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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Malfurion-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Arnzan Bat CountryMalfurion-US3935Not updated
2Seryn  Malfurion-US3606Not updated
3Smokingtree Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US3448Not updated
4Megs Too CuteMalfurion-US3441Not updated
5Marlu  Malfurion-US3383Not updated
6Rakoj  Malfurion-US3146Not updated
7Cub SquarepantsMalfurion-US3130Not updated
8Bedstain playdoughMalfurion-US3126Not updated
9Sif Colorful MetaphorMalfurion-US3100Not updated
10Ñatúrësßåñë Endless NightMalfurion-US3046Not updated
11Shortyshaman  Malfurion-US3031Not updated
12Elesplosion Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US2945Not updated
13Jessiça Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US2840Not updated
14Megsqt Too CuteMalfurion-US2746Not updated
15Xorian  Malfurion-US2728Not updated
16Wtfisresto Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US2626Not updated
17Bokaritz Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US2541Not updated
18Lickapotimis Insomnía GamingMalfurion-US2456Not updated
19Hrinnu Bat CountryMalfurion-US2443Not updated
20Ferus SerenityMalfurion-US2441Not updated
21Beansterpr Eternal KnightsMalfurion-US2436Not updated
22Dècember Creeping DeathMalfurion-US2396Not updated
23Yleina Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US1925Not updated
24Hugswithpaws Insomnía GamingMalfurion-US1920Not updated
25Burned Going CommandoMalfurion-US1861Not updated
26Simca ChiaroscuroMalfurion-US1635Not updated
27Mobarr Bloody HellionsMalfurion-US1590Not updated
28Mercybelle Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US1585Not updated
29Lunez Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US1443Not updated
30Schylla Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US1441Not updated
31Thyone Eternal KnightsMalfurion-US1436Not updated
32Mods Azeroths ArmyMalfurion-US1435Not updated
33Bookman Carpe ImperiumMalfurion-US1425Not updated
34Decembèr  Malfurion-US1425Not updated
35Alayea Ride the LightningMalfurion-US1380Not updated
36Rasty Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US1348Not updated
37Drunkenmaste TheBlackSheepMalfurion-US1233Not updated
38Verlant Unending NemesisMalfurion-US943Not updated
39Hugheifer Thralls AngelsMalfurion-US941Not updated
40Jaemus  Malfurion-US931Not updated
41Gaeia  Malfurion-US900Not updated
42Oddlyodd Forsaken FewMalfurion-US878Not updated
43Moofàsà  Malfurion-US875Not updated
44Secndamend Eternal KnightsMalfurion-US863Not updated
45Alphä Hallowed Be Thy ReignMalfurion-US855Not updated
46Oreobeef  Malfurion-US850Not updated
47Slitzmault Forsaken FewMalfurion-US848Not updated
48Retharic Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US846Not updated
49Spikekun UnscrupulousMalfurion-US845Not updated
50Buda Darkweaver SyndicateMalfurion-US826Not updated
51Ajaz Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US823Not updated
52Novon Going CommandoMalfurion-US816Not updated
53Moociditty  Malfurion-US730Not updated
54Jumat Arisen From ConflictMalfurion-US640Not updated
55Aflamina ZeitgeistMalfurion-US640Not updated
56Crackkills Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US636Not updated
57Zosachu Derps Found HereMalfurion-US635Not updated
58Teronak Arisen From ConflictMalfurion-US635Not updated
59Melanna Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US605Not updated
60Estee Evolution of EntropyMalfurion-US561Not updated
61Treehuggin  Malfurion-US558Not updated
62Desiray Eternal KnightsMalfurion-US546Not updated
63Snowdancer Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US536Not updated
64Corhaven GimPMalfurion-US533Not updated
65Tìffany Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US530Not updated
66Finnagan HomelandMalfurion-US526Not updated
67Deathtoday  Malfurion-US515Not updated
68Ristretto ZeitgeistMalfurion-US506Not updated
69Golddiger Nocturnal GamingMalfurion-US478Not updated
70Nourish RavageMalfurion-US463Not updated
71Bathrobe  Malfurion-US441Not updated
72Mulebeast Going CommandoMalfurion-US440Not updated
73Shiftastic Column of Lost SoulsMalfurion-US436Not updated
74Leporchia Bat CountryMalfurion-US343Not updated
75Candomble Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US330Not updated
76Haladan Arisen From ConflictMalfurion-US328Not updated
77Gnuffy Colorful MetaphorMalfurion-US216Not updated
78Pewpewlazars  Malfurion-US148Not updated
79Azraen HomelandMalfurion-US143Not updated

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