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Perenolde-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Taloras VicariousPerenolde-US4810
2Izalith Shenandoah NightsPerenolde-US4343
3Heif Dragon Gate InnPerenolde-US3825Not updated
4Ripjaw RocksPerenolde-US3630Not updated
5Cerenar AnxietyPerenolde-US3465
6Hearing celebritiesPerenolde-US3440
7Caysind The Army of LightPerenolde-US3438
8Wolfganger VicariousPerenolde-US3436
9Aurial Disciples of BeerPerenolde-US3346
10Jedrumbo  Perenolde-US3341Not updated
11Toutatis Titanic Swim ClubPerenolde-US3211
12Werdna Axis of AnarchyPerenolde-US3166Not updated
13Sabélla Hand Of PalandinePerenolde-US3125
14Laurelii CohesionPerenolde-US2938
15Seru celebritiesPerenolde-US2815
16Riiver Dark HarvestPerenolde-US2546
17Lyraan Veni Vedi ViciPerenolde-US2543Not updated
18Shadowshaman  Perenolde-US2445Not updated
19Jwòww AND ONE MIX TAPEPerenolde-US2438
20Rubdown Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US2436Not updated
21Natureqt celebritiesPerenolde-US2435
22Iviker celebritiesPerenolde-US1838
23Lerastrasza The Army of LightPerenolde-US1575
24Madcowdiseas RenewPerenolde-US1568
25Overheals Guden in aller WeltPerenolde-US1528
26Gray UnboundPerenolde-US1440Not updated
27Xolos Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US1440
28Salinor Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US1440
29Chadmister  Perenolde-US1438Not updated
30Duval AND ONE MIX TAPEPerenolde-US1328
31Bluefirl Hand Of PalandinePerenolde-US1245
32Boblol celebritiesPerenolde-US933
33Zeru celebritiesPerenolde-US915
34Mallyk celebritiesPerenolde-US896Not updated
35Aevera I raid alonePerenolde-US860Not updated
36Cowlevel VicariousPerenolde-US838
37Nvia VitalPerenolde-US835Not updated
38Vhince Veni Vedi ViciPerenolde-US828Not updated
39Ombuer GODS ÕF WARPerenolde-US826Not updated
40Avaera Hand Of PalandinePerenolde-US825
41Digory The Army of LightPerenolde-US743
42Beaf ExcaliburPerenolde-US740
43Holysmokes Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US640
44Stompshifter Legacy of the VoidPerenolde-US630
45Manaruka I Do What I WantPerenolde-US605Not updated
46Terristhule Pactum NexPerenolde-US568Not updated
47Semyra Titanic Swim ClubPerenolde-US548
48Liebane  Perenolde-US545Not updated
49Tharadox AnxietyPerenolde-US528
50Dingfeng UnboundPerenolde-US523
51Nanaki JudgementPerenolde-US460Not updated
52Cazzio ReserectionPerenolde-US445Not updated
53Braneour Hand Of PalandinePerenolde-US441
54Yazz Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US441Not updated
55Togarr VicariousPerenolde-US436
56Azlaxena Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US433Not updated
57Sançtus  Perenolde-US431Not updated
58Vollegas Guild de Über AmigosPerenolde-US431Not updated
59Amberleaf The GuildlessPerenolde-US380
60Sheevas Sleeper CartelPerenolde-US350
61Wildelement RetrospectPerenolde-US348Not updated
62Jinky Dragon Gate InnPerenolde-US346Not updated
63Shadowkaller B r o t h e r h o o DPerenolde-US341
64Hellsangel VicariousPerenolde-US155Not updated
65Xoxa Axis of AnarchyPerenolde-US145Not updated

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