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Sargeras-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Cedriku WraithSargeras-EU6435
2Wiga From ScratchSargeras-EU5433
3Earthcrawler From ScratchSargeras-EU5348Not updated
4Trolina NightSargeras-EU4726
5Tuyodarozage Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU4441
6Fenrissar EviL BleSsSargeras-EU4440
7Anaganja BrotherhoodSargeras-EU4431Not updated
8Kromchae PHENIXSargeras-EU4421
9Vtpay  Sargeras-EU4333Not updated
10Arcor OldiesSargeras-EU4181
11Thâm Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU4160
12Duacir VindictaSargeras-EU4145
13Clasquadje Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU3926
14Nïrvana VindictaSargeras-EU3883
15Mawiedeniz Wipe Is WipeSargeras-EU3870
16Briian WraithSargeras-EU3843Not updated
17Blash From ScratchSargeras-EU3576
18Loohann EviL BleSsSargeras-EU3570
19Dràémslol  Sargeras-EU3546Not updated
20Reyâ From ScratchSargeras-EU3453Not updated
21Maëda Chaos destinySargeras-EU3446
22Balwé G R A O USargeras-EU3440Not updated
23Astäte DoxaSargeras-EU3438
24Ørfen Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU3438
25Aoshira NøT FøunÐSargeras-EU3433Not updated
26Maskette From ScratchSargeras-EU3433Not updated
27Osefaucarré VindictaSargeras-EU3430
28Îboga  Sargeras-EU3428Not updated
29Vegaded OldiesSargeras-EU3386
30Daenarshin AeterniaSargeras-EU3366Not updated
31Thérience VindictaSargeras-EU3348
32Erzza la MeuteSargeras-EU3346
33Narcolepsie Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU3328
34Haiikø BrotherhoodSargeras-EU3320
35Øxyge DoxaSargeras-EU3280
36Awoke Luna WolvesSargeras-EU3248
37Fcousdruid BrotherhoodSargeras-EU3240Not updated
38Miamiangel VindictaSargeras-EU3236
39Repso THFPSargeras-EU3216Not updated
40Mâjx NightSargeras-EU3191
41Kururu Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU3161
42Sarael Children of EarthSargeras-EU3155Not updated
43Limmo From ScratchSargeras-EU3126
44Moulesfrites ObscurümSargeras-EU3031Not updated
45Lapintade From ScratchSargeras-EU3028
46Ronak BrotherhoodSargeras-EU3028
47Almería WORTHSargeras-EU3025
48Trubble Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU2923
49Deutz BrotherhoodSargeras-EU2875Not updated
50Tatajubaa Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU2865Not updated
51Indeedruid BrotherhoodSargeras-EU2838
52Razorbâck Wipe Is WipeSargeras-EU2805Not updated
53Baøbabb BrotherhoodSargeras-EU2736
54Barrin VindictaSargeras-EU2636
55Störm BrotherhoodSargeras-EU2636
56Mczizi HordeSargeras-EU2636Not updated
57Patapine  Sargeras-EU2631Not updated
58Abirdinapig WraithSargeras-EU2623
59Salaheddin InertiaSargeras-EU2541
60Shainà Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU2541
61Fïca Quorum SensingSargeras-EU2505
62Lücci TribeSargeras-EU2453Not updated
63Påndø PHENIXSargeras-EU2438
64Emilada EnhancedSargeras-EU2431
65Bloodsora NøT FøunÐSargeras-EU2348Not updated
66Ôrihime Monkey BusinessSargeras-EU2341Not updated
67Chupy We are French MexicansSargeras-EU2165Not updated
68Alima PHENIXSargeras-EU2000Not updated
69Shalua  Sargeras-EU1966Not updated
70Pastorie EnhancedSargeras-EU1940Not updated
71Kibbie Martine fait du HMSargeras-EU1875
72Monknh  Sargeras-EU1866
73Caté Death and RebirthSargeras-EU1850Not updated
74Knh Twisted MindSargeras-EU1848
75Lexy UfrogSargeras-EU1845
76Chamoon Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1843
77Butâne EmpyriumSargeras-EU1841
78Balgør UnderworldSargeras-EU1840
79Voda Veni Vidi WipeSargeras-EU1831Not updated
80Tumorapa  Sargeras-EU1828Not updated
81Vranesh Twisted MindSargeras-EU1748
82Ayja  Sargeras-EU1738
83Wyloù Les PiresSargeras-EU1728Not updated
84Bôwbôw ThunderboltSargeras-EU1723
85Bwouargus EviL BleSsSargeras-EU1636
86Æternum Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1636Not updated
87Pãdre ThunderboltSargeras-EU1636
88Kadock Les Alcoonymes AnoliquesSargeras-EU1630
89Résus PHENIXSargeras-EU1583
90Kilovolt VindictaSargeras-EU1561
91Seahexandsun EmpyriumSargeras-EU1561
92Minioxli VindictaSargeras-EU1555
93Alkaige EnhancedSargeras-EU1546
94Mélinã NightSargeras-EU1545
95Quelkun  Sargeras-EU1538Not updated
96Tartiflëtte EnhancedSargeras-EU1531
97Caokar Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1526
98Haadès EndlessSargeras-EU1453Not updated
99Kuby Last ReloadSargeras-EU1441
100Oroph BrotherhoodSargeras-EU1440

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