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Stormrage-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Gimptree Before The FallStormrage-US5848
2Malogrek MelioraStormrage-US5556
3Amity vodkaStormrage-US5546
4Tondodino CoreStormrage-US5430Not updated
5Buffmonk  Stormrage-US4526Not updated
6Riggoo Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US4523
7Reverie CoreStormrage-US4510
8Traehn AscensionStormrage-US4441Not updated
9Voidstarr Willful MisconductStormrage-US4433
10Varzik EtërnalStormrage-US4433
11Indero BlasphemyStormrage-US4356Not updated
12Kev Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US4350
13Dazss Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US4348
14Virgoth MetroStormrage-US4238
15Spacecase MisconceptionStormrage-US3948Not updated
16Bacontime Ante MeridiemStormrage-US3940
17Druiddiee  Stormrage-US3926Not updated
18Adventgardes AxisStormrage-US3881
19Belgaràth Refiners FireStormrage-US3868Not updated
20Ebaytoon ProgressionStormrage-US3861
21Cherrytreeqt OGStormrage-US3856
22Benzi BagelStormrage-US3848
23Tørtured Omega ImperiumStormrage-US3843
24Damianxxmd  Stormrage-US3838Not updated
25Lymitid vodkaStormrage-US3835
26Zaedo  Stormrage-US3828Not updated
27Mim Logical ExplanationStormrage-US3826
28Semket MetroStormrage-US3815
29Nëeko Dark PhoenixStormrage-US3806
30Jaxt Refiners FireStormrage-US3638
31Bowlskie Ante MeridiemStormrage-US3633
32Ôom Legally CheatingStormrage-US3628
33Kato  Stormrage-US3580Not updated
34Ortic Orcland RaidersStormrage-US3575
35Acupuncture  Stormrage-US3560Not updated
36Powercrash The RedeemedStormrage-US3551Not updated
37Maraád Cenarion MutualStormrage-US3551
38Mooncowpig Organized ChaøsStormrage-US3541
39Hashirama Dark PowerStormrage-US3536
40Cleopatra  Stormrage-US3535Not updated
41Blutok CoreStormrage-US3531
42Hotßox Tabüla RasaStormrage-US3530
43Farwang Ancient DestinyStormrage-US3525
44Greetje Dark PhoenixStormrage-US3523
45Innet The Light of DawnStormrage-US3518Not updated
46Cheddo TirasStormrage-US3510
47Unnstable Peanut GalleryStormrage-US3461Not updated
48Valaraku Vae VictisStormrage-US3458
49Näekita The RedeemedStormrage-US3458
50Suhh Dark PhoenixStormrage-US3443
51Pandamonius LAStormrage-US3443Not updated
52Wilferal PremeditatedStormrage-US3443
53Keri Clam DownStormrage-US3441
54Loressa Weekend RaidersStormrage-US3440
55Knadda  Stormrage-US3440Not updated
56Codezz ProgressionStormrage-US3438
57Azalèa  Stormrage-US3438Not updated
58Menel The Light of DawnStormrage-US3438
59Icculous Dawning NemesisStormrage-US3436
60Castfôrm  Stormrage-US3436
61Milkkart EmergeStormrage-US3435Not updated
62Thorky Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US3435
63Henock AWAREStormrage-US3433
64Möle MisconceptionStormrage-US3433
65Kessiaan Raid WarningStormrage-US3433
66Nàture No Helmet RequiredStormrage-US3433
67Rábbi Refiners FireStormrage-US3431
68Ahrotahn Tabbed OutStormrage-US3431Not updated
69Missieminon Shadow HunterzStormrage-US3428
70Câmocât Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US3426
71Taladard RektStormrage-US3421
72Swix vodkaStormrage-US3365Not updated
73Wilheard Darkwatchers LegacyStormrage-US3365
74Sylriss Echoes of TemperanceStormrage-US3350
75Baelsar  Stormrage-US3350
76Onyshock EmergeStormrage-US3348
77Altcode CorvusStormrage-US3346
78Furz  Stormrage-US3346Not updated
79Scotters PremeditatedStormrage-US3345Not updated
80Loyin OBOROTENStormrage-US3345
81Koilie vodkaStormrage-US3341
82Wenchette Exiles of LordaeronStormrage-US3341
83Etiquette Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US3336
84Sunris Opponent IIStormrage-US3330
85Stephenmonk Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US3328
86Rildoan Dark IntentStormrage-US3328Not updated
87Catharus Shots FiredStormrage-US3328Not updated
88Hignome The Light of DawnStormrage-US3328
89Smokintree Tabüla RasaStormrage-US3328
90Mayumi vodkaStormrage-US3323
91Ehloheim Weekend RaidersStormrage-US3306
92Maggdor CoreStormrage-US3263
93Nikov Home AloneStormrage-US3255
94Eeviee MetroStormrage-US3253
95Naldapedo Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US3243
96Jiabin The Epic PugStormrage-US3238
97Zwii Mutal ForceStormrage-US3220
98Yeathurr  Stormrage-US3190Not updated
99Elcort Bug Armies Are So RadStormrage-US3186Not updated
100Jaliant SagaStormrage-US3186Not updated

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