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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormreaver-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Deloop Gear FactoryStormreaver-EU6435Not updated
2Zydeêmi  Stormreaver-EU4850Not updated
3Laichzeit Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU3870Not updated
4Adam  Stormreaver-EU3848Not updated
5Rapsuh DeisuiStormreaver-EU3841Not updated
6Hazal Arctic VikingsStormreaver-EU3826Not updated
7Aydriel Gamon for WarchiefStormreaver-EU3728Not updated
8Tíude Counter PressureStormreaver-EU3628Not updated
9Busk ColourStormreaver-EU3566Not updated
10Garnesh Kuolemattomat RebornStormreaver-EU3533Not updated
11Surukuku Life AfterStormreaver-EU3530Not updated
12Nikomaanì RackartygStormreaver-EU3521Not updated
13Shamanit  Stormreaver-EU3521Not updated
14Fatmikex SKStormreaver-EU3513Not updated
15Shanden Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU3510Not updated
16Helvian Hyvät YstävätStormreaver-EU3448Not updated
17Zilakka ArkunkantajatStormreaver-EU3445Not updated
18Atiri Mellow FellowsStormreaver-EU3441Not updated
19Astrale Merry GraverobbersStormreaver-EU3441Not updated
20Lithariel Brotherhood of the WolfStormreaver-EU3440Not updated
21Naturistimpi The Chain of DogsStormreaver-EU3440Not updated
22Milfdrood EbriusStormreaver-EU3438Not updated
23Lekedood TrolltygStormreaver-EU3436Not updated
24Patemaaní RackartygStormreaver-EU3436Not updated
25Grytox Apocalypse LaterStormreaver-EU3436Not updated
26Móograine QúeenStormreaver-EU3435Not updated
27Vilivilperi Life AfterStormreaver-EU3433Not updated
28Zaanti Merry GraverobbersStormreaver-EU3433Not updated
29Karetsa EbriusStormreaver-EU3433Not updated
30Städäri EbriusStormreaver-EU3430Not updated
31Taikajuoma KipuStormreaver-EU3430Not updated
32Spooni YöVieraatStormreaver-EU3428Not updated
33Genita  Stormreaver-EU3420Not updated
34Fancydin Dark ArtsStormreaver-EU3400Not updated
35Tàd The Inner CircleStormreaver-EU3366Not updated
36Shredder The MagnificentStormreaver-EU3350Not updated
37Chiqodeba SienimetsäStormreaver-EU3346Not updated
38Thasi DraamaStormreaver-EU3346Not updated
39Prozig SuomislackersStormreaver-EU3341Not updated
40Bimiö EbriusStormreaver-EU3341Not updated
41Mörrikkä EbriusStormreaver-EU3333Not updated
42Thudda DraamaStormreaver-EU3331Not updated
43Ferociouz EbriusStormreaver-EU3330Not updated
44Akinaattori Still DeepStormreaver-EU3330Not updated
45Mãrkä MoonstormStormreaver-EU3330Not updated
46Imouthes Apocalypse LaterStormreaver-EU3318Not updated
47Tanteberit MoonstormStormreaver-EU3318Not updated
48Kjøttkaken Captain Morgan and CrewStormreaver-EU3275Not updated
49Didia Hyvät YstävätStormreaver-EU3243Not updated
50Dáli QúeenStormreaver-EU3240Not updated
51Saek Mellow FellowsStormreaver-EU3220Not updated
52Monkish Apocalypse LaterStormreaver-EU3216Not updated
53Gumer Mellow FellowsStormreaver-EU3186Not updated
54Holybob Ismon PerintöStormreaver-EU3186Not updated
55Ecy RagnarökStormreaver-EU3186Not updated
56Giéffi SuomislackersStormreaver-EU3181Not updated
57Yubi MoonstormStormreaver-EU3181Not updated
58Yvirn What is loveStormreaver-EU3176Not updated
59Lasbuu Virgins of FinlandStormreaver-EU3165Not updated
60Riptidë Merry GraverobbersStormreaver-EU3158Not updated
61Seylaina Rocket Fuel LeakStormreaver-EU3156Not updated
62Thontek Cult of HuolonStormreaver-EU3155Not updated
63Chislev SuomislackersStormreaver-EU3153Not updated
64Switczz InsurgencyStormreaver-EU3148Not updated
65Xerthaz  Stormreaver-EU3136Not updated
66Omikron EbriusStormreaver-EU3135Not updated
67Lateyo SynergiaStormreaver-EU3131Not updated
68Spàrks ColourStormreaver-EU3130Not updated
69Driksu Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU3128Not updated
70Yussu EbriusStormreaver-EU3126Not updated
71Cowron  Stormreaver-EU3126Not updated
72Änär Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU3125Not updated
73Tös Brotherhood of the WolfStormreaver-EU3123Not updated
74Bonsaí Apocalypse LaterStormreaver-EU3121Not updated
75Boomkìng The Inner CircleStormreaver-EU3040Not updated
76Koppartjyv The IllyriansStormreaver-EU3036Not updated
77Djogurt TrolltygStormreaver-EU3035Not updated
78Brummbär The MagnificentStormreaver-EU3033Not updated
79Foxyshaman VäkívaltakuntaStormreaver-EU3031Not updated
80Kille EbriusStormreaver-EU3028Not updated
81Acyr  Stormreaver-EU3016Not updated
82Snipi Still DeepStormreaver-EU2885Not updated
83Quasimono Gamblers DenStormreaver-EU2638Not updated
84Lûsti  Stormreaver-EU2635Not updated
85Spoonsi OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2630Not updated
86Andarta InsanítyStormreaver-EU2570Not updated
87Dali QúeenStormreaver-EU2546Not updated
88Grazhan VäkívaltakuntaStormreaver-EU2538Not updated
89Potter  Stormreaver-EU2538Not updated
90Darrainén PohjasakkaStormreaver-EU2525Not updated
91Rallyshammy InsurgencyStormreaver-EU2525Not updated
92Krebosh TrolltygStormreaver-EU2523Not updated
93Vengi DefileStormreaver-EU2468Not updated
94Dispersion Penguin MagicStormreaver-EU2443Not updated
95Vondjin Zero QualityStormreaver-EU2443Not updated
96Eclìpse EbriusStormreaver-EU2443Not updated
97Kynasetae Hyvät YstävätStormreaver-EU2443Not updated
98Fakkau Storfors Alpha RangersStormreaver-EU2438Not updated
99ßrucewayne OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2436Not updated
100Trowlkin Apocalypse LaterStormreaver-EU2435Not updated

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