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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kilrogg-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Gersin ModestKilrogg-US4870Not updated
2Isomer ReluctanceKilrogg-US4428Not updated
3Delfino StormKilrogg-US4395Not updated
4Salpo  Kilrogg-US4330Not updated
5Shambooki Something DecidedKilrogg-US4215Not updated
6Kaaras ResurgenceKilrogg-US4176Not updated
7Browncoat ResurgenceKilrogg-US4031Not updated
8Hozroz MonolithKilrogg-US3805Not updated
9Nepsifi ResurrectionKilrogg-US3555Not updated
10Nottasham ResurrectionKilrogg-US3543Not updated
11Yoshibellbel ModestKilrogg-US3531Not updated
12Redlined The PhoenixKilrogg-US3528Not updated
13Yogert Smash ModeKilrogg-US3481Not updated
14Zanthis DishonoredKilrogg-US3453Not updated
15Rozzi Sons of CronusKilrogg-US3453Not updated
16Holyhealth ResurrectionKilrogg-US3440Not updated
17Dejaj Ninjas Drink WAHTAHKilrogg-US3438Not updated
18Sinforlife ModestKilrogg-US3435Not updated
19Pøn Back Off I BiteKilrogg-US3433Not updated
20Iconicshifts  Kilrogg-US3433Not updated
21Ceenit Screaming for VengeanceKilrogg-US3431Not updated
22Orangedrank StormKilrogg-US3431Not updated
23Mojomaster StormKilrogg-US3430Not updated
24Laga The Crimson FlameKilrogg-US3430Not updated
25Reconshaman ResurgenceKilrogg-US3348Not updated
26Helup OnaraKilrogg-US3331Not updated
27Rhasta Tenacious DevilzKilrogg-US3326Not updated
28Jayelf Circle of TruthKilrogg-US3215Not updated
29Maldehv MonolithKilrogg-US3141Not updated
30Bloomspam  Kilrogg-US3133Not updated
31Blublockers Something DecidedKilrogg-US3123Not updated
32Rydz Post MortemKilrogg-US3121Not updated
33Lorelya Mustachioed MayhemKilrogg-US3106Not updated
34Kuzume ReluctanceKilrogg-US3040Not updated
35Korronix OctavariumKilrogg-US3030Not updated
36Hartlis ModestKilrogg-US3028Not updated
37Medícìnal Sons of KhaosKilrogg-US3010Not updated
38Khrix Tryhard HeroesKilrogg-US2950Not updated
39Discbotninek MonolithKilrogg-US2878Not updated
40Melodi QQKilrogg-US2855Not updated
41Jerrault RenaissanceKilrogg-US2853Not updated
42Whiteknight WolvesKilrogg-US2850Not updated
43Xquisite Post MortemKilrogg-US2823Not updated
44Tinkmon Garden of BetrayalKilrogg-US2725Not updated
45Zahlia Brute HordeKilrogg-US2723Not updated
46Perving Path to ExileKilrogg-US2633Not updated
47Metreon AnomalyKilrogg-US2536Not updated
48Vizeck FiresideKilrogg-US2531Not updated
49Somarthebean Kingslayers OnlyKilrogg-US2451Not updated
50Idiot Swords and SorceryKilrogg-US2438Not updated
51Felleyna  Kilrogg-US2438Not updated
52Deukalion ResurgenceKilrogg-US2438Not updated
53Rhymu Light and ShadowKilrogg-US2425Not updated
54Php Without PrejudiceKilrogg-US2348Not updated
55Breakbeat The Fifth HorsemanKilrogg-US1946Not updated
56Cyanogen Fair WindsKilrogg-US1896Not updated
57Biodiversity ModestKilrogg-US1865Not updated
58Katlindra Post MortemKilrogg-US1860Not updated
59Feralpanda Wombat and PandaKilrogg-US1828Not updated
60Clorana Exact ChangeKilrogg-US1826Not updated
61Beefymonk ResurrectionKilrogg-US1826Not updated
62Indygo PRIORITYKilrogg-US1726Not updated
63Infectedd Something DecidedKilrogg-US1725Not updated
64Avalyne Post MortemKilrogg-US1723Not updated
65Adarihn Death LegionKilrogg-US1635Not updated
66Kennylives  Kilrogg-US1568Not updated
67Zillarei DefianceKilrogg-US1551Not updated
68Golilo ModestKilrogg-US1543Not updated
69Rivvet ModestKilrogg-US1540Not updated
70Specialkidd The Crimson FlameKilrogg-US1450Not updated
71Supafreek MonolithKilrogg-US1445Not updated
72Imbearygood Post MortemKilrogg-US1440Not updated
73Séska Post MortemKilrogg-US1436Not updated
74Woolipirate ResurrectionKilrogg-US1435Not updated
75Devros Sons of CronusKilrogg-US1435Not updated
76Skydar  Kilrogg-US1433Not updated
77Humviy StormKilrogg-US1433Not updated
78Lyolia Sons of CronusKilrogg-US1428Not updated
79Clyphia Leper MessiahKilrogg-US1418Not updated
80Nihasa Vault HuntersKilrogg-US1366Not updated
81Seicho OnaraKilrogg-US1348Not updated
82Thundercry InvalidKilrogg-US1161Not updated
83Zemy ModestKilrogg-US1138Not updated
84Gushing Post MortemKilrogg-US978Not updated
85Hindo Chaos ChroniclesKilrogg-US953Not updated
86Belgogh The SadistsKilrogg-US941Not updated
87Kadosh CrimsonthornKilrogg-US935Not updated
88Nimii FiresideKilrogg-US930Not updated
89Ursinus Bronzebeard BrewingKilrogg-US918Not updated
90Ursius Keepers of LightKilrogg-US918Not updated
91Diretimmykin QQKilrogg-US868Not updated
92Pawsofdeath Heroic GladiatorsKilrogg-US850Not updated
93Nikkichu The PhoenixKilrogg-US838Not updated
94Healzabub Inverse PolarityKilrogg-US836Not updated
95Ifferit Stone PonyKilrogg-US836Not updated
96Druoll  Kilrogg-US835Not updated
97Myndon Agents of DoomKilrogg-US816Not updated
98Tairran Complete MayhemKilrogg-US815Not updated
99Abnan  Kilrogg-US813Not updated
100Whats Something HardKilrogg-US755Not updated

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