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Thrall-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Daydreamn The CrusadeThrall-US4863Not updated
2Samurijack Sweet VictoryThrall-US4731
3Restoraunt RefinedThrall-US4726
4Preserve IntentThrall-US4726
5Revolution Ctrl Alt EliteThrall-US4516
6Treeforceone Oozma KappaThrall-US4433
7Stalkir RefinedThrall-US4331
8Ki HighborneThrall-US4233
9Toiletseat RefinedThrall-US4126
10Heåls Action Team BroforceThrall-US3951
11Dezzer Nulli SecundumThrall-US3941
12Nightdrmr is a cutieThrall-US3841
13Fanyfluffy CrossfireThrall-US3830
14Dexxz Bottom LineThrall-US3826
15Fenrios RemorseThrall-US3820
16Farslayer Raiders of the Lost OrcThrall-US3816
17Drusyn Group TherapyThrall-US3730
18Caelya Major League HandholdingThrall-US3713Not updated
19Nasirah AscentThrall-US3633
20Bluebeary TicklePickleThrall-US3586
21Alarmed WarForgedThrall-US3560Not updated
22Dåvid RefinedThrall-US3545
23Tidbitsy ScrublessThrall-US3538
24Segfault Raiders of the Lost OrcThrall-US3536
25Shattershock The Misfit ClanThrall-US3526
26Shareoff  Thrall-US3526
27Shamaltoe Angry PiratesThrall-US3525
28Ramulítou Distinct AdvantageThrall-US3521Not updated
29Bêllä AbsøluteThrall-US3503
30Arilanna RequiemThrall-US3445
31Kittylitters AscentThrall-US3441
32Valineaa Burn PhaseThrall-US3441
33Faradei Natural ProgressionThrall-US3441
34Shedevildawg Reign in PowerThrall-US3440
35Mommibear AttritionThrall-US3438
36Krushington Reign in PowerThrall-US3436
37Asparuh Action Team BroforceThrall-US3436Not updated
38Axisomni Group TherapyThrall-US3436
39Cowdestiny RemorseThrall-US3436
40Bejah The SelectedThrall-US3433
41Notoriousthc Dirty Mike and the BoyzThrall-US3433
42Munkeechick Simply walks into MordorThrall-US3431
43Merx IntentThrall-US3430
44Monkeyfart Distinct AdvantageThrall-US3430Not updated
45Rotaj AscentThrall-US3425
46Darshana OverdriveThrall-US3425
47Lahla Creative ColorsThrall-US3360
48Painar OVER NINE THOUSANDThrall-US3345
49Semira NecrologyThrall-US3340
50Roflcrisp Reign in PowerThrall-US3331
51Chumpacabra Action Team BroforceThrall-US3328
52Mighta  Thrall-US3323Not updated
53Hollohday  Thrall-US3323Not updated
54Theblåck Forgone ConclusionThrall-US3225
55Snugglypuff Reign in PowerThrall-US3186
56Veritable Reign in PowerThrall-US3168
57Localmachine Draconic OrderThrall-US3166
58Poucette  Thrall-US3160Not updated
59Kirin Reign in PowerThrall-US3151
60Nevrin Reign in PowerThrall-US3146
61Palasin Group TherapyThrall-US3131
62Pedren CrossfireThrall-US3130
63Shazqueén Blood Bath and BeyondThrall-US3128Not updated
64Ripvoodoo  Thrall-US3120Not updated
65Kynawrath At Worlds EndThrall-US3120
66Animallity Sweet VictoryThrall-US3088
67Regrowth Wipes on TrashThrall-US3040
68Oomberri AttritionThrall-US3040
69Swiftmender RemnantsThrall-US3035
70Savol AttritionThrall-US3035Not updated
71Riyuu PrecisionThrall-US3030
72Rebuttal ButtsvilleThrall-US3030Not updated
73Maljin Fellowship of ReasonThrall-US2941Not updated
74Shamboozle Horde CorpsThrall-US2898Not updated
75Sonesa Collateral Damage GamingThrall-US2888
76Bagelflex RiseThrall-US2860Not updated
77Alycera Bloodstained LineageThrall-US2860
78Nätürë Murghoulian BarbecueThrall-US2841
79Distawiggles Collateral Damage GamingThrall-US2826
80Hälsa DisillusionedThrall-US2815Not updated
81Piê Nailed ItThrall-US2745
82Nystrissa Death From AboveThrall-US2726
83Harryet You Cant Heal StüpidThrall-US2721
84Krypshammy Core TwoThrall-US2638
85Elikins TrepidationThrall-US2636
86Naérwen IntentThrall-US2636
87Burtreynolds Group TherapyThrall-US2635
88Bootyclapp  Thrall-US2635Not updated
89Starliter You Cant Heal StüpidThrall-US2631
90Moksie Meat VendorThrall-US2628
91Zenkin PropagandaThrall-US2570
92Aukina PropagandaThrall-US2563
93Groon  Thrall-US2560Not updated
94Kerureyu Eighty SixThrall-US2546Not updated
95Verya  Thrall-US2546
96Unaccetpable  Thrall-US2546Not updated
97Mylo RefinedThrall-US2540
98Kraisto IntentThrall-US2523
99Udderheaven Phase IllThrall-US2465
100Zalmushu Introducing The BeatlesThrall-US2450

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