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Sundown Marsh-TW Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1檳榔吃很大 糟糕歡樂電台Sundown Marsh-TW4510Not updated
2公牛照樣萌 Hope BlueSundown Marsh-TW4430Not updated
3Lateas Azeroth Cats EnterpriseSundown Marsh-TW3838Not updated
4楚子航 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW3731Not updated
5維京唱片 多士甜品站Sundown Marsh-TW3636Not updated
6晴容 Artemisia argyiSundown Marsh-TW3608Not updated
7這不是肯的雞 尋風之翼Sundown Marsh-TW3541Not updated
8Delusions CasablancaSundown Marsh-TW3530Not updated
9紫雕窗外 光舞之境Sundown Marsh-TW3451Not updated
10傲羽凡塵 尋風之翼Sundown Marsh-TW3446Not updated
11哈密瓜牛乳 Castle of GlassSundown Marsh-TW3443Not updated
12手殘帶源者  Sundown Marsh-TW3440Not updated
13枯竭庭院 宅男腐女戰線Sundown Marsh-TW3436Not updated
14Aquariusz Wretches And KingsSundown Marsh-TW3436Not updated
15骸髏 Azeroth Cats EnterpriseSundown Marsh-TW3435Not updated
16月詠喵喵 糟糕歡樂電台Sundown Marsh-TW3435Not updated
17貓糖 批踢踢鄉么所Sundown Marsh-TW3435Not updated
18胖兔 正面上我啊Sundown Marsh-TW3435Not updated
19冬日蒼涼 BATTLE ROYALESundown Marsh-TW3435Not updated
20歐蓮娜 帝國大學五號館Sundown Marsh-TW3433Not updated
21月薩 Moonlight ShadowSundown Marsh-TW3433Not updated
22熊咕追 K O FSundown Marsh-TW3431Not updated
23牛奶薩 ImagineSundown Marsh-TW3428Not updated
24柴祐 批踢踢鄉么所Sundown Marsh-TW3386Not updated
25牛目滿天下 Last BattleSundown Marsh-TW3368Not updated
26庭院深深幾許 GlamorousSundown Marsh-TW3348Not updated
27七彩魔球 無與倫比的自由Sundown Marsh-TW3346Not updated
28章柏芝 Hope BlueSundown Marsh-TW3343Not updated
29艾亞斯汀 魔獸鄉民Sundown Marsh-TW3325Not updated
30空想之光  Sundown Marsh-TW3268Not updated
31妮妮小薩  Sundown Marsh-TW3246Not updated
32越變越寂寞 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW3230Not updated
33夢心逐流 Sunset CapitalSundown Marsh-TW3221Not updated
34Lolicaptain Free StyleSundown Marsh-TW3185Not updated
35莖鋼牛郎 Azeroth Cats EnterpriseSundown Marsh-TW3185Not updated
36音夜彌 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW3166Not updated
37無糖黑咖啡 Azeroth Cats EnterpriseSundown Marsh-TW3161Not updated
38斷羽天使 哈扣Sundown Marsh-TW3151Not updated
39斐蘭巴拉斯 宅男腐女戰線Sundown Marsh-TW3148Not updated
40潘德蓮娜芘芘 魔獸運動公園Sundown Marsh-TW3140Not updated
41花千代 Try or DieSundown Marsh-TW3135Not updated
42少年三點一四  Sundown Marsh-TW3135Not updated
43奔鐍 批踢踢鄉么所Sundown Marsh-TW3133Not updated
44Salverez 正面上我啊Sundown Marsh-TW3130Not updated
45東方仗助 帝國大學五號館Sundown Marsh-TW3121Not updated
46頹廢牛 Emphatic BeliefSundown Marsh-TW3081Not updated
47小熊乂 HeavenSundown Marsh-TW3043Not updated
48澪音 宅男腐女戰線Sundown Marsh-TW3036Not updated
49熊鼎 誓死效忠樂樂女王殿下 如有背叛就永遠不能吃大白兔Sundown Marsh-TW3033Not updated
50麵包的滋味 Paradise of NamelessSundown Marsh-TW3033Not updated
51Totemis Cest Si BonSundown Marsh-TW3031Not updated
52邦尼熊查理 魔獸運動公園Sundown Marsh-TW3030Not updated
53再見凱蒂喵 The AvaLonSundown Marsh-TW3026Not updated
54通緝令 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW3026Not updated
55夜風慈慈 無與倫比的自由Sundown Marsh-TW3026Not updated
56鱈兒 皇家聖雪Sundown Marsh-TW3025Not updated
57小德寧靜  Sundown Marsh-TW3025Not updated
58Hideonpush 邪惡的小坑Sundown Marsh-TW3023Not updated
59Kazamori  Sundown Marsh-TW3006Not updated
60Sakuhana Azeroth Cats EnterpriseSundown Marsh-TW3006Not updated
61惡魔豬翅膀 皇家聖雪Sundown Marsh-TW3005Not updated
62苦來 Cest Si BonSundown Marsh-TW3003Not updated
63呼你熊臉 魔獸運動公園Sundown Marsh-TW2853Not updated
64斐蘭巴格達 宅男腐女戰線Sundown Marsh-TW2826Not updated
65風雨無痕 糟糕歡樂電台Sundown Marsh-TW2826Not updated
66祭司之堂 Flame of SadnessSundown Marsh-TW2825Not updated
67幫我吹涼涼 專治各種不服打的就是牛逼誰牛逼打誰Sundown Marsh-TW2720Not updated
68湯小尼 糟糕歡樂電台Sundown Marsh-TW2628Not updated
69一杯酒千杯醉 熊熊猴猴俱樂部Sundown Marsh-TW2478Not updated
70卡爾波文 帝國大學五號館Sundown Marsh-TW2440Not updated
71艾瑪萊斯 糟糕歡樂電台Sundown Marsh-TW2438Not updated
72來年盛櫻 Artemisia argyiSundown Marsh-TW2435Not updated
73幾句是非 羅斯的異想世界Sundown Marsh-TW2428Not updated
74輕舞若水 宅男腐女戰線Sundown Marsh-TW2428Not updated
75毘莎莎 小豆芽特攻隊Sundown Marsh-TW2385Not updated
76灰貓 HardModeSundown Marsh-TW2380Not updated
77雨夜獨奏 宅男腐女戰線Sundown Marsh-TW2355Not updated
78喔嗨優 尋風之翼Sundown Marsh-TW2330Not updated
79黑非黑 噗冗貢俱樂部Sundown Marsh-TW2320Not updated
80哥哥是殺手 迷戀威尼斯Sundown Marsh-TW2183Not updated
81餘白 Academia CantabrigiensisSundown Marsh-TW2156Not updated
82國寶呢 K O FSundown Marsh-TW2151Not updated
83暗月寒 MinosSundown Marsh-TW2038Not updated
84七佰號 蘭若寺Sundown Marsh-TW2036Not updated
85奧嵐 for entertainmentSundown Marsh-TW1938Not updated
86尤娜塔霓熙 for entertainmentSundown Marsh-TW1933Not updated
87鐵面狼 正面上我啊Sundown Marsh-TW1878Not updated
88威廉絲史塔克 Academia CantabrigiensisSundown Marsh-TW1865Not updated
89梨渦微漾 Flame of SadnessSundown Marsh-TW1860Not updated
90小啦的傻嫚 無限領域Sundown Marsh-TW1855Not updated
91瑞穗可可 Last BattleSundown Marsh-TW1850Not updated
92殺人熊查理 魔獸運動公園Sundown Marsh-TW1848Not updated
93小閱閱 Academia CantabrigiensisSundown Marsh-TW1846Not updated
94思念的永遠 Artemisia argyiSundown Marsh-TW1843Not updated
95上田剛士 遺忘的想念Sundown Marsh-TW1843Not updated
96修提姆貝雷 非制之裁Sundown Marsh-TW1843Not updated
97拳怕少壯  Sundown Marsh-TW1825Not updated
98幻佑 批踢踢鄉么所Sundown Marsh-TW1806Not updated
99蠱惑牛 小王國Sundown Marsh-TW1761Not updated
100輕鬆都可以 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW1726Not updated

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