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Shattered Hand-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Cdewy TyrannyShattered Hand-US8743
2Nyt TyrannyShattered Hand-US4436Not updated
3Deralics EnclaveShattered Hand-US4355Not updated
4Wolffington B E E RShattered Hand-US3451
5Tulani TyrannyShattered Hand-US3438
6Elethea TyrannyShattered Hand-US3436
7Doublepot Harvesters of SorrowShattered Hand-US3435
8Slagthar We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US3425
9Vodilent Harvesters of SorrowShattered Hand-US3270Not updated
10Fynnia TyrannyShattered Hand-US3131
11Grarrqt TyrannyShattered Hand-US3128
12Voodru ApophasisShattered Hand-US3033
13Roárs EnclaveShattered Hand-US2586
14Vemo TyrannyShattered Hand-US2440
15Aeremis Gnome AloneShattered Hand-US2348Not updated
16Aijalon NSFWShattered Hand-US2341
17Drooden EnclaveShattered Hand-US1925
18Hällel CitadelShattered Hand-US1880
19Fullshift DeathDealerShattered Hand-US1848
20Eshmun B E E RShattered Hand-US1835Not updated
21Daerellin NSFWShattered Hand-US1826
22Brotatochips VindicatiönShattered Hand-US1726
23Rawboinkinn EnclaveShattered Hand-US1586
24Osada Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US1546Not updated
25Sagesse Rabid Attack SquirrelsShattered Hand-US1443Not updated
26Inundation AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US1443Not updated
27Akatriel Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US1441
28Arathene Gnome AloneShattered Hand-US1428Not updated
29Bubbliest VindicationShattered Hand-US1428
30Onì EnclaveShattered Hand-US1365
31Rightclick Natural Born KillersShattered Hand-US1330
32Trueogre EgoShattered Hand-US1328Not updated
33Khemicalred EnclaveShattered Hand-US1140
34Thelonious Gnome AloneShattered Hand-US1025Not updated
35Zoraida SaxonsShattered Hand-US943
36Íflízzlè EvadeShattered Hand-US938
37Pogsters Pro NoobsShattered Hand-US856
38Totomic Ye Ole HangmenShattered Hand-US850
39Thaleous TyrannyShattered Hand-US848
40Vodoun FoundationShattered Hand-US846Not updated
41Crl TyrannyShattered Hand-US845
42Jinzar We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US738Not updated
43Ooker  Shattered Hand-US653
44Piscesgurl We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US583
45Sylaar Misguided AngelsShattered Hand-US580
46Aphaea EnclaveShattered Hand-US568
47Ustiwahya Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US568
48Truchamp We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US546
49Deschainrol NSFWShattered Hand-US528Not updated
50Spookyspoon We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US523Not updated
51Azulene VindicationShattered Hand-US486
52Moirain EvadeShattered Hand-US453
53Ice  Shattered Hand-US446
54Pure TyrannyShattered Hand-US443
55Vernia AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US441
56Oranges TyrannyShattered Hand-US441Not updated
57Vincey EnclaveShattered Hand-US438
58Moovine  Shattered Hand-US436Not updated
59Biosynthesis  Shattered Hand-US436Not updated
60Qúake  Shattered Hand-US436Not updated
61Brewbum Civil WarcraftShattered Hand-US436
62Yunzi TyrannyShattered Hand-US351
63Odin Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US350Not updated
64Seseria Whack a GnomeShattered Hand-US330
65Lebo EnclaveShattered Hand-US211
66Nomane AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US198

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