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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Záine ShivaStormrage-EU3925Not updated
2Prowl Unquestionable PresenceStormrage-EU3861Not updated
3Adrianne The Heroic LunaticsStormrage-EU3838Not updated
4Mawkish DamnationStormrage-EU3836Not updated
5Hyperion XistanceStormrage-EU3806Not updated
6Nienni Bad LuckStormrage-EU3735Not updated
7Bonquíquí At Least We Got StablesStormrage-EU3726Not updated
8Aeta AvalerionStormrage-EU3575Not updated
9Szah The Internet PeopleStormrage-EU3548Not updated
10Khlcsl AvalerionStormrage-EU3441Not updated
11Xzaar  Stormrage-EU3436Not updated
12Taskani  Stormrage-EU3436Not updated
13Kaelyn AnarchyStormrage-EU3436Not updated
14Noldorimbor AvalerionStormrage-EU3435Not updated
15Prue AuroraStormrage-EU3430Not updated
16Haffhorn Order Of NabberyStormrage-EU3418Not updated
17Dragánz The BrotherhoodStormrage-EU3386Not updated
18Xon IllustriousStormrage-EU3370Not updated
19Dirtyold Crusaders of the PhoenixStormrage-EU3346Not updated
20Shakeela  Stormrage-EU3333Not updated
21Trachorea JoonbeStormrage-EU3328Not updated
22Slibis  Stormrage-EU3251Not updated
23Karendra AvalerionStormrage-EU3238Not updated
24Mookhow DamnationStormrage-EU3185Not updated
25Wils Bad LuckStormrage-EU3180Not updated
26Allichain IllustriousStormrage-EU3178Not updated
27Dzinga Hell FollowsStormrage-EU3161Not updated
28Darkseed EvolutionStormrage-EU3161Not updated
29Cyotic IllustriousStormrage-EU3133Not updated
30Walkinjunior DamnationStormrage-EU3123Not updated
31Taladega The Internet PeopleStormrage-EU3105Not updated
32Norguni IllustriousStormrage-EU3035Not updated
33Misskittyy  Stormrage-EU3033Not updated
34Venatik AuroraStormrage-EU3030Not updated
35Korkut Order Of NabberyStormrage-EU3028Not updated
36Ashkani Order Of NabberyStormrage-EU3025Not updated
37Princëss Bad LuckStormrage-EU2865Not updated
38Gertrude Order Of NabberyStormrage-EU2838Not updated
39Qirza DamnationStormrage-EU2836Not updated
40Integrale SerenStormrage-EU2828Not updated
41Deadshifty KoSStormrage-EU2826Not updated
42Kassi AuroraStormrage-EU2826Not updated
43Holycast KodeNStormrage-EU2723Not updated
44Taudr Fraternitas FerreusStormrage-EU2540Not updated
45Quarca AuroraStormrage-EU2533Not updated
46Olliepopz Fraternitas FerreusStormrage-EU2446Not updated
47Healsbabz ZealStormrage-EU2443Not updated
48Dubbels AuroraStormrage-EU2441Not updated
49Zugar  Stormrage-EU2363Not updated
50Zlûx  Stormrage-EU2341Not updated
51Trimby Bad LuckStormrage-EU2230Not updated
52Emodo Knight LegendStormrage-EU2153Not updated
53Allesta Bad LuckStormrage-EU1938Not updated
54Koya FrostStormrage-EU1856Not updated
55Maschavang  Stormrage-EU1841Not updated
56Sawy Bad LuckStormrage-EU1826Not updated
57Bullcosby Lazy PeonsStormrage-EU1748Not updated
58Mîa IllustriousStormrage-EU1748Not updated
59Tartarós The Internet PeopleStormrage-EU1741Not updated
60Infinichi AuroraStormrage-EU1641Not updated
61Dafu  Stormrage-EU1638Not updated
62Arindel SerenStormrage-EU1633Not updated
63Radasex The Internet PeopleStormrage-EU1631Not updated
64Mel AnarchyStormrage-EU1626Not updated
65Theekopje ShivaStormrage-EU1561Not updated
66Krissanya Hell FollowsStormrage-EU1550Not updated
67Gorfin  Stormrage-EU1548Not updated
68Jackiechanda The Banned Ones.Stormrage-EU1536Not updated
69Ganson Unquestionable PresenceStormrage-EU1530Not updated
70Hasted Lads on TourStormrage-EU1525Not updated
71Chaltria Set Sail for FailStormrage-EU1510Not updated
72Shazna  Stormrage-EU1456Not updated
73Dubbelfot AuroraStormrage-EU1443Not updated
74Uldruid Bad LuckStormrage-EU1441Not updated
75Nichlaes  Stormrage-EU1441Not updated
76Fattyberg AuroraStormrage-EU1440Not updated
77Danmm IllustriousStormrage-EU1440Not updated
78Catza IllustriousStormrage-EU1440Not updated
79Rovdjur DamnationStormrage-EU1440Not updated
80Crondor AscensionStormrage-EU1438Not updated
81Proula AnarchyStormrage-EU1438Not updated
82Amazonamou ScoutsStormrage-EU1438Not updated
83Aluvin AscensionStormrage-EU1436Not updated
84Shamuru The Coniunctis ViribusStormrage-EU1436Not updated
85Cheválier IllustriousStormrage-EU1436Not updated
86Dzingwild Hell FollowsStormrage-EU1435Not updated
87Sidomya Crits n GigglesStormrage-EU1431Not updated
88Myztra  Stormrage-EU1428Not updated
89Ethbjørn Crusaders of the PhoenixStormrage-EU1360Not updated
90Lightholder The Coniunctis ViribusStormrage-EU1350Not updated
91Rhuno The Internet PeopleStormrage-EU1348Not updated
92Shielding KodeNStormrage-EU1346Not updated
93Xihuitl  Stormrage-EU1328Not updated
94Brynjulf The Internet PeopleStormrage-EU1168Not updated
95Gréen AuroraStormrage-EU1165Not updated
96Trivia I Hate When That HappensStormrage-EU1148Not updated
97Zidet SerenStormrage-EU1145Not updated
98Eiskalt Total TabereStormrage-EU1140Not updated
99Bobthebrave ShivaStormrage-EU1136Not updated
100Sélené  Stormrage-EU936Not updated

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