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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Spirestone-TW Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1熊喵傻滿 ElantrisSpirestone-TW4816Not updated
2我愛無比膏 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW4441Not updated
3牛乳伊 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW3863Not updated
4聖模林 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW3728Not updated
5Starsurge AllianceSpirestone-TW3725Not updated
6堅挺的小女孩 不敗神話Spirestone-TW3720Not updated
7明儒 EternitySpirestone-TW3630Not updated
8Soulgirl AllianceSpirestone-TW3630Not updated
9彼利鳥 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW3508Not updated
10櫻花飛舞 ElantrisSpirestone-TW3463Not updated
11Warlaslol Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW3441Not updated
12口嗜血武姬口 Orange parkSpirestone-TW3441Not updated
13Palgradis 湮滅神跡Spirestone-TW3441Not updated
14Puttje Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW3441Not updated
15靜宜洗澡中 海納百川Spirestone-TW3440Not updated
16渺渺兮予怀 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW3438Not updated
17科學電磁炮 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW3438Not updated
18飛翔的薩滿 湮滅神跡Spirestone-TW3438Not updated
19Pika Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW3436Not updated
20乃乃 三秒鐘出即飛Spirestone-TW3435Not updated
21小蜜橘  Spirestone-TW3435Not updated
22陳日君樞機 Evil EmpireSpirestone-TW3435Not updated
23胖乎乎瘦小德 奪魂之鐮Spirestone-TW3431Not updated
24母牛榨乾你  Spirestone-TW3431Not updated
25小小之薩滿 雷神Spirestone-TW3430Not updated
26Entrancing  Spirestone-TW3363Not updated
27東東咚 Lucky StarsSpirestone-TW3228Not updated
28Putula  Spirestone-TW3168Not updated
29草薙護堂 KGBSpirestone-TW3158Not updated
30Yvelina ElantrisSpirestone-TW3145Not updated
31保護土豆女王 不敗神話Spirestone-TW3130Not updated
32Broggenn Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW3121Not updated
33青草間夢遊 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW3116Not updated
34心願之糖 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW3106Not updated
35神也一樣 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW3036Not updated
36Skyattack Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW3031Not updated
37奶量不夠大  Spirestone-TW3015Not updated
38雷霆圖騰 雪月工作室Spirestone-TW3008Not updated
39說話騙子 逐日Spirestone-TW3000Not updated
40小母牛帕布利  Spirestone-TW2823Not updated
41夏伯伯 雪月工作室Spirestone-TW2816Not updated
42卡卡烏啦啦  Spirestone-TW2633Not updated
43膠街架 Empire of SageSpirestone-TW2630Not updated
44梓澐 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW2523Not updated
45可愛小阿姨 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW2440Not updated
46撒滿雞屎 雪月工作室Spirestone-TW2431Not updated
47怪叔叔太帥氣 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW2368Not updated
48Samtimb  Spirestone-TW2231Not updated
49忒伊婭 KGBSpirestone-TW1936Not updated
50貧乳非我願 人在江湖飄 哪能不挨刀Spirestone-TW1886Not updated
51很愛流口水 光之羽翼Spirestone-TW1848Not updated
52加飯加汁 逐月Spirestone-TW1815Not updated
53史堤芬 水上煙霧Spirestone-TW1811Not updated
54一隻小羊駝 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW1641Not updated
55Wyrmslayer 海納百川Spirestone-TW1633Not updated
56哥反應各種快 奪魂之鐮Spirestone-TW1583Not updated
57卿風 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW1551Not updated
58酥油饼 戰歌咆哮Spirestone-TW1546Not updated
59小忍忍 Petit Salon de ThéSpirestone-TW1543Not updated
60亮亮德 ElantrisSpirestone-TW1523Not updated
61曰啊曰 我們的確幸Spirestone-TW1460Not updated
62風瀰 ElantrisSpirestone-TW1453Not updated
63孤獨的流浪者 逐月Spirestone-TW1453Not updated
64星璇之翼 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW1443Not updated
65牛耕瑤 奪魂之鐮Spirestone-TW1443Not updated
66魔翎 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW1441Not updated
67風暴之潮 ElantrisSpirestone-TW1438Not updated
68雪蓧千棧 Petit Salon de ThéSpirestone-TW1435Not updated
69伍肆貳柒 漢風王朝Spirestone-TW1431Not updated
70上官聖嶽 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW1155Not updated
71捏巴斗組忙  Spirestone-TW1038Not updated
72虎妞儿  Spirestone-TW970Not updated
73阿爾喬姆 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW945Not updated
74殺很滿 ArchangelSpirestone-TW941Not updated
75芽芽兔 ElantrisSpirestone-TW940Not updated
76黎個淺笑  Spirestone-TW940Not updated
77Elivs  Spirestone-TW936Not updated
78理由一堆 不要問Spirestone-TW863Not updated
79肥佬三世 Orange parkSpirestone-TW858Not updated
80茉洛莉 不敗神話Spirestone-TW850Not updated
81清心寡慾 天使之怒Spirestone-TW843Not updated
82脫褲制貧 OnceSpirestone-TW833Not updated
83Omena  Spirestone-TW748Not updated
84牟也牛 KGBSpirestone-TW736Not updated
85語心心  Spirestone-TW730Not updated
86遠藤賢太  Spirestone-TW730Not updated
87片倉景綱 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW643Not updated
88Whoops Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW640Not updated
89寂寞囡囡 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW640Not updated
90Gandera Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW638Not updated
91阿里山冰茶 AllianceSpirestone-TW633Not updated
92修羅絳風 湮滅神跡Spirestone-TW565Not updated
93龍悟 ElantrisSpirestone-TW561Not updated
94Poprita 奪魂之鐮Spirestone-TW543Not updated
95蘿蔔蔔子  Spirestone-TW540Not updated
96Carole 光之羽翼Spirestone-TW536Not updated
97Supremacy  Spirestone-TW528Not updated
98功夫旋風兒 Sword of HeavenSpirestone-TW526Not updated
99芒果樹枝 湮滅神跡Spirestone-TW446Not updated
100神塵 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW445Not updated

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