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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Neptulon-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Eronaile DecímatíonNeptulon-EU5441Not updated
2Ramb BrainstormNeptulon-EU5326Not updated
3Brewtal CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU4435Not updated
4Heimdallol BrainstormNeptulon-EU3870Not updated
5Umbahlumbah UncensoredNeptulon-EU3833Not updated
6Djimoo The NephilimNeptulon-EU3613Not updated
7Drogah AfflictionNeptulon-EU3565Not updated
8Treeroy BrainstormNeptulon-EU3563Not updated
9Ranklune Crybaby RaidersNeptulon-EU3560Not updated
10Cadenza Crybaby RaidersNeptulon-EU3458Not updated
11Crowker CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU3450Not updated
12Éclipse Crybaby RaidersNeptulon-EU3438Not updated
13Immortallubb DecímatíonNeptulon-EU3438Not updated
14Púppet CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU3435Not updated
15Numius ScreamsNeptulon-EU3430Not updated
16Luccita Legion of LightNeptulon-EU3428Not updated
17Baransu  Neptulon-EU3345Not updated
18Cinthea AggrotechNeptulon-EU3340Not updated
19Elvéda  Neptulon-EU3325Not updated
20Luciffera Death And GloryNeptulon-EU3281Not updated
21Helende AsgarothNeptulon-EU3225Not updated
22Bobthegóat UncensoredNeptulon-EU3211Not updated
23Pretorias BrainstormNeptulon-EU3186Not updated
24Dinoobloom  Neptulon-EU3175Not updated
25Plumse Held HostileNeptulon-EU3135Not updated
26Sandhya BrainstormNeptulon-EU3036Not updated
27Voodzbro  Neptulon-EU3033Not updated
28Edaxx BrainstormNeptulon-EU3026Not updated
29Daia RoutaNeptulon-EU2863Not updated
30Tuparlak BrainstormNeptulon-EU2513Not updated
31Demö Death SkullsNeptulon-EU2446Not updated
32Kalenna BrainstormNeptulon-EU2363Not updated
33Speedstylez Looney TuneZNeptulon-EU1863Not updated
34Valaha BrainstormNeptulon-EU1860Not updated
35Bahun LivoniaNeptulon-EU1833Not updated
36Lahaliel CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU1825Not updated
37Psychomántis The NephilimNeptulon-EU1811Not updated
38Auzifa The NephilimNeptulon-EU1725Not updated
39Sarvitar RoutaNeptulon-EU1633Not updated
40Yourouchi InfernusNeptulon-EU1555Not updated
41Peython Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU1445Not updated
42Radath  Neptulon-EU1441Not updated
43Karvelas CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU1440Not updated
44Sorakaa AfflictionNeptulon-EU1436Not updated
45Pallidina  Neptulon-EU1435Not updated
46Soulkey Crybaby RaidersNeptulon-EU1435Not updated
47Justmeh CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU1420Not updated
48Noctiferia  Neptulon-EU1331Not updated
49Alari BGNeptulon-EU1328Not updated
50Wilddevill InfernusNeptulon-EU1186Not updated
51Angrymike AfflictionNeptulon-EU950Not updated
52Meatcave DecímatíonNeptulon-EU938Not updated
53Zillar InfernusNeptulon-EU935Not updated
54Imoén DecímatíonNeptulon-EU931Not updated
55Umpalumba  Neptulon-EU905Not updated
56Umpa UncensoredNeptulon-EU905Not updated
57Pillarhumper Death SkullsNeptulon-EU885Not updated
58Mingzuh  Neptulon-EU866Not updated
59Orcko Rise of the KingsNeptulon-EU861Not updated
60Lothíriel Crybaby RaidersNeptulon-EU858Not updated
61Obz Horde Secret ServicesNeptulon-EU855Not updated
62Promiss Legion of LightNeptulon-EU841Not updated
63Danaila And a Stealthed RogueNeptulon-EU831Not updated
64Arctodus Horde Secret ServicesNeptulon-EU831Not updated
65Dofty X I I I LegionNeptulon-EU828Not updated
66Hammerstone Death SkullsNeptulon-EU816Not updated
67Shiraia Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU805Not updated
68Immoz EverlastingNeptulon-EU735Not updated
69Violetta BrokenNeptulon-EU631Not updated
70Soqa  Neptulon-EU631Not updated
71Prästata  Neptulon-EU628Not updated
72Zuriel CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU616Not updated
73Herus BrainstormNeptulon-EU578Not updated
74Hinami The NephilimNeptulon-EU578Not updated
75Kurse KickApoONeptulon-EU575Not updated
76Aiia Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU566Not updated
77Zaiper InfernusNeptulon-EU546Not updated
78Farmerred UncensoredNeptulon-EU530Not updated
79Sashinka Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU530Not updated
80Benzaiten  Neptulon-EU526Not updated
81Nonís DödsapparatenNeptulon-EU526Not updated
82Minciits BrokenNeptulon-EU525Not updated
83Pissana Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU523Not updated
84Zoosh  Neptulon-EU443Not updated
85Feralchild  Neptulon-EU443Not updated
86Holyjohnkey Death SkullsNeptulon-EU438Not updated
87Hultapojkas FURYNeptulon-EU438Not updated
88Piepe KickApoONeptulon-EU436Not updated
89Alameda The NephilimNeptulon-EU380Not updated
90Lmnt FURYNeptulon-EU346Not updated
91Tilla BrainstormNeptulon-EU33Not updated

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