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Lightning's Blade-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Hekate AscendedLightning's Blade-US3631
2Vaedion DOMLightning's Blade-US3546
3Thornes DefenestrationLightning's Blade-US3441
4Darkphyllite Milk and HoneyLightning's Blade-US3436Not updated
5Demolisshh UltimatumLightning's Blade-US3433
6Madalinapls Tunnel LoversLightning's Blade-US3370Not updated
7Zulantî AscendedLightning's Blade-US3185
8Aiku BlightLightning's Blade-US3176Not updated
9Caelestus OnslaughtLightning's Blade-US3146
10Justifiedd AscendedLightning's Blade-US3123
11Arentios AftermathLightning's Blade-US3063Not updated
12Oisin UnparalleledLightning's Blade-US2916
13Darkarcturus Milk and HoneyLightning's Blade-US2825Not updated
14Epicwinsauce The WorstLightning's Blade-US2636
15Popinjay  Lightning's Blade-US2526Not updated
16Manatar  Lightning's Blade-US2450Not updated
17Goreblast NoCLightning's Blade-US2440
18Imprinted Storm ChasersLightning's Blade-US2436
19Snickerspec HawtnessLightning's Blade-US1941Not updated
20Tannissa The WorstLightning's Blade-US1846
21Elkk AscendedLightning's Blade-US1843
22Agrow HawtnessLightning's Blade-US1758
23Babehmakr HawtnessLightning's Blade-US1635
24Lycurgis Zombie WarfareLightning's Blade-US1536
25Cayinide  Lightning's Blade-US1518Not updated
26Reiss ImbaLightning's Blade-US1455
27Venom WishLightning's Blade-US1443Not updated
28Coriadin Critical MassLightning's Blade-US1435
29Magena ImbaLightning's Blade-US1431
30Chuugsta  Lightning's Blade-US1371
31Gladly OhanaLightning's Blade-US1368
32Melky ImbaLightning's Blade-US1363
33Evelya ImbaLightning's Blade-US1181
34Rayvennes ImbaLightning's Blade-US1161
35Fatsdruid UltimatumLightning's Blade-US883
36Imprint Storm ChasersLightning's Blade-US883
37Tsukiyami OhanaLightning's Blade-US858
38Naptime HawtnessLightning's Blade-US853
39Savonneux  Lightning's Blade-US845Not updated
40Omadon AscendedLightning's Blade-US810
41Vigaro HawtnessLightning's Blade-US733
42Zannmato  Lightning's Blade-US640
43Kishimo AscendedLightning's Blade-US636
44Freezeray Disciples of DestructionLightning's Blade-US631
45Schism  Lightning's Blade-US630Not updated
46Arkmon EventideLightning's Blade-US615Not updated
47Itsraininmen DOMLightning's Blade-US605
48Kynios EventideLightning's Blade-US575
49Mspillbilly Trinity ForceLightning's Blade-US545Not updated
50Dûnyain  Lightning's Blade-US535Not updated
51Manastorm The WorstLightning's Blade-US535
52Himari UptimeLightning's Blade-US526Not updated
53Imortel  Lightning's Blade-US516Not updated
54Panlid divasLightning's Blade-US460Not updated
55Ubins Mustache Cash StashLightning's Blade-US443
56Xanbaran AscendedLightning's Blade-US441
57Kembel Critical MassLightning's Blade-US441Not updated
58Abbot BlightLightning's Blade-US440Not updated
59Nura Died in a GlobalLightning's Blade-US440
60Pandagirlqt The WorstLightning's Blade-US438
61Starlite Mustache Cash StashLightning's Blade-US438
62Amnesiahaze UltimatumLightning's Blade-US438
63Roktan CoffeeBeanLightning's Blade-US436
64Everdream Masta BuildasLightning's Blade-US435
65Arithos Creeping DeathLightning's Blade-US350

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