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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Mannoroth-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Delivastus ReckoningMannoroth-US4450
2Raÿne AchievementMannoroth-US4426Not updated
3Nekosedai Chaotic TendencyMannoroth-US4335
4Sellador SacrificeMannoroth-US4146Not updated
5Alkapoon AchievementMannoroth-US3951Not updated
6Shakey OathMannoroth-US3898Not updated
7Geistlich ReichlichMannoroth-US3828Not updated
8Celles ReckoningMannoroth-US3828
9Healzrforus ReckoningMannoroth-US3756
10Neysa Eternal LifeMannoroth-US3628
11Garruda Eternal LifeMannoroth-US3623
12Junodude ReckoningMannoroth-US3613
13Wack  Mannoroth-US3551Not updated
14Raichu InfinityMannoroth-US3548
15Ellerene  Mannoroth-US3546Not updated
16Joshinature Legion of JoshMannoroth-US3536
17Tensha Stacked Like PancakesMannoroth-US3526
18Spryxie ReckoningMannoroth-US3441
19Skummy dtwfMannoroth-US3433Not updated
20Llauz Morte DiventaMannoroth-US3431Not updated
21Xilofive ReckoningMannoroth-US3430
22Constantine Woot ProgressionMannoroth-US3426
23Ileana Shadow KnightsMannoroth-US3426
24Dubsy ReckoningMannoroth-US3415
25Rësto ConfederacyMannoroth-US3353Not updated
26Shamanfun Eternal LifeMannoroth-US3350Not updated
27Townkiller AchievementMannoroth-US3350Not updated
28Pimawan Slash HugMannoroth-US3346Not updated
29Greenmint AchievementMannoroth-US3233Not updated
30Duøtang Woot ProgressionMannoroth-US3211
31Halfcircle Slash HugMannoroth-US3185Not updated
32Kokaburi AggroedMannoroth-US3185
33Oowee  Mannoroth-US3180Not updated
34Shayhla ReckoningMannoroth-US3171
35Breeze  Mannoroth-US3160Not updated
36Villein Savage FuryMannoroth-US3155
37Fertilehips ReckoningMannoroth-US3150
38Utiliti Eternal LifeMannoroth-US3150
39Kaitee ReckoningMannoroth-US3143
40Totemcato Shadow KnightsMannoroth-US3130
41Saverown GuardianMannoroth-US3130Not updated
42Xaveak Demons GateMannoroth-US3128Not updated
43Rationalist SacrificeMannoroth-US3123Not updated
44Ballerdin  Mannoroth-US3123Not updated
45Koljo Brotherhood Of The NorthMannoroth-US3110Not updated
46Celbeste ReckoningMannoroth-US3108
47Birthinghips  Mannoroth-US3108Not updated
48Lvlonedruid AchievementMannoroth-US3028Not updated
49Viara Woot ProgressionMannoroth-US3026
50Ryuk Stacked Like PancakesMannoroth-US3025
51Voce Scarlet DawnMannoroth-US2946Not updated
52Tryxie ReckoningMannoroth-US2928
53Restopwny  Mannoroth-US2830Not updated
54 EvangelionMannoroth-US2826Not updated
55Vøîd Flouranium CarbotassiumMannoroth-US2738Not updated
56Shatrah Shadow KnightsMannoroth-US2638
57Marlaks ReckoningMannoroth-US2630
58Varietypack ReckoningMannoroth-US2525
59Leylanadra  Mannoroth-US2440Not updated
60Leylanora AchievementMannoroth-US2440
61Viithym Level Me Up ScottyMannoroth-US2440Not updated
62Ancestrâl ReckoningMannoroth-US2438
63Taltherion Brotherhood Of The NorthMannoroth-US2365Not updated
64Fenrissa Final HourMannoroth-US2346Not updated
65Feebie Eternal LifeMannoroth-US2336Not updated
66Sunshiny AchievementMannoroth-US2326
67Cymist Slash HugMannoroth-US1948Not updated
68Nephilim Eternal LifeMannoroth-US1938Not updated
69Oyashiro  Mannoroth-US1868Not updated
70Mushroomguy InfinityMannoroth-US1866
71Tycade Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US1853
72Marcato Shadow KnightsMannoroth-US1828
73Kelgair Shadow KnightsMannoroth-US1825Not updated
74Barthalameus Perfect InsanityMannoroth-US1750Not updated
75Soulfyre We Are Going InMannoroth-US1746Not updated
76Sprixi ReckoningMannoroth-US1741
77Ridire ConfederacyMannoroth-US1738Not updated
78Orsyris SnPMannoroth-US1726
79Spiritshockz Pulp FictionMannoroth-US1723Not updated
80Varrkon SacrificeMannoroth-US1631Not updated
81Leafly TURTLESMannoroth-US1628
82Ralliaa AggroedMannoroth-US1621
83Triskele Cool DudesMannoroth-US1593Not updated
84Joyful ReckoningMannoroth-US1586
85Tullok We Raid ArenasMannoroth-US1538
86Zynna AchievementMannoroth-US1530Not updated
87Begforheals Woot ProgressionMannoroth-US1521Not updated
88Bitt  Mannoroth-US1521Not updated
89Shadøws AchievementMannoroth-US1461Not updated
90Velleria Big Natural CritsMannoroth-US1443
91Stormstruck Shadow KnightsMannoroth-US1441Not updated
92Lascivias  Mannoroth-US1441Not updated
93Bangerr Mad Skrilla YoMannoroth-US1440
94Linnara OraculumMannoroth-US1440
95Amsheki Nightmares IncMannoroth-US1436Not updated
96Ralf El DiabloMannoroth-US1436
97Yuren  Mannoroth-US1436Not updated
98Arleos Brotherhood Of The NorthMannoroth-US1435Not updated
99Wafer Asgarths VanguardMannoroth-US1435Not updated
100Catatina ReckoningMannoroth-US1433

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