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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Silvermoon-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Mardah SacrificeSilvermoon-EU5855Not updated
2Armerad  Silvermoon-EU5628Not updated
3Helixxa  Silvermoon-EU5516Not updated
4Surviju Steel TalonsSilvermoon-EU5441Not updated
5Healarius DogzNutzSilvermoon-EU5438Not updated
6Teowina Storm WolvesSilvermoon-EU4615Not updated
7Druidmuel MeridiesSilvermoon-EU4443Not updated
8Lellion Carpe NoctemSilvermoon-EU4371Not updated
9Flopkat SilenceSilvermoon-EU4346Not updated
10Snapzie Danish TemplarsSilvermoon-EU4186Not updated
11Nospang SHIELDSilvermoon-EU4156Not updated
12Reported QQSilvermoon-EU4033Not updated
13Nhaya VISilvermoon-EU3945Not updated
14Dávro SilenceSilvermoon-EU3943Not updated
15Mjolnrik VISilvermoon-EU3938Not updated
16Coopri Go DefensiveSilvermoon-EU3928Not updated
17Qon DragoncoreSilvermoon-EU3926Not updated
18Zhexi MergeSilvermoon-EU3870Not updated
19Donum  Silvermoon-EU3865Not updated
20Dísko Go DefensiveSilvermoon-EU3851Not updated
21Arrysena RetaliationSilvermoon-EU3848Not updated
22Drudez  Silvermoon-EU3846Not updated
23Eucalyptus DecadenceSilvermoon-EU3843Not updated
24Tuhci PawnSilvermoon-EU3838Not updated
25Knicks Klovner i KampSilvermoon-EU3833Not updated
26Sophrosynexd SilenceSilvermoon-EU3826Not updated
27Cehlia MalorumSilvermoon-EU3826Not updated
28Shammdestar GenesisSilvermoon-EU3825Not updated
29Moojerk Gorilla WarfareSilvermoon-EU3816Not updated
30Stevenqt  Silvermoon-EU3808Not updated
31Konahh EpidemicSilvermoon-EU3741Not updated
32Phione The Golden BananaSilvermoon-EU3736Not updated
33Kopykat Fuffens På VindenSilvermoon-EU3736Not updated
34Zwartpels AnarchySilvermoon-EU3731Not updated
35Flowerblue WarsongSilvermoon-EU3720Not updated
36Champis OffspringSilvermoon-EU3640Not updated
37Arlénia EnvisionedSilvermoon-EU3636Not updated
38Dôc Clan FieldmountainSilvermoon-EU3633Not updated
39Nostálgia RevenantSilvermoon-EU3631Not updated
40Plaguehouse ObsidiumSilvermoon-EU3631Not updated
41Bloomxd EpidemicSilvermoon-EU3628Not updated
42Lailø  Silvermoon-EU3628Not updated
43Mumsbiten Clan FieldmountainSilvermoon-EU3605Not updated
44Mellifluous MeridiesSilvermoon-EU3583Not updated
45Feryla Faded DreamsSilvermoon-EU3573Not updated
46Dayfly  Silvermoon-EU3570Not updated
47Annoyer Danish BloodlordsSilvermoon-EU3568Not updated
48Deidah After HoursSilvermoon-EU3555Not updated
49Mazakre UnspokenSilvermoon-EU3550Not updated
50Azela Flawless ImperfectionSilvermoon-EU3550Not updated
51Easy AnathemaSilvermoon-EU3546Not updated
52Ooggieboogie  Silvermoon-EU3545Not updated
53Khantor  Silvermoon-EU3540Not updated
54Redsamurai Stormwind TróopersSilvermoon-EU3540Not updated
55Ithílíen  Silvermoon-EU3540Not updated
56Treelovér Atleast we got StablesSilvermoon-EU3535Not updated
57Banehallovv Knights of the CyrusSilvermoon-EU3533Not updated
58Fysalida  Silvermoon-EU3530Not updated
59Tomyboy ConstantSilvermoon-EU3528Not updated
60Figz The RenegadesSilvermoon-EU3526Not updated
61Kilira GenesisSilvermoon-EU3523Not updated
62Harwen Do Not DisturbSilvermoon-EU3511Not updated
63Wazzá Symbiotic UbiquitySilvermoon-EU3478Not updated
64Unecldolan  Silvermoon-EU3471Not updated
65Asurobi DragonlightSilvermoon-EU3468Not updated
66Fathira MergeSilvermoon-EU3458Not updated
67Conduitz AlternativesSilvermoon-EU3455Not updated
68Malixa MergeSilvermoon-EU3453Not updated
69Pophorn Wipe scene InvestigationSilvermoon-EU3451Not updated
70Eridea Real Men Wear PinkSilvermoon-EU3450Not updated
71Redlan DragonlightSilvermoon-EU3448Not updated
72Pandaíd The CasualsSilvermoon-EU3446Not updated
73Glasÿga DiscoSilvermoon-EU3446Not updated
74Asklepioz CakemanSilvermoon-EU3441Not updated
75Engineer Knights of the CyrusSilvermoon-EU3441Not updated
76Nursye Carpe NoctemSilvermoon-EU3441Not updated
77Senjó EpidemicSilvermoon-EU3441Not updated
78Estero  Silvermoon-EU3441Not updated
79Sellendis PawnSilvermoon-EU3441Not updated
80Rostin  Silvermoon-EU3441Not updated
81Aveline Hellenic PantheonSilvermoon-EU3440Not updated
82Shaenei  Silvermoon-EU3440Not updated
83Allozz Ad InfinitumSilvermoon-EU3440Not updated
84Rheiu  Silvermoon-EU3440Not updated
85Asterie MergeSilvermoon-EU3440Not updated
86Kaythe AerithiumSilvermoon-EU3440Not updated
87Jeed AnarchySilvermoon-EU3440Not updated
88Chicknourish  Silvermoon-EU3438Not updated
89Ashélia NephilimSilvermoon-EU3438Not updated
90Mpimpelo KingslayersSilvermoon-EU3438Not updated
91Rosben ConstantSilvermoon-EU3436Not updated
92Mahgeetah JillionSilvermoon-EU3436Not updated
93Lyssie EloquenceSilvermoon-EU3436Not updated
94Pawilicious Carpe NoctemSilvermoon-EU3436Not updated
95Renpa CakemanSilvermoon-EU3436Not updated
96Theboppers OffspringSilvermoon-EU3436Not updated
97Guenhwyvr Recipe of HateSilvermoon-EU3436Not updated
98Armille AzgardSilvermoon-EU3436Not updated
99Birden Mega Glorious RaidersSilvermoon-EU3435Not updated
100Kel Echoes of DestinySilvermoon-EU3435Not updated

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