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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Perenolde-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Kergam SynergyPerenolde-EU5581Not updated
2Xtremedudu AscensionPerenolde-EU4531Not updated
3Oahin AscensionPerenolde-EU3940Not updated
4Dynasphere AscensionPerenolde-EU3928Not updated
5Isenhart AscensionPerenolde-EU3635Not updated
6Virea Die KuschlerPerenolde-EU3633Not updated
7Celebdil Azeroths WeltenbummlerPerenolde-EU3581Not updated
8Taná Die KuschlerPerenolde-EU3461Not updated
9Hilia no chancePerenolde-EU3431Not updated
10Novania Legion of Yaq MonnithPerenolde-EU3430Not updated
11Dessi Demented AggressionPerenolde-EU3430Not updated
12Servá DiabolusPerenolde-EU3375Not updated
13Blûethûnder SmurFATtackPerenolde-EU3371Not updated
14Akiyoto The NightstalkersPerenolde-EU3351Not updated
15Lictor Die KuschlerPerenolde-EU3345Not updated
16Midgard XXVPerenolde-EU3343Not updated
17Zyphoss XXVPerenolde-EU3163Not updated
18Eskavlowne Lightbringers DestinyPerenolde-EU3125Not updated
19Mortalgirl Tweety IncPerenolde-EU3063Not updated
20Flumix BlutsbrüderPerenolde-EU3031Not updated
21Pinya AscensionPerenolde-EU2861Not updated
22Yacatha Tweety IncPerenolde-EU2856Not updated
23Fini STRENGTH AND HONORPerenolde-EU2730Not updated
24Davidblaine XXVPerenolde-EU2615Not updated
25Nanaki Lords Of RevengePerenolde-EU2543Not updated
26Heshthot XXVPerenolde-EU2538Not updated
27Bigjoe Lightbringers DestinyPerenolde-EU2528Not updated
28Cashisclay We FailPerenolde-EU2505Not updated
29Kallie The Gamer of DestructionPerenolde-EU2440Not updated
30Alaiura Malfurions ErbenPerenolde-EU2440Not updated
31Satinja Lightbringers DestinyPerenolde-EU2430Not updated
32Tyranid Die KuschlerPerenolde-EU2415Not updated
33Katufo All Quest for FunPerenolde-EU2363Not updated
34Fillip Deus ex MachinaPerenolde-EU2350Not updated
35Majex SynergyPerenolde-EU1935Not updated
36Jonami We FailPerenolde-EU1838Not updated
37Shensi Ex Ungue LeonemPerenolde-EU1633Not updated
38Moonshinee KammerjägerPerenolde-EU1630Not updated
39Jósi Demented AggressionPerenolde-EU1550Not updated
40Xavo ImMørtaLsPerenolde-EU1550Not updated
41Doozer All Quest for FunPerenolde-EU1463Not updated
42Salyasin I Avalanche IPerenolde-EU1443Not updated
43Crowy no chancePerenolde-EU1440Not updated
44Maluforion WoW War LegendsPerenolde-EU1436Not updated
45Ceana  Perenolde-EU1436Not updated
46Rise Demented AggressionPerenolde-EU1435Not updated
47Frollain matrixPerenolde-EU1373Not updated
48Essentia UltraviolettPerenolde-EU1286Not updated
49Sinju Deus ex MachinaPerenolde-EU1158Not updated
50Liana Malfurions ErbenPerenolde-EU1148Not updated
51Máibe Demented AggressionPerenolde-EU1143Not updated
52Saman SmurFATtackPerenolde-EU1131Not updated
53Nashun UnityPerenolde-EU1126Not updated
54Ikes We FailPerenolde-EU938Not updated
55Raiamy Die KuschlerPerenolde-EU936Not updated
56Fyfa Azeroths WeltenbummlerPerenolde-EU933Not updated
57Tonk In Hoc SignumPerenolde-EU928Not updated
58Gumi Die Jäger SturmwindsPerenolde-EU863Not updated
59Lootme AscensionPerenolde-EU856Not updated
60Sahidya  Perenolde-EU856Not updated
61Leviyah Gilde der SchattenPerenolde-EU841Not updated
62Castello Heiliger Orden AzerothsPerenolde-EU836Not updated
63Lyranne SynergyPerenolde-EU826Not updated
64Hardy SynergyPerenolde-EU816Not updated
65Bônnie NightlightsPerenolde-EU813Not updated
66Malaîka XXVPerenolde-EU641Not updated
67Zaigo Hi no HikariPerenolde-EU635Not updated
68Celi WoW War LegendsPerenolde-EU635Not updated
69Binatone Back To LifePerenolde-EU635Not updated
70Bavar IlluminatiPerenolde-EU630Not updated
71Ináya KreuzritterPerenolde-EU628Not updated
72Docfoster Tweety IncPerenolde-EU615Not updated
73Aíleen Killing MrBigglesworthPerenolde-EU603Not updated
74Fosco  Perenolde-EU580Not updated
75Magiecus AscensionPerenolde-EU575Not updated
76Rekshak Tweety IncPerenolde-EU566Not updated
77Mironuk Garde der DrachenPerenolde-EU565Not updated
78Takêru SmurFATtackPerenolde-EU563Not updated
79Bracka  Perenolde-EU560Not updated
80Aschtar Azeroths WeltenbummlerPerenolde-EU555Not updated
81Lotusblume We FailPerenolde-EU551Not updated
82Míná KammerjägerPerenolde-EU548Not updated
83Príme Die goldenen RiemenPerenolde-EU545Not updated
84Letai WoW War LegendsPerenolde-EU543Not updated
85Myschelf Deus ex MachinaPerenolde-EU543Not updated
86Shallira  Perenolde-EU535Not updated
87Caradhras WoW War LegendsPerenolde-EU528Not updated
88Ajuna AscensionPerenolde-EU526Not updated
89Levit  Perenolde-EU526Not updated
90Dôra DiabolusPerenolde-EU523Not updated
91Play AscensionPerenolde-EU523Not updated
92Allvar Guild of PsychosPerenolde-EU518Not updated
93Miy We FailPerenolde-EU505Not updated
94Doktortød The National BankPerenolde-EU448Not updated
95Syrén XXVPerenolde-EU443Not updated
96Zòdia  Perenolde-EU441Not updated
97Crístin AscensionPerenolde-EU440Not updated
98Pang Pech und SchwefelPerenolde-EU440Not updated
99Berta TempestaPerenolde-EU440Not updated
100Miourne matrixPerenolde-EU438Not updated

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