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Sargeras-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Ellaea Bear Retirement HomeSargeras-US6406
2Gimptree  Sargeras-US5848Not updated
3Bottizelle ClockworkSargeras-US5836
4Bjornn Delicate SensibilitiesSargeras-US5823
5Lycaón EvenfallSargeras-US5735
6Stickthrower HallowedSargeras-US5525
7Siory MidwinterSargeras-US5473
8Valdran OmnipotentSargeras-US5441
9Uhhuhh  Sargeras-US5335Not updated
10Streethavoc  Sargeras-US4821Not updated
11Landriell AscendSargeras-US4728Not updated
12Vvillows OUT FOR A RIP R YA BUDSargeras-US4581
13Smitus Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US4568
14Viodia Seriously CasualSargeras-US4548
15Hainiryuun OmnipotentSargeras-US4520
16Xenofile MaliceSargeras-US4441
17Smitustwo Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US4441Not updated
18Reyon  Sargeras-US4441Not updated
19Yui KarmaSargeras-US4433
20Doctress Dude its a GameSargeras-US4430
21Yoloboi OmnicideSargeras-US4343
22Firenitewòlf The LegacySargeras-US4341
23Nerukah SMFSargeras-US4160
24Jayehl Crimson BladesSargeras-US4143
25RocXYZYA Noodle FactorySargeras-US4105Not updated
26Blav Yolo to GladSargeras-US3943
27Drivec HallowedSargeras-US3936
28Peace Sorry Babe Im on CooldwnSargeras-US3870
29Fliick ImperviousSargeras-US3863
30Kizumi Semper FidelisSargeras-US3860
31Dinoe Vs The UniverseSargeras-US3856
32Doodlemonkey Heroes of Fight ClubSargeras-US3846
33Rejuvinatêd  Sargeras-US3838
34Cure V A N Q U I S HSargeras-US3836
35Søñfàññá Yolo to GladSargeras-US3818
36Fathóm  Sargeras-US3805Not updated
37Ainot Esprit De CorpsSargeras-US3763
38Draco OmnipotentSargeras-US3743
39Adarel FateSargeras-US3738
40Sydny MaliceSargeras-US3728
41Bluenas Seriously CasualSargeras-US3720
42Karastrazsa MidwinterSargeras-US3641
43Fido The Dream TeamSargeras-US3595
44Frador The Dream TeamSargeras-US3563
45Holy The Last PageSargeras-US3561
46Prilam FracturedSargeras-US3560
47Boomzing Warsong OffensiveSargeras-US3546Not updated
48Alykazam Totally Rad GuildSargeras-US3546
49Opix  Sargeras-US3546
50Parzeval  Sargeras-US3545Not updated
51Mikuni  Sargeras-US3538
52Keywielder NISargeras-US3533
53Lëm DirtySargeras-US3531Not updated
54Apaulo Seriously CasualSargeras-US3526
55Raike PandaemíaSargeras-US3526
56Tassbro Heroes of Fight ClubSargeras-US3525
57Ivana One more xpacSargeras-US3525Not updated
58Tabrias The RedeemedSargeras-US3523Not updated
59Revaras SlackerSargeras-US3520
60Nevele Stack and DieSargeras-US3453
61Fernilol Cannon FatherSargeras-US3453Not updated
62Zehui KingsguardSargeras-US3453Not updated
63Koyon EvenfallSargeras-US3448
64Aizen FateSargeras-US3448
65Sunspear The RedeemedSargeras-US3446Not updated
66Exìled Realm LastSargeras-US3443
67Wienerflayx RiotSargeras-US3443
68Andassonho Tribal WaysSargeras-US3441
69Trickhat  Sargeras-US3441Not updated
70Natherice NEWS TEAM ASSEMBLESargeras-US3441
71Aestheticx Last PullSargeras-US3441
72Rejuvvz VandalizedSargeras-US3441
73Euphoniousjr MidwinterSargeras-US3440
74Mendentotem MidwinterSargeras-US3440
75Sanctuaryxo MidwinterSargeras-US3440
76Ascendancex  Sargeras-US3440Not updated
77Dòwnpour MaliceSargeras-US3440
78Shadowmild Mediocre at BestSargeras-US3440
79Docherian Passionate MurderSargeras-US3440Not updated
80Madkingmax Three Guys and A CatSargeras-US3440
81Lularia Cognitive DissonanceSargeras-US3440
82Blüe Primatas do CaribeSargeras-US3440
83Teomoras Top ShelfSargeras-US3440
84Vexpa EchelónSargeras-US3438Not updated
85Nastacia The Higher ClassSargeras-US3438
86Churd Bear Retirement HomeSargeras-US3436
87Vbian I am the TuskarrSargeras-US3436
88Carrter Seriously CasualSargeras-US3436
89Vellane ProtocultureSargeras-US3436
90Saides Raging MisfitsSargeras-US3436Not updated
91Alashe OmnipotentSargeras-US3436
92Kaej NISargeras-US3436
93Sÿd ALTernate ArrangementsSargeras-US3436
94Morphling Slow MotionSargeras-US3436
95Frutices Cognitive DissonanceSargeras-US3436
96Sheriffwoody Seriously CasualSargeras-US3436
97Fayz  Sargeras-US3435Not updated
98Waj Threat Level MidnightSargeras-US3435
99Livelordx No Maam ReloadedSargeras-US3435Not updated
100Badpunchline Get Well SoonSargeras-US3435

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