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Ner'zhul-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Remulos  Ner'zhul-US5436Not updated
2Anyana IncarnateNer'zhul-US4470
3Emi Dark LotusNer'zhul-US4441Not updated
4Mintifresh Last WordNer'zhul-US3740
5Moobalalala Duh WinningNer'zhul-US3733
6Looneyone MargaritavilleNer'zhul-US3721
7Holyradiance IncarnateNer'zhul-US3548
8Zez Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US3541
9Canibehealz Last WordNer'zhul-US3528
10Derogoi Natural Born KillersNer'zhul-US3440
11Haüken Dark LotusNer'zhul-US3435
12Odjur Taco Bridge Snowman LampNer'zhul-US3431
13Yertle EmeraldNer'zhul-US3350
14Ezzyz IncarnateNer'zhul-US3346
15Tinstaafl  Ner'zhul-US3333Not updated
16Goodhustle  Ner'zhul-US3155Not updated
17Onlymaletoon WartornNer'zhul-US3145Not updated
18Hëx Dark LotusNer'zhul-US3135
19Daralara GtendoNer'zhul-US3125Not updated
20Sinshocka Last WordNer'zhul-US3123
21Jwix IncarnateNer'zhul-US3120
22Bakaha Trade isnt LFGNer'zhul-US3120
23Thy MargaritavilleNer'zhul-US3033
24Atalyx MargaritavilleNer'zhul-US3031
25Hydro EmeraldNer'zhul-US3025Not updated
26Badwoof Bank of OilsNer'zhul-US2935Not updated
27Jaydotno My Guild Name is too LonNer'zhul-US2873
28Xuzen Duh WinningNer'zhul-US2826
29Stratous Natural Born KillersNer'zhul-US2720Not updated
30Tsukami Ridiculous ShenanigansNer'zhul-US2608Not updated
31Clamchoda EpicdemicNer'zhul-US2518
32Pearlescent Sword of the HordeNer'zhul-US2433
33Lhyam Clan BushidoNer'zhul-US2358
34Shamrawk Eternal RefugeNer'zhul-US2351Not updated
35Chodablast EpicdemicNer'zhul-US2140
36Sykx StatusNer'zhul-US1970Not updated
37Substantiall ConquestNer'zhul-US1871
38Arbolhealz The Art of WarNer'zhul-US1868
39Vexune Project IcarusNer'zhul-US1868
40Callissà ConquestNer'zhul-US1865
41Nicessus  Ner'zhul-US1855Not updated
42Sydbrnkila  Ner'zhul-US1841
43Ruar Natural Born KillersNer'zhul-US1743
44Pitka Wipe ControlNer'zhul-US1735Not updated
45Vynaera InvictusNer'zhul-US1726Not updated
46Cameltotemzz Duh WinningNer'zhul-US1595
47Skoex  Ner'zhul-US1561Not updated
48Solidhate HordecorePwnographyNer'zhul-US1551Not updated
49Darkmighty GtendoNer'zhul-US1540
50Zéék Urban LegendsNer'zhul-US1540
51Celsh Natural Born KillersNer'zhul-US1518
52Xsus MusouNer'zhul-US1510Not updated
53Kazit Sword of the HordeNer'zhul-US1453
54Spinmint NerveNer'zhul-US1445
55Serâfi ADVENTURE TEAMNer'zhul-US1443
56Toltec Dying BreedNer'zhul-US1440Not updated
57Sílica Painful PleasuresNer'zhul-US1438Not updated
58Kiryou  Ner'zhul-US1436Not updated
59Cobrakilla VanguardNer'zhul-US1435
60Chewbamboo ConquestNer'zhul-US1433
61Cedartree The RedemptionNer'zhul-US1433
62Kaedari Durus VeritasNer'zhul-US1433
63Ironhìde Seems LegitNer'zhul-US1431
64Bryxn Natural Born KillersNer'zhul-US1430Not updated
65Sozin Last WordNer'zhul-US1425Not updated
66Ðéviné GoldNer'zhul-US1380
67Kittyperrý My Guild Name is too LonNer'zhul-US1348
68Treebeardd The AggronautsNer'zhul-US1316Not updated
69Setsúna IncarnateNer'zhul-US1243
70Mscreampiè  Ner'zhul-US1175Not updated
71Chakas Trade isnt LFGNer'zhul-US940
72Galaxiam EmeraldNer'zhul-US938Not updated
73Vonar Durus VeritasNer'zhul-US896Not updated
74Daethi The Eternal DragonflightNer'zhul-US870
75Tacostamp Local DefenseNer'zhul-US853Not updated
76Divineslayer LÜSTNer'zhul-US841
77Alame ConquestNer'zhul-US841Not updated
78Honeypants Last WordNer'zhul-US838
79Armbots Hotel MoscowNer'zhul-US838
80Shadowxqt HighlordsNer'zhul-US838
81Tiewei Horde JusticeNer'zhul-US833Not updated
82Loungin  Ner'zhul-US831Not updated
83Cianhylde EpicdemicNer'zhul-US828
84Poggy WartornNer'zhul-US826
85Insured The RedemptionNer'zhul-US825
86Fhenrir Project IcarusNer'zhul-US818
87Saintsfury ConquestNer'zhul-US750Not updated
88Mistic  Ner'zhul-US746
89Thebeater VanguardNer'zhul-US738Not updated
90Bodyrock Straight Outta ComptonNer'zhul-US735Not updated
91Faceureheal Dark LotusNer'zhul-US735Not updated
92Mexiican WithstandNer'zhul-US730Not updated
93Windweave MargaritavilleNer'zhul-US646
94Obijoey Local DefenseNer'zhul-US643
95Pandacillin  Ner'zhul-US638
96Jizzi RetrospeckNer'zhul-US638Not updated
97Billbird AreteNer'zhul-US635Not updated
98Truman Dark LotusNer'zhul-US631Not updated
99Luciendar Horde JusticeNer'zhul-US630
100Fencle Urban LegendsNer'zhul-US590Not updated

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