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Madoran-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Xanndon What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US3845
2Ryzen Legion of the UndyingMadoran-US3548
3Faithine BaylifeMadoran-US3528
4Furrymel Lost MarblesMadoran-US3346
5Valznar MatadorMadoran-US3346
6Kaydood SKey GamingMadoran-US3345Not updated
7Loid Lost MarblesMadoran-US3113Not updated
8Lionellá What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US2931
9Tankinpanda BaylifeMadoran-US2836
10Djirna  Madoran-US2445
11Jordinn What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US2441
12Maeby SKey GamingMadoran-US2435
13Potaiter Sad PandaMadoran-US2356
14Thrlbnogoats BaylifeMadoran-US1938
15Pipikaula EmpiricalMadoran-US1815
16Failbeard What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US1440
17Páíñ Six Paths of PainMadoran-US1435
18Shifterr Legion of the UndyingMadoran-US1365
19Oddsie Legion of the UndyingMadoran-US1330
20Aisó  Madoran-US1248Not updated
21Lädyheärt W A T C H M E NMadoran-US1235Not updated
22Ragepal SKey GamingMadoran-US936Not updated
23Jelu HordecoreMadoran-US915
24Bubblewràp What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US875
25Raghrie  Madoran-US873
26Theogard The Crazy EightyEightMadoran-US850Not updated
27Donutz BaylifeMadoran-US848
28Tankardtotem ImpulseMadoran-US833
29Wetkitten HordecoreMadoran-US826
30Dareyen Frenetic SheepMadoran-US806Not updated
31Luciqt SKey GamingMadoran-US741Not updated
32Pwstud Titans ClashMadoran-US736Not updated
33Dasein ImpulseMadoran-US730Not updated
34Flonub Sad PandaMadoran-US726
35Healslord MatadorMadoran-US638
36Madores Six Paths of PainMadoran-US628Not updated
37Tricemus What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US615Not updated
38Kelanthe Frenetic SheepMadoran-US605Not updated
39Antistitae The Dirty HordeMadoran-US595
40Eternia  Madoran-US568Not updated
41Peps HordecoreMadoran-US560
42Shanddy Madoran MaraudersMadoran-US546
43Dylemma MatadorMadoran-US530
44Crumbflaps ImpulseMadoran-US510
45Suiidan KhaosMadoran-US475
46Dora ImpulseMadoran-US451Not updated
47Mbryii  Madoran-US445Not updated
48Oswarlan OneGearStopShopMadoran-US445Not updated
49Veraluuta IlluminatusMadoran-US440Not updated
50Sprinklins Northern WardersMadoran-US438Not updated
51Butterkip  Madoran-US438
52Teph  Madoran-US436
53Kinkle CoercionMadoran-US431Not updated
54Crixüz The Crazy EightyEightMadoran-US368Not updated
55Aldenna The Crazy EightyEightMadoran-US366Not updated
56Bashfulz  Madoran-US365Not updated
57Wubbles DudsMadoran-US353
58Whiskerss R e l o a d e dMadoran-US348
59Kateraa HordecoreMadoran-US345
60Veldur BloodbondedMadoran-US345
61Volarix What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US340Not updated
62Nihial KhaosMadoran-US330
63Althaea Delta Tau XiMadoran-US330Not updated
64Vudomamajuju  Madoran-US173Not updated

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