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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Rexxar-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Sencâ Decisions of TruthRexxar-EU6370Not updated
2Belisar Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU4245Not updated
3Cøøky New MetaRexxar-EU3815Not updated
4Lycea Evolution GamingRexxar-EU3740Not updated
5Lôtus Ad RemRexxar-EU3586Not updated
6Phobos Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU3440Not updated
7Driani  Rexxar-EU3345Not updated
8Akaishuîchi Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU3330Not updated
9Asr The WarlordzRexxar-EU3125Not updated
10Vollkornbrot InsanéRexxar-EU2883Not updated
11Darkwell IncolumisRexxar-EU2830Not updated
12Lolénia Carpe NøctemRexxar-EU2728Not updated
13Nazo Ad RemRexxar-EU2641Not updated
14Angstblase La vita è bellaRexxar-EU2546Not updated
15Áuwin DeathlessRexxar-EU1938Not updated
16Elmacbong Cult of AmRexxar-EU1936Not updated
17Eldryndor Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU1898Not updated
18Mâjestix The Angel of HellRexxar-EU1868Not updated
19Tiramus Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU1850Not updated
20Coroch Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU1848Not updated
21Zealz New MetaRexxar-EU1846Not updated
22Cadderly Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU1826Not updated
23Hopefully GodlikeRexxar-EU1748Not updated
24Termii Decisions of TruthRexxar-EU1638Not updated
25Chakoo Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU1628Not updated
26Drawni LoOtEyesRexxar-EU1551Not updated
27Ragnarow Ad RemRexxar-EU1516Not updated
28Drilli Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU1453Not updated
29Curra Ad RemRexxar-EU1440Not updated
30Seradine Happy Tree FriendsRexxar-EU1440Not updated
31Arìs mala fideRexxar-EU1440Not updated
32Sahrion Blood OmenRexxar-EU1435Not updated
33Lornia DenkmalgeschütztRexxar-EU1435Not updated
34Yuzami Whine Wipes und GesangRexxar-EU1415Not updated
35Schokoschami ImperiumRexxar-EU1345Not updated
36Shengfuqt Kämpfer der StürmeRexxar-EU1333Not updated
37Tanarus Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU1186Not updated
38Kalil Gloria ImmortalisRexxar-EU1165Not updated
39Lahnos PacifareRexxar-EU1165Not updated
40Creepi  Rexxar-EU955Not updated
41Kâtharakt Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU930Not updated
42Bivy Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU913Not updated
43Regathy The WarlordzRexxar-EU861Not updated
44Tarantas Siegel der MachtRexxar-EU850Not updated
45Stônk Die prallen KrallenRexxar-EU846Not updated
46Moriedd SonnenkriegerRexxar-EU846Not updated
47Schrecklock SofaCrewRexxar-EU846Not updated
48Camassea Blood OmenRexxar-EU843Not updated
49Kymi Mutzekiepchen des GrauenRexxar-EU843Not updated
50Tolomos Per NoctemRexxar-EU835Not updated
51Lemortale Dunkle VersuchungRexxar-EU835Not updated
52Shendora Dunkle VersuchungRexxar-EU830Not updated
53Chaôsshamy Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU826Not updated
54Kabudachi The WarlordzRexxar-EU825Not updated
55Palamuh Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU758Not updated
56Ahaio ClannadRexxar-EU738Not updated
57Patrull Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU726Not updated
58Epidomais mala fideRexxar-EU640Not updated
59Mumbloodhof The MaledictionRexxar-EU638Not updated
60Cynthîsa Carpe NøctemRexxar-EU636Not updated
61Amnésist SelectedRexxar-EU635Not updated
62Critplease EvolutionsRexxar-EU633Not updated
63Skypex New MetaRexxar-EU633Not updated
64Reliance IncolumisRexxar-EU628Not updated
65Blattsee Tote Kekse krümeln nichtRexxar-EU628Not updated
66Bloodhawker Blood for BloodRexxar-EU625Not updated
67Toffîfee The Angel of HellRexxar-EU568Not updated
68Kurenei The Call of CthulhuRexxar-EU568Not updated
69Zhenya TrueBloodRexxar-EU565Not updated
70Aurelî Die prallen KrallenRexxar-EU561Not updated
71Izath The Angel of HellRexxar-EU546Not updated
72Crossî SofaCrewRexxar-EU541Not updated
73Linxu The Angel of HellRexxar-EU541Not updated
74Pàládîn BoomRexxar-EU538Not updated
75Miomio PacifareRexxar-EU533Not updated
76Thorakalus Seed of AngerRexxar-EU530Not updated
77Huskk Drachen von AzerothRexxar-EU523Not updated
78Islaya Forbidden TendenciesRexxar-EU451Not updated
79Thråll WarlockRexxar-EU440Not updated
80Shannan  Rexxar-EU440Not updated
81Kaima Seed of AngerRexxar-EU440Not updated
82Sherrax  Rexxar-EU440Not updated
83Adríen Blood OmenRexxar-EU438Not updated
84Xentharas WeltenbebenRexxar-EU438Not updated
85Drachenwind Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU436Not updated
86Manara Seed of AngerRexxar-EU435Not updated
87Akronara Engel der MachtRexxar-EU433Not updated
88Molten Project PhoenixRexxar-EU431Not updated
89Ayçiçek Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU428Not updated
90Miolia I Angry Pirates IRexxar-EU425Not updated
91Shandó  Rexxar-EU366Not updated
92Shandò Blood OmenRexxar-EU366Not updated
93Châron Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU365Not updated
94Baelnor Ad RemRexxar-EU363Not updated
95Probber Seed of AngerRexxar-EU266Not updated
96Avyen GodlikeRexxar-EU178Not updated
97Pullmania FreibeuterRexxar-EU143Not updated

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