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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Outland-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Skyyjze Eat Sleep Own RepeatOutland-EU8885Not updated
2Hekl hey im proccingOutland-EU5550Not updated
3Shádez PerditionOutland-EU5348Not updated
4Umï GeneticsOutland-EU4636Not updated
5Eriux  Outland-EU4443Not updated
6Electroowl i R MURLOCOutland-EU4441Not updated
7Zemren  Outland-EU4440Not updated
8Siucialisme  Outland-EU4436Not updated
9Hørdiix HitmenOutland-EU4328Not updated
10Naamí WinterFallOutland-EU4190Not updated
11Whambamam Drive by Freak ShowOutland-EU4168Not updated
12Malthie Has your IPOutland-EU4166Not updated
13Balkøth  Outland-EU4041Not updated
14Jács United GamersOutland-EU3951Not updated
15Pöbeln  Outland-EU3935Not updated
16Héxúr IHOPOutland-EU3891Not updated
17Viridias IllustriousOutland-EU3811Not updated
18Cigson GeneticsOutland-EU3726Not updated
19Slápzz AvinityOutland-EU3720Not updated
20Cerro GeneticsOutland-EU3645Not updated
21Dromahx ChydBankOutland-EU3636Not updated
22Melonmermaid  Outland-EU3635Not updated
23Meai  Outland-EU3605Not updated
24Firstlight Eat Sleep Own RepeatOutland-EU3571Not updated
25Slashone AbyssOutland-EU3550Not updated
26Bräwl IS A BROOutland-EU3545Not updated
27Midda Frostwolf OutridersOutland-EU3533Not updated
28Morphx Dodge Snipe and Fake DCOutland-EU3531Not updated
29Kaómi ToxicOutland-EU3528Not updated
30Zøne MØNSTÊRSOutland-EU3525Not updated
31Brmba Enter The ExiledOutland-EU3520Not updated
32Bitex GeneticsOutland-EU3455Not updated
33Beitzi GeneticsOutland-EU3448Not updated
34Ichinosë Honor CappedOutland-EU3446Not updated
35Balerîon WORST SEASON EVEROutland-EU3443Not updated
36Incer Det behövs ny patch IRLOutland-EU3441Not updated
37Fleurby  Outland-EU3441Not updated
38Bumpy PositiveOutland-EU3441Not updated
39Shoposki Disney MadnessOutland-EU3441Not updated
40Jlfad Dodge Snipe and Fake DCOutland-EU3440Not updated
41Narrani AbyssOutland-EU3440Not updated
42Rikkisixx Happy HourOutland-EU3440Not updated
43Zildijan JUKSOutland-EU3440Not updated
44Nephø MOISTY BOYZOutland-EU3440Not updated
45Waymoose  Outland-EU3438Not updated
46Karmagnus HOLLYWOOD LIFEOutland-EU3438Not updated
47Sanniko ExgeniusOutland-EU3438Not updated
48Zewel Greatest CritsOutland-EU3438Not updated
49Nulify ChosensOutland-EU3438Not updated
50Ünbreak  Outland-EU3438Not updated
51Imbalize  Outland-EU3438Not updated
52Clexan Sup DurotarOutland-EU3436Not updated
53Shurkle PeeVeePeeOutland-EU3436Not updated
54Dverik ZØMßIESOutland-EU3436Not updated
55Imperatus Pater ComponatOutland-EU3436Not updated
56Giccila eSPORT CLANOutland-EU3436Not updated
57Romgnar RiksdagenOutland-EU3435Not updated
58Quentey GAMESENSEOutland-EU3435Not updated
59Ralppi toss my saladOutland-EU3435Not updated
60Shiveri To THUG to be TRUEOutland-EU3435Not updated
61Multilöl  Outland-EU3435Not updated
62Ascendio come on guysOutland-EU3435Not updated
63Ìnkfaithlove Loyal to GarroshOutland-EU3435Not updated
64Luune HardestOutland-EU3435Not updated
65Rikurantala Loves RoosaOutland-EU3433Not updated
66Lilynette Emeis kai EmeisOutland-EU3433Not updated
67Båten Project SlothOutland-EU3431Not updated
68Chrillelol Absit InvidiaOutland-EU3431Not updated
69Meteoren  Outland-EU3431Not updated
70Banzaíí  Outland-EU3431Not updated
71Secretcow PsychedelicsOutland-EU3430Not updated
72Voodoodrood Deliberate PixelationOutland-EU3428Not updated
73Grimsight ArchdruidOutland-EU3428Not updated
74Seeyøu YoOutland-EU3426Not updated
75Djrngmonster WinterFallOutland-EU3375Not updated
76Iridessaa GeneticsOutland-EU3375Not updated
77Alokinde Big PullOutland-EU3366Not updated
78Windyboy CursedOutland-EU3366Not updated
79Carvas ExgeniusOutland-EU3365Not updated
80Xántah Swag CompanyOutland-EU3363Not updated
81Krasieta Chadox Elite SquadOutland-EU3361Not updated
82Arogane hey im avgOutland-EU3361Not updated
83Bloomthunder Fairy TrailOutland-EU3353Not updated
84Narang  Outland-EU3346Not updated
85Garyb Eat Sleep Own RepeatOutland-EU3330Not updated
86Eila QuepopOutland-EU3326Not updated
87Crescentas SynthesisOutland-EU3250Not updated
88Tiesenar Over PowerOutland-EU3236Not updated
89Ikuaani KostajatOutland-EU3235Not updated
90Roachmat  Outland-EU3226Not updated
91Chrollesham  Outland-EU3186Not updated
92Dunderpala AmnesiaOutland-EU3185Not updated
93Allessias Avengers of FaithOutland-EU3185Not updated
94Hexlol Eat Sleep Own RepeatOutland-EU3178Not updated
95Qzaoz  Outland-EU3175Not updated
96Cariss Cenarius LegacyOutland-EU3171Not updated
97Isharla Slight DiversionOutland-EU3170Not updated
98Stefoshaban GeneticsOutland-EU3170Not updated
99Highlandeer Enter The ExiledOutland-EU3168Not updated
100Hashtagdwarf  Outland-EU3165Not updated

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