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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormreaver-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Charity PrometheanStormreaver-US5546Not updated
2Quirkitized PUMMELStormreaver-US5136Not updated
3Sammara FutureStormreaver-US4851Not updated
4Saelethil Only TheoryStormreaver-US4838Not updated
5Lame BaddiesStormreaver-US4725Not updated
6Solique PrometheanStormreaver-US4561Not updated
7Vietze MythicStormreaver-US4545Not updated
8Naga AnomalyStormreaver-US4533Not updated
9Nÿu Gangster Teddy BearsStormreaver-US4438Not updated
10Cynley AnomalyStormreaver-US4431Not updated
11Zevade Peachy KeenStormreaver-US4431Not updated
12Styrka PrometheanStormreaver-US4348Not updated
13Jertbex  Stormreaver-US4136Not updated
14Diligo AnhedoniaStormreaver-US4033Not updated
15Xiggy PurgeStormreaver-US3941Not updated
16Murrdyn OrbStormreaver-US3936Not updated
17Persue Out of LineStormreaver-US3880Not updated
18Unomi VoSStormreaver-US3856Not updated
19Tictacs Green HitsStormreaver-US3850Not updated
20Sastiel  Stormreaver-US3830Not updated
21Druki Fear ItselfStormreaver-US3810Not updated
22Ashleycakez  Stormreaver-US3743Not updated
23ßaconater Peachy KeenStormreaver-US3638Not updated
24Strongcoffee InsaneStormreaver-US3636Not updated
25Haelias SkunkworksStormreaver-US3633Not updated
26Drtoxic Karma HordeStormreaver-US3631Not updated
27Farorê  Stormreaver-US3630Not updated
28Healster  Stormreaver-US3630Not updated
29Smoochums  Stormreaver-US3625Not updated
30Mooiemooie OgStormreaver-US3571Not updated
31Quark Pants DownStormreaver-US3563Not updated
32Ironey SkunkworksStormreaver-US3561Not updated
33Kharnhe BaddiesStormreaver-US3548Not updated
34Doncojon Deadly UprisingStormreaver-US3528Not updated
35Valanna  Stormreaver-US3525Not updated
36Kranberry Fear ItselfStormreaver-US3525Not updated
37Savage NebulaStormreaver-US3518Not updated
38Himawarii Peachy KeenStormreaver-US3506Not updated
39Kanjo REPRISALStormreaver-US3506Not updated
40Bubblebye AwayStormreaver-US3460Not updated
41Talob all your camelsStormreaver-US3448Not updated
42Tungdrogen OgStormreaver-US3446Not updated
43Keidah AmicitiaStormreaver-US3446Not updated
44Jabjàb a little too RaphStormreaver-US3445Not updated
45Vëejay Part Time ModelsStormreaver-US3445Not updated
46Trackpad  Stormreaver-US3443Not updated
47Evilmonkeys SovereignStormreaver-US3443Not updated
48Söup Pacis NexStormreaver-US3443Not updated
49Durtyd PrometheanStormreaver-US3441Not updated
50Musical LAStormreaver-US3441Not updated
51Vilata AccessionStormreaver-US3440Not updated
52Galehaut PainStormreaver-US3440Not updated
53Metztli a little too RaphStormreaver-US3438Not updated
54Lojist purgatoryStormreaver-US3438Not updated
55Nuketechdos Ferrum PhoenixStormreaver-US3438Not updated
56Emmaw EidolonStormreaver-US3436Not updated
57Greengenes PurgeStormreaver-US3436Not updated
58Tirefire  Stormreaver-US3436Not updated
59Barbieq Alpha and OmegaStormreaver-US3435Not updated
60Iamzod PrecisionStormreaver-US3435Not updated
61Azrae Guilty as ChargedStormreaver-US3433Not updated
62Pomerie  Stormreaver-US3433Not updated
63Carothyx Come Honor BackStormreaver-US3433Not updated
64Lyrtzbro BaddiesStormreaver-US3433Not updated
65Punishment Hellscreams KitchenStormreaver-US3431Not updated
66Hadewijch PawStormreaver-US3431Not updated
67Happyfunball AnomalyStormreaver-US3430Not updated
68Holywench AspireStormreaver-US3430Not updated
69Energies  Stormreaver-US3426Not updated
70Deanr Fear ItselfStormreaver-US3410Not updated
71Flexxis OgStormreaver-US3405Not updated
72Newduhls SkyfallStormreaver-US3366Not updated
73Khudoz RevictionStormreaver-US3366Not updated
74Onâr Hostile IntentStormreaver-US3365Not updated
75Joonz PrometheanStormreaver-US3365Not updated
76Instashunda  Stormreaver-US3350Not updated
77Hotwheelz a little too RaphStormreaver-US3348Not updated
78Shadakwan Balloon Xplorers ClubStormreaver-US3348Not updated
79Marboc RuinStormreaver-US3348Not updated
80Veejay  Stormreaver-US3346Not updated
81Ellach Peachy KeenStormreaver-US3346Not updated
82Puddleduck InternecionStormreaver-US3346Not updated
83Fmf  Stormreaver-US3345Not updated
84Zaleris  Stormreaver-US3345Not updated
85Nahi DystopiaStormreaver-US3345Not updated
86Jezerah EidolonStormreaver-US3343Not updated
87Kurt SkunkworksStormreaver-US3340Not updated
88Stavdabuddha Fusion Core DanceStormreaver-US3338Not updated
89Nööxider Supergroup One ShotStormreaver-US3330Not updated
90Teddybulong IntrepidStormreaver-US3330Not updated
91Powdeux a little too RaphStormreaver-US3326Not updated
92Laveyan DystopiaStormreaver-US3241Not updated
93Draoin  Stormreaver-US3238Not updated
94Bizmu Conceptual BlissStormreaver-US3211Not updated
95Tigerhalsey Pants DownStormreaver-US3195Not updated
96Aivi OgStormreaver-US3185Not updated
97Nelkee  Stormreaver-US3183Not updated
98Taserti VoSStormreaver-US3171Not updated
99Forestdroad BaddiesStormreaver-US3168Not updated
100Cambria Bad IntentionsStormreaver-US3168Not updated

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