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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sunstrider-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Kíarra  Sunstrider-EU4441Not updated
2Twinings AphorismSunstrider-EU3878Not updated
3Rancho AphorismSunstrider-EU3876Not updated
4Dimsim NightshadeSunstrider-EU3830Not updated
5Paranemi  Sunstrider-EU3816Not updated
6Imsuperdw Hollow PointSunstrider-EU3735Not updated
7Btates Group TwoSunstrider-EU3716Not updated
8Skogsmulleno Ruff RydersSunstrider-EU3556Not updated
9Muhcow Safety DanceSunstrider-EU3548Not updated
10Zamo Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU3546Not updated
11Furiez RedEyeDistrictSunstrider-EU3440Not updated
12Kíerann  Sunstrider-EU3440Not updated
13Théomere Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU3436Not updated
14Lazaru Hollow PointSunstrider-EU3435Not updated
15Nariah AphorismSunstrider-EU3435Not updated
16Tyreens Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU3406Not updated
17Sisyreaper BRUM BRUM PARTY STARTERSunstrider-EU3368Not updated
18Vassilieva Moral DecaySunstrider-EU3368Not updated
19Ashyra  Sunstrider-EU3341Not updated
20Ploto Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU3331Not updated
21Ðruíd The CômpanySunstrider-EU3325Not updated
22Drakelia OriginSunstrider-EU3323Not updated
23Emilyx Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU3320Not updated
24Deyta Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU3206Not updated
25Nataschild AphorismSunstrider-EU3188Not updated
26Gladian BRUM BRUM PARTY STARTERSunstrider-EU3165Not updated
27Pye U N R E A LSunstrider-EU3150Not updated
28Tiwix Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU3143Not updated
29Woodeh Moral DecaySunstrider-EU3131Not updated
30Pirkkax BRUM BRUM PARTY STARTERSunstrider-EU3125Not updated
31Pinty CryMoreSunstrider-EU3123Not updated
32Áurella  Sunstrider-EU3050Not updated
33Blackfoot FlawlessSunstrider-EU3043Not updated
34Kornflakes Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU3021Not updated
35Tigerpaws  Sunstrider-EU2828Not updated
36Shredd SynergizeSunstrider-EU2643Not updated
37Lightbulbz Boot CampSunstrider-EU2631Not updated
38Syráh Hollow PointSunstrider-EU2626Not updated
39Rydanlolz BRUM BRUM PARTY STARTERSunstrider-EU2566Not updated
40Sorrows Ruff RydersSunstrider-EU2525Not updated
41Óprah CryMoreSunstrider-EU2431Not updated
42Beewbeez The CômpanySunstrider-EU2350Not updated
43Siorray Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU2346Not updated
44Mondas SynergizeSunstrider-EU2148Not updated
45Challngerr Moral DecaySunstrider-EU1878Not updated
46Krazar Get Money Get PaidSunstrider-EU1848Not updated
47Rilanya Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU1846Not updated
48Ejí FlawlessSunstrider-EU1833Not updated
49Leoma BRUM BRUM PARTY STARTERSunstrider-EU1538Not updated
50Azeork JukedSunstrider-EU1443Not updated
51Suspíria AphorismSunstrider-EU1441Not updated
52Hobe CorleoneSunstrider-EU1438Not updated
53Devilil The CômpanySunstrider-EU1436Not updated
54Louianna SynergizeSunstrider-EU1436Not updated
55Alfonsoo  Sunstrider-EU1435Not updated
56Jessamine Group TwoSunstrider-EU1435Not updated
57Burrasca Moral DecaySunstrider-EU1430Not updated
58Dowjonés  Sunstrider-EU1430Not updated
59Kochubey MaleSunstrider-EU1365Not updated
60Planty BRUM BRUM PARTY STARTERSunstrider-EU1336Not updated
61Thêthing Boot CampSunstrider-EU941Not updated
62Bläst Moonshine MakersSunstrider-EU935Not updated
63Mharan Butchering Tea PartySunstrider-EU905Not updated
64Vésper Moral DecaySunstrider-EU895Not updated
65Jonasnoqt BRUM BRUM PARTY STARTERSunstrider-EU888Not updated
66Althaear Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU876Not updated
67Saltebby Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU873Not updated
68Stina Suspiciously SoftSunstrider-EU873Not updated
69Samsta  Sunstrider-EU853Not updated
70Zerotohero Internet Is For pWnSunstrider-EU846Not updated
71Nebrid The Laughing SkullsSunstrider-EU845Not updated
72Middelmådig MojoSunstrider-EU843Not updated
73Chicá SynergizeSunstrider-EU836Not updated
74Baqbow AphorismSunstrider-EU835Not updated
75Aridoma FlawlessSunstrider-EU833Not updated
76Valdura Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU831Not updated
77Eduro a State of FaithSunstrider-EU825Not updated
78Tsukuyomi NecrosisSunstrider-EU733Not updated
79Zief a State of FaithSunstrider-EU731Not updated
80Yamakasy  Sunstrider-EU716Not updated
81Ílsket CryMoreSunstrider-EU633Not updated
82Bobdachicken Moral DecaySunstrider-EU630Not updated
83Thebouta AphorismSunstrider-EU620Not updated
84Lumenz U N R E A LSunstrider-EU561Not updated
85Electricy  Sunstrider-EU556Not updated
86Renae Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU545Not updated
87Lefrena Moral DecaySunstrider-EU543Not updated
88Culluh IM A WHALE OROOAOROOASunstrider-EU543Not updated
89Monkeybiznuz BRUM BRUM PARTY STARTERSunstrider-EU535Not updated
90Vadia  Sunstrider-EU531Not updated
91Darkerthanbl  Sunstrider-EU530Not updated
92Sprutræv  Sunstrider-EU526Not updated
93Tossetanja  Sunstrider-EU525Not updated
94Arja  Sunstrider-EU505Not updated
95Kedare  Sunstrider-EU438Not updated
96Psyca The CômpanySunstrider-EU438Not updated
97Babygnuen FlawlessSunstrider-EU435Not updated
98Wnafmyatt BRUM BRUM PARTY STARTERSunstrider-EU435Not updated
99Mentalpala The CômpanySunstrider-EU426Not updated
100Toekie Invisible Pink UnicornSunstrider-EU398Not updated

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