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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ravencrest-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Cendia DawnstarRavencrest-EU6586Not updated
2Veryx Project Gaming ErrorRavencrest-EU5628Not updated
3Telezex Elitist JerksRavencrest-EU5545Not updated
4Anzolix  Ravencrest-EU5435Not updated
5Soph  Ravencrest-EU5136Not updated
6Cromaties LegolandRavencrest-EU4861Not updated
7Badalor Sworn VengeanceRavencrest-EU4850Not updated
8Feidan Loot FTWRavencrest-EU4835Not updated
9Fancypanty ArvottomatRavencrest-EU4641Not updated
10Eminémn EXRavencrest-EU4635Not updated
11Wahlin BIZZNORavencrest-EU4533Not updated
12Flurrius The BrewmastersRavencrest-EU4525Not updated
13Laqu MÿthRavencrest-EU4445Not updated
14Bozilla Deathsworn VerdictRavencrest-EU4440Not updated
15Royall eHEROESRavencrest-EU4436Not updated
16Borky Hjältar som TältarRavencrest-EU4435Not updated
17Druidenko Online WoopRavencrest-EU4433Not updated
18Shakter one and doneRavencrest-EU4348Not updated
19Glarial Raids NakedRavencrest-EU4343Not updated
20Zmaster  Ravencrest-EU4330Not updated
21Cantsleep EXRavencrest-EU4216Not updated
22Ligia Loot FTWRavencrest-EU4171Not updated
23Flamers VoodooRavencrest-EU4140Not updated
24Reported EpiunionRavencrest-EU4033Not updated
25Nemz HypothermiaRavencrest-EU3891Not updated
26Shifthealz Alterac DeviantsRavencrest-EU3855Not updated
27Gatopardos OmnicideRavencrest-EU3850Not updated
28Rìdania HypothermiaRavencrest-EU3848Not updated
29Devoluzion Aim HighRavencrest-EU3846Not updated
30Silverhéart Elitist JerksRavencrest-EU3845Not updated
31Linderia Forsaken BloodlineRavencrest-EU3840Not updated
32Lumine Group TherapyRavencrest-EU3838Not updated
33Cassola Beverly SkillzRavencrest-EU3836Not updated
34Crialus ReactionRavencrest-EU3828Not updated
35Fasox Ancient DefilersRavencrest-EU3826Not updated
36Rxdruid BorkedRavencrest-EU3825Not updated
37Elunacy  Ravencrest-EU3825Not updated
38Uglegylp ImmortaliumRavencrest-EU3815Not updated
39Mljeckicä Brothers of the NaaruRavencrest-EU3808Not updated
40Vess  Ravencrest-EU3761Not updated
41Maxelix  Ravencrest-EU3736Not updated
42Valerya  Ravencrest-EU3730Not updated
43Scambeard Elitist JerksRavencrest-EU3728Not updated
44Perc The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU3640Not updated
45Littlekermit Novum SatusRavencrest-EU3636Not updated
46Notzzent  Ravencrest-EU3633Not updated
47Trindal VolymRavencrest-EU3633Not updated
48Devilstroll The GoodfellasRavencrest-EU3630Not updated
49Coldlight  Ravencrest-EU3625Not updated
50Villanugetti KnismesisRavencrest-EU3581Not updated
51Szink ConsequenceRavencrest-EU3566Not updated
52Vocx Drama QueensRavencrest-EU3563Not updated
53Facebuster EXRavencrest-EU3551Not updated
54Fiskekork eHEROESRavencrest-EU3546Not updated
55Kremzy One Percent WipeRavencrest-EU3545Not updated
56Cvl  Ravencrest-EU3541Not updated
57Tyuni CivitasRavencrest-EU3541Not updated
58Kundvagntvå Group TherapyRavencrest-EU3535Not updated
59Mcboomtard Semper FortisRavencrest-EU3535Not updated
60Tairijin The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU3535Not updated
61Manuwa one and doneRavencrest-EU3530Not updated
62Solí ReactionRavencrest-EU3528Not updated
63Kelisa CivitasRavencrest-EU3526Not updated
64Holyshoxz Deadly GrinRavencrest-EU3526Not updated
65Artichokes Summer LoveRavencrest-EU3526Not updated
66Teslaçoil ReactionRavencrest-EU3516Not updated
67Kóffs  Ravencrest-EU3510Not updated
68Inabsurdum OmnicideRavencrest-EU3450Not updated
69Floosi Familiar with DramaRavencrest-EU3446Not updated
70Jûstice Alterac DeviantsRavencrest-EU3443Not updated
71Totemeus KnismesisRavencrest-EU3443Not updated
72Zeququ The Great DanesRavencrest-EU3440Not updated
73Specialsilje  Ravencrest-EU3438Not updated
74Waekholder Imaginations Run WildRavencrest-EU3438Not updated
75Cyos Alterac DeviantsRavencrest-EU3438Not updated
76Nodacrúx CivitasRavencrest-EU3438Not updated
77Desolent ReactionRavencrest-EU3438Not updated
78Èvelina ResistanssiRavencrest-EU3438Not updated
79Siuo  Ravencrest-EU3436Not updated
80Soulio Alterac DeviantsRavencrest-EU3436Not updated
81Morfesa OmnicideRavencrest-EU3436Not updated
82Iceglor  Ravencrest-EU3436Not updated
83Ysea InsidiousRavencrest-EU3436Not updated
84Tedrina Dark SaintsRavencrest-EU3436Not updated
85Roevklo DRAGON POLAND WARRIORZRavencrest-EU3435Not updated
86Previ EthicRavencrest-EU3435Not updated
87Aavikkorotta ResistanssiRavencrest-EU3435Not updated
88Bearybad DevastateRavencrest-EU3435Not updated
89Terrybrews Such guild many perk wowRavencrest-EU3435Not updated
90Kvaernq Group TherapyRavencrest-EU3433Not updated
91Arathian eHEROESRavencrest-EU3433Not updated
92Throzenfrone SanctumRavencrest-EU3433Not updated
93Awàd  Ravencrest-EU3433Not updated
94Dearalda G A I ARavencrest-EU3433Not updated
95Vitraneri IgnoranceRavencrest-EU3431Not updated
96ßardo The GoodfellasRavencrest-EU3431Not updated
97Livevil  Ravencrest-EU3430Not updated
98Hetar eHEROESRavencrest-EU3430Not updated
99Skarmoutsos DeadlineRavencrest-EU3430Not updated
100Navaris KnismesisRavencrest-EU3430Not updated

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