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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kirin Tor-EU Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Sáphia RévoltéSKirin Tor-EU6431Not updated
2Hériale EpsilonKirin Tor-EU5438Not updated
3Alkÿ ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU4561Not updated
4Volhana ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU4436Not updated
5Sâphia RévoltéSKirin Tor-EU4145Not updated
6Yunaddict  Kirin Tor-EU3940Not updated
7Tiphaine Murlocs AsylumKirin Tor-EU3938Not updated
8Theyl  Kirin Tor-EU3885Not updated
9Máhra RévoltéSKirin Tor-EU3878Not updated
10Frïfrï ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU3856Not updated
11Tymiour WhineKirin Tor-EU3731Not updated
12Hecatos RévoltéSKirin Tor-EU3730Not updated
13Mîlwaukee KwAKirin Tor-EU3728Not updated
14Avendil EpsilonKirin Tor-EU3540Not updated
15Elök RévoltéSKirin Tor-EU3533Not updated
16Mirelane WhineKirin Tor-EU3461Not updated
17Chlorexidine HeliandKirin Tor-EU3443Not updated
18Bhadrakali La Confrérie du TempleKirin Tor-EU3438Not updated
19Swon Lama CorpKirin Tor-EU3438Not updated
20Loüan Les Dragons CélestesKirin Tor-EU3435Not updated
21Shinkâ ElysiumKirin Tor-EU3435Not updated
22Sanhed Family rulesKirin Tor-EU3431Not updated
23Jillounette Shakou IndustriesKirin Tor-EU3425Not updated
24Alowa ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU3386Not updated
25Arcar Born to be wildKirin Tor-EU3378Not updated
26Alkali Les NuisiblesKirin Tor-EU3370Not updated
27Ærwing Les Saouls DouésKirin Tor-EU3368Not updated
28Hyluran ParadøxeKirin Tor-EU3363Not updated
29Chani Empire NainKirin Tor-EU3356Not updated
30Kïvar BerserkersKirin Tor-EU3351Not updated
31Kraps The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU3341Not updated
32Æýó KwAKirin Tor-EU3338Not updated
33Holyflash  Kirin Tor-EU3338Not updated
34Kekro One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU3330Not updated
35Ventdunord The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU3326Not updated
36Sorwan BerserkersKirin Tor-EU3288Not updated
37Pôny Wolf SpiritKirin Tor-EU3176Not updated
38Lycielle The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU3160Not updated
39Twîîx  Kirin Tor-EU3155Not updated
40Zokiane Back To BasicsKirin Tor-EU3153Not updated
41Trinite The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU3150Not updated
42Aecÿa LégendesKirin Tor-EU3146Not updated
43Serën Sans RancuneKirin Tor-EU3125Not updated
44Sigmaar Sans RancuneKirin Tor-EU3123Not updated
45Grïð One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU3121Not updated
46Hiragana The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU3121Not updated
47Maharvhara Murlocs AsylumKirin Tor-EU3055Not updated
48Hyunkèl The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU3045Not updated
49Mønønoké EpsilonKirin Tor-EU3030Not updated
50Elodee High SpiritsKirin Tor-EU3018Not updated
51Môjo Devoured by VerminKirin Tor-EU2930Not updated
52Zaxiak OxymoreKirin Tor-EU2831Not updated
53Skamer EpsilonKirin Tor-EU2828Not updated
54Psÿkup Les Guides du NéantKirin Tor-EU2818Not updated
55Posij Anameda ashrankaKirin Tor-EU2455Not updated
56Hansaplastus Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU2451Not updated
57Okherus EngeanceKirin Tor-EU2440Not updated
58Podalire Back To BasicsKirin Tor-EU2438Not updated
59Estellïa EpsilonKirin Tor-EU2436Not updated
60Glomnar OxymoreKirin Tor-EU2435Not updated
61Nizara Legacy of DarknessKirin Tor-EU2435Not updated
62Oerbä  Kirin Tor-EU2365Not updated
63Léyloo ÉclipseKirin Tor-EU2356Not updated
64Vegna AscensionKirin Tor-EU2348Not updated
65Célestë EpsilonKirin Tor-EU2330Not updated
66Sagashi Reborn or notKirin Tor-EU2263Not updated
67Speedye Back To BasicsKirin Tor-EU2165Not updated
68Bâst La Dernière OmbreKirin Tor-EU1948Not updated
69Amräel Murlocs AsylumKirin Tor-EU1871Not updated
70Binine Héritiers de la TerreKirin Tor-EU1848Not updated
71Ifagwe Arcanis ObscurantisKirin Tor-EU1838Not updated
72Janaata  Kirin Tor-EU1835Not updated
73Rahäl LanceAKirin Tor-EU1828Not updated
74Mùre High SpiritsKirin Tor-EU1826Not updated
75ßépalzø One Leap To HeavenKirin Tor-EU1825Not updated
76Chépï Step AgentKirin Tor-EU1815Not updated
77Irøndead Osef Strat Focus VhKirin Tor-EU1741Not updated
78Njarl ProcessKirin Tor-EU1740Not updated
79Hadryn OxymoreKirin Tor-EU1736Not updated
80Bunder Last HopeKirin Tor-EU1735Not updated
81Déis RushKirin Tor-EU1728Not updated
82Cytosine The Achievements ClubKirin Tor-EU1643Not updated
83Eldrethe RushKirin Tor-EU1638Not updated
84Sapholie EdenneKirin Tor-EU1633Not updated
85Seriz Les Antédiluvien VervetsKirin Tor-EU1560Not updated
86Kyusuki CycloneKirin Tor-EU1543Not updated
87Calenorn  Kirin Tor-EU1541Not updated
88Snüff BerserkersKirin Tor-EU1538Not updated
89Buffalux Wolf SpiritKirin Tor-EU1538Not updated
90Feanori ElendyelKirin Tor-EU1535Not updated
91Earthbull HailKirin Tor-EU1530Not updated
92Lillyx KwAKirin Tor-EU1526Not updated
93Svânh Héritiers de la TerreKirin Tor-EU1520Not updated
94Chèng LégendesKirin Tor-EU1483Not updated
95Aile ProcessKirin Tor-EU1451Not updated
96Amaguiz Vade in PaceKirin Tor-EU1451Not updated
97Dounä BerserkersKirin Tor-EU1448Not updated
98Moutiliene InsanisKirin Tor-EU1446Not updated
99Lalithâ RushKirin Tor-EU1443Not updated
100Shuana Back To BasicsKirin Tor-EU1441Not updated

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