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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sylvanas-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Fearies Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU7510Not updated
2Holgard Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU5511Not updated
3Naksutin The IncrementSylvanas-EU5178Not updated
4Moonleader LegionSylvanas-EU5128Not updated
5Tchaikovsky The IncrementSylvanas-EU4838Not updated
6Aestana Argent TemplarsSylvanas-EU4815Not updated
7Mentalism Silent VisionSylvanas-EU4805Not updated
8Lízy Unholy OnesSylvanas-EU4725Not updated
9Jambs iddqdSylvanas-EU4538Not updated
10Dávid Unholy OnesSylvanas-EU4531Not updated
11Mutní End of DiscussionSylvanas-EU4458Not updated
12Cyclonelol  Sylvanas-EU4441Not updated
13Shadowbernie  Sylvanas-EU4440Not updated
14Malf Hardmode CrewSylvanas-EU4436Not updated
15Nanox Y U NO MVPSylvanas-EU4435Not updated
16Diedra Nocna MoraSylvanas-EU4435Not updated
17Coolwhhíp BrohirrimSylvanas-EU4433Not updated
18Aleara RenegadeSylvanas-EU4433Not updated
19Hethi LemmingsSylvanas-EU4433Not updated
20Cóma AscensiønSylvanas-EU4430Not updated
21Cancerßøss DepthcoreSylvanas-EU4430Not updated
22Junzor DO ITSylvanas-EU4346Not updated
23Valneam BaylifeSylvanas-EU4343Not updated
24Neeya SquirtlesSylvanas-EU4000Not updated
25Spès PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU3940Not updated
26Twomoon LegionSylvanas-EU3938Not updated
27Tilthan Societas DraconistrarumSylvanas-EU3865Not updated
28Leleqq OrloviSylvanas-EU3863Not updated
29Structurezx  Sylvanas-EU3850Not updated
30Meikò ImmortalSylvanas-EU3838Not updated
31Mokaba Nemetos OrderSylvanas-EU3836Not updated
32Serilah Silverwing SentinelsSylvanas-EU3825Not updated
33Ragey XIlI CommandmentSylvanas-EU3815Not updated
34Havreflarn Wall RoseSylvanas-EU3808Not updated
35Nightxentar SquirtlesSylvanas-EU3731Not updated
36Tryingtoheal Nemetos OrderSylvanas-EU3728Not updated
37Mazeari Arrows of AlleriaSylvanas-EU3641Not updated
38Leanhra Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU3638Not updated
39Jacksparröw PlaymatesSylvanas-EU3636Not updated
40Ninyu In ProgressSylvanas-EU3635Not updated
41Boabas Nemetos OrderSylvanas-EU3633Not updated
42Chrýs Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU3633Not updated
43Grasshoppa The IncrementSylvanas-EU3633Not updated
44Loold FamiljenSylvanas-EU3631Not updated
45Hírgon  Sylvanas-EU3626Not updated
46Darknature Hardmode CrewSylvanas-EU3606Not updated
47Savøùra Equally DestructiveSylvanas-EU3590Not updated
48Munzina  Sylvanas-EU3571Not updated
49Kehn  Sylvanas-EU3571Not updated
50Ensjalle EmeritusSylvanas-EU3570Not updated
51Flimss  Sylvanas-EU3563Not updated
52Taisie Ett strå vassareSylvanas-EU3558Not updated
53Blargom The bloody dreamSylvanas-EU3546Not updated
54Liamix The IncrementSylvanas-EU3546Not updated
55Shieldswitch Aperture ScienceSylvanas-EU3546Not updated
56Sineestra Nemetos OrderSylvanas-EU3545Not updated
57Clickz DepthcoreSylvanas-EU3541Not updated
58Dallesandra Societas DraconistrarumSylvanas-EU3540Not updated
59Taudir Ðanish TerraceSylvanas-EU3536Not updated
60Unholydisc  Sylvanas-EU3536Not updated
61Dnal PerplexitySylvanas-EU3536Not updated
62Foki DepthcoreSylvanas-EU3535Not updated
63Isyengrath  Sylvanas-EU3523Not updated
64Tabtargetz  Sylvanas-EU3523Not updated
65Brewtux OxicaSylvanas-EU3523Not updated
66Tezê The IncarnationSylvanas-EU3521Not updated
67Maudie Buckle UpSylvanas-EU3520Not updated
68Karyunokoen SiphonSylvanas-EU3516Not updated
69Færseer MaJmae DivaneGanSylvanas-EU3515Not updated
70Eesch Citys pågarSylvanas-EU3510Not updated
71Schnappi Go back to ratschoolSylvanas-EU3495Not updated
72Ñïsch MainstreamSylvanas-EU3453Not updated
73Shirakii Vengeful MercenarySylvanas-EU3450Not updated
74Sholyhit The Archavon LegacySylvanas-EU3448Not updated
75Droplet Motorcycle MachinegunSylvanas-EU3446Not updated
76Sapphïra  Sylvanas-EU3445Not updated
77Everycat MinervaSylvanas-EU3443Not updated
78Dusteh AfflictedSylvanas-EU3443Not updated
79Danellos PerplexitySylvanas-EU3443Not updated
80Paorien FelweedSylvanas-EU3443Not updated
81Gaarra MARINE MARAUDER MANABURNSylvanas-EU3443Not updated
82Mysticmind iddqdSylvanas-EU3441Not updated
83Crazytotem  Sylvanas-EU3441Not updated
84Healca  Sylvanas-EU3441Not updated
85Bartòlómeus BICEPSSylvanas-EU3440Not updated
86Zirina The IncrementSylvanas-EU3440Not updated
87Albusis RebelsSylvanas-EU3440Not updated
88Oakenshields Arrows of AlleriaSylvanas-EU3440Not updated
89Zeals DepthcoreSylvanas-EU3438Not updated
90Elemthor Nemetos OrderSylvanas-EU3438Not updated
91Cestaro BazingaSylvanas-EU3438Not updated
92Aelvina BazingaSylvanas-EU3438Not updated
93Lèkén The IncarnationSylvanas-EU3438Not updated
94Birdiexqtlul Another Boss Bites the DSylvanas-EU3438Not updated
95Yzhira En Påse NötterSylvanas-EU3438Not updated
96Hessarian SamuraiSylvanas-EU3438Not updated
97Ejtbolrófl iPuGSylvanas-EU3436Not updated
98Vorfix  Sylvanas-EU3436Not updated
99Aura Wardens VigilSylvanas-EU3436Not updated
100Barpowa The AvailableSylvanas-EU3436Not updated

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