouse  Tichondrius-US3348Not updated
97Kelionn Big TimeTichondrius-US3346Not updated
98Wutangswords oh god its themTichondrius-US3341Not updated
99Conceptîon Dark RevelationTichondrius-US3338Not updated
100Villager Another GuildTichondrius-US3328Not updated

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