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Nightsong-TW Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1衝鋒二世 白木屋Nightsong-TW3525
2凊荒 自由之風Nightsong-TW3431
3夏利奈爾 ReturnNightsong-TW3425
4Wayneway AsgardNightsong-TW3368
5瑋倫 淡藍色滴天空Nightsong-TW3261
6神聖流星 AsgardNightsong-TW3175
7炎月梟 StarTNightsong-TW3155
8Aiolyi AsgardNightsong-TW3151
9Illyasviel Eternal LandNightsong-TW3143Not updated
10別惹佐漢 WannaNightsong-TW3123
11深冰之心 MindcircleNightsong-TW3106
12邗凜 Calm HillNightsong-TW3036
13昂月 MindcircleNightsong-TW2850
14嘉拉緹雅 Night wishNightsong-TW2840
15大家好又是我 Slaughter ZoneNightsong-TW2638
16蔡翰益老婆 地球教Nightsong-TW2451Not updated
17深凍之心 MindcircleNightsong-TW2040
18我不是大哥 奸詐狡猾Nightsong-TW1920
19丸子無雙 AsgardNightsong-TW1843
20Nualla MindcircleNightsong-TW1843
21Pacha MindcircleNightsong-TW1836
22吉美 The legendNightsong-TW1833
23乂邗乂 Calm HillNightsong-TW1638
24上官旭 Beach AngelsNightsong-TW1626
25宇多田伯光 BaLanceNightsong-TW1558
26葉琳娜 BaLanceNightsong-TW1525
27米兒莉芙 Eternal MythNightsong-TW1453
28邪惡貓咪 AsgardNightsong-TW1451
29紫若鈴 Evolution of HeresyNightsong-TW1440
30Choir MindcircleNightsong-TW1438
31詠罪 PhoenixNightsong-TW1436
32艾憂哥哥 小嵐洛是禽獸Nightsong-TW1433
33神恩無限 禁果Nightsong-TW1368
34殺劇舞荒拳 AsgardNightsong-TW1363
35Tpn  Nightsong-TW1330Not updated
36小昉夜 PVPNightsong-TW1330Not updated
37坦塔羅斯 BaLanceNightsong-TW1271
38Ainnu  Nightsong-TW1225Not updated
39灑滿要猥瑣 WannaNightsong-TW1160
40冰誑 Good LuckNightsong-TW848Not updated
41華克尤 宅男宅女娛樂事業集團Nightsong-TW841
42一緣分一 Afloat Of ClusterNightsong-TW841
43小病毒 OVER THE HILLNightsong-TW840
44Malvina 非正常人類研究協會Nightsong-TW833
45阿拉雷斯火葉 非正常人類研究協會Nightsong-TW825Not updated
46炎月島 StarTNightsong-TW748Not updated
47霄白 BaLanceNightsong-TW635Not updated
48傲世異人 WannaNightsong-TW633
49一幻想一 Beach AngelsNightsong-TW628
50Mikhail 微甜幼稚園Nightsong-TW623
51糧草徵收員 Beach AngelsNightsong-TW565Not updated
52哈蘇風 坎坷公主後援會Nightsong-TW550
53一夜千城 Evolution of HeresyNightsong-TW548
54仙草凍烏龍奶 AsgardNightsong-TW545Not updated
55哈妮牧師 Eternal MythNightsong-TW528
56龍語者冰蘭 小嵐洛是禽獸Nightsong-TW523
57薩米特 BOBONightsong-TW515Not updated
58沉睡的思念 無恥工會有個下流會長帶著無節操的會員做運動Nightsong-TW441
59紫晨曦 BaLanceNightsong-TW440
60Crome 非正常人類研究協會Nightsong-TW438
61Addy 聖域神執者Nightsong-TW438
62焱影落痕 艾澤拉斯商業聯合會Nightsong-TW438
63Examu 地球教Nightsong-TW436Not updated
64霏雪 AsgardNightsong-TW433
65辣不辣甜不辣 The SoulNightsong-TW433Not updated
66Movingatm DESTROYERNightsong-TW431Not updated
67如來神豬 ReturnNightsong-TW431
68月華女帝 復仇者聯萌Nightsong-TW366Not updated
69海灘梳頭髮 Eternal MythNightsong-TW345Not updated
70櫻花幻影 聖域神執者Nightsong-TW331
71Phizz 聖域神執者Nightsong-TW218

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