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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Gimptree Before The FallStormrage-US5848Not updated
2Malogrek MelioraStormrage-US5556Not updated
3Tondodino CoreStormrage-US5430Not updated
4Buffmonk  Stormrage-US4526Not updated
5Riggoo Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US4523Not updated
6Traehn AscensionStormrage-US4441Not updated
7Furi vodkaStormrage-US4440Not updated
8Varzik EtërnalStormrage-US4433Not updated
9Doctress Hell GateStormrage-US4430Not updated
10Kertang ÄsylumStormrage-US4428Not updated
11Paramexer Alpha and the OmegaStormrage-US4376Not updated
12Indero  Stormrage-US4356Not updated
13Kev Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US4350Not updated
14Dazss Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US4348Not updated
15Bigstroke Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US4343Not updated
16Goosìe DivideStormrage-US4340Not updated
17Jaxt Refiners FireStormrage-US4330Not updated
18Virgoth MetroStormrage-US4238Not updated
19Seraphino The Light of DawnStormrage-US4130Not updated
20Spacecase MisconceptionStormrage-US3948Not updated
21Edensoul Refiners FireStormrage-US3943Not updated
22Bacontime Ante MeridiemStormrage-US3940Not updated
23Deleang SYEStormrage-US3938Not updated
24Camiron BoneyardsStormrage-US3936Not updated
25Druiddiee  Stormrage-US3926Not updated
26Adventgardes AxisStormrage-US3881Not updated
27Belgaràth Refiners FireStormrage-US3868Not updated
28Praiden AngerStormrage-US3868Not updated
29Derpidious  Stormrage-US3865Not updated
30Ebaytoon Rising TideStormrage-US3861Not updated
31Alina  Stormrage-US3858Not updated
32Kitten Ancient DestinyStormrage-US3858Not updated
33Cherrytreeqt DominionStormrage-US3856Not updated
34Benzi BagelStormrage-US3848Not updated
35Tørtured Omega ImperiumStormrage-US3843Not updated
36Blutok Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US3840Not updated
37Damianxxmd shrug it offStormrage-US3838Not updated
38Lymitid vodkaStormrage-US3835Not updated
39Cravez Bonus StageStormrage-US3830Not updated
40Zaedo  Stormrage-US3828Not updated
41Crïmson BiasedStormrage-US3818Not updated
42Semket DivideStormrage-US3815Not updated
43Nëeko DivideStormrage-US3806Not updated
44Katyli  Stormrage-US3740Not updated
45Ritmix vodkaStormrage-US3726Not updated
46Uvwaex Wildly InappropriateStormrage-US3635Not updated
47Bowlskie Ante MeridiemStormrage-US3633Not updated
48Farorê  Stormrage-US3630Not updated
49Ôom Legally CheatingStormrage-US3628Not updated
50Buschleague Paradigm ShiftStormrage-US3578Not updated
51Lyrrim MetroStormrage-US3578Not updated
52Ortic Orcland RaidersStormrage-US3575Not updated
53Acupuncture  Stormrage-US3560Not updated
54Powercrash The RedeemedStormrage-US3551Not updated
55Maraád Cenarion MutualStormrage-US3551Not updated
56Breezy Searching for SanityStormrage-US3550Not updated
57Aanallein DissonanceStormrage-US3550Not updated
58Basementmom Rage Against The MachineStormrage-US3546Not updated
59Mooncowpig Organized ChaøsStormrage-US3541Not updated
60Anistan PredominantStormrage-US3541Not updated
61Hashirama Dark PowerStormrage-US3536Not updated
62Rewreck Glorious IllusionStormrage-US3536Not updated
63Cleopatra  Stormrage-US3535Not updated
64Rukoshie Over RaidedStormrage-US3535Not updated
65Kuyuh DominionStormrage-US3533Not updated
66Hotßox Tabüla RasaStormrage-US3530Not updated
67Farwang Ancient DestinyStormrage-US3525Not updated
68Combatlog  Stormrage-US3523Not updated
69Greetje CriminalStormrage-US3523Not updated
70Hilka RKStormrage-US3523Not updated
71Mardrac No Helmet RequiredStormrage-US3518Not updated
72Innet The Light of DawnStormrage-US3518Not updated
73Namana  Stormrage-US3513Not updated
74Cheddo TirasStormrage-US3510Not updated
75Unnstable Peanut GalleryStormrage-US3461Not updated
76Valaraku I Know Victorias SecretStormrage-US3458Not updated
77Näekita MetroStormrage-US3458Not updated
78Zeroprimus MetroStormrage-US3458Not updated
79Fantasi  Stormrage-US3455Not updated
80Sup Order of ChaosStormrage-US3446Not updated
81Risako Bonus StageStormrage-US3445Not updated
82Suhh CriminalStormrage-US3443Not updated
83Mimi Gnome TrainerStormrage-US3443Not updated
84Pandamonius LAStormrage-US3443Not updated
85Wilferal Refiners FireStormrage-US3443Not updated
86Starose  Stormrage-US3443Not updated
87Keri Clam DownStormrage-US3441Not updated
88Loressa Weekend RaidersStormrage-US3440Not updated
89Falstar  Stormrage-US3438Not updated
90Codezz ProgressionStormrage-US3438Not updated
91Sparty Death JestersStormrage-US3438Not updated
92Azalèa Sleep DeprivedStormrage-US3438Not updated
93Delha  Stormrage-US3438Not updated
94Shámbám War MachineStormrage-US3438Not updated
95Menel The Light of DawnStormrage-US3438Not updated
96Icculous Dawning NemesisStormrage-US3436Not updated
97Cerridwenl Resurgam ExCineresStormrage-US3436Not updated
98Castfôrm Exiles of LordaeronStormrage-US3436Not updated
99Gamé Refiners FireStormrage-US3436Not updated
100Aerrus MitosisStormrage-US3436Not updated

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