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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lothar-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Valraven æternitasLothar-EU3826Not updated
2Chalderan Set Sail for FailLothar-EU3608Not updated
3Inuyáshá PréstigeLothar-EU3566Not updated
4Megolein Eleven DegreesLothar-EU3543Not updated
5Imbawiesau Set Sail for FailLothar-EU3525Not updated
6Shouhei Bewacher des OnyxLothar-EU3443Not updated
7Bloodicon InseparabilisLothar-EU3441Not updated
8Soulburner  Lothar-EU3441Not updated
9Chanis sword and featherLothar-EU3438Not updated
10Clairê Warriors of the WorldLothar-EU3438Not updated
11Sollya æternitasLothar-EU3370Not updated
12Kumachan IrasciLothar-EU3353Not updated
13Yana IrasciLothar-EU3353Not updated
14Pandomax Diamond RaidLothar-EU3326Not updated
15Hïna MajesticLothar-EU3180Not updated
16Tabithá Set Sail for FailLothar-EU3146Not updated
17Gloilane Pacta sunt ServandaLothar-EU3133Not updated
18Didit æternitasLothar-EU3125Not updated
19Cine Set Sail for FailLothar-EU3123Not updated
20Mijulie NEW AGELothar-EU3036Not updated
21Pickser Chaos InsideLothar-EU3035Not updated
22Arkyn MajesticLothar-EU3000Not updated
23Brewslee Set Sail for FailLothar-EU2883Not updated
24Korana ArckanumLothar-EU2868Not updated
25Sûrâ Mystery of FlameLothar-EU2863Not updated
26Caethos  Lothar-EU2830Not updated
27Solandar ProjectXLothar-EU2583Not updated
28Zsu æternitasLothar-EU2558Not updated
29Zya KoosaiLothar-EU2445Not updated
30Malváe Rising MoonLothar-EU2440Not updated
31Shisâi  Lothar-EU2438Not updated
32Ravenfrost  Lothar-EU2438Not updated
33Wanao ExperíenceLothar-EU2431Not updated
34Torani ExperíenceLothar-EU2328Not updated
35Kites MathildaLothar-EU1961Not updated
36Mandrine Set Sail for FailLothar-EU1938Not updated
37Uskari Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU1925Not updated
38Lena InseparabilisLothar-EU1873Not updated
39Juscharo KoosaiLothar-EU1861Not updated
40Ichi PseudonymisiertLothar-EU1838Not updated
41Lutess IrasciLothar-EU1836Not updated
42Dudufix End GameLothar-EU1826Not updated
43Ammaranth æternitasLothar-EU1740Not updated
44Bael Zäpfchen der DunkelheitLothar-EU1640Not updated
45Mariel æternitasLothar-EU1631Not updated
46Lary Eleven DegreesLothar-EU1613Not updated
47Phonîx ExperíenceLothar-EU1583Not updated
48Natureneff MajesticLothar-EU1566Not updated
49Bellorado Bewahrer des LichtsLothar-EU1561Not updated
50Thorrim Chaos InsideLothar-EU1443Not updated
51Mojibo  Lothar-EU1441Not updated
52Uroboros InseparabilisLothar-EU1440Not updated
53Rambotan The Good Old OrderLothar-EU1438Not updated
54Mimy KoosaiLothar-EU1436Not updated
55Florenda Diamond RaidLothar-EU1436Not updated
56Jêssy Die LOWsLothar-EU1435Not updated
57Moritzle ExperíenceLothar-EU1435Not updated
58Nahawidere Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU1433Not updated
59Voutz EntropyLothar-EU1430Not updated
60Mirielâ ExcelsiorLothar-EU1426Not updated
61Hinoki Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU1283Not updated
62Lándárol Set Sail for FailLothar-EU1153Not updated
63Sîlen Royal HighnessLothar-EU950Not updated
64Zephyrá  Lothar-EU938Not updated
65Sivanka InseparabilisLothar-EU935Not updated
66Zeraluna  Lothar-EU933Not updated
67Schôckô SanctusLothar-EU925Not updated
68Sómbra KoosaiLothar-EU900Not updated
69Falandrial Bewahrer des LichtsLothar-EU886Not updated
70Aayla  Lothar-EU881Not updated
71Súsky Vivere Militare EstLothar-EU875Not updated
72Woji Die Ewigen RitterLothar-EU873Not updated
73Hairless Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU856Not updated
74Bastoc æternitasLothar-EU831Not updated
75Shelto sword and featherLothar-EU826Not updated
76Anneâ Eleven DegreesLothar-EU816Not updated
77Bêâ ExperíenceLothar-EU748Not updated
78Niun ArckanumLothar-EU735Not updated
79Envy WithOutlaWsLothar-EU728Not updated
80Gasgarko ArckanumLothar-EU726Not updated
81Shaya HerzblutLothar-EU651Not updated
82Jeronîmo InseparabilisLothar-EU643Not updated
83Mentionia DarknessLothar-EU643Not updated
84Hörnychen NEW AGELothar-EU638Not updated
85Iranari IrasciLothar-EU635Not updated
86Aóna  Lothar-EU633Not updated
87Fladre IrasciLothar-EU628Not updated
88Melora MathildaLothar-EU626Not updated
89Rieke WithOutlaWsLothar-EU580Not updated
90Merylius I New Dawn ILothar-EU570Not updated
91Tigerlily Vires LucisLothar-EU560Not updated
92Trueleader KoosaiLothar-EU551Not updated
93Dvdlaufwerk GöttlichLothar-EU550Not updated
94Ixy MajesticLothar-EU546Not updated
95Yeng æternitasLothar-EU543Not updated
96Sadei SanctusLothar-EU533Not updated
97Areliá ExperíenceLothar-EU533Not updated
98Kaho ExperíenceLothar-EU530Not updated
99Cêrenity Bewahrer des LichtsLothar-EU520Not updated
100Lagrima KoosaiLothar-EU516Not updated

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