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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Khadgar-US Proving Grounds Heals
GuildRealmMax Score
1Nantuates  Khadgar-US4631Not updated
2Azshes SunderedKhadgar-US3840Not updated
3Starsparkle Shadows of TrinityKhadgar-US3838Not updated
4Notsoglorius Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US3836Not updated
5Jeetkunedo Gosu GamersKhadgar-US3731Not updated
6Peilke Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US3641Not updated
7Ragano FallenKhadgar-US3568Not updated
8Ktang SunderedKhadgar-US3545Not updated
9Jardinn  Khadgar-US3508Not updated
10Mithorium Age of ReasonKhadgar-US3446Not updated
11Gnaker BG Death DealersKhadgar-US3438Not updated
12Crimz Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US3430Not updated
13Aekis VisceralKhadgar-US3430Not updated
14Maziodyne RemnantKhadgar-US3393Not updated
15Sodirty Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US3383Not updated
16Blackhero BG Death DealersKhadgar-US3350Not updated
17Fuzzles Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US3243Not updated
18Tchuvak TheBrethrenKhadgar-US3230Not updated
19Vetta RemnantKhadgar-US3151Not updated
20Zoog RemnantKhadgar-US3133Not updated
21Runningblind Lazy PeonsKhadgar-US3123Not updated
22Fangthral StormwrathKhadgar-US3116Not updated
23Arcangël RemnantKhadgar-US3038Not updated
24Meaow DrakkenKhadgar-US2821Not updated
25Sharnara SunderedKhadgar-US2635Not updated
26Spooftotems GECKOKhadgar-US2628Not updated
27Spoofshaman  Khadgar-US2628Not updated
28Gonzo Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US2536Not updated
29Achannii  Khadgar-US2185Not updated
30Foreluneys Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US1886Not updated
31Animus HavocKhadgar-US1856Not updated
32Waii SunderedKhadgar-US1845Not updated
33Snapeezee Dark MatterKhadgar-US1840Not updated
34Tinkerz HavocKhadgar-US1825Not updated
35Coranthia Shadows of TrinityKhadgar-US1805Not updated
36Feralrampage SunderedKhadgar-US1541Not updated
37Uunfar HavocKhadgar-US1438Not updated
38Ceolvinaa BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US1438Not updated
39Raganie FallenKhadgar-US1436Not updated
40Bubblecarrot Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US1433Not updated
41Melían  Khadgar-US1428Not updated
42Pallyssan Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US1350Not updated
43Sysellia  Khadgar-US1346Not updated
44Remember Gosu GamersKhadgar-US1330Not updated
45Fuzzyhippo Lords of KhadgarKhadgar-US1046Not updated
46Noon Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US943Not updated
47Threadz Little RascalsKhadgar-US870Not updated
48Arysa ConquestKhadgar-US858Not updated
49Legendkill Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US858Not updated
50Cakgor ArchangelKhadgar-US845Not updated
51Biomed FallenKhadgar-US841Not updated
52Ellcry SunderedKhadgar-US831Not updated
53Finepix HavocKhadgar-US828Not updated
54Dalorell  Khadgar-US815Not updated
55Wwz Hopes EternalKhadgar-US748Not updated
56Holycrusade SunderedKhadgar-US640Not updated
57Savit AudigyKhadgar-US638Not updated
58Acceptance Flippity Floppity FloopKhadgar-US635Not updated
59Anazule Council of EldersKhadgar-US630Not updated
60Alasdair No Retreat No SurrenderKhadgar-US626Not updated
61Azrian FallenKhadgar-US620Not updated
62Serca VisceralKhadgar-US605Not updated
63Kruzzx BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US580Not updated
64Theodrun New BeginningsKhadgar-US566Not updated
65Sahria Hopes EternalKhadgar-US561Not updated
66Lognok BG Death DealersKhadgar-US558Not updated
67Mithrus SunderedKhadgar-US553Not updated
68Patate Moderately EvilKhadgar-US550Not updated
69Icise G O A TKhadgar-US550Not updated
70Sarahtonim Lazy PeonsKhadgar-US546Not updated
71Aquelea Descendants of LoreKhadgar-US545Not updated
72Auredelen ApatheiaKhadgar-US453Not updated
73Agraela Shadows of TrinityKhadgar-US443Not updated
74Kaschei Council of EldersKhadgar-US438Not updated
75Seads ZODKhadgar-US436Not updated
76Zelkro FallenKhadgar-US436Not updated
77Plushi ApatheiaKhadgar-US435Not updated
78Seventhwinds Hördish Nut HöuseKhadgar-US428Not updated
79Harpua Harmonic DisorderKhadgar-US366Not updated
80Chupacabrah Hopes EternalKhadgar-US360Not updated
81Sebakora Lords of KhadgarKhadgar-US348Not updated
82Immadrewid SunderedKhadgar-US343Not updated
83Wolfslash Souls of TimeKhadgar-US338Not updated

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