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Saurfang-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Kw Laetus DomusSaurfang-US4438
2Henshin Tibbers Tea PartySaurfang-US4206Not updated
3Lowei Tibbers Tea PartySaurfang-US3961Not updated
4Lickmytusk  Saurfang-US3636Not updated
5Starlaird extra bag spaceSaurfang-US3636
6Divinêmight MythrilSaurfang-US3631Not updated
7Xavyri  Saurfang-US3476Not updated
8Ironpaw LockdownzSaurfang-US3445Not updated
9Convictfish  Saurfang-US3440Not updated
10Ducky AjantisSaurfang-US3438
11Mortt  Saurfang-US3436Not updated
12Xiaozhu Naughty CornerSaurfang-US3433
13Dib Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US3358
14Mhorac AjantisSaurfang-US3355
15Tropius Perfect InsanitySaurfang-US3191
16Jingqt Lone Wolf PackSaurfang-US3170
17Glosy Storm HammerSaurfang-US3158Not updated
18Makhara MahtavaSaurfang-US3150
19Drpaladin Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US2938
20Delekii extra bag spaceSaurfang-US2880Not updated
21Elyriah Standard NerdsSaurfang-US2853
22Almarkus The Forgotten RiseSaurfang-US2853
23Khavenqt SiegeSaurfang-US2840Not updated
24Convictfiche  Saurfang-US2813Not updated
25Swag  Saurfang-US2635Not updated
26Tubzyhealz Naughty VolcanoSaurfang-US2563Not updated
27Spenny  Saurfang-US2440Not updated
28Deejaynugget  Saurfang-US2440Not updated
29Creationx Tibbers Tea PartySaurfang-US2436Not updated
30Silverlizard  Saurfang-US2350
31Liva  Saurfang-US2345Not updated
32Shaby  Saurfang-US2345
33Alecta Standard NerdsSaurfang-US1940
34Nephini DaemonicSaurfang-US1863
35Nomea PhalanxSaurfang-US1816Not updated
36Mowoq  Saurfang-US1548Not updated
37Beartasm Guild in ProgressSaurfang-US1531
38Thermic Guild in ProgressSaurfang-US1530
39Ashian Me So HordeeSaurfang-US1513Not updated
40Healzyoface Standard NerdsSaurfang-US1456
41Glamhoth Lone Wolf PackSaurfang-US1441Not updated
42Critchicken  Saurfang-US1440Not updated
43Awesomeus SiegeSaurfang-US1440
44Dubberruckie  Saurfang-US1438
45Xenjá AjantisSaurfang-US1438
46Karleesi  Saurfang-US1438Not updated
47Erendes NÖCTURNALSaurfang-US1436
48Justin  Saurfang-US1436Not updated
49Leoheart  Saurfang-US1435Not updated
50Kymmi SimplicitySaurfang-US1435Not updated
51Tranzhexual  Saurfang-US1433Not updated
52Mîstspirit  Saurfang-US1430Not updated
53Tanilindor Naughty CornerSaurfang-US1426
54Eyjaf None the WiserSaurfang-US1348Not updated
55Adelphiaa  Saurfang-US1330Not updated
56Bufferlol AjantisSaurfang-US1328
57Ydoajin  Saurfang-US1326Not updated
58Exsettra  Saurfang-US1240Not updated
59Scorrevole Carpe JugulumSaurfang-US1238
60Buttsqueezee  Saurfang-US1188Not updated
61Kaworu  Saurfang-US1145Not updated
62Mágorical Elegant DestructionSaurfang-US1140
63Macbull  Saurfang-US1133Not updated
64Liadrixie Perfect InsanitySaurfang-US1133
65Taloski YOLOSWAGSaurfang-US943Not updated
66Juelz KindredSaurfang-US938
67Hotwolf  Saurfang-US933Not updated
68Runningbear  Saurfang-US931Not updated
69Deaux For Mother RussiaSaurfang-US931Not updated
70Eminencé  Saurfang-US928Not updated
71Zaharra Laetus DomusSaurfang-US920
72Taeleia Looney ToonsSaurfang-US885Not updated
73Luminate  Saurfang-US875
74Frostyzzjr  Saurfang-US863Not updated
75Crumbs InsomniaSaurfang-US860Not updated
76Ozzydozzer  Saurfang-US831Not updated
77Zephfang Cant Touch ThisSaurfang-US805Not updated
78Heads Insane AsylumSaurfang-US756Not updated
79Rebecca Standard NerdsSaurfang-US745
80Elmoh Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US641
81Ralow OminousSaurfang-US638
82Dalrathrus Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US636Not updated
83Vulpixie Perfect InsanitySaurfang-US636
84Atlashealz  Saurfang-US635Not updated
85Acarna AjantisSaurfang-US630Not updated
86Mokrall  Saurfang-US585Not updated
87Fishlamp  Saurfang-US583Not updated
88Shuhow ThA GuildSaurfang-US550Not updated
89Paríshealton  Saurfang-US548Not updated
90Siann Carpe JugulumSaurfang-US545
91Luckydo Storm HammerSaurfang-US543Not updated
92Naosusama  Saurfang-US540Not updated
93Egelis  Saurfang-US536Not updated
94Moodusa  Saurfang-US533
95Ketreeken AlestormSaurfang-US530Not updated
96Seylana AjantisSaurfang-US511
97Soong  Saurfang-US461Not updated
98Mithuna RegenesisSaurfang-US458
99Bullcritz Under the InfluenceSaurfang-US456Not updated
100Synechi  Saurfang-US445Not updated

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